Cost of living in Finland


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    Finland is a nation of incredible scenery which offers a plethora of naturalistic features to visitors. Be it summer or winter, this majestic land of beauty never fails to disappoint you. While visiting Finland as a visitor, if you have fallen in love with this magnificently beautiful place, and want to settle there with your family, then you have landed on the right place. As here in this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of the cost of living in Finland. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

    Is it expensive to live in Finland?

    To be honest, the cost of living in this adventurous land is undeniably high. If you have lived in areas with lower living costs, then trust us, the prices of products and the cost of living in Finland will shake you up, and you will find it difficult to adjust here.

    According to Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey 2020, living and residing in Finland is expensive if compared to Cape Town and Madrid, but still on an affordable scale than Miami and Paris.

    Is it easy to move to Finland?

    According to the migration laws of Finland, any citizen of the European Union Countries (EU) can move into Finland without any hustle. Being an EU citizen, the process of moving to Finland involves simple bureaucratic work, and you also don’t have to worry about visas or a resident permit to work and live in this beautifully adorned nation. And the currency used here is Euros like other EU nations, so you also don’t have to face issues like converting the currency or any other related stuff.

    Cost of Living in Finland

    WARNING:- The prices of the items under the following heads are estimates based on the data, that may vary from actual prices.

    • Housing- Planning to move to Finland? You must be looking for a place to live and protect yourself from harsh weather. We would like to tell you that the rents of apartments are high if we compare the cost of living in Finland V/s Us. If you are the one who doesn’t like to shift to new houses too often then a better option for you is to take a bank loan and purchase a house. This may sound insane but trust us that will benefit you in the long run.

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    • Food- After housing comes food another basic necessity for the people. Go through the table below to know the cost of food in Finland.
    Basic Lunch€ 12
    Boneless chicken breast (1lb.)€ 5.75
    Whole fat milk (1Lt)€ 1.25
    12 large eggs€ 2.82
    1 kg tomatoes€ 3.62
    Cheese (500 gr)€ 6
    1 kg apples€ 2.41
    1 kg potatoes€ 1.00
    Bread (for 2 people)€1.78
    • Utilities- Utilities include items or services of daily need. The cost of living in Finland in terms of utilities are as follows:-
    Water bill ( 1 month)€ 20
    4 G Internet service ( 1 month)€  30
    Mobile phone plan (1 month)€ 26
    Utilities ( gas, electricity, and heating) for 1 month in a 3-room apartment€ 68
    Utilities ( gas, electricity, and heating) for 1 month in a 2-room apartment€ 58
    • Taxes- If you are planning to settle in Finland and work, you have to pay taxes on your earned income, like any other nation. Every nation has its taxation system. To know more about the prevailing tax rates in Finland, go through the below-mentioned table.
    Capital income30%
    Capital income exceeding € 30 K34 %
    Local income tax16.50% – 23.50%
    Church tax1% – 2.2%
    Public broadcasting tax ( on incomes above €14K)2.5%
    • Rent per Month- Renting an apartment in Finland is quite expensive. Given below is a table that states the cost of living in Euros and US Dollars, for you to compare and make a wise decision.


    TypeEurosUS Dollars
    2-room apartment€ 830$ 968
    3-room apartment€ 1100$ 1284


    TypeEurosUS Dollars
    2-room apartment€ 640$ 747
    3-room apartment€ 800$ 933


    TypeEurosUS Dollars
    2-room apartment€ 800$ 933
    3-room apartment€ 1100$ 1284


    TypeEurosUS Dollars
    2-room apartment€ 800$ 933
    3-room apartment€ 980$ 1144
    • Shopping- The cost of living in Finland in terms of clothing & shopping are as follows:-

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    A pair of branded jeans (eg:- Levis)€ 99
    A dress from a high-end store (eg:- Zara or H &M)€ 33
    A pair of branded sports shoes€ 111
    A pair of men’s business shoes€ 171
    • Restaurants- If you are in a mood to eat the delicacies of Finland in the local restaurants, then the list of the expenses are as follows:-
    A meal in an inexpensive restaurant€ 12
    A meal in a mid-range restaurant (2 people)€ 70
    McMeal at McDonald’s€ 8
    Domestic Beer (0.5 lt )€ 6
    Imported Beer (0. 33lt)€ 6
    • Transporation- For hopping around this beautiful place you need to spend money on transportation, whose rates are as follows:-
    One way ticket in local transport€ 3
    Monthly Pass in local transport€ 58
    Taxi ( 1 Km)€ 1.55
    Gasoline (1 km)€ 47
    Volkswagen golf 1.4 150 cv€ 250K
    • Sports & Entertainment- The cost of sports and entertainment services in Finland are as follows:-
    Fitness Club (1 month)€ 39.30
    Gym membership (1 month)€ 44
    Tennis Court Rent (1hour)€ 23.25
    Cinema Fee (2 persons)€ 28
    Theatre Fee (2 persons)€ 89

    Pros & Cons of living in Finland

    Before actually moving to Finland, we want you to take a quick look at the below-mentioned points of pros and cons of settling in Finland:-


    • Good quality education
    • High rate of employment
    • Low level of corruption
    • Fewer levels of pollution
    • World-class shopping


    • The Finnish language is difficult to learn
    • High cost of living in Finland
    • Expensive restaurants
    • Cold weather
    • Difficulty in seeking government services
    Cost of Living in Finland

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it worth living in Finland?

    Finland, regarded as one of the happiest and safest countries in the entire world, with a thrilling, picturesque, and breathtaking view both day and night.

    What is the average salary of Finland?

    Finland offers salaries ranging from € 7,679 to € 259,222, and the average salary per annum is € 54,564.

    What is the most common job in Finland?

    The majority of people in Finland are employed in the service sector which includes jobs in the niche of; transport, hotel, education, catering services, health, social service, and more.


    In the above article, we have tried to bring out all the important aspects of the cost of living in Finland, that you should be aware of before actually moving into this fantastic land, full of fun & adventures. We have also mentioned some common FAQs and pros & cons of living in Finland that you should be well aware of.

    From the above article, we have tried our level best to provide you with the best piece of knowledge. So what’s stopping you now? If you have a secured job and are capable enough to afford all cost of living expenses in Finland, then start packing your bags to move to this marvelous country. 

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