Cost Of Living in Louisiana

Cost Of Living in Louisiana

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    Located in the Deep South, Louisiana is a beautiful state famous for its diverse cultural heritage, jazz music, Cajun and Creole cuisines, and colorful Mardi Grass celebrations. This southern US state is packed with a friendly locale and boasts comfortable weather conditions all year long, which in turn, makes it an ideal place to settle in.

    Cost Of Living in Louisiana
    Cost Of Living in Louisiana

    Got convinced and looking forward to moving to the Pelican State? It is suggested to check the average cost of living in Louisiana to avoid any fuss later on.

    Here, we have compiled a guide covering all essential factors contributing to the living cost, including groceries, taxes, healthcare, education, utilities, etc. Read on and make a final decision accordingly.

    How much money do you need to live in Louisiana?

    A Louisiana resident needs an average income of $27,557 with no children and around $75,554 with 2 children after taxes to live comfortably in this state. The average cost of living in Louisiana is slightly lower than the national average, hence, you can easily enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in this state by earning a decent salary.

    The required income before taxes is $33,585 for an adult with no children and $94,383 for two adults with 2 children. As of 2022, the average annual salary for the Lower Middle-Class jobs in Louisiana is $47,545 a year.

    Is Louisiana expensive to live in?

    No, not at all. The cost of living in Louisiana is about 7% lower than the country’s average, which in turn makes it the best place to settle in for budget-oriented people. You will be glad to know that groceries and clothing in this Pelican State are about 2% lower while utilities are 14% lower than the national average.

    The cheapest place to live in Louisiana is Galliano, LA with a 55.15% affordability index, followed by Franklin (Affordability Index: 49.09), Carylss (Affordability Index: 47.97), and Schriever (Affordability Index: 47.31).

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    Cost of Living in Louisiana in 2022

    several factors affect the cost of living in Louisiana, such as groceries, housing, taxes, utilities, and more. Here, we have outlined the essential factors that contribute to the final cost of living in this Pelican State.

    Scroll down the page and learn more about these elements to make an informed decision.

    1. Groceries Prices in Louisiana

    Groceries and Food are the basic everyday expenses that have a significant impact on the overall cost of living in an area. Fortunately, groceries in Louisiana are around 2% lower than the US average, making it a budget-friendly state to live in.

    Groceries Prices in Louisiana
    Groceries Prices in Louisiana

    According to Bestplaces, the cost of groceries index is 92.7 as compared to the US average of 100.

    Find the groceries index of the top 8 cities in Louisiana in the table mentioned below.

    CityGroceries IndexGroceries in LouisianaGroceries in the USA
    New Orleans99.292.7100
    Baton Rogue95.392.7100
    Lake Charles92.992.7100
    Bossier City94.892.7100

    How much does food cost in Louisiana?

    A single adult in Louisiana spends an average of $3,119 on food annually and a family of four spends around $9,748 on average. According to the EPI’s Family Budget Calculator, it is the 25th highest amount among other states in the country.

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Louisiana?

    According to Numbeo, a loaf of white bread (500g) can cost around $4.08 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    2. Price Of Utilities in Louisiana

    The utilities in Louisiana is around 14% lower than the country’s average. According to Bestplaces, the cost of utility index in this southern state is about 89.9. The cost of living in Louisiana is about $1793, which is 1.08 times less expensive than the average in the country.

    Price of Utilities in Louisiana
    Price of Utilities in Louisiana

    A study by claims Louisiana to be the 31st best state to live in the US and 36th most expensive state in the country. The utility bill for one person, including electricity, heating, and water costs around $106 while the utility bill for a family including the same things is $164, which is way too lower than the country’s average.

    Check more about the utility index in the top 8 cities in Louisiana here. The comparison is based on the US average of 100.

    New Orleans87.3
    Baton Rogue95.3
    Lake Charles89.9
    Bossier City92.9

    How much is an electric bill in Louisiana?

    The average monthly electricity bill for residential consumers in Louisiana is around $203/month.

    How much do utilities cost in Louisiana?

    According to, the utility bill for a family in Louisiana costs around $164.4, including electricity, heating, and water.

    3. Cost For Healthcare in Louisiana

    Healthcare plays a major role when selecting a new state to live in; hence, it is important to check the services offered in the state before using the Louisiana cost of living calculator. While the cost of healthcare in Louisiana is quite low as compared to the national average, the overall quality also lies on the lower side.

    Cost for Healthcare in Louisiana
    Cost for Healthcare in Louisiana

    According to the 2017 WalletHub reports, this southern state is believed to have the worst healthcare in the country. However, now the condition has changed and the state has improved its healthcare quality a bit.

    To get a clear idea, scroll down the page and find the cost of healthcare index in Louisiana in the table mentioned below. The comparison is being made by taking the US average of 100.

    New Orleans85.2
    Baton Rogue97.1
    Lake Charles101.9
    Bossier City94.8

    How much does Obamacare cost in Louisiana?

    The average cost of an Obamacare plan ranges between $328 and $482; however, it depends on various factors, such as the company, the type of plan you are choosing, and the place where you reside.

    What is the average cost of health per month?

    Louisiana residents can expect to spend an average cost of $677 per person on health; however, the price may vary based on your health insurance plan and overall health. 

    How much health insurance for a family of 4 in Louisiana?

    The average cost of health insurance for a family of four in Louisiana is around $2,326, providing that family includes an adult couple and two children. However, the health insurance costs depend on several factors, including what plan you are choosing, the insurance company, and what part of the state you live in.

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    4. Louisiana Home Prices

    Looking forward to moving to Louisiana? Hold on and check housing prices in this state before making any decision. Fortunately, housing in Louisiana is around 12% lower than the national average, making the Pelican State an ideal place for budget-savvy people.

    Louisiana Home Prices
    Louisiana Home Prices

    According to, the median home value in Louisiana is around $189,200, much lower in comparison to the US average of $291,700. Here, we have mentioned the median housing cost in the top 8 cities of Louisiana. Check them out and pick the option that fits your pocket.

    CityMedian Home Cost
    New Orleans$254,600
    Baton Rogue$198,400
    Lake Charles$181,800
    Bossier City$168,400

    Are housing prices dropping in Louisiana?

    Yes. According to various reports, the housing value in Louisiana dropped by 14.7% in July 2022.

    How is the housing market right now in Louisiana?

    The housing market in Louisiana is not much competitive these days. The median home price in this state was about $186,000 since August 2021 with the average sale price per square foot being $83.

    How much are home prices in Louisiana?

    The average home value in Louisiana is around $189,200. However, this value is seasonally adjusted and can reach up to $215,360 and beyond during peak days.

    5. Education in Louisiana

    Before heading to the best things to do in Louisiana, it is important to find the education ranking of this southern state and decide whether moving here to worth it or not. According to some reports, Louisiana is the third-least educated state in the country, with the not-so-best public education system.

    Education in Louisiana
    Education in Louisiana

    The survey done by WalletHub in 2017 ranked this state #51st in the country for its education system. But with time, Louisiana has worked a lot to improve its education system and is now home to a handful of school districts and colleges that excel in academics and co-curricular activities.

    How much does public school cost in Louisiana?

    The average public school cost in Louisiana is around $12,359. However, LEAs may apply if the total education price exceeds $37,077.

    How much does college cost for 4 years in Louisiana?

    The typical four-year college tuition fee in Louisiana is about $13,063. The value represents an annual decline of $291 decline as earlier it was $13,354.

    Is the public school in Louisiana free?

    Only online public schools in Louisiana are free and parents don’t have to pay a tuition fee for their kids. If you are attending the school offline, then the average per pupil expenditure is $12,359.

    How much does Louisiana University cost?

    Louisiana University’s cost depends on the course you choose and the state where you reside. For instance, the typical tuition fee of this university is $8,289 for in-state and $20,767 for out-of-state students.

    6. Louisiana Tax Rates

    Taxes play a major role in determining the cost of living in Louisiana. This southern state is referred to as a tax-friendly place for retirees as social security income is from the tax range and withdrawals from retirement accounts are partially taxed. 

    Louisiana Tax Rates
    Louisiana Tax Rates

    According to the Tax Foundation, Louisiana’s tax system is ranked #42nd out of 50 on its 2022 State Business Tax Climate Index. The total tax rate in the Pelican State can be as high as 11.45%, based on the local municipalities. Find more about taxes in Louisiana in the table mentioned below.

    Tax NameRate
    Individual Income Tax1.85% to 4.25%
    Corporate Income Tax3.50% to 7.50%
    State Sales Tax4.45%
    Maximum Local Sales Tax7.00%
    Combined State and Local Sales Tax9.55%

    What is the income taxes in Louisiana?

    The individual income tax rate in Louisiana ranges from 1.85% to 4.25%.

    What is the sales tax in Louisiana?

    Residents in Louisiana can expect to pay a sales tax of 4.45% and an average combined state and local sales tax rate of 9.55%.

    What are the property taxes in Louisiana?

    The property tax in Louisiana varies from one kind of property to another. For example, the tax rate on residential properties is 10%, the commercial is 15%, and public services are 25%. Agriculture, marsh, horticulture, and timber lands are assessed at 15% of use value.

    7. Louisiana Public Transportation

    Wondering does it snow in Louisiana? If yes, then how could you travel on such days? Well, if you want to avoid any hassle when visiting Louisiana, then make sure you understand the public transportation system of the state so you commute easily.

    Louisiana Public Transportation
    Louisiana Public Transportation

    The major transportation in Louisiana is train and bus and their stations are located in the Central Business District downtown. Greyhound Buses in Louisiana are more affordable to move within the state.

    New Orleans132.5
    Baton Rogue111.4
    Lake Charles89.1
    Bossier City84.5

    How much is a bus pass in Louisiana?

    The fare of a bus pass in Louisiana depends on its duration. For example, the day pass costs $3.00, the weekly pass costs $15, the monthly pass is available at $40, and Discount Monthly Pass costs around $20.

    How much does public transportation cost per month in Louisiana?

    The public transportation in Louisiana costs around $40 per month on average if you opt for the monthly pass. However, the value varies from one city to another. For instance, the price of a monthly ticket for public transport in New Orleans is $52 and in Baton Rogue is $55.

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    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels in Louisiana

    Whether you are looking forward to the cost of living in Lafayette Louisiana or Baton Rogue, it is important to consider the average energy and fuel cost before making a move. All residential customers take energy services under a rate schedule, which is based on their geographic location.

    Average Cost for Energy & Fuels in Louisiana
    Average Cost for Energy & Fuels in Louisiana

    Rate Schedule is listed in your bill with the heading “Meter Reading” and describes the class of service, applicability, and per unit charges. The average monthly cost of energy in Louisiana is around $203/ month. Residents often get residential electricity at a rate of 11.27 cents per kilowatt hour on average. Additionally, the average price of 1L of petrol or 0.26 gal of gas in Louisiana is $1.07.

    What is the current gas price in Louisiana?

    At present, the average regular gas price in Louisiana is $3,401 and diesel is $4,693. The values are a bit lower as compared to the previous month. 

    What is the average heating bill in Louisiana?

    The average heating bill in Louisiana is around $106 for one person and $164 for a family; however, the values vary from one city to another. It is ranked as the 7th least energy-expensive state in the country.

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Louisiana

    Before you find the best restaurants in Louisiana or the best golf courses in this state, let’s just compare the cost of miscellaneous things in the state’s top 8 cities.

    Miscellaneous Things in Louisiana
    Miscellaneous Things in Louisiana

    According to, the miscellaneous cost index of Louisiana is 95.6.

    Scroll down the page and find the comparison table here.

    CityMiscellaneous Cost
    New Orleans97.8
    Baton Rogue94.2
    Lake Charles91.8
    Bossier City98.8

    10. Living Things in Louisiana

    In addition to basic utilities, transportation, and housing, several other things contribute to the cost of living in Louisiana.

    Living Things in Louisiana
    Living Things in Louisiana

    We have listed the cost of all essential things in the table below so you can get a clear idea of how much you need to live comfortably in the Pelican State.

    Essential ItemPrice
    Milk (1L)$1
    Rice (1Kg)$3.43
    Gym membership (1 month)$41.4
    Gym Doctor’s Visit$104
    Brand Jeans$45.9
    Wine (750mL)$13.7
    Round Steak (1kg)$12.6
    Chicken Breast (1Kg)$11.1
    Banana (1kg)$1.69


    There’s no denying that Louisiana is one of the most beautiful places in the country to settle in. This place is widely applauded for its stunning beauty, slow-paced life, calm ambiance, and high quality of life.

    So, if you are planning to make a move to this deep southern state, then it is suggested to check all factors contributing to the cost of living in Louisiana and then decide accordingly. Do not take any decision in haste and think from every perspective before making a final move.

    Settling in a new place is a big deal; hence, make an information-backed decision so you won’t regret it later on.

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