Cost of Living in Argentina


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    Argentina is a beautiful Latin American nation sitting at the bottom of the world. It is a huge country with fascinating things to do and exciting places to visit.

    This Southern American country has a cultural richness, long coastline, golden-sand beaches, flowing rivers & streams, hot desserts, overlooking sturdy mountains, and many other scenic experiences that make it a wonderful country to visit and reside in.

    Cost of Living in Argentina

    If you are an expatriate or want to retire in this beautiful & friendly nation, then we would assure you that you have probably made a wise decision.

    But before moving to this place, you should be aware of the cost of living in Argentina. If you are looking for a perfect guide that could give you the best insights about living expenses and other essential details, then you have landed at the right place.

    This comprehensive article has everything you need to know before moving into Argentina. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

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    Is it expensive to live in Argentina?

    If you are attracted by the beauty and lifestyle of Argentina and are planning to move there, then you must know how much money will be required to live a happy, peaceful, and contented life.

    This country is cheaper than the US in terms of cost of living.

    Life in Argentina is comfortable and happier as in Europe but at a lower price. So, it is not at all expensive to live in Argentina; to know the cost of living in Argentina, keep moving further in this article.

    Is Argentina a good country to live in?

    Not only is Argentina an amazing place to visit, but it also is the best place to live. This country has something to cater to the needs of people of every age and interest.

    It has everything, from great food & wine to varied cultures, from beautiful landscapes to friendly people, from beautiful weather to no strict rules, and many more fascinating things.

    Is Argentina a good country to live in

    It is one of the most developed countries in South America with lower & affordable cost of living in Argentina vs. the USA.

    Keep reading below to know more about the cost of living in Argentina under different heads.

    Cost of living in Argentina – Everything you needed.

    • Housing Rent- It’s obvious where ever we go, whichever country we live in, we need a roof above the head to live and to protect ourselves. So, given below is the table that states the cost of living in Argentina in terms of house rent.
    Monthly rent for a 900sqft furnished accommodation (in an expensive area)ARS 47,287
    Monthly rent for a 900sqft furnished accommodation (in a normal area)ARS 31,521
    Monthly rent for 480sqft furnished studio (in an expensive area)ARS 32,052
    Monthly rent for 480sqft furnished studio (in a normal area)ARS 22,533
    • Taxes- If you are working in Argentina, you have to pay tax on your income earned. In Argentina tax is levied on income, consumption, and assets and is generally classified into three levels; federal, provincial, and municipal.
      The residents have to pay taxes on their worldwide income, while the non-residents have to pay taxes on their income earned in Argentina.
      There is a progressive rate system for both residents and non-residents that ranges from 5% to 35%. The tax rates on the amount of income earned are as follows:-
    ARS 0 – ARS 5,000,00025%
    ARS 5,000,000 – ARS 50,000,000ARS 1,2550,000 + 30% of the amount exceeding ARS 5,000,000
    More than ARS 50,000,000ARS 14,750,000 + 35% of the amount exceeding ARS 50,000,000
    • Visas– Argentina offers three types of Visas to expatriates or the people who want to relocate to this beautiful country. These visa types are:-
    1. Short-term Visas– These visas are issued, to those who are traveling the country for a short period, such as; journalists, tourists, etc. It is valid for three months.
    2. Transit Visa– This type of visa is issued to foreign nationals who are traveling to a third country through Argentina. This type of visa is valid for 10-days.
    3. Long-term Visa– It is issued to those people who are planning to stay permanently in Argentina.
    • Healthcare– Argentina has a decentralized healthcare system, and it is managed at three individual levels, i.e., public sector, private sector, and social security.
      The hospitals in Argentina have excellent medical facilities and competent staff and are considered the best in Latin America.
      The public sector healthcare in Argentina is managed by the government and it serves around 50% of the population of Argentina including both residents & foreigners.
      The cost of living in Argentina in terms of the social security sector, here the employers and employees pay a fixed fee charge of insurance and the rest is managed by the trade union.
      Around 5% population of Argentina opt for a private healthcare system, and they serve those who are a part of the National Health Private Insurance Scheme.
    • Shopping & Outing– It’s pretty obvious that we will not be confined to a closed building, and will move out and shop & enjoy in the country of Argentina. The cost of living in Argentina in terms of shopping & outing is given in three parts.

    Shopping for groceries:-

    2 dozen eggsARS 164
    Tomatoes (1kg)ARS 115
    Apples (1kg)ARS 149
    Potatoes (1kg)ARS  61
    Boneless Chicken Breast (1lb.)ARS 202
    Whole fat milk (1lt.)ARS 84
    Local cheese (16oz.)ARS 364
    Domestic Beer (0.5 lt.)ARS 103
    1 bottle of red wineARS 364
    Bread for 2 peopleARS 49
    Coca-Cola (2lt)ARS 176

    Shopping for clothes:-

    1 pair of jeansARS 5,342
    1 summer dress from Zara, H&M, or any other high-end storeARS 3,404
    1 pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, or any other equivalent brand)ARS 11,046
    1 pair of men’s business shoesARS 8,076

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    Cost of outings:-

    Basic dinner in a pub (2 people)ARS 1,679
     Movie ticket (2 movie tickets)ARS 892
    Theatre tickets (2 people)ARS 2,578
    Dinner for two in a high-class Italian restaurantARS 2, 654
    1 Cocktail DrinkARS 469
    1 Cappuccino in the ex-pat areaARS 228
    • Utility Cost- The cost of living in Argentina in terms of utilities are as follows:-
    Basic utilities (electricity, gas, and water) (2 people)ARS 4,524
    Monthly Wi-Fi bill ( 8 kbps)ARS 1,700
    Fee for house cleaning (per day)ARS 302
    Price of microwaveARS 22,533
    Flat-screen HD TV set (40 Inch)ARS 43,306
    SmartphonesARS 23,400-13,00
    •  Transportation- The table given below shows the cost of transportation of Argentina:-
    1 gallon of gasolineARS 365.209
    Ticket of public transport (1 month)ARS 1,702
    Taxi fare (1 mile)ARS 115,27
    Taxi fare (1hour)ARS 439.20
    Volkswagen Golf 1.4 tsi 150 cvARS 2,585,960
    Rented car for 1 dayARS 140
    • Other living expenses- The cost of living in Argentina of other products are as follows:-
    Pre-school fees for 1 month (1child)ARS 15,998
    1 box of antibioticsARS 778
    Medicine for cold for 6 daysARS 445
    A short visit to the doctor (15 mins)ARS 1,576
    Roll-on deodorantARS 216
    Hair shampooARS 280
    4-rolls of toilet paperARS 144
    1 tube of toothpasteARS172
    • Sports- People of Argentina have a keen interest in sports. Thus, they rent sports clubs and stadiums for playing, practicing, and polishing their sportsman skills. The cost table of renting sports clubs are:-
    Fitness Club for 1 adult for 1 monthARS   24.82
    Rent of tennis court (1 Hour)ARS   11.00
    Gym membership (1month)ARS 2,611

    Pros & Cons of living in Argentina

    Before moving into a new country, apart from knowing the cost of living in Argentina, you should also be aware of its pros & cons:-


    • Best beef & great wine.
    • Beautiful and picturesque landscapes.
    • Friendly & inviting people.
    • Fascinating & Distinctive Culture.
    • Low cost of living
    • Pleasant & Comfortable Climate.
    • Alluring & unique Spanish dialect.
    • Lots of freedom.
    • Excellent and affordable healthcare.


    • Many things are insufficient and unorganized.
    • Notoriously volatile economy.
    • Problems of inflation and government instability
    • Difficult to find a job.
    • High tax rates.
    • Unreliable electric, internet, and communication services
    • Unhealthy & unbalanced food and often lacks diversity.

    Cost of Living in Argentina FAQs

    • Is Argentina a good country to retire to?
      Argentina is an attractive country to retire in due to the low cost of living and various places & landscapes to explore and visit. If you have plenty of savings and looking for an affordable and good retirement destination, then you can think of moving here.
    • Is Argentina a safe place to live?
      Argentina is being listed, as one of the safest nations around the globe. Among all the nations of South America, Argentina ranks in the top position in terms of safety, security, and peace.
    • Is Argentina more expensive than the USA?
      According to the research, the cost of living in Argentina is lower by about 50%-60% than in the USA. Housing and all the other important aspects, of the cost of living in Bueno Aries in Argentina, are lower & affordable than the major cities of the US.


    So, dear readers, we have tried to provide you with the best possible piece of knowledge about the cost of living in Argentina that you should be aware of before actually relocating to the country.

    Argentina is a beautiful and affordable country to live in. It is one of the favorite Latin American countries of the expatriates and people of the retirement stage.

    We are sure; if you are also planning to shift to Argentina, then you will not regret your decision. So, what’s stopping you now? Get your visas, pack your backs, plan your itinerary, and move to this fascinating country. 

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