Cost of Building A House in Florida


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    Are you looking for the cheapest way to build a house in Florida or thinking how much does it cost to build a house in Florida per square foot? 

    The average cost to build a house in Florida ranges between $240,000 – $350,000.The cost can vary depending on the location and size of land. However, the average price per square footage in Florida is between $60 – $150. 

    Building a house in Florida is less expensive than other states in the USA. Florida is one of the most popular states to live in. The vibrant cities of Florida, and growing population makes it worth living in Florida. 


    People moving to Florida prefer to live in the most lively cities including Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Here is the complete guide of the cost of building a house in Florida. Let’s get started!

    Is Building a Home More Expensive in Florida?

    Building a Home is always more expensive than buying an existing one. But, in Florida due to the growing population and increase in the competition rates of existing homes, Building a new home is a good option. 

    Meanwhile, Building a home depends upon various factors in Florida. Most important is to build a house which can withstand the extreme weather conditions of Florida. Due The disasters and hurricanes house building need additional structural upgrades and costs. 

    Building a house in the cities like Miami, Key West and Tampa will cost more in buying a land and building as well. 

    So, buying a house is expensive and buying is a bit of a hassle in Florida.However, you can explore Florida for house research in April to November which is also the best time to visit Florida keys.    

    Can I legally build my own house in Florida?

    Yes, you can legally buy your own house in Florida. But, you have to follow strict building codes and regulations of the state. You also need to have an owner-builder permit from the local building department. 


    You must have to fulfill other building permits including the inspection fees, and other applications for building. Moreover, if you fail to act upon the building rules and codes, it will end up in penalties and fines. So, before starting construction, always get the necessary approvals from the state.

    How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Florida?

    Building a house in Florida costs between $240,000 – $350,000 or more. Building costs greatly depend upon the location of the land, materials used and labor demands. 

    However, the costs can be higher or lower depending on your choices. If you want to build a home in the cities like Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach and Surfside the costs of land, building and labor would be high as compared to the lower areas of Florida. 

    You must hire a contractor or professional Builder to know the exact idea of your budget according to your demands. 

    Florida House Material Prices

    Building materials cost half of the overall building costs. According to the home advisors, Building Materials in Florida include the items given in the table below. 

    Common Building Material in FloridaAverage Material cost in Florida 
    Concrete$1K – $10K
    Wood$25K – $65K
    Roofing$1K – $3K
    Brick$75 -$150 per sq. ft. 
    Siding$2 – $15 per sq. ft. 
    Stucco$100 – $200 per sq. ft. 
    Drywall $15 – $25 per sheet

    *The above-mentioned prices can vary according to the location and quality of the materials. 

    What material is the cheapest to build a house in Florida?

    Brick is the cheapest material to construct a house in Florida. However, a wooden or concrete material can cost much higher. 

    How do I estimate the materials for my house in Florida?

    You can estimate the materials according to the per square footage of the house and by checking the current market values. 
    Meanwhile, the best way for estimation of building material is to contact a professional builder or get online quotes from suppliers.  

    How much does it cost to build a concrete house?

    The average cost to build a concrete house can cost anywhere between $100,00 – $200,000. The price widely depends upon the size, complexity and material used for the house. A plain concrete slab can cost less than a designed concrete slab. 

    Moreover, concrete houses are the best to build in Florida as they can withstand extreme weathers and hurricanes of Florida. 

    Florida House Labor Costs

    Besides the construction material, Labor costs also greatly affect your overall budget. Laborers cost according to the per square footage and per hour work. The hourly price can vary depending upon the location of the house and nature of work.

    Labors in  Florida Labor cost in Florida 
    Landscaper$50 – $100
    Plumber$45 – $150
    Electrician$100 – $120
    Roofer$75 – $200
    HVAC technician$75 – $150
    Carpenter$60 – $100
    Architecture$150 – $250
    Concrete worker$60 – $90
    Floor Installer$60 – $120

    Florida House Cost by Square Footage

    The average building cost of a house in Florida lies between $60 – $150. This cost largely depends on the type of the project. A house in the urban area will cost more than a house in a rural area

    Furthermore, the type of construction material and location of the land also changes the overall building cost. 

    What is the minimum square footage in Florida?

    The minimum square footage in Florida is 375. The minimum size varies from one region to the other. A few counties have a minimum from 450 to 1500 square footage in Florida. 

    How  much does it cost to build an 1800 square foot house in Florida?

    An 1800 square foot house in Florida can cost between $108,000 – $ 270,000 according to the $60 – $150 per square footage. The price can be higher or lower depending upon the location and size. 

    How much does it cost to build a 2500 square foot home in Florida?

    A 2500 square foot home in Florida can cost between $150,000 – $375,000 according to the $60 – $150 per square footage. The price can vary depending upon the location and size. 

    How much does it cost to build a 3000 square foot home in Florida?

    A house of 3000 square feet in Florida can cost $180,000 – $450,000 as per $60 – $150 square footage. The cost can change according to the land size and location. 

    Florida House Cost By Style

    Housing style in Florida varies all over the state. Most popular styles in Florida are Mediterranean and Spanish styles.However, tiny home and ranch styles are also common across the state. 


    Modular homes require less labor and customization and cost less than those of the Mediterranean-Spanish Style houses. According to Homeadvisors, The average price of a Modular home is between $180,000 – $360,000 and a Ranch Style home ranges between $150,000 – $600,000.

    The luxurious Mediterranean-Spanish houses are high in cost and range between $350,000 -$1,000,000 or even more.

    What style house is Cheapest to build in Florida?

     A Modular home style or a tiny house are the cheapest to build in Florida. The average  building cost of a modular home is between $60- $100 per square footage in Florida. 

    If you are thinking of how to become a florida resident as a student, or renting a house in Florida then the cheap modular houses are the best option for you. 

    Which type of house is the most expensive in Florida?

    A Mediterranean-Spanish house is a luxury home in Florida and it costs much higher than the other modular and ranch style homes. The average cost of a Mediterranean-Spanish house in Florida is between $350,000 – $1,000,000 or even more depending upon the location and size of the house. 

    Florida House Cost by Type

    Building cost according to the type of the house largely depends upon the size and location of the house. Houses near to the beaches are usually of 2 or 3 stories. However, single story houses are more common in Florida. 


    The big houses have  2 or 3 stories and the small houses have a single story. The building cost of building a single story house costs less than a double or triple story house. But, single story houses cost more per square footage than a 2 or 3 story house. 

    Is a 1 story or 2 story house cheaper in Florida?

    A 1 story house is cheaper than a 2 story house according to the material used and location of the house. But,a single story house costs higher in square per footage than a 2 story house. A 1 story house of 1500 square footage costs more than a 2-story house of 1500 square footage. 

    How much does it cost to build a house of 2 stories in Florida?

    The average cost per square footage in Florida is $60 – $150. So, for building a 2 story house of 1500 square foot home can cost between $90,000 – $225,000 or even more due to housing style, building material and location of the house. 

    What Factors Affect the Cost of building a home in Florida?

    Following are the factors that greatly affect the cost of building in Florida: 

    • The location of the house widely affects the building cost of the house. A house built in the most expensive cities of Florida will definitely cost higher than a house in the lower areas. 
    • The size of the house is another reason for increasing cost. A bigger house with 3000 square footage will cost more than a small house of 375 square footage in Florida. 
    • The building material and Labor cost largely affect the overall cost of constructing a house in Florida. A premium quality material will cost more than an ordinary material. A professional labor will cost more than any other worker. 
    • The building permits and codes also cost much and affect the total budget of house construction. 
    • The house insurance and upgradation due to the safety from hurricanes also cost much more than ordinary homes and largely affect the building cost.

    How much are building permits in Florida?

    Building Permits in Florida can cost anywhere between $10 – $500 or up to thousand dollars. Building Permits in Florida vary from county to county. However, building permits also depend upon the square footage of land, location and type of property you want to build.


    What do you need a building permit for in Florida?

    A  building permit is required to start any construction work. You need a permit from the municipal department of the county to start any commercial or residential construction work. A permit is also needed to repair, demolish or to change the structure of the house. 

    How long does it take to get a building permit in Florida?

    A building permit takes a maximum 15 days or a month for approval from the state in Florida.

    What can I build without a permit in Florida? 

    Without a permit you can only paint your house, or do small  interior installation or remodeling. You can also do some minor plumbing and electrician work without a permit in Florida. 

    Cost to Build a House in Florida FAQs

    Is it cheaper to buy or build a home in Florida?

    Buying a home is always cheaper. But, in Florida buying a home requires much effort to find an existing home due to increase in population and a huge competition of market values of houses that are increasing each day. 

    How do you finance building a house in Florida?

    There are several options to Finance a building house in Florida. The best one is the Construction loan, specifically designed for the construction of a new home. This loan can be helpful in building permits, construction costs and buying a land. 

    After the completion of the project, the lender will convert this loan to mortgage. 

    What is the minimum size for a house in Florida?

    Minimum size for a house in Florida varies from county to county.St. Petersburg has a minimum of 375 per square footage. However, a few of the states have a minimum from 400 up to  1500 square footage in Florida. 


    Building costs of houses vary from county to county. The average building cost in Florida is between $240,000 – $350,000 or even more depending upon the location of land. If you build a house in expensive states like Miami, the cost of living in Miami per month and building a house would be higher. 

    Likewise, building a house in a rural area would cost less. The overall building cost also varies according to the quality of material, permit fees, house insurance, and labor demands.

    The cost per square footage of a house is $60 -$150. We hope the above article guided you in understanding the building costs in Florida.