Cost of Living in Arizona VS Kansas

Kansas vs Arizona

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    What do you think about the cost of Kansas vs Arizona? Are these costs higher than the US national average or less? Well, it is a bit of an exciting story to share.

    Therefore, we will discuss the cost of living in Arizona vs Kansas.

    Arizona has long roads, rock formations, the best desserts, and much more to explore. Therefore, it is indeed a great experience to traverse. Similarly, where to live in Kansas, will be the best read for you. Explore the best natural attractions, rolling hills, and hiking points, having the best holiday feeling. Still, there are certain differences found in their costs.

    Cost of Living in Arizona VS Kansas
    Cost of Living in Arizona VS Kansas

    Is it cheaper to live in Kansas or Arizona?

    Yes! Kansas stands in second place for the cheapest cost of living in the region. As a result, there is no doubt that Kansas has fewer prices for different utilities. On the other side, Arizona has higher prices than Kansas and is 18% more expensive compared to Kansas.

    Is Kansas an expensive state to live in?

    No! Kansas is a beautiful place to live with appealing nature, fresh air, friendly people, and whatnot. Similarly, when it comes to the cost of living, we can assure you that the costs are fewer, and one can raise a family.

    On the other hand, with many beautiful surroundings, Arizona is also an expensive choice for living a happy life. Let’s discuss the Arizona vs Kansas living cost to get a clear picture.

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    Cost of living in Arizona vs Kansas

    Kansas is an excellent place to live, where you can get your groceries, utilities, healthcare, education, etc., at fewer prices. Therefore, you will get only one result, Kansas, when you compare the living cost in Arizona vs Kansas. Kansas is cheaper than Arizona. However, let’s see how Kansas differs.

    1. Groceries Prices Arizona vs Kansas

    The cost of grocery prices in Kansas is 91.7%, less than the national average. Similarly, grocery prices in Arizona are 102. 6%, more than the national average. Thus, Kansas grocery prices are lower than Arizona’s, with a difference of 10.9%.

    Are groceries expensive in Kansas?

    No! The groceries are daily expenses that you need to fulfill at home. However, the grocery prices can depend more or less on the individual’s choices. Likewise, your grocery bills can be much lower if you go to the best restaurants in Kansas City for dinner. For example, regular bread (1 loaf) can only cost up to $2.25.

    How much are groceries in Arizona?

    According to the US Department of Agriculture, a single person needs an average of $3,083 to spend on groceries yearly. Similarly, the cost will take a ladder and climb to $8,903 for a family of four. Such costs are higher compared to Kansas grocery prices. Isn’t that?

    2. Price of Utilities Arizona vs Kansas

    The utility prices in Kansas are about 100.2%, which is a bit higher than the national average. Similarly, the utilities in Arizona are 104.8%, which is also higher than the national average. Thus, the difference between them is 4.6%.

    Price of Utilities Arizona vs Kansas
    Price of Utilities Arizona vs Kansas

    Are utilities High in Arizona?

    Yes! The utilities in Arizona cost higher than Kansas. The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the average bill in Arizona is $128.40 per month. Due to this, Arizona stands in the sixth position in the country for such higher utilities.

    How much are utilities in Kansas?

    Kansas generally has fewer utility rates compared to Arizona. However, it’s a bit higher than the US national average. Therefore, Kansas’s regular bill of utilities is $154 per month.

    3. Cost For Healthcare Arizona vs Kansas

    The cost of Kansas vs Arizona has a difference of 4.7% in the case of Healthcare. Arizona has Healthcare of 98.4%, which is less than the US national average. Similarly, Kansas has a 102.8% healthcare rate, higher than the national average. Thus, Arizona wins in the case of Healthcare.

    Cost For Healthcare Arizona vs Kansas
    Cost For Healthcare Arizona vs Kansas

    Is West Arizona healthcare more expensive than Kansas?

    Yes! The average cost of West Arizona healthcare is $577 annually. Likewise, the average cost of healthcare in Kansas is only $438. That shows the cost of healthcare in West Arizona is more expensive than in Kansas.

    Is Healthcare free in Kansas?

    Yes! Community clinics and health care centers allow everyone to get free and low health care. As a result, most people visit such places and save money, which can be used to pay extensive medical tablet bills.

    How much does Obamacare cost in Arizona?

    Obamacare has four plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Therefore, the costs vary as per the plans. Further, they cover 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90% of the cost, respectively. That means it is entirely beneficial for Arizona locals.

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    4. Arizona vs Kansas Home Prices

    We have compared the home prices for Arizona vs Kansas living costs and found a difference of 51%. Kansas home prices are about 68.2%, and Arizona home prices are 119.2%.

    Arizona vs Kansas Home Prices
    Arizona vs Kansas Home Prices

    What is the average cost of a house in Kansas?

    Kansas natural attractions are enough to call people from around the globe and make them comfortable to stay. However, the houses in Kansas are available at an affordable price range. The average price of a house in Kansas is about $206.176 only.

    What is the average cost of a house in Arizona?

    Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service has declared the average prices of a house in Arizona. According to them, the average price of a home in Arizona is $480,000. In contrast, the houses in Phoenix city are available at $392,500.

    5. Education Arizona vs Kansas

    According to USNews, Arizona ranks number 46 for quality education. Similarly, Kansas education ranks at number 249. That means the education in Arizona is better than in Kansas.

    Education Arizona vs Kansas
    Education Arizona vs Kansas

    Is education free in Kansas?

    Yes! Kansas has implemented the Kansas Promise Scholarship Act from July 1, 2020. Due to this act, most students in Kansas can get relief from tuition, books, and fees. Therefore, most students prefer Kansas for their education. So, let us know what you feel about this great initiative in the comment section. 

    Is college cheaper in Arizona?

    Yes! The education at Arizona college is cheaper than your expectations. The schools, colleges, universities, etc., charge affordable fees for every in-land and out-of-state student. As a result, education is one of the best in the US. 

    Are universities expensive in Arizona or Kansas?

    Yes! Universities’ cost differs from course to course and student to student. However, the tuition cost of the in-state student is around $12,385 and $34,667 for out-of-state students annually. Similarly, the tuition cost for in-state students at Kansas University is roughly $11,166 and $28,034 annually for out-of-state students. Hence, you can see that Arizona universities are costlier compared to universities in Kansas.

    6. Arizona vs Kansas Tax Rates

    If an average person earns $55,000 yearly in Kansas, he is liable to pay $11,554 annually. On the other hand, an average person in Arizona pays taxes as per the tax rates of 2.59%, 3.34%, 4.17%, and 4.5%.

    Arizona vs Kansas Tax Rates
    Arizona vs Kansas Tax Rates

    Is tax cheaper in Arizona or Kansas?

    No! Our living cost in Arizona vs Kansas includes two types of taxes for the exact results: State Tax and Average Local Tax. Further, Arizona State Tax is 5.60%, and the Average Local Tax is 2.77%. Similarly, the Kansas State Tax is 6.50%, and the Average Local Tax is 2.17% only. Thus, you can observe that Arizona is cheaper in the case of tax.

    Are taxes higher in Kansas?

    No! As we have seen above, Kansas stands in the ninth position in charging higher taxes. However, the combined tax rate (State and Sales Tax) is about 8.7%. Therefore, it is one of the immense taxpayers states.

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    7. Arizona vs Kansas Public Transportation

    The public transportation in Arizona is about 100.4, a bit higher than the US National Average. Similarly, Kansas public transportation is near 94.2%, less than the US National Average. Therefore, the difference between them is 6.2%.

    Arizona vs Kansas Public Transportation
    Arizona vs Kansas Public Transportation

    How much does transportation cost in Arizona?

    The transportation costs differ from one destination to another. However, a person must pay $3.25 for the Express & RAPID bus to travel on one-way routes. And an All-Day pass is available at $6.50. Also, you can get discounts and monthly passes that can reduce your journey cost.

    How much do bus rides cost in Kansas?

    The one-way bus fare is $1 only, which gets doubled at night. Similarly, you are allowed to get the Day Pass at $2.75. But, the cherry on the top is that you can use RideKC for free. You don’t need to pay to travel by RideKC buses.

    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels

    Energy and fuels are essential factors to count in the cost of living in Arizona vs Kansas. However, there are massive price differences between Energy and Fuels.

    What are the fuel prices in Arizona?

    Arizona fuel charges are divided into four categories: Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, and Diesel. Therefore, the current average prices differ and are $4.437, $4.742, $5.009, and $5.249, respectively.

    Why are gas prices so high in Kansas?

    Many reasons affect the gasoline prices in Kansas. Transportation and supply costs, federal and state taxes, international demand, urban and rural areas, and high gasoline stations are some of them.

    9. Miscellaneous Things

    In this section of the cost of Kansas vs Arizona, we are considering different costs for miscellaneous expenses in the table below. It includes movie tickets, clothing, coca-cola, fitness club, and men’s business shoes.

    Miscellaneous Things
    Miscellaneous Things
    Miscellaneous ThingsCosts in KansasCosts in Arizona
    Movie Tickets (adults)$5.75 to $7.75$5 to $7
    Clothing (branded jeans)$52$46.74
    Coca-Cola Bottle (0.33 liter)$1.82$2.11
    Fitness Club (monthly fee for an adult)$53.45$33.06
    Men’s Business Shoes (leather)$139.86$93.56

    10. Make a comparison table of living things

    In this blog section, we will introduce you to the different living things and their costs in Kansas and Arizona.

    Living thingsCosts in KansasCosts in Arizona
    Daycare or Preschool (one-month fee)$690$875
    Rent (1 bedroom apartment in the city center)$1,116.67$1,684.35
    Salaries (after tax)$4.199.94$4,614.24
    Dinner in Mid-Range restaurants (2 people)$65$65
    Transport Tickets (local)$1.50$2.12
    International Primary School (per child annually)$16,750$16,200

    So, these are the different costs you will need to pay when you live in Kansas and Arizona. Our job is not done yet! One last tip we want to add here. Don’t forget to visit the RV camping near Kansas when you move there. It has so many fun activities and thrilling rides to offer.

    Cost of living in Arizona vs Kansas FAQ’s

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Arizona?

    $35,264 is the average cost price for living in Arizona. However, you don’t need to spend more if you have a family of four with two working adults. You just required the income of $76,468 after taxes. It is enough to fulfill your responsibilities and save for future and present expenses.

    Is Arizona an expensive state to live in?

    Not exactly! If you compare the cost of Kansas vs Arizona, you will find that Kansas is cheaper than Arizona. However, if you see the cost of living of other states in the US, Arizona will look like an affordable state to live in. The transportation, utilities, education, etc., are available at reasonable costs.


    That’s done for now!

    Most people are finding the best state to live and raise a family in the USA, and they often end up with two results – Arizona and Kansas. In such situations, the cost of living can be a perfect choice to choose one of them.

    If we compare the cost of living in Arizona vs. Kansas, the living cost in Kansas will be cheaper due to its fewer prices. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the Kansas center costs $1,116.67. But, for the same apartment, you have to pay $1,684.35 in Arizona.

    So, despite that, you will meet with different factors of cost of living in Arizona vs Kansas, such as groceries, utilities, healthcare, education, and much more.

    In the end, we hope this blog will prove helpful to you. Please comment down if you need further information.

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