Cost of Living in Washington State


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    Washington is one of the most expensive states of the US. Washington is an excellent place to reside in.

    If you are planning to own a house or move to Washington, you must know the living costs for a comfortable living in the evergreen state. 

    According to the C2ER, The latest cost of living in Washington is 13% higher than the national average.

    However, utilities costs are 10% lower than the national average and healthcare services are 22 % higher. 

    The cost of living in Washington varies according to the city you live in. The cost of living in an expensive city like Seattle will be higher than a cheaper city like Yakima.

    If you are planning to move to Washington state here is an article estimating the cost of living in WA state. 

    Living In WashingtonCost of living in Washington
    Groceries cost$402.8 per month
    Utilities cost$220 per month
    Healthcare cost$700
    Housing cost$553,880
    Education Cost$13,421
    Tax Rates6.5% sales tax
    Public Transportation cost$81 (single person)
    Miscellaneous Costs$108

    How much money do you need to live comfortably per year in Washington?

    The cost of living in Washington per year is between  $40,000 to $90,000 for a comfortable lifestyle with all the basic necessities and miscellaneous expenses. 

    How much does it cost to live in Washington per month?

    The monthly cost of living in Washington for a single person is $2,327. 

    Cost of living in Washington

    The average cost of living in Washington state is 13% higher than the national costs. Washington is the 6th most expensive state in the US.


    The cost of living varies depending on the city you chose to live in. 

    1. Groceries Prices in Washington

    Grocery prices are also high in Washington as compared to the national average. A few of the average prices are discussed below: 

    Groceries (1L/1KG)Average price of groceries in WA
    Chicken Breast $12.5
    Cheese $13
    Potato $2.33

    Are Groceries expensive in Washington?

    Yes, groceries are 12% higher than the national average in Washington. 

    How much are groceries per month in Washington?

    The average person in Washington spends almost $402.8 per month for groceries depending upon the quantity of items. 

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Washington state?

    A loaf of bread 1lb in Washington costs $2.98. 

    2. Utilities prices in Washington

    The cost of utilities in Washington are 10%  lower than the national average. Utilities are the essentials of any household and include the electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone and garbage bills. 


    How much are utilities in Washington?

    Basic essential utilities like electricity, gas, fuel, telephone water and garbage costs about $220 per month in an expensive city like Seattle.

    However, the internet charges include the additional $50. The cost varies depending upon the speed and type of connection. 

    How much does electricity cost in Washington?

    The average electricity in Washington costs 12¢ per  kWh. The residents of Washington pay an average of $130 per month. 

    3. Cost for Healthcare in Washington

    Healthcare costs are high in Washington as compared to the national average. However, some people do not have any health issues so they have no health expenses.


    While some people have to pay $700 per month or from a few hundred to thousand dollars on health issues. 

    Does Washington State have free healthcare?

    Yes, Washington has free or low- cost healthcare. But, Washington Medicaid, named as Apple Health,  is for people having a certain income or people who are residents of Washington under the age of 65.

    Apple Health is free or low-cost for the people who are eligible for medicaid. The services include the emergency visit, maternity, vision, dental and paediatric services.   

    Is Healthcare expensive in Washington state?

    Yes, healthcare is 22% more expensive in Washington than the national average.

    However, the residents can qualify for the discounted costs depending on the household income and number of family members. 

    What is the average cost of Health insurance in Washington?

    The average cost of Healthcare insurance in Washington is about $700 per month.

    However, the health insurance costs totally depend upon the age of the person and family size. 

    4. Washington Home Prices 

    Housing costs in Washington are generally higher than the national average and are 1.3% up than the past year.


    The average home price in Washington is approximately $553,800 and rent price is $2,356. The housing costs vary according to the location of the house.

    A house in the expensive cities will cost much higher than a house in the rural area. 

    Is housing in Washington expensive?

    Yes, housing in Washington state is expensive and is ranked among the top expensive states for housing.

    Local zoning laws, shortage of homes, and higher demands are the basic reasons for expensive housing.

    However, the abandoned places in Washington DC cost less than the urban areas. 

    Are house prices dropping in Washington state?

    No, the housing prices are not dropping in Washington state. Although, the  housing rates are getting  higher every year.

    In 2023, the housing prices are 1.3% up from the previous year. 

    What is the average cost of a house in Washington?

    The average median price of a house costs $553,800 in Washington.

    However, the average rent price of a house in Washington is $2,356. The cost varies depending upon the location, size and quality of house. 

    5. Washington Education Costs

    Washington is one of the best states in terms of educational purposes. The political and professional organisations of America in Washington are a great benefit for students. 


    The educational costs are a bit higher in Washington than the other states.The average college fees for students in the previous year was $13,421.

    Students have to pay high costs for housing near the universities.  

    Is education free in Washington state?

    No, education is not free in Washington state. But, according to the law of sweeping high education bills, the students  with low to median income will be able to get the education almost free of cost. 

    This bill cuts the cost of tuition fees. However, Washington College grants (WA Grant)  give eligible people the funds for education or certificate programs. 

    How much is the University of Washington for out of state students?

    According to recent data, the University of Washington costs $40,740 for out-of-state students. The tuition fees are higher than the national average for out-of-state students. 

    The tuition fee differs according to the institution. 

    6. Tax Rates in Washington

    Washington does not have a personal  and corporate income tax rate. However, the sales tax is high in Washington.


    Is WA a tax friendly state?

    Yes, Washington is a tax friendly state when it comes to the personal and corporate tax. However, the sales tax is high in Washington. Sales tax is 6.5% higher than the national average

    What is the income tax rate in Washington?

    Washington is a tax-friendly state and has no Income tax rates. 

    What is the property tax in Washington?

    Property tax in Washington is 0.88% and is lower than the national average of 0.99%. 

    7. Washington Public Transportation’s costs

    Public Transport costs are also  higher in Washington than the national prices. The metro bus and metro rail fares vary depending upon the type, length and time of your ride.


    You can also purchase the bus passes to avail less fare prices.

    How much does it cost to ride the bus in Washington?

    MetroBus In WashingtonCost to ride a bus in WashingtonReduced bus Costs in WA
    Regular routes $2.00$1
    Express routes$4.25$2.10
    Airport Express routes $7.50$3.75

    How much is a Metrocard in Washington?

    Metrocard in Washington costs according to the number of days you travel. 

    Type of Metro card in WashingtonCost of Metrocard 
    1-Day Unlimited card$13
    3-Days Unlimited card$28
    7-Days Unlimited card$58
    7- Days Short trip card$38
    Monthly Unlimited card$64 – $192

    How much does transportation cost in Washington?

    Transportation rates are 18% higher in Washington than other states.Transportation costs in Washington for a single person are $81.2 and for a family of four costs $216. 

    Moreover, children and youth of age 18 or under 18 can travel free of cost in Washington. The elderly or disabled people can travel at less cost of $1 for a single ride and $4 for a day pass. 

    8. Miscellaneous Things in Washington

    Miscellaneous Things in WACost of Miscellaneous things in WA
    Cinema Ticket$13.2
    Gym Membership$42.9
    Brand jeans $48
    Brand sneakers$83.6
    Cigarette Pack$9.7
    Haircut $19.1
    International School$18588

    Cost Of Living in Washington FAQs

    Why is the WA state so expensive?

    Washington is an expensive state due to the state zoning laws, higher demands, and shortage of homes.

    The high business opportunities and economic growth also makes WA an expensive state to live in. 

    Is it cheaper to live in WA or Oregon?

    Yes, living in Oregon is much cheaper than in Washington.The median house prices and cost of living in Oregon is less expensive than WA. 

    What is the cheapest city to live in Washington?

    Yakima and Moses Lake are the cheapest cities to live in Washington. 


    The cost of living in Washington is 13% higher than the national average. Basic essentials groceries, healthcare and housing are also higher in Washington than other states.

    Washington is among the top five most expensive states of the US. 

    However, Washington is a tax-friendly state with low utilities costs. Cost of living in the expensive cities of Washington is higher than the cheaper cities.

    However, the best time to visit Washington DC is in summer to find a house or tour. You can visit our website to know if it snows in Washington state or not?

    We hope the above article gave you a rough idea of the living costs in Washington.