Cost of bringing in a dog to Australia

Cost of bringing in a dog to Australia

Australia is one of the high-standard living countries in the world. Besides this, it is famous for the natural amazements, best beaches, and a few food things from Lamington to Anzac Biscuits. Also, you can spend the holidays in Australia to see the best spots like the Opera House, Uluru, & the Great Barrier Reef. Plus, Australia has become the point of attraction for tourists and travelers because of these wonders. 

However, if you are moving to Australia for living or roaming with a dog, you have to go through a few criteria. Traveling to Australia with a dog is allowed but with a few restrictions. We will discuss that in this blog and give you the complete information regarding taking a dog to Australia.

Cost of bringing in a dog to Australia

What type of pets can I bring?

You can take cats and dogs with you to Australia because they both are accepted. Moreover, horses with a specified genus of birds can bring up from the approved regions buy-in as pets in Australia. The rest of the beasts’ animals are buy-in into Australia as the pets of individuals.

Also, admission of reptiles are not allowed in Australia as pets but are allowed below strict circumstances for zoological reasons. In addition to this, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc., on of the popular pets in Australia to have. Out of all of them, dogs are preferred by the people in Australia. Now, let’s see the pet’s eligibility.

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Check your pet’s eligibility

  • What dog breeds are illegal in Australia?

Australia is famous for the high-rise rates of pets on the globe. Plus we can see most of them in the local areas such as parks, beaches, and restaurants. But, ensure that moving a dog in Australia from the USA or other approved countries has some restrictions on a few dog breeds.

Therefore, we have a list of dogs that are not allowed in Australia. Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario, Pit Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull, Drogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, are breeds of dogs that are prohibited from Australia. Apart from this, domestic species like wolves are not allowed in Australia.

Furthermore, you can import your pets from the remaining enlarged countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and South Africa. But, most regions from Asia, Africa, South America are disbarred from Australia to bring in their pets.

Even so, it is possible to move your pets to Australia. People can send their dogs or cats to the above-developed countries. And then you can get your pet in Australia from these countries. But, you have to send your dog or cat to these enlarged countries before four weeks on their tour to Australia.

Time duration

  • How long does it take to bring my dog into Australia?

The importing documentation process requires 20 days for processing, and it is available for 12 months from the issuing date. You should apply for the proceedings with correct documents because incorrect documentation can keep you on hold.

However, the time of moving your pets to Australia differs depending on the treatment your dog has taken. Even a scratch takes seven months of preparation. Also, the essential element an Australian wants your dog to have rabies is to equalize antisera titer at least 180 (6 months) before travelling to Australia. And the test should be done within a month or 3-4 weeks after your dog is protected from rabies.

So, in the end, perhaps it takes seven months if your pet is not recent on their shots or never immunized. You will need only six months if you have accomplished the titer test. Furthermore, if you have done this test one or two years before traveling to another country, you need at least two months for the further steps.

And now, when you know that it takes almost seven months, following working time, you should know before moving your pet to Australia.

Working Procedure

  • Plan before seven months – If nothing goes wrong, then after documentation, you can take your pets with you.
  • Inform – Visit your doctor to apprise them that you are taking your pet to Australia.
  • Microchip – Ensure that your doctor should implant the microchip on your pet. But, it should be readable to ISO agreeable readers.
  • Rabies vaccination – After inserting the microchip, get your pet ready for the rabies vaccination. It is a must for pets to travel to Australia.
  • Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre (RNAT) – Soon after the 30 days of the vaccination completion, make sure to take an RNAT test from the vet. The result will take almost 14 days to come out. After this, you must collect an RNAT declaration from the doctor.
  • Apply – After completing all your above procedures, apply for the approval of bring-in and pay the stated amount.
  • Quarantine period – Nowadays, pets have to spend at least ten days in quarantine in Australia. Therefore, you have to book a quarantine accommodation prior you clarifying the going date.
  • Other vaccinations – Dogs need a few certifications of vaccination such as hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospira interrogans, etc.
  • Parasites – Ensure that your pet is treated to fight against the parasite worms like tapeworms. And take your certification of the test from the doctor.
  • Australian authorities – Once your pet is delivered to Australia, the system will take them for the quarantine duration or period. After completing this session, you have to pick your pet from the administration.

How much does it cost to bring my pets into Australia?

It will take between AU $5,000 to AU $10,000 to bring a pet (cat/dog) to Australia. It involves loading charges, quarantine fees, and importing permissions. Also, it depends on how many pets you are importing and the region they are coming from.

  • Invoices for quarantine fees

How much does dog quarantine cost in Australia?

If you are shifting along with your pet to Australia, Post-entry Quarantine (PEQ) fees are taken. And the PEQ fees are charged on the grounds of cost recoveries. However, the minimum cost of $1,707 is charged for ten quarantine days in Australia for your dog. But, the fees will increase if your pet requires additional treatments or other days.

  • Fees and charges

How much does it cost to bring a dog on a plane?

You have to check the shipping airline’s charges to transfer your dog from one place to another. The cost will change as per the airline of the region or the size and weight of your dog. It can cost you AU $480 for only one dog. You have to pay an extra amount of AU $240 for the other dogs. The following table will give you in-depth information about the additional charges.

Name of the ServicesNotesAU Dollars ($)
Initial Booking Fee (Listed as PEQ initial husbandry fee – Dog or Cat on the invoice)The fee is counted towards the first night’s stay (Daily rate AUD $29)$29
Inspection fee (Listed as PEQ Inspection, in office, 30 mins on the invoice)Fee per 30 minutes. This fee is charged per animal$60
Document assessment (Listed as PEQ Doc Assessment, in office, 30 mins on the invoice)Fee per 30 minutes. This fee is charged per animal$60
Quarantine accommodation (Listed as PEQ daily husbandry fee – Dog or Cat on the invoice)9 days stay x daily rate AUD $29$261
Importation charge (Listed as PEQ Importation charge – Dog or Cat on the invoice)Levy$1200
Release appointment (Listed as ‘Recovery of Airline Handling charge’ on the invoice)Terminal Service Fees (charged per airway bill number) This fee is charged by the airline and is paid by the department on your behalf upon collection of your animal from the airport.$120-250
Accommodation of an additional dog or cat in the consignment*Daily rate for subsequent dog or cat$29
Overstay accommodation of cat/dogDaily rate$29
Any additional costs Out of hours collection fee per animal (Listed as OOH Out of office noncount – weekday or weekend – PEQ on the invoice)Weekdays Weekends & public holidays$130-$140
Any additional costs For example Non-compliance fees or grooming appointmentsFee per 30 minutes. This fee is charged per animal$60
Any additional veterinary careAdditional veterinary medical care provided by a private veterinarian upon request

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Pros and cons

Pros –

  • When you are moving to another country for holidays or the rest of your life, you won’t miss them because of the emotional attachments.
  • Your best partner or company is with you when you are sifting.
  • It is proven that there is unconditional love between your pet and you. Therefore, it makes you more comfortable to travel with your dog and provides peace of mind.
  • Traveling with your pets might give you an experience of roaming in pet-friendly cafes.

Cons –

  • Traveling with your dog can increase your cost of moving.
  • Traveling might be a hectic thing for dogs if they are not travel-friendly.


  1. How much does dog quarantine cost in Australia?

Many people love spending their free time with their pets, such as cats and dogs. Therefore, individuals take their pets with them for traveling, morning walks, and more. As a result, if they choose to take their pets to Australia for traveling or roaming purposes, it will cost them up to AU $1,707 for quarantine. Also, the charges may change as per the weight and size of your pet dog.

  1. How much does it cost to take a dog from NZ to Australia?

Moving into Australia from New Zealand is an uncomplicated process. But, if you are moving with your pet, it will cost you some dollars. Individuals can import the dogs by paying AUD 480 for the dog. And the extra amount AUD 240 you have to pay as an additional charge. Also, people will have to pay the amount of AUD 1,707 for the quarantine period.

  1. What do I need to do to bring my dog to Australia?

You have to take an import certification or permission to bring your pet dog to Australia. In addition to this, you have to consent to the application form with all the necessary documents. Further, the documents involve the rabies vaccination, acknowledgment of titer test, and titer test laboratory report.


Australia has beautiful beaches to give you open space with pure sunrise and sunset vibes. In addition to this, you will experience a high standard of living with your family. Additionally, there are many enchanting spots to strike in Australia from Taronga Zoo, Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Kakadu National Park, and rest.

Moreover, you can take your pet with you to Australia. We have the names of the dog breeds that are not allowed in this country. Even so, the remaining pets are permitted to take in Australia. Also, we have the quarantine charges, additional spendings, and all relevant information about moving a dog to Australia. We hope that your searchings will stop on this blog.

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