Cost to build a house in Massachusetts

cost to build a house in massachsetts 2022

Massachusetts, the old colony state, is known to be the second-best place to stay in the United State. In 2021, it had been ranked 5th for overall quality of life and safety and 1st for educational attainment, as per the information collected from WalletHub. As a result, it’s easy to see how well-suited this state is to improving living circumstances.

If you’re looking for an ideal location with plenty of options and want to move to Massachusetts, you probably need to know how much it costs to build a house in Massachusetts. As one of the wealthiest states, Massachusetts is able to offer a higher minimum standard of living.

Is it cheaper to self-build or buy a house in Massachusetts?

A new house may be more expensive now, but you save time and money by purchasing an existing home rather than building one from scratch. It usually takes three to six months to build a house, but the pandemic might make it considerably longer.

However, building a house does have certain benefits. Almost everything will be new, from the pipes to the heating and air-conditioning systems. Because of this, a freshly constructed home may wind up costing less in the long term compared to a home that has been around for a while.

If you are moving to Massachusetts, buying a house would be less expensive than building a house. The cost of constructing a custom home is, of course, affected by a wide range of variables.

Can I build my own house in Massachusetts?

Yes, it is possible to build your own house in the state of Massachusetts as there are many best places to live in Massachusetts. On the other hand, these are not the times of the early colonies or the untamed west. You can’t just buy a plot of land, start felling trees, and construct a log cabin for yourself all by yourself.

Because it is a regulated procedure, you will need to obtain the appropriate permissions from your local municipality, and you will also need to comply with all of the local rules about zoning and building codes.

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The Cost of Building a Custom Home in Massachusetts

Depending on your budget and desires, you may build a variety of homes and can also determine how much can it cost to build a house in Massachusetts. If you want to create a luxurious home for your children and family, you’ll have to spend more money than you would on a more basic home.

Massachusetts Home TypeCost (Per Square Foot)
Modular Homes$100-$150 per sq. ft.
Standard Homes$140-$200 per sq. ft.
Premium Homes$180-$270 per sq. ft.
Luxury Homes$260-$360 per sq. ft.

Table 1 : Cost (per square foot) for different home types to build a house in Massachusetts.


Hard Costs In Massachusetts

Hard expenses include the cost of building the house itself, as well as the materials and labor required to do it. Building a house in Massachusetts may cost anywhere between $115 and $200 per square foot, according to data from the internet marketplace. The price per square foot ranges from $215 to $300 for the mid-range to $315 to $400 for the most expensive homes.

1.    Structure

Structural costs constitute a large portion of the total construction costs. In recent years, US states have witnessed a rise in the price of structural costs due to various reasons. Natural disasters, real estate market demand, economic growth, etc have affected structural, and material production and increased the requirements for new building works.

Structural costs include many parts of the building works such as – roofing, flooring, lumber, siding, drywall, etc.

Table 2: Materials estimated cost to build a house in Massachusetts.

MaterialsEstimated cost
Roofing$10-$14 per sq foot
Flooring $8-$12 per square foot
Lumber$30-$32 per sheet
Siding$4-$11 per sheet
Drywall$11-$14 per sheet

What is the price per square foot in Massachusetts?

The approximate cost to build a home in Massachusetts in 2022 is around $250,000 to $600,000. The cost of building a 1500 sq ft house in Massachusetts is around $110 – $200 per sq. ft. If the construction work goes on without a break then it can take nearly 8-10 months to construct a house in Massachusetts.     

The average cost of building a house in Massachusetts might differ according to the material cost, choices of people, land cost, etc. The cost to build a 1300 sq ft house in Massachusetts is around $80 – $150 per sq. ft. But overall home construction cost per square foot in Massachusetts is estimated to be $150 to $350.

Table 3: The average cost for home building in Massachusets in 2022.

Land cost$50,000 – $100,000
1 BHK house$50,000 – $200,000
2 BHK house$200,000 – $450,000
4 BHK house$260,000 – $550,000
2500 sft house cost$450,000 –  $550,000
1500 sft house cost$150,000 –  $300,000

2.    Electrical

Electrical works are a very important part of a house to ensure the safety and security of your family members. Therefore, you need good quality electrical parts and materials and an experienced electrician to carry out the wirings of your house.

How much does an electrician cost in Massachusetts?

Electricians’ rates depend on the project and hourly rates and it varies depending on the experience, project type, and license of the service provider. Usually, electricians in Massachusetts charge around $50 – $150 per hour. All exclusive house owners pay a lump sum amount of $160 – $600 to the electricians after completion of electrical works at their home.

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3.    Roofing

Perfect roofing for a house is very important to make sure that the house is safe and secure from sun rays, rain, and other natural calamities. In recent years, roofing installation in Massachusetts has increased to $6000 – $15,000 on average which is around $4.50 per sft to $8.50 per sft depending on the length, size, restrictions, number of shingles used, steepness, and installation costs.

When choosing roofing design, always select the grade of long-lasting shingles for your roof of an ideal color to get an aesthetic look. Before purchasing, note down some simple measurements of the house to calculate the size and shape and provide basic details of the home as well.

How much does a metal roof cost in Massachusetts?

The term metal roof means roof types that are made of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Therefore, the prices in each case will vary according to the type and nature of the roof.

The cost of a metal roof in Massachusetts varies between $9000 to $50,000 depending on the roof type and size and shape of the roof. However, per square foot, the roofing rates might cost around $9 to $15.

4.    Plumbing

Installing and repairing plumbing fixtures in a house such as toilets, pipelines, taps, sinks, bathtubs, etc, and fixing important machinery like washing machines, dishwashers, geysers, etc are also crucial parts included in hard cost while constructing a custom building in Massachusetts. This work can only be done by a plumber as he is responsible to install and fix pipelines, sewerage lines, and other essentials to your house. A plumber is a person who will make sure that the water system and sewer system are working well so that inhabitants in the house are getting benefitted from their modern gadgets.

How do I estimate plumbing costs in Massachusetts?

Typically, a plumber in Massachusetts charges around 100-700 per hour, and the cost might vary depending on the type of work, materials needed, and duration of work. Once the construction works are completed, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC can start their work one after the other to install these essential fixations.

5.    HVAC

Installing an ideal HVAC system in your house makes sure that you are leading a comfortable life. However, in some cases or the other, it is saving you from unnecessary spending on medical, repair, energy, and insurance costs. For example, a well-functioning HVAC unit protects the home’s inhabitants from climatic issues like heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heart problems, hypothermia, and more. Therefore, maintaining an optimum temperature throughout the house means your HVAC system is freezing and bursting the pipes, thereby protecting your house from water damage.

How much is an HVAC system for a 2000 sq ft house in Massachusetts?

On average, the price of installing HVAC units in Massachusetts ranges from $2500 – $20,000 in 2022 and the average cost of installing an HVAC unit for a 2000 sq ft house in Massachusetts is around $7000 – $10,000.

6.    Labor

Labor costs usually consist of plumber cost, electrician cost, contractor, HVAC cost, etc. In Massachusetts, laborers usually work under general contractors as per their expertise and knowledge. Usually, they don’t require a license, so anyone can become a laborer and build their own house subjected to inspection. This might save you money but need dedication, time commitment, and an eye on the construction process to get a high-quality constructed home.

Typically, labor cost in Massachusetts includes 15-25% of the total construction cost. This means that the average cost of labor in Massachusetts is around $15 – $35 per hour. These rates might vary from the regular pay rate depending on the type of work, location of the house, and the number of laborers working on the site.

Soft Costs In Massachusetts

The term “soft costs” refers to any additional expenditures that are not directly related to the construction of the home itself, such as the cost of the land, the cost of permits and any other fees, and the cost of labor and architecture fees. A web-based marketplace for buying and selling houses Orchard ranks Massachusetts as one of the most expensive states to acquire property, with an average price of $102,214 an acre.

1.    Cost of the Land

In Massachusetts, land costs per acre are on the highest side of the nation as the state is termed as the second best and the richest to live in the US. According to the department of agriculture, the cost of land per acre in rural and undeveloped areas in Massachusetts is $15,000 in 2022. This means that you can expect a higher rate in the residential areas of different cities in Massachusetts.

How much does an acre of land cost in Massachusetts?

The cost per acre of land in metro regions of Massachusetts is around $102,214 per acre. If you are willing to buy an apartment in any town in Massachusetts, it may cost around $10,000-$20,000.

How much is undeveloped land worth in Massachusetts?

The price per acre of land in undeveloped parts of cities varies from $50,000 – $100,000 range per acre and if you are willing to buy an apartment outside the town area or apartment situated in undeveloped land, the rate may drop down to $6000 – $12,000.

2.    Architecture and Design Fees

In Massachusetts, architect fees generally vary from 15-20% of the overall construction cost of the house building projects. This overall cost is not just the total building cost but only includes the total hard and soft costs of the project. On average, the architect fee of a 3000 sft house in Massachusetts is estimated to be $150,00 – $40,000 depending on the type of project and required changes in the design.

Usually, the architect’s fee in Massachusetts is divided into 5 phases of the construction process which are as follows:

Table 4: Architect’s fees ( in phases) during home building in Massachusets.

PhasesType of workFee (%)
Diagrammatic designPreliminary plans and designs to be drawn based on the wants and vision of the house owner 15%
Design evolution Essential Parts of the building like plumbing, electrical, door and window, roofing, structural, etc are more deeply studied and portrayed out10%
Documentation detailsDesigns to be get finalized and worked out more by taking inputs from other consultants resulting a drawing that includes dimensions, loading details, connections, materials, machines, and product specifications. 40%
Completed documentation setCompleted documentation should go through the bidding phase to gain ideal contractors to work on the projects. 5%
Construction planning and administration Architect works along with builder to make sure that the original design and detailing are being built.30%

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3.    Permits and Other Fees 

In Massachusetts, building permits and paper works are needed for every new construction work or alternations or renovations done to any structure. This will make sure that the structure has been made according to the nation’s code and is ideal for occupancy and living. Penalties and fines for contractors, architects, and homeowners are imposed if not abided by the permit and building codes. Additionally, houses might face difficulty during the sale if any permits are found missing or construction is done without following building codes. Therefore, fines and penalties have to be filed as soon as possible if in any case permits are missed.

How much are permits in Massachusetts?

In most cases, permits and paperwork are done and acquired online or in-person from local municipalities. The inspection services department, of Massachusetts, has differentiated permits into two types:

1. Long-form permits for new buildings and major changes that had to be done in existing buildings
2. Short-form permit that comprises minor changes.

The permit rates for constructing a building vary for both commercial and residential uses and for other options too as they serve different purposes. These permits last for six months, therefore, the project has to start within six months after the issuance date.

Table 5: Permit rates for home building in Massachusetts.

Residential permit$15 per $1000 of the estimated construction cost i.e. nearly about $50
Commercial permit$15 per $1000 of the estimated construction cost i.e. nearly about $100
1-4 family houses$50 + $10 per $1000 of actual cost of work
Sheet metal $25 + $20 per 1′ 200 linear sft
Plumbing $20 + $10 per fixtures
New electricity service $200 + $0.50 per amp up to 250 volts and $0.75 per amp up to 480 volts. 

4.    Hire Professional Builders

Searching and hiring a professional home builder who can meet your demands requires deep research and asking correct questions. You can connect with local associations to find expert and highly recommended home builders. A professional builder will have the expertise, trained knowledge, and references from previously worked with clients to demonstrate the model.

Before hiring a professional builder, you need to check out the following steps:

  • Collect names or companies of builders.
  • Discuss your project with the selected ones.
  • Check builder’s license status.
  • Check their backgrounds and references.
  • Don’t blindly go with the lowest bidder.
  • Check out arbitration, liability insurance, and guarantee fund details.

How much are builders per hour?

The hourly rates of builders for constructing a new house project cost around $150 – $200 per hour. Depending on the type and location of the project. This cost includes everything starting from placing the foundation to finishing the exteriors of the project.

Cost to build a house in Massachusetts FAQs

Is this a good year to build a house?

The construction of a new home may be an excellent investment, but the timing of your purchase is critical. Some argue that building your own house is a good idea because of the competitive housing market and people’s realizations of their family’s unique demands during the coronavirus epidemic.

Working from home allows many Americans to discover what they actually need in a home. Having to commute and work in an office may cause them to be pickier about the features and facilities of their new house. While many purchasers are searching for houses, there isn’t a lot of inventory to choose from.

What are the pros and cons of building a house?

Building a new house from the ground up may sound like the stuff of fantasies. Every aspect of the design may be tailored to your family’s specific needs. As with any new endeavor, if you’ve never gone through the process before, it might be intimidating.

The pros and cons of building a house will be discussed in this first article to help you determine if this choice is appropriate for you.

1. You’ll be able to obtain what you desire.
2. It’s up to you where you want to develop.
3. Compared to older homes, newer properties often require less upkeep

1. Purchasing an old home is typically less expensive than building a new one.
2. In order to secure a construction loan, the process might be difficult.
3. The process of building a house might take a long time.


Building your dream home in Massachusetts can be a great decision to make as you will be accomplishing your goal of building a house in the wealthiest state of the US. What else can you ask for? The average living standards, high-quality education system, rich history, and flourishing job opportunities make Massachusetts an ideal place to lead a happy and prosperous life. 

Massachusetts, also known as the Bay State, has a long indented coastline that lies adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Marine, listing it a place that has some of the best beaches in Massachusetts to spend some quality time, and enjoy outdoor games and have fun during vacations. 

Overall Massachusetts has a lot to offer. The state is full of friendly people, ample fun activities, favorite sports teams, the best restaurants present in seashore Massachusettsand moreTherefore, permanently settling down in this great state can never be a wrong decision that you will take in your entire life. All you need to know is the pros and cons, procedures, types of cost incurred, and tricks to save a lump sum of money while building a house in Massachusetts. We hope that this article will help you reach your goal and achieve success. Looking forward to providing more such information regarding some other articles in the future. 

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