Colorado Sales Tax

Colorado Sales Tax

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    Colorado is a great place for sports fans and people who love the outdoors. Its rocky Mountains, breathtaking sealines, picturesque scenery, great towns, western history, the average cost of living in Colorado, and more are the talk of the town in the US. But one thing we don’t hear anyone talking about a lot? The sales tax for the state.

    Colorado Sales Tax
    Colorado Sales Tax

    If you sell something in the Centennial state, you might have to collect sales tax and send it to the government. How much should you charge, and how much will you have to pay? In this guide, we’ll look at the most important parts of Colorado’s sales tax. This guide is for the relocation to Colorado.

    How much is Denver sales tax?

    The sales tax imposed in Denver, Colorado for 2022 by the Denver Revised Municipal Code (DMRC) is 4.81%. 

    Is Colorado a high-tax state?

    Colorado is the 20th-ranked high-tax state in the US according to the State Business Tax Climate index 2022. 

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    Is Colorado A sales Tax-Free State?

    Local governments in Colorado are permitted to collect a local choice sales tax of up to 8% on top of the state’s standard sales tax rate of 2.9%. Across the entirety of the state, there are a total of 277 different local tax jurisdictions that collectively collect an average local tax of 4.087%.

    How To Apply For A Sales Tax License in Colorado?

    The Colorado sales tax license is for state and state-administered sales and uses taxes. ” This is actually an application for a Colorado sales tax account or a sales tax license, however, taxpayers may refer to it as business registration at times.

    How to Apply for a Sales Tax License in Colorado
    How to Apply for a Sales Tax License in Colorado
    • If your company is situated in Colorado and you only have one location, you can apply online for a business license here or by mail for a Colorado sales tax license using the Sales Tax /Wage Withholding Account Application (CR 0100).
    • Fill out the Sales Tax /Wage Withholding Account Application (CR 0100) if you have several locations in Colorado before applying for a Colorado sales tax license.
    • As of December 1, 2018, all sellers with nexus in Colorado (physical, economic, or otherwise) must have a sales tax account and collect sales tax on ALL taxable sales, even if their company is based outside of Colorado.

    Renew Your Sales Tax License

    The vast majority of sales tax license types in Colorado are valid for a period of two years and become invalid at the conclusion of every odd-numbered year. Colorado sales tax online method is available for business license renewal. You can renew with an e-funds transfer (EFT).

    Renew Your Sales Tax License
    Renew Your Sales Tax License

    The renewal form and payment are combined in the EFT payment. The necessity of submitting a license renewal application is satisfied by paying your license renewal by EFT. To renew, visit the EFT website. You don’t need to submit us a paper form when renewing via EFT because doing so will result in a duplicate filing.


    Complete the Renewal Application for Sales Tax License (DR 0594) and deliver it in person or by mail to any Taxpayer Service Center. Make sure your renewal is accompanied by a check or money order. Each physical site will be charged $16 for the license renewal. If you have many sales locations, each one needs to be licensed.

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    How long is a sales tax license suitable for in Colorado?

    Colorado sales tax license remain for a period of 2 years and get invalid at the end of every odd number.

    How do I look up a Colorado sales tax license?

    To get a Colorado sales tax license you have to use the sales account application which is also known as the Wage Withholding Account Application (CR 0100) or MyBizColorado.

    Do Colorado sales tax exemption certificates expire?

    Colorado sales tax exemption certificates but the registration permit have an expiry date.

    How much is a Colorado sales tax license?

    To apply for a Colorado sales tax license you have to pay:

    • July – December 2022 – $12
    • January – June 2023 – $8
    • July – December 2023 – $4

    Sales Tax Payment Options

    If You Have A Bill For Sales Tax, You Should Use The Payment Voucher That Is Included With The “Statement Of Account.” Both The Payment And The Voucher Should Be Mailed To The Address That Is Listed On The “Statement Of Account.

    Sales Tax Payment Options
    Sales Tax Payment Options

    The Acceptable Method Of Paying Tax Bills Is By Including A Check Or Money Order Along With The Voucher. Generally, There Are Three Options In Colorado Sales Tax Payment From Which You Can Pay Sales And Use Tax:

    • Electronic Funds Transfer (Eft)
    • Credit/Debit Card Or E-Check
    • Check Or Money Order

    Does Colorado have a payment plan for taxes?

    An individual can request a Colorado sales tax payment plan from the  Department Of Revenue, Colorado. They will allow you to pay debts in monthly installments until it’s fully paid. 

    How do you pay sales tax in Colorado?

    You can pay Colorado sales tax bills by using the payment voucher that is accompanied by a “Statement of Account”. The payment is made by money order or cheque along with the voucher. The voucher and payment are then mailed to the address mentioned on the “Statement of Account”. 

    Can you pay Colorado taxes with a credit card?

    You can pay Colorado sales tax online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and debit cards. 

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    Colorado Sales Tax FAQ’s

    What was the sales tax in Colorado last year?

    The Colorado sales tax rate for the year 2021 was 2.90%. 

    What city has the highest sales tax in Colorado?

    Winter park City has the highest sales tax rate in Colorado about 11.2% for 2022. The best time to visit Colorado water rafting in the city of Winter Park is from May through August.

    Is food taxed in Colorado?

    Colorado sales tax is imposed on all prepared foods and drinks served by top restaurants and dining establishments in Colorado. 


    Finally, Colorado state taxes are something you’ll have to deal with if you own real estate there. The state has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country, at under 0.49% on average. The fact that all property tax revenue in Colorado is retained by the individual counties is a major factor in the state’s comparatively low property tax rates.

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