Cost of living in Maryland


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    Maryland is a state famous for its scenic beauty, Chesapeake Bay and delicious sea-food. But, when it comes to the living costs, Maryland is ranked 7th state with the highest cost of living. 

    The average cost of living in Maryland is 21% higher than the national average. The monthly living costs for a single person in Maryland is roughly estimated as $1,051.

    From Groceries to Utilities, and transportation to housing everything is highly expensive in Maryland.

    The yearly living cost for a family of four makes up almost $106,549 in Calvert County. 


    However, the minimum hourly wage in Maryland is $19.47. The cost of living in Maryland cities varies due the location and amenities.

    Living Costs in Maryland

    Maryland is among the top 12 US states with the highest cost of living. Let’s break down the cost of living in Maryland in detail. 

    1. Maryland Housing Prices

    Housing prices in Maryland are 56% higher than the national average. The average housing price in Maryland ranges between $100,600 – $305,500.


    However, the average rent in Maryland is $1,357. So, the median home values are more expensive than the national average. Discover bank list in maryland.

    Are housing prices dropping in Maryland?

    Yes, housing prices are dropping for the first time in Maryland. In 2023, housing prices dropped by 1.32% and 0.75%.  

    However, a few counties of Maryland have a slight growth in home values. According to Zillow, housing prices in one of the metropolitan cities, Baltimore will drop by 2024.

    Hence, low housing prices are the best reason to move to maryland

    Is there a housing shortage in Maryland?

    Yes, there is a little shortage of housing in Maryland. Due to the housing shortage the demand of buyers has increased which results in the high costs of housing. 

    2. Transportation Costs in Maryland

    Transportation costs in Maryland are 2% higher than the national average. According to the recent data by EPI, an average single adult spends $9,296 annually on transportation. 


    Is there Uber in Maryland?

    Yes, Maryland has Uber ride services. 

    How much does Maryland metro cost?

    A metro bus in Maryland costs $2 for a single trip. 

    Maryland transit administration

    Maryland has increased fares from the year 2022. Metro bus, RailLink, local bus and Mobility Link costs $2 for a single trip.

    However, CharmFlex offers discounted passes for on-site workers.

    Fare & PassesFull FareSeniors /disableStudentsMobility
    1 day Pass4.602.00    –  –
    7 day Pass22.00  –    –  –
    31 day Pass77.0023.00    –  –
    All access college transit pass    –  –57.00  – 
    Mobility 20-Trip book     –  –    –44.00

    3. Healthcare Costs In Maryland

    Healthcare costs in Maryland are 12% lower than the national average. The Average healthcare costs for a single adult in Maryland costs  $3,549 yearly.


    However, for a family of four, the average annual costs range between $10,777 – $2,173 less than the national average of $12,950. 

    Does Maryland have good healthcare?

    Yes, Maryland has good healthcare and is ranked as the 5th best health care state in the US. 

    How much does Obamacare cost in Maryland?

    The average Obamacare costs ranges between $328 – $482. The costs vary however, due to the type of health plan and company you choose. Another thing affecting health costs is the location where you live. 

    Doctor’s Visit cost in Maryland

    Following are the costs of various doctor visits. 

    • Doctor’s Visit Cost        $83.42
    • Dentist Visit Cost          $107.93
    • Optometrist Visit Cost   $86.57
    • Lipitor  Cost                   $430.5

    4. Average Gas Price in Maryland

    According to recent data, The average gas price in Maryland is $3.316.However, a Marylander pays an average $124.6 per month for gas bills. 


    Why are gas prices going up in Maryland?

    Gas Prices are going up in Maryland due to the recent increase in the oil prices. The oil price has been increased to $80 per barrel which results in the increased gas prices. 

    5. Food prices in Maryland

    Foods in Maryland Food costs in Maryland
    Chicken breast$11.5
    Round steak$16.3
    Bananas $1.61

    Is food expensive in Maryland?

    Yes, food is 12% higher than the national average in Maryland. The average cost of food for one person is $561 and a family of four spends $1,458 on food. 

    Is food tax-free in Maryland?

    Yes, food is tax-free in Maryland. 

    6. Child care cost in Maryland

    Maryland is among the most expensive states on childcare costs. The average cost of an infant care in Maryland is $1278 per month.


    However a 4 year old child care costs between $855 – $10,254 in Maryland. 

    The average cost of a child care provider is $16.27 per hour and makes up $569.5 per week. 

    How much is daycare for an infant in Maryland?

    According to the analysis of a data survey, day care costs for an infant in Maryland costs $237.59 per week. 

    7. Taxes in Maryland

    Maryland income tax ranges between 2 to 5.75 % depending upon your income bracket.

    The average adult working in Maryland pays $7,992 annually in taxes, which is above the national average.  


    Non-residents also pay a special tax rate of 2.25%. However, there are special benefits for older people, military retirees, low income families, and families paying for childcare. Discover maryland dmv change of address online.

    Does Maryland have high income tax?

    Yes, Maryland has an 8.25% corporate income tax rate. 

    What is not taxed in MD?

    Grocery Food, Utilities & fuel , machinery, medical devices and raw materials are not taxed in Maryland. 

    8. Utility costs in Maryland

    Utility costs in Maryland are 7% higher than the national average. The Marylanders pay an average of $389.73 per month for utilities.


    These include the essential utilities like gas, electricity, water. 

    Electricity Costs in Maryland?

    The average electricity cost in Maryland is 16¢ per kWh. So, the average calculated electric bill for the residents of Maryland is $189 per month. 

    9. Education expenses in Maryland

    Education in Maryland is more expensive than the national average. The average Maryland  college tuition and fees is $8,608 for undergraduate in-state students and $12,914 for out-of-state students. 


    How much does public school cost in Maryland?

    Public schools are free in Maryland and are funded by the government. 

    How many high schools in Maryland? 

    There are 497 high schools in Maryland.These are made up of 282 public and 215 private high schools. 

    Is Maryland the most educated state?

    According to Wallethubb, Maryland has been ranked at  2nd as the most educated state in the country. 

    10. Miscellaneous Cost of living 

    Miscellaneous things in MDCost of Miscellaneous things in MD
    Gym Membership $50.4
    Cinema ticket $12.8
    Cigarette Pack $8.92
    Beer in a pub$5.46
    Cappuccino $4.52
    Branded Jeans $44.9
    International Primary school $19470
    Dinner in a restaurant $62.3

    Cost of living in different cities of Maryland

    Cities of MarylandCost of living in cities of Maryland
    Baltimore , MD$2012
    Columbia , MD$2596
    Germantown, MD$1942
    Waldorf , MD$2139
    Silver Spring, MD $2252
    Frederick , MD$2313
    Gaithersburg , MD$2538
    ,Bethesda, MD$2945
    Rockville , MD$3073
    Bowei , MD$2532
    Bel Air South , MD $2025
    Catonsville , MD $2133
    Hagerstown, MD$1770
    Annapolis , MD $2702
    Owings Mills, MD $2008
    College Park , MD $2519
    Salisbury , MD $1917
    Eldersburg, MD $1993
    Bel Air North , MD $2016
    Laurel,MD $2377
    Edgewood, MD $2168
    Greenbelt, MD $2021
    Cumberland , MD $1574

    Cost of living in Maryland FAQs

    Is it expensive to live in Maryland?

    Yes. Maryland is expensive to live in. Maryland is ranked as the 7th most expensive state of the US with the highest cost of living. 

    What is a livable salary in Maryland?

    According to the Zip recruiters, an average livable salary in Maryland is $6,1156 per year. 

    Why is income in Maryland so high?

    Income is high in Maryland due to its proximity to Washington state. Moreover Maryland is home to the national security agency and many other government agencies and the world’s largest Marriott hotel company. 


    Maryland is ranked 7th state with the highest cost of living. The monthly living costs for a single person in Maryland is roughly estimated as $1,051.

    However, the minimum hourly wage in Maryland is $19.47. The cost of living in Maryland cities varies due the location and amenities. 

    Moreover, the scenic beauty, mouthwatering sea foods and spa in maryland, makes maryland worth a place to live.