Cost of living in Maine


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    Maine, a northeastern state with a lot of glorious history, is a great place to live. Here, you will find unique fall foliage, adorable antique stores, the lowest crime rates, and mesmerizing ocean views.

    Also, this state is a fantastic place to explore, with extensive pine forests, great culture, a low Maine cost of living, and a tranquil atmosphere.

    However, its cost of living of $45,272 is quite controversial, as a few say it is higher and some lower. So, as per your experience, you are free to make your decision.

    So, let’s figure it out from the below. Note that this cost of living is about 97%, lower than the US national average.


    Continue if you are ready for an exciting roller coaster ride of the cost of living in this crucial state.

    Is the cost of living cheap in Maine?

    Yes! The cost of living is higher in this constituent state. However, it is still counted under the cheapest states in New England.

    Therefore, this is a great choice to live in if you are searching for coastal towns.

    Is Maine expensive to live in?

    According to a recent study stated in UpNest, Maine offers the highest living costs in the United States.

    Therefore, living can be more complicated for couples and a family of four. However, Maine is an ideal pick for you if you want to live a comfortable life in coastal areas.

    Cost of Living in Maine

    Maine is one of the great options that you can consider for your employment and relocating purposes. However,  you should stop judging a book by its cover only.

    You need to dig deeper to know the exact costs of groceries, healthcare, taxes, etc., to clear your confusion about the living cost.

    Below we have some latest costs that could help you budget properly.

    1. Groceries Prices in Maine

    The US National Average of 100 is lower than the rate of groceries in Maine, which is about 107.1%. It is because some corners of the state offer higher rates of groceries.


    However, most Mainers eat out at the Best Restaurants in Maine. In these restaurants, Mainers often pay $2,932 a year to taste the state’s delicious food items, specialities, and delicacies for their lunch or dinner.

    Below is the table showing actual grocery rates.

    Essential GroceriesPrices
    Milk (1 Ltr.)$1.02
    Rice (1 Kg)$5.16
    Eggs (Regular 12)$4.25
    Chicken Breast (1 Kg)$10.6
    Fruits (Apples & Bananas)$4.07 kg & $1.66 kg
    Veggies (Tomato)$4.85

    How much does food cost in Maine?

    According to ApartmentList, $3,891 is the cost of having food in Maine annually for singles. And a family of four needs $11,446 annually on food.

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Maine?

    A loaf of fresh white bread (1lb) is available at $1.38 only.

    2. Price of Utilities in Maine

    The US national average of 100 is lower than the cost of utilities in Maine, which is about 103.6%. Therefore, Mainers pay higher utility charges than the US.


    The utilities include many things in this state, namely the internet, telephone, energy, regular fuel, water, heating oil, and electricity. The following are some utility prices you can see here.

    Internet Service(50 – 940 Mbps)$29.99/mo for months
    Landlines Telephone Services$20 – $60+
    Energy(average cost)$215(per month)
    Gas(Regular Average)$3.508
    Heating Oil$4.44

    How much is an electric bill in Maine?

    Mainers need to pay $2,580 annually for electric bills, which is 6% higher than the US national average.

    How much do utilities cost in Maine?

    People in this state often pay $380 a month for utilities.

    3. Cost For Healthcare in Maine

    The average cost of living in Maine is incomplete without the healthcare cost. So the cost of healthcare in Maine is about 96%.


    This is lower than the cost of healthcare in the US national average of 100.

    However, you must study numerous healthcare plans offered by many health insurance companies in the state.

    Be sure to check below medical prices.

    Essential HealthcarePrices
    Medication(Rx Drug)$485.95
    Insurance(per person)$469 – $6,921+
    Home Doctors Visit$123.12
    Dentist Visit$105.28
    Veterinary Visit$63.49

    How much does Obamacare cost in Maine?

    According to Forbes, Obamacare costs $469 monthly for females 40 and above. In short, the charges vary according to the age and plan you select.

    What is the average cost of health per month in Maine?

    Averagely, a person pays $6,921 towards health insurance, according to recent data found by ValChoice.

    How much is health insurance for a family of 4 in Maine?

    A family of four needs to pay $27,684 for health insurance based on recent data research by ValChoice.

    4. Maine Home Prices

    The housing prices in Maine of 103.6% are slightly higher than the US National Average of 100. However, the average house price in Maine is about $301,700.


    It is the Best time to visit Maine and buy a dream home in this state because of its affordable prices. Also, it is expected that the prices will be steady in 2023.

    Are house prices dropping in Maine?

    No! The housing market will stabilize in 2023 based on the assumptions of real estate experts.

    How is the housing market right now in Maine?

    In December 2022, only 1,234 houses were sold out by registered sellers in Maine state. In contrast, these numbers were more (to be exact, 1930) in December 2021.

    How much are home prices up in Maine?

    In the last December of 2022, home prices rose by 7.7% compared to 2021.

    5. Education in Maine

    According to U. S. News & World Report, the state of Maine appears 28th for the best education. In the same way, Maine’s higher education and pre-k to 12 stand at 40 and 12, respectively.


    And the best thing is that this state has compulsory education from kindergarten to 12. As a result, Maine has 86.60% of literate people, according to the U. S. Literacy Rate in 2023.

    How much does public school cost in Maine?

    Free! Yes, every student can get a free traditional public school education managed by School Districts.

    How much does college cost for 4 years in Maine?

    Maine colleges and universities offer 4-year education between $7,350 and $57,353.

    Is public school in Maine free?

    Yes! Public school education is free for every student in this state.

    How much does Maine university cost?

    The total cost ranges from $27,412 to $30,246, including the fees of Maine students, out-of-state INTL students, NEBHE, Maine residential, and non-residential students.

    6. Maine Tax Rates

    If you are making a move to Maine, you don’t need to pay local sales tax. However, it offers affordable tax rates to live comfortably in this state.


    According to the Tax Foundation, Maine is the state that ranked 33 for an effective tax system in the last year, 2022.

    The following taxes you need to pay while living in the state of Maine.

    Taxes in PennsylvaniaAverage Tax Rates
    Property Tax1.09%
    Income Tax5.8% to 7.15%
    Sales tax5.5%
    Local sales taxNil

    What is the income tax in Maine?

    The tax rate lies between 5.8% to 7.15% depending on the taxpayer’s taxable income.

    What is the sales tax in Maine?

    5.5% of sales tax was imposed in Maine in 2019 and is still the same.

    What is the property tax in Maine?

    A typical Mainer is entitled to pay 1.09% toward property taxes.

    7. Maine PublicTransportation

    In this modern era, you will find various public transportation services, such as buses, bay lines, and rail.


    These road and rail networks connect every small town and city, making your traverse experience more enjoyable.

    Transportation connects everything from schools, companies, outdoor locations, and whatnot.

    The best thing is that exploring Maine National Parks becomes convenient for travellers as well as locals using these public transportation options.

    How much is a bus pass in Maine?

    A monthly pass for a bus transportation service is available for 45 dollars only.

    How much does public transportation cost per month in Maine?

    A family of four must pay about $963.75 per month for public transportation, and singles need $353.5 per month.

    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels in Maine

    Energy and fuel costs are crucial elements in calculating the average cost of living in Maine.


    Therefore, note that you are liable to pay 30 cents per gallon as regular taxes to Maine once you start living here.

    The US national average of paying 29 cents per gallon for regular gasses is lower than that you pay in Maine. 

    What is the current gas price in Maine?

    Currently, Gas is available at $3.508 only based on the data available at Maine Average Gas Prices.

    What is the average heating bill in Maine?

    The heating oil prices are between $3.95 to $5.35. The average cost is about $4.46 as of January 30, 2023.

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Maine

    “What is the cost of living in Maine” includes costs like taxes and more.


    However, in the miscellaneous items, we have included the cost of movie tickets, clothing, branded sneakers, gym membership, and simple haircut prices.

    This is an extra tip to help you with Maine’s living costs.

    Miscellaneous thingsAverage Prices
    Movie Ticket(For one person)$12.1
    Clothing(Pair of branded jeans) $44
    Branded sneakers$80.3
    Gym Membership(One month)$39.5
    Simple haircut$16.7

    10. Table of all living things

    For your convenience, we have a quick recap of the above prices in this blog section.


    Therefore, you can also watch these prices and learn about the cost of living in Maine if you are in a hurry.

    Living things Average costs
    Groceries$3,981 to $11,446  yearly
    Utilities$380 monthly
    Healthcare  $469 – $27,684
    Education4-Year Colleges – $7,350 to 57,353University – $27,412 to $30,246
    Taxes(Property, Income, Sales)1.09%, 5.8% to 7.15%, 5.5%
    Heating Oil$3.95 to $5.35

    Maine Cost of Living FAQs

    What factors are included in estimating your cost of living in Maine?

    Energy, transportation, healthcare, groceries, taxes, and home prices are essential factors in calculating the living costs of the state.

    What is the minimum wage in Maine?

    Maine has a minimum wage of $13.80 an hour, $552 a week, and $28,704 yearly. Its officials recently imposed this minimum wage in Maine from January 01st, 2023.

    What is the cheapest rent in Maine?

    You can pay an average amount of $853 towards rent in Maine. However, you can find cheap apartments at $300 a month in the Harrington area in Maine based on the data available at Zillow.


    What is the cost of living in Maine? Is this your question too? 

    Well, this is the state where you will find less population of nearly 1.4 million only. This state has multiple striking views of ocean and beach areas.

    In the same way, it offers endless outdoor locations and incredible parks for your outdoor activities.

    However, considering the cost of living in Maine, one must keep himself updated twice or thrice before moving to this beautiful state.

    The cost of living in this state is about $45,272, which is quite controversial.

    It includes everything, from transportation and groceries to specified taxes and fuel costs. Therefore, you can rely on this article to understand Maine’s costs.

    Note that these prices are the latest and updated to date. Still, you may see a difference in housing rents as they change according to the area you are looking to rent an apartment.

    Ultimately, we hope our article helps you learn about Maine’s costs.