Cost of Living In Delaware

Cost of living in delaware

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    Delaware is one of the first US states that was formed by the constitution in the year 1787. Being formed during the early times, this state has got its nickname as the ‘First State.’ Delaware is also the second smallest state in the nation, with a surface area of about 2,490 miles, thus it has got another nickname as the ‘Small Wonder’. Despite the tiny size of the state, its population amounts to around 971,180 people. Thus, Delaware has been ranked as the sixth densest populated state in the nation.

    A lot of families come down to settle every year in this tiny state. Delaware is a crowded paradise that offers residents and people coming from outside; excellent job opportunities, good housing options, wonderful vibes, great culture & history, and opportunities to do and enjoy a lot of amazing things.

    If you are also considerate about moving to Delaware, then you have landed in the right place. Here in this comprehensive article, you will be informed about the cost of living in Delaware that will help you in living a comfortable life and decide on your expenses according to the cost of various items in the state. So, what are you waiting for now? Jump to the below-mentioned details, and make necessary notes to avoid any hustle on your actual relocation. 

    Cost of living in delaware

    Is Delaware expensive to live in?

    The cost of living in Delaware is about 13% higher than that of the national average of the US but has substantially lower costs than the other states in the region. Thus, to match the level of expenses, the level of income is also high in the state. The average income earned by the people here is also high, and thus Delaware ranks as the 10th best state in the nation, which offers satisfactory income to the people.

    Is Delaware a cheap place to live?

    The living cost in this state is higher than the national average. But, despite this, the state has an affordable housing market, thriving job opportunities, low tax rates, and exciting activities to do.

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    Cost of Living in Delaware

    The Delaware living costs are comparatively lower than the other states situated on the east coast of the US. Thus, becoming the most desirable place to live and work in the nation. Delaware also known as the Diamond State has an attractive cost of living that is about 13% higher than the national average.

    The people in the state usually own their houses, and thus Delaware ranks as the 4rth state in terms of home ownership. The state has beautiful cottages, splendid farmhouses, and various other quaint locations that attract the people coming to the state. The average cost of houses in Delaware is quite affordable which makes it an economically sound decision to move to the state.

    Before proceeding to move toward Delaware, you should be well aware of the living costs in Delaware in context to comparison to the entire United States. Go through the table mentioned below to more about the same.

    Cost of Living HeadsComparison with national average
    Housing (rented or purchased)5% higher
    Food14% higher
    Utilities (per month)4% lower
    Healthcare3% higher
    Goods & Services10% higher
    Transportation14% higher

    1. Groceries Prices in Delaware

    Groceries and food items are an everyday expense that affects the overall cost of living in a place. According to the data recorded by, $3,336 has been spent by an individual annually on food, whereas a family of four people spends $9,634 annually in Delaware. On the other hand, if we talk about these expenses on the national level, an individual spends about $3,240 and a family spends $9,354. Thus, it means that the Delaware living cost in terms of food is higher than the national average.

    Grocery Price

    Every state has its own prices for food and groceries. This depends on the agricultural production of the state. Go through the below-mentioned table carefully to know the prices of different food items in the state and also how much it would cost you if you plan to eat in any of the best restaurants in Delaware.

    Milk  (1Lt)$ 0.91
    Bread  (1 Loaf)$ 3.16
    White Rice (1 Kg)$ 6.17
    2 dozen of eggs$ 6.00
    Chicken Fillets (1 Kg)$ 17.64
    Round Beef (1 Kg)$ 17.64
    Apples (1 kg)$ 8.08
    Bananas (1 Kg)$ 1.22
    Potatoes (1 Kg)$ 3.89
    Onions  (1 Kg)$ 1.65
    Water (1.5 Lt)$ 2.00
    Domestic beer (0.5 Lt)$ 4.29
    A regular cappuccino$ 4.97
    Meal in an inexpensive restaurant                $ 15.00
    A three-course meal ( mid-range restaurant)$ 68.00

    Are groceries expensive in Delaware?

    The cost of food and groceries is higher than the national average in Delaware. According to, the grocery costs in the state are about 12% higher than the nationwide average.

    How much are groceries in Delaware?

    A single individual in the state spends about $3,336 on groceries whereas, if you are settling down in the state with family, then you are likely to spend about $9,634 on an average annually.

    How much should I budget for groceries in Delaware?

    Your budget depends on the no.of people you have with you. If you are planning to live alone in Delaware then your cost of living will be less, but as a family of four, you need to exclude about $9,600 on average annually for food expenses. 

    2. Price of Utilities in Delaware

    Whether you plan to live in a rented house or buy an apartment of your own, utilities are some of the basic needs that you will be needing for comfortable staying in your new place in the state of Delaware. These basic services include water, gas, electricity, mobile bill, internet bill, etc. Interested to know more about the same? Keep scrolling to gather necessary details from the table listed below.

    Utility cost in Delaware
    Basic bill including electricity, water, cooling, heating, and garbage for an 85 m2 apartment$ 134.60
    Mobile Tariff per min$ 0.08
    Internet of 60 Mbps speed$ 65.57

    How expensive are utilities in Delaware?

    According to the data collected by, the average cost of living indices in terms of utilities in Delaware is 105.2, which is a little higher than the national average, i.e., 100.

    How much is the electric bill in Delaware?

    On average the electricity bill in the state of Delaware is about 4% lower than the national average. Talking about the cost, an individual in the state spends about $154 per month or which can add upto $1,848 per year.

    How much water and sewer a month in Delaware?

    The average water bill in the state of Delaware amounts to around $46 on an average. On the other hand, the monthly sewer bill amounts to $8.07 per 1000 gallons. 

    3. Cost For Healthcare in Delaware

    According to the data collected by US, the quality of healthcare in the state ranks at the 14th position. The rate of life that the state has to offer to its citizens depends on the quality of healthcare pertaining there. While calculating the grade of healthcare, access to dental treatment and preventive medical treatment for both adults & children are taken into consideration.

    Healthcare in Delaware

    The quality of healthcare in the state is quite good, and for your timely treatment, you should invest in good healthcare insurance schemes. Thus, given below is a table, that states the cost of living in Delaware in terms of money that needs to be funded in healthcare insurance premiums under five different schemes and three distinct age groups.

    Metal TierAge 21Age 40Age 60
    Catastrophic$ 240$ 307$ 652
    Bronze$ 333$ 426$ 904
    Bronze Expanded$ 434$ 555$ 1,178
    Gold$ 538$ 687$ 1,459
    Silver$ 434$ 555$ 1,179

    Is Delaware healthcare more expensive?

    According to, the per capita amount of money in Delaware in terms of healthcare is higher than the national average.

    Is health care free in Delaware?

    The Medicaid services in Delaware provide either low-cost or free healthcare coverage to low-income, blind, aged, or disabled citizens who do not have sufficient funds to pay their medical bills.

    How much does Obamacare cost in Delaware?

    The average cost of the Obamacare plan in Delaware ranges from $328 to $482. This might vary from the place you live in, the type of plan & the company whose plan you take.

    4. Delaware Home Prices

    One of the largest components of the cost of living is housing. Whenever anyone moves into a new state, a roof and four surrounding walls are a must to feel safe and secure. Thus, searching for the best house, that may suit all your requirements is a must, when you relocate to Delaware.

    House Price in Delaware

    The median value of a house nationwide is $204,900, whereas the average cost of houses in Delaware amounts to around $244,700, which is higher than the national average. Thus, mentioned below is a table that states the cost of housing properties in the different cities of Delaware and the cost of the rental for different types of houses in the city.

    Table with information of the average cost of houses in the different cities of Delaware:-

    CitiesMedian Price of Houses
    Hockessin$ 415,100
    Bear$ 256,000
    Middletown$ 255,000
    Smyrna$ 217,800
    Newark$ 223,200
    Claymont$ 213,800
    New Castle$ 178,800
    Wilmington$ 135,500

    Table with the information on average rent of houses in Delaware:-

    Type of SpaceAverage House Rent
    Studio$ 812
    1 Bedroom$ 929
    2 Bedrooms$ 1,136
    3 Bedrooms$ 1,504
    4 Bedrooms$ 1,730

    What is the average cost of a house in Delaware?

    According to 247, the average cost of houses in the state of Delaware is $244,700, whereas the average cost of rent of a house in the state amounts to $1,110.

    Which Delaware island is the cheapest to buy a house?

    There are various best places to live in Delaware, but Dover, the capital city of Delaware, has the cheapest rates of housing properties as compared to the state as a whole. The median cost of houses in the state amounts to $173,800.

    Will Delaware home prices drop?

    Currently, the prices of houses in the state are increasing by a commendable percentage. If compared to the last year, the prices of houses this year have increased by about 19.4%.

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    5. Education in Delaware

    If you are moving to Delaware with your family, which includes kids, then finding a perfect educational institution for them is a tedious yet important task that you have to perform. The overall rankings of the state of Delaware in terms of education is 24, out of which the education imparted from Pre-K to 12th grade has been ranked 22nd, and the higher education system has been ranked at 20th place.

    Education in Delaware

    Thus, you should be well aware of the Delaware living cost in terms of education that you would have to pay on enrolling your offspring in either any top schools or universities in the state. Given below is a table that states the same, so go through it carefully.

    Cost of daycare or preschool for a child for 1 month$ 1,120
    Cost of sending the child to an international primary school for 1 year$ 9,550
    Average Tuition fees for attending a renowned college in the state$ 14,280
    Average college fees of a renowned college$ 30,288

    Is education free in Delaware?

    Delaware is known to be the first state in the country to offer free-of-cost two-year college tuition to high school graduates.

    Are universities in Delaware expensive?

    Yes, the tuition fees in the colleges of the state are a little higher than that of the national average. The median cost of tuition fees at the University of Delaware is $15,020, whereas the national average tuition fees amount to $11,331.

    Is college cheaper in Delaware?

    The six best affordable colleges in Delaware that offer low-cost bachelor’s degrees, certifications, diploma courses, etc are:-

    • Delaware Technical Community College
    • Wesley College
    • Golden Beacom College
    • Wilmington University
    • Delaware State University
    • The University of Delaware

    6. Delaware Tax Rates

    As the income earned by the residents of the state vary so is the rate of tax. Delaware is known to be one of the highest income earning places in the entire nation. But the rate of taxes charged is the lowest compared to other central states. So, the tax system of the state ranks 16th position in the list of the State Business Tax Climate Index. Before, actually moving to the state, you should be well aware of the rate of taxes charged here at different instances to pay them at regular intervals. Go through the below-mentioned details carefully to be aware of the same.

    Tax Rates in Delaware
    HeadsTax Rates
    Individual Income Tax Rate2.20-6.60%
    State Sales Tax RateNo State sales tax
    Corporate Income Tax Rate8.70%
    Property Tax0.59%
    Combines State and Local Sales Tax Rate12.4%

    Is tax cheaper in Delaware?

    Yes, the taxes charged by the government of Delaware is one of the lowest in the country, as no local sales tax is being imposed on the people, and also the rate of property taxes in the state is quite low.

    Are taxes higher in Florida or Delaware?

    According to, the state of Florida ranks 23rd position, and Delaware ranks at 47th position in the list of states with the highest and lowest tax rates.

    7. Delaware Public Transportation

    Public transportation is the most important source if you want to travel to different places in the state of Delaware. It is considered to be a significant component in terms of the cost of living while you are staying in the state. Buying a vehicle at the initial stages of relocation might be difficult for you, but you should have enough funds, security money, permanent residence, and a lot of other factors.

    Delaware Public Transport

    Thus you should check the table mentioned below, which has all the necessary information regarding the Delaware living cost in terms of public transportation.

    1-way ticket in a local transport$ 2.00
    Normal taxi tariff$ 6.45
    Taxi fare for 1 km$ 2.17
    Taxi fare for waiting 1 hour$ 15.00

    How much does transportation cost in Delaware?

    The average annual transportation costs in Delaware for different family sizes are:-

    • Single Adult- $8K-$10K
    • Couple- $10K-$12K
    • Family of Three- $12K-$14K
    • Family of Four- $14K-$16K
    • Family of Five- $14K-$16K

    How much do bus rides cost in Delaware?

    An average bus ride for people in Delaware costs about $0.50-$1.00

    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels

    Delaware is a land rich in natural resources. The coal, natural gas, and other resources present here help humankind in the production of electricity and other forms of useful and convertible energy. Thus, below mentioned is a table that states the cost of energy & fuels that will ease the living of the people there and provide them with basic utility services. 

    Energy & Fuels
    Gasoline (1 Lt)$ 1.35
    Average sale price of coal (per thousand cu ft)$ 13.75
    Average electricity cost per kWh13.35 Cents

    What are the fuel prices in Delaware?

    Regular fuel in Delaware costs around $3,869, whereas the prices of diesel amount to $4,824.

    Why are gas prices so high in Delaware?

    The prices of crude oil determine the prices of gasoline and diesel. In the past three months, the prices of crude oil have increased by 80%, thus it is one of the major reasons for the prices of gas being high.

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    9. Miscellaneous Things in Delaware

    Apart from the above-listed heads of cost of living in Delaware, there are a few other expenditures that you would do during your duration of stay in the state. You should be aware of those expenses beforehand, as they might help you in deciding your monthly or annual budget. So, scroll down below to know those expenses in the below-mentioned table.

    Miscellaneous Things
    Fitness Club Fee for 1 Month$ 32.81
    1 seat ticket at cinema hall$ 12.50
    Cost of a pair of jeans$ 42.57
    Cost of a branded summer dress$ 32.50
    Cost of branded running shoes$ 70.00
    Cost of a pair of men’s leather shoes$ 86.67

    10. Table of Living Things

    The above-mentioned descriptive article clearly states the cost of living in the state under various heads. But, if you have read the above article carefully you must have noticed that the costs under various heads in the state of Delaware are slightly high than that of the national average.

    According to, the average cost of living index in Delaware is 102.7 which is higher than the national average of the United States, i.e., 100. Thus, mentioned below is a table that compares the cost of living indices between Delaware and the nation as a whole under various heads.

    Cost of LivingDelawareUS
    Median Home Cost$304,500$291,700

    Cost of Living in Delaware FAQs

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Delaware?

    According to the data of, the amount of money required to comfortably and happily live your life in the state of Delaware are mentioned in the table below. The details mentioned below are in context to no. of individuals working and also no.of children they have in their family.

    Heads0 Child1 Child2 Children3 Children
    1 Adult$30,542$60,157$75,131$97,867
    2 Adults out of which 1 works$46,551$56,558$65,698$71,284
    2 Adults and both of them are working$46,551$65,698$84,499$99,485


    That was all about the cost of living in Delaware, which would definitely help you in managing and maintaining your monthly and annual budget on your relocation. Despite its diminutive size, this paradise state has a lot of things to do in Dover, Delaware. The population living here is a great nature lover and loves to go for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, beach bumming, and a lot more. Apart from this small wonder trivia state has many other fascinating attractions that will amaze you for sure. So, folks, what’s stopping you now? Plan your itinerary today and settle down in beautiful Blue Hen State today.

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