Cost of Living in Wyoming

Cost of Living in Wyoming

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    Are you thinking to move to Wyoming? Well, there are plenty of reasons why one would do so. Wyoming is a beautifully magical state which attracts people to its natural beauty and adventures. If you want to build a better life for yourself and your family where you can live peacefully, earn more, spend less, and enjoy & adventure at the same time then relocating to Wyoming will be the best you would do for yourself.

    This beautiful & peaceful state has plenty of job opportunities and a lucrative business market where you can work and earn your living. Wyoming also has a big room for adventure with 2 national parks, 12 state parks, and 5 national forests They also have plenty of fishing grounds, biking & hiking trails, amazing wildlife, and lots of open spaces to enjoy mesmerizing picturesque views & breathtaking scenery.

    Cost of Living in Wyoming

    As this beautiful state has so much to offer, you must be thinking, is it expensive to live in Wyoming? Well, the answer is no, it is an affordable state with low cost of living, affordable housing, low prices of essentials, and also low taxation rates. Given below is a table that states the cost of living index in Wyoming in comparison to that of the US.

    Cost of LivingWyomingUS
    Median House Cost$292,509$316,368

    In the coming heads, given below we have mentioned the average cost of living in Wyoming under different heads such as; household, utility, healthcare, housing rent, and housing prices.

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    Wyoming Household Prices

    The term groceries refers to the general range of food items & products, which are packaged & fresh, and sold by retail stores or supermarkets. If you have moved to Wyoming and have purchased or rented a house to live in, then your kitchen cabinets will be bare, and you need to stock them up to be able to cook food and not go hungry.

    You may also want some special stuff and ingredients for the recipes which you have seen online, snacks to munch on between the meals, or ready-to-make items that allow you to make something simple & quicker. Before visiting a supermarket you should make up a grocery list and include healthy options keeping your health in mind.

    If you are new to Wyoming then we would like to inform you that the cost of living index of groceries is 99.2 which is 0.8% lesser than the national average of 100. It also indicates that you should contribute 6% of your annual salary to buy groceries for your home and per person, the annual food cost in Wyoming is $345. In the next head, there is a table that states the average cost of living in Wyoming in terms of groceries for some of the popular cities of Wyoming.

    Wyoming Grocery Comparison

    Given below is a table that shows a comparative cost of living in Wyoming through the different prices of products in the different cities of the state. This table will tell you the prices of products and will help you compare the rate of groceries and conclude which city has a higher cost and which has lower costs. Keep reading below to gather the exact information.

    ItemsCheyenneCasperLaramieGilletteCodyRock SpringsJacksonSheridan
    Milk (1Lt)$ 0.72$ 0.64$ 0.68$ 0.8$ 0.72$ 0.77$ 0.72$ 0.74
    Bread (0.5 kg)$ 2.05$ 1.09$ 2.27$ 2.4$ 1.6$ 2.9$ 2.12$ 1.96
    Rice (1kg)$ 4.38$ 1.42$ 3.33$ 5.46$ 1.42$ 3.22$ 5.6$ 3.3
    Eggs (12)$ 1.72$ 1.51$ 1.75$ 2.1$ 1.46$ 2.99$ 2.25$ 1.25
    Cheese (1kg)$ 9.26$ 4.92$ 7.52$ 7.19$ 11.1$ 6.59$ 13.2$ 11
    Chicken Breast (1kg)$ 7.28$ 8.47$ 8.4$ 18.4$ 4.39$ 13.3$ 8.28$ 6.75
    Apples (1kg)$ 5.52$ 3.3$ 3.54$ 3.05$ 1.33$ 2.2$ 4.29$ 3.3
    Banana (1 kg)$ 1.68$ 1.09$ 1.59$ 1.59$ 0.55$ 2.07$1.51$ 1.51
    Tomato (1kg)$ 4.93$ 3.33$ 3.31$ 2.19$ 1.26$ 2.75$ 2.17$ 6.6
    Water (1Lt)$ 1.33$ 0.33$ 0.92$ 1.33$ 0.66$ 0.84$ 1.50$ 1.00
    Wine (Mid-Range) (750ml)$ 9.58$ 7.06$ 6.94$ 20$ 12$ 7.97$ 12.45$ 12.00
    Beer (0.5 Lt)$ 1.25$ 0.85$ 2.91$ 2.86$ 2.72$ 1.01$ 3.21$ 2.23

    How much do groceries cost in Wyoming?

    The national cost of living index for groceries is 100, whereas, the average cost of living in Wyoming in terms of groceries is 99.2, which is just a little less than the national average. This also concludes the fact that while planning your annual family budget you should keep 6% of your salary for groceries.

    Are groceries expensive in Wyoming?

    No, groceries are not expensive in Wyoming and it is 0.8% less than the national average, i.e., 100. The price an individual spends annually on food in Wyoming is $345.

    Wyoming Utilities Prices   

    Whether you are planning to buy a house or rent, the whole judgment of doing either of the two depends on the budget you have or what you want to spend on housing. Right? But in this course, we often forget to include or add the cost of utility while estimating the budget. However, the range of services that comes under utilities is very important for people to live a comfortable and happy life in their homes.

    Utility Store

    The utility services include some basic services in homes & apartments that are necessary for the smooth functioning of life. Some common utility services include water, gas, heating, electricity, internet, cable TV, etc. Given below is a table in the next head, that states the cost of living in Wyoming in terms of utilities, which will assist you in adding its estimated cost while planning the house budget.

    Wyoming Utilities Prices Comparison

    Are you wondering, how much does it cost to live in Wyoming in terms of utilities? Well, in this head we are going to tell you the prices of different utilities per person or families residing in six different cities of Wyoming. Read the table carefully to gather essential information about the same.

    HeadsCheyenneCasperLaramieGilletteCodyRock Springs
    Utility Bill for one person (including electricity, water, heating, etc)$ 103$ 59.2$ 59.2$ 120$ 74.2$ 98.5
    Utility Bill for family (including electricity, water, heating, etc)$ 158$ 90.4$ 91.2$ 184$ 114$ 154
    Internet plan for 1 month with a speed of 50 Mbps$ 68.8$ 43.9$ 44.1$ 49.7$ 62.3$ 75.5

    How much do utilities cost in Wyoming?

    The average cost of living index of the US is 100 for utilities, whereas the average cost of lining in Wyoming in terms of utilities is 94.3, which is around 6% lower than the national average. This means that the cost of utilities in Wyoming is lower than in the US.

    How much is the average electric bill in Wyoming?

    The average electricity rate in the residential areas of Wyoming costs 9.85 cents per kWh. Wyoming ranks at 43rd place in terms of electricity rate in the country.

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    Wyoming Healthcare Prices

    The healthcare of a place depends on the type of care required by the patient and the population of people insured in the state. The cost of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, reimbursement rates, and the uncompensated rate all play a very important role in setting up the cost of the healthcare ecosystem in prices. Wyoming has both public and private healthcare systems that are administered and controlled by Healthcare. gov.

    They offer a wide range of healthcare plans to individual residents, small & large families, and small businesses of Wyoming. Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals can take up healthcare insurance policies through open enrollment and find the plans that suit them the best according to their needs. The average healthcare insurance premium costs $343.79 – $485.29 per person. The prices of premiums may vary according to the insurance plan and the health & age of the insurer. In the head given below, we have mentioned the cost of living in Wyoming in terms of healthcare for your assistance.

    Wyoming Healthcare Prices Comparison

    According to the sources, the annual cost of living index in Wyoming in terms of healthcare is 133 and the average healthcare living index for the US is 100. Given below is a table that states the average cost of living in Wyoming for healthcare in terms of the national average of healthcare.

    CitiesHealthcare Cost
    Buffalo1% higher than the national average
    Cheyenne6% lower than the national average
    Cody5% lower than the national average
    Evanston7% lower than the national average
    Lander1% higher than the national average
    Gillette1% higher than the national average
    Green River7% lower than the national average  
    Jackson4% higher than the national average
    Rock Springs7% higher than the national average
    Laramie6% lower than the national average

    Is HealthCare expensive in Wyoming?

    Yes, of course, Wyoming has an expensive healthcare system. It was found that out of a total of 254 services, 242 medical services were more expensive than the average median price of that of the US. The average monthly healthcare cost in Wyoming this year is $670 which is 12.54% less than the previous year.

    Why is healthcare expensive in Wyoming?

    The reason healthcare is expensive is that the most population in Wyoming is of the older age group and the people of that age group have more healthcare needs than that of the younger generation.

    Wyoming Housing Rent

    Wyoming ranks 7th in the list of states where people own houses rather than rent one. About 71% of homes in Wyoming are owned by people and 21% of them are rented. But, renting a house is more affordable than buying one in Wyoming for those who don’t have such kind of money to spend on lease or mortgage. The average rent of an 835 sq ft apartment is $1,185 which is lower than the mortgage.

    Renting a house is a viable option for expatriates who are there in the state for a shorter period or for some particular purpose. Also, rented houses have lower up-front costs, and the rented amount itself includes the maintenance costs. In the next head mentioned below, we have listed the cost of living in Wyoming in terms of rent prices of different sizes of houses with different locations in 10 popular cities of Wyoming. Go, through it to make a viable decision.

    Wyoming House Rent Comparison

    Given below is a table that states the price of rent of 1 bedroom & 3 bedroom apartments in both in and outside of city center in few popular cities of Wyoming. Go through the same carefully and then decide on where you want to live.

    HeadsCheyenneJacksonCasperCodyLaramieEvanstonCodyGilletteRock SpringsSheridan
    1 bedroom apartment in city center$ 862.50$ 1,900$487.50$573.33$683.00$700.00$573.33$716.67$650.00$733.33
    1 bedroom apartment outside the city center$ 862.50$1,662.50$733.33$537.50$534.00$650.00$537.50$824.50$587.50$650
    3 bedroom apartment in city center$1,425$3,308.33$894.60$720.50$1,212.50$900.00$720.00$1,200.00$1,066.67$1,616.67
    3 bedroom apartment outside the city center$ 1,500$3,066.67 828.33$914.50$1,092.50$1,250.00$914.25$1,144.50$ 962.50$1,383.33

    Is rent expensive in Wyoming?

    Are you wondering is it expensive to live in Wyoming in terms of house rent? Well, the state of Wyoming has far much cheaper and more affordable rent prices than many other major US states. Cities such as; Evanston, Cody, Casper, Rock Springs, and Laramie have the most affordable 1 bedroom & 3 bedrooms houses which you can get on rent.

    Wyoming Housing Price    

    Buying a house in a new place is an interesting task but by no means an easy one. Facts like the housing market of the place and the budget you have decided to spend on purchasing the house will affect your decision. To get better navigation for your choices you should have a clear understanding of the latest trends prevailing in the real estate market of Wyoming and the cost of living in Wyoming in terms of the price you need to spend on buying the house.


    The housing market of Wyoming is a neutral one that offers tons of homes to buyers. In the year 2022, it is estimated the value of the houses will be increased by 6.7% due to which you will have to spend more amount for purchasing the house.

    The mortgage rates in Wyoming are low as compared to other popular states, i.e., 2.36% for 15-years and 2.95% for 30-years. In the next head, there’s a table where we have mentioned the cost of living in Wyoming in terms of the median prices of houses in some cities of Wyoming that will help you in deciding the best place to live in according to your budget.

    Wyoming Housing Price Comparison

    Given below is a table that states the median price of houses in some of the most popular cities of Wyoming, which will help you in knowing about the average cost of living in Wyoming in terms of house prices. All the information and data mentioned below are according to

    CitiesMedian Price of Houses
    Buffalo$ 302,819
    Cheyenne$ 335,483
    Cody$ 363,381
    Casper$ 246,977
    Laramie$ 287,737
    Evanston$ 215,009
    Gillette$ 290,476
    Rock Springs$ 262,659
    Sheridan$ 324,685
    Green River$ 269,631
    Lander$ 293,302
    Riverton$ 209,893
    Jackson$ 1,090,195

    What is the average housing cost in Wyoming?

    According to, the average housing cost of Wyoming is $292,509. The median value of the houses is seasonally adjusted, and in the year 2021, the value of houses has gone up by 10.5% on being compared to the previous years.

    Are homes expensive in Wyoming?

    The real-estate market of Wyoming is quite reasonable, As the median cost of houses in Wyoming is $292,509 which is quite less than the median price of houses in the US, i.e., $316,368.


    Wyoming is also known as the paradise of the western US. This state is a perfect combination of old western traditions and modern amenities. In the above-mentioned detailed article, we have told you how much does it cost to live in Wyoming under different heads such as household items, utilities, house rent, healthcare, and price of houses.

    We hope that you must have read all the intricate details mentioned under each head carefully and have made notes about the cost of living in Wyoming. The average salary required in Wyoming to live a happy life is $23,600 for a single individual and $52,800 for a family of two. The taxes are not high in Wyoming so you will be able to save a handsome amount for adventuring in this wonderland. So, what are you waiting for now? Go, today and start planning to move to this paradise state of the west.

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