Cost of living in Connecticut


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    Connecticut is among the top expensive states of the U.S. The quality of life in Connecticut is ranked the best in the U.S.

    The beautiful scenery, quality educational institutes and low crime rates are the best reasons to live in Connecticut.

    However, living costs in CT are much higher than other states. 

    The average cost of living in Connecticut is 22% higher than the national average. Connecticut is the 8th most expensive state of the U.S.

    Fairfield county has the highest cost of living and Windham County has the lowest costs of living in Connecticut. 


     According to the Connecticut cost of living calculator, the average housing, utilities, groceries, clothing and transportation rates are higher in CT as compared to the other country states.

    Lets discuss in detail the living costs of Connecticut in detail. 

    Living In ConnecticutCost of living in Connecticut
    Groceries cost$324  per month for a single person
    Utilities cost$496  per month
    Healthcare cost$536 per month
    Childcare cost$12,340
    Housing cost$330,479
    Education Cost$20,893
    Tax Rates3%  – 6.99% sales tax
    Public Transportation cost$354 per month (single person)
    Miscellaneous Costs12% higher than the national average.

    How much is the cost of living in Connecticut?

    The average living costs are 22% higher than the national average. Living in Connecticut is much more expensive than the other states. The living costs are also skyrocketing..

    The essential utilities, and groceries are 19% higher than the national average.

    How much you need to live comfortably in Connecticut per year? 

    A person with a family of four needs $118,551 per year to live comfortably in Connecticut. However, a single person might need almost $40,000 per year for a comfortable living. 

    The living costs vary according to the city you chose to live in.Living costs in the urban metro cities are much higher than the rural areas depending upon the amenities. 

    Living Costs in Connecticut


    Connecticut is the state with high living costs above the national average of the US. Living costs depend upon the size of family and the location of your house.

    Here are the things you know before moving to Connecticut.

    1. Utilities Prices in Connecticut

    Utilities play a major role in the living costs. These include electricity, gas, and water bills. Utility costs are 32% higher in Connecticut than the national average.


    The average cost of all utilities in Connecticut in a rough estimation is $496 which is much higher than the national average. 

    How much is Gas and Electricity in Connecticut per month?

    The average cost of Gas in Connecticut is $39 and electricity costs $166 per month. 

    Why are Connecticut electricity bills so high?

    The electricity bills of Connecticut have been drastically increased due to the reliance on natural gas. This gas is used to fuel the power plants.

    The prices of natural gas increased  due to the Ukraine war, which resulted in the increased electric bills. 

    What is the average water bill in Connecticut?

     The average Water bill per month in Connecticut costs $69. 

    2. Groceries Prices in Connecticut

    Groceries play a vital role in daily expenses and are 19% higher than the national average. However, the average cost varies from one region to another. 

    Grocery Items ( 1 kg/lb )Cost of groceries in CT
    Eggs $3.99
    Chicken $11.9
    Round steak$14
    Rice $4.16
    Apples $4.67
    Banana $1.7
    Oranges $4.26
    Tomato $4.78
    Potato $2.61

    What is the average cost of food for a single person in CT?

    An average food cost for a single person is $324 per month and $3,477 per year in Connecticut. . 

    How much is a loaf of bread in Connecticut?

    A fresh loaf of bread in Connecticut costs $3.67. 

    How much is a Gallon of milk in CT?

    A gallon of milk in Connecticut cost $4.19. The milk costs vary from one city to another.

    3. Connecticut Housing Market  

    The Housing Market in Connecticut is 35% higher than the national average. These prices vary from a metropolitan urban area to a rural area.


    Buying or renting a house in CT is more expensive than in the other states of the US. 

    The median home value in CT is $330,479. The renters make up 36% of the total. 

    Housing in CTMedian price in CTNational average 
    1 bedroom apartment rent$1,285$1,048
    2 bedroom apartment rent$1,577$1,278
    3 bedroom apartment rent$1,967$1,681
    4 bedroom apartment rent$2,261$1,950
    Monthly mortgage $2,096$1,100

    Are housing prices dropping in Connecticut?

    No, housing prices are not dropping in Connecticut and it is almost impossible to drop prices in metropolitan areas.

    According to the CT minimum wage history , rates are expected to rise. The housing costs will vary from city to city.

    How hard is it to buy a house in Connecticut?

    Buying a house in Connecticut is a bit difficult. Due to the expensive housing market of Connecticut, first you have to figure out your finances and credit score. 

    A person with a good credit score of 620 or more is more likely to get a house than a person with a credit score below 600.

    So, if you want to buy a house in CT you must improve your finances and credit score. 

    Will home prices drop in the next 5 years in Connecticut?

    No, home prices will not drop in the next 5 years in Connecticut. The housing market however, had a major fall and rise in the prices in the past years due to the pandemic.

    But, due to the increased mortgage values home prices will also rise in the coming years. 

    4. Tax rates in Connecticut

    Tax rates in Connecticut are above the national average. Connecticut tax ranges from 3 to 6.99 percent. CT has corporate and state sales tax rates and does not levy local sales tax. 


    Connecticut has a 7.50 percent corporate tax rate and 6.35 percent state sales tax. 

    Are Connecticut taxes high?

    Yes, the tax rates are high in Connecticut. The state income tax ranges between 3 to 6.99 percent and the state generates its revenue from the income tax and state sales tax. 

    Is Connecticut a tax friendly state?

     When we talk about the local sales tax, Connecticut is a tax friendly state. Otherwise, Connecticut has high state sales and corporate tax rates. 

    What is the Connecticut income tax rate?

    The income tax rate of Connecticut ranges from 3 percent to 6.99 percent. 

    How much is 65K after taxes in CT?

    In 65k you have to pay 26% of the taxes which makes up $16,909 and your net pay will be $48,091. 

    5. Education Cost in Connecticut

    Educational costs in Connecticut are higher than the national average. CT is ranked 6th among the costliest educational systems in the US.


    Besides the educational costs, Connecticut is ranked among the best educational institutes with quality education. 

    The average in-state college tuition fee in Connecticut in the past year was $20,893.This is $5,763 higher than the national average. 

    Is College free in Connecticut?

    No, College in Connecticut is not free but it offers scholarships and financial aids to the students.

    PACT was established in 2019 to provide the students free tuition fee to attend the community college. 

    A student qualifies for PACT on a first come first serve basis. Moreover, there are a few requirements you have to fulfill to get the PACT grant and students of all financial backgrounds can apply in this program. 

    How much does the private school cost in CT?

    The average private school costs $28,277 per year. The private school with the highest tuition in Connecticut is Forman School costing $83,390 and the private school with the lowest tuition in CT is Connecticut Christian Academy costing $3,600. 

    Do public schools cost more than private in Connecticut?

    No, public schools in Connecticut are free and are funded by the government. However, the private schools are the most expensive in Connecticut when compared to the other states. 

    6. Connecticut Childcare costs


    Childcare costs add a huge chunk of annual income.The national average of childcare in the US is $8,903.However, in Connecticut the average childcare costs $12,340 much higher than the national average. 

    How much is daycare per hour in Connecticut?

    A daycare in Connecticut charges between $14 – $25. The costs vary according to the location, responsibilities and type of care needed. 

    How much does a nanny cost in CT?

    The average cost of a nanny in CT is $17 or above depending upon the responsibilities. 

    What percentage of income goes to daycare in Connecticut? 

    18.3 % of the income goes to the daycare in Connecticut. The percentage varies according to the age and number of children.

    Location and type of  responsibilities of daycare also makes a change in the overall percentage. 

    7. Cost for healthcare in Connecticut

    The healthcare costs in CT are 9% higher than the national average. Healthcare costs depend upon the type of disease and the package you chose for treatment.


    Most healthcare centres have a silver, bronze and gold package with low and high prices. 

    The average cost of health insurance in CT is $536 or above. The healthcare costs depend upon the plan you chose and also types of illness and age of the patient. 

    Why is health insurance so expensive in Connecticut?

    Health insurance in Connecticut is expensive due to the taxes, premium plans, state assessments and mandates. 

    8. Public Transportation cost in Connecticut


    Public transportation costs $354 for a single person per month. However, a CT transit bus pass for 31 days costs $63 per month. 

    Is Public transportation free in Connecticut?

    Yes, public transit buses are fare free until 31st  March 2023 in Connecticut. 

    How much is the city transit bus fare?

    A city bus allows the people to buy a pass. A 2 hour pass costs $1.75 and a full day pass costs $3.50. The children can travel free of cost in Connecticut. 

    Can you pay cash in a CT transit bus?

    Yes, you can pay cash in CT transit bus but, you will be issued a 2-hour pass to take it as proof of your payment. 

    9. Miscellaneous things in Connecticut 

    Miscellaneous things in CTCost of Miscellaneous things in CT
    Cigarette Pack $9.98
    Cinema Ticket$12.7
    Gym membership$37.5
    Wine 750 ml$13.3

    Cost of living in Connecticut FAQs

    How much does it cost to live in Connecticut per month?

    It costs $3,294 for a single person to live in Connecticut comfortably per month.

    Is Connecticut cheap to live in?

    No, Connecticut is not cheap to live in. The cost of living in Connecticut is 22% higher than the national average. 

    Are cost of living raises mandatory in Connecticut?

    No, raising living costs is not mandatory in CT. 


    Connecticut is the 8th most expensive state of the US. The living costs in CT are 22% higher in Connecticut than the national average.

    Utilities, Groceries, Transportation, Educational, Healthcare and daycare costs are also much higher than the national average. 

    Besides the high costs, Connecticut is worth living due to its amazing scenery, high quality schools and lifestyle.

    If you are moving to Connecticut from a new york license, you can get more information from our website.