7 Biggest Cities in Wyoming

Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA

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    Wyoming is a diverse landscape. It has a lot of picturesque & scenic views, rugged mountains, flowing rivers, elevated prairies, highlands, lots of outdoor adventure & recreation, various parks, colorful springs, exotic wildlife, natural geysers & hot-springs, wide-open spaces, and natural stunning views to look around and enjoy. And due to these reasons, this state is considered the paradise of the US.

    This state also has the lowest cost of living, booming economy due to the tourism & mineral industry, good academic & healthcare facilities, reasonable housing costs & rent prices, and low rates of income tax. According to US News, this state is ranked as the 35th best state in the US. And this source has also given rankings to this state under different heads which are stated as follows:-

    Natural Environment13th
    Crime & Correction21st

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    7 Biggest Cities in Wyoming by Population

    The state of Wyoming has around 99 cities and towns. But if you are planning to move to this diverse state, then you must be looking for the best options. Right? Worry not, you have landed in the right place, as here in this article we have done this job for you. In this article, we have mentioned the 7 best cities of Wyoming, which you can consider for living & settling down in the state. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

    1. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne, the capital city of the state, is the largest city of Wyoming both by population and area. It is also known as the ‘Magic City of Plains’ and has a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures. This bustling city is the home to over 65,000 people and offers them a wonderful & adventurous life full of entertainment, art scenes, historical theatres, rodeo areas, historical theatres, parks, clubs, botanic gardens, and much more.

    Cheyenne is a family-oriented city in Wyoming, as it has various interactive children’s parks, theatres, biking & hiking trails, plentiful fishing grounds, and various outdoor activities.

    Cities in Wyoming

    The median rent of houses in Cheyenne is $915 and the median price of houses in the city is $214,300. Due to the low median price of houses around 66% own their houses in Cheyenne. It is the 5th popular city in Wyoming among the young professionals that provides them the best job opportunities, and the median household income in the city is $64,598.

    The government sector industries usually drive the major economy of the city. The city also has a good education system but has a high crime rate. The climate here is a continental type but may go to extreme levels sometimes with fast-moving winds and long-lasting snowfalls. Altogether, it is a good place to live for both young individuals, families, and elderly people.

    Cheyenne Statistics

    Before moving to this popular city of Wyoming, you should be aware of some basic data or statistics about the city.

    Area83.84 km2
    Population with Density768.82 km2
    Per Capita Income$55,094
    Zip Code82001-82003 & 82006-82010

     Is Cheyenne a good city to live in? Yes, of course, Cheyenne is one of the largest cities in Wyoming by population as according to the ranking, this city is the #1 state capital among the US in terms of affordability. The prices & rent of houses are also lower in the city and the unemployment rate is also less than 30.8%. It has beautiful landscapes, recreational activities, schools & healthcare systems, and clean air which makes it altogether a good city to live in.

    2. Casper

    Casper is the second-largest city in Wyoming. It is also known as the ‘Oil City’ and is located at the foot of the Casper Hills. Apart from oil, this city also has energy industries or uranium and coal. This popular city of Wyoming has an excellent banking center & regional commerce center. Casper has a great education system with a plethora of top-notch schools and universities.


    You can either rent or purchase a house in this large city as both the options are on an affordable scale. The median price of rent is $851 whereas the median cost of the house is $207,400. Around 64% of people of Casper own their houses in the city, and the rest of them prefer to live in rented apartments.

    Casper is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, fishing & hiking grounds, canoeing excursions, angling opportunities, golfing, kayaking, rock climbing, and several winter activities such as; Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and fat biking. It is a family-friendly city with lots of cafes, delicious restaurants & local eateries serving local cuisines, pubs, bars, museums, and areas to take along historical trails. Thus, making it a perfect place to live and settle down.

    Casper Statistics

    Before coming to this major city in Wyoming you should be aware of some intricate data, that might be helpful for you.

    Population with Density842.55km2
    Per Capita Income$68,447
    Zip Code82601, 82602, 82604, 82605, and 82609

     Why do people move to Casper Wyoming? Casper is a popular city in Wyoming and most people prefer to move and settle down in this city because of various reasons. Some reasons are as follows:-

    • This city has a mix of small-town & big-cities vibe.
    • It is an affordable city where you can save a lot of money due to less prices of goods & services and low-income tax rates.
    • This city has accessible healthcare.
    • It offers various activities to residents of all age groups.

    3. Gillette

    Gillette, the 4rth largest city of Wyoming, is also known as the ‘Energy Capital’ of the US, as it has huge reserves of coal, mineral, fuel production, and methane gas. Thus, due to large fuel production, the economy of Gillette is always on the rise.

    The residents living here are offered various amenities such as; Gillette College, Keyhole State Park, Gillette-Campbell County Airport, Energy Capital Sports Complex to spectate & enjoy baseball and softball games. rodeo arenas, indoor ice rink of NHL-sized, indoor running tracks, tennis courts, rock climbing walls, swimming tournaments, various year-round events, and last but not the least Cam-Plex activities & recreation center.


    Gillette is a popular city in Wyoming as it has a rich social life and offers residents too many expeditions, sites, and activities in this growing & diverse city.

    They also have excellent schooling and higher-education institutions. Around 33,000 residents reside in this city and enjoy a dense suburban feel. Around 70% of people in the city own houses as the median value of a house is $216,400 and only 30% of them live in rented apartments who have to pay a median rent of $898. It is the 12th best city in Wyoming to settle down for young professionals, and the median household income of Gillette is $79,789.

    Gillette Statistics

    If you have planned to move to this major city of Wyoming, you should be aware of some basic statistics belonging to this city.

    Population with Density534.63km2
    Per Capita Income$32,783
    Zip Code82716-82718

     Is Gillette WY safe? According to the data & research of Neighbourhoodscout.com, the crime index of Gillette, Wy is 25. The violent crime rate per 1,000 persons in Gilette is 1.86%. Whereas, the property crime rate per 1,000 persons in Gilette is 18.47%. Gillette also ranks in the list of the top 10 safest cities of Wyoming. Thus, this city is great place to live in.

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    4. Laramie

    Laramie is a popular city in Wyoming with over 31,000 residents. It is located between two mountain ranges, i.e., the Snowy Range and Laramie Range, thus, offering scenic beauty to the spectators and outdoor recreational activities to the residents and tourists.


    Laramie is a major city in Wyoming as it is home to some of the top-ranked and well-known universities of Wyoming such as; the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Technical Institute, Laramie County Community College, and more. It offers residents various activities options and recreational activities such as games of basketball & football, art studios, galleries, lots of historical sites & architecture, an abundance of parks, and various other indoor & outdoor activities provided by the Medicine Bow National Forest and Snowy Range Ski Area. 

    This town is situated in Albany County and is indeed the best city in Wyoming to live in. It gives a dense suburban feel to the residents and around 55% of them live in rented apartments and 45% of them purchase their own homes to live in. The median price of a house in Laramie is; $797 and the median rent cost of the house in this city is $216,300. Out of all the cities, Laramie is considered the second biggest city in Wyoming for young professionals and families to live and settle down.

    Laramie Statistics

    Given below is a table containing some basic data & facts about Laramie that you should be aware of before settling down there.

    Area47.61 km2
    Population with Density701.16km2
    Per Capita Income$26,255
    Zip Code82070-82073

     What is Laramie Wyoming best known for? Laramie is best known for the University of Wyoming. It is a nationally ranked and the only university in Wyoming. The University of Wyoming has a vibrant atmosphere with both modern and historic cultures and quaint accommodations.

    5. Rock Springs

    Rock Springs, located in Sweetwater County, is nicknamed the ‘Home of 56 Nationalities’. This nickname is given to Rock Springs because thousands of immigrant workers belonging to different nationalities come to Rock Springs to work in the nearby coal mining and railroad industries. Thus, this city of Wyoming is a melting pot of cultures and diversities.

    Rock Springs

    The rich diversity and cultures of the city are celebrated every year through an International Day. The highlight of this is an annual festival is a tradition and food shown by different residents of the city. This popular city of Wyoming also hosts an annual carnival which is a big show in Wyoming. Rock Springs is also a great place for cultures, arts, entertainment, and delicious food belonging to Asian, Italian, & various other cuisines.

    This city also hosts various concerts in parks, music festivals, regular events, country fairs, blues music festivals, historical museums, and plenty of other fun places and activities to enjoy at. Rock Springs is home to Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport, Bunning Park, and Sweetwater County School District which is the #1 in Wyoming.

    About 74% of residents in Rock Springs own their houses in the city and they get to experience a sparse suburban feel with a median house value of $211,800. But if you want you can also live in a rented apartment whose median cost is $878. This is a family-friendly city with ample job opportunities and above-average schools.

    Rock Springs Statistics

    Before moving to Wyoming, you should be aware of some basic data and statistics about this city of Wyoming mentioned below.

    Population with Density442.78km2
    Per Capita Income$33,468
    Zip Code82901-82902

     Is Rock Springs, Wyoming, a nice place to live? Rock Springs is a nice place to live in especially for families and young professionals. This town has very good things to do during the summer season, such as; camping, hiking & biking trails, etc. The city has a diverse population of people and with the friendly environment and nice & beautiful surroundings.

    6. Sheridan

    Sheridan is located in the forested northern part of Wyoming near the Bighorn Mountains. Local people lovingly call this city the jewel of Wyoming. It is listed as one of the major cities of Wyoming due to its vibrant economy which is because of the education sector, banking sector, farming & mining sector, healthcare sector, and retail sector.


    The people and the community of Sheridan have a very welcoming nature, with a beautiful & scenic view of the Bighorn Mountains. This city in Wyoming has some of the best public schools, recreational parks, access to fresh farm produce from local farmers & artistic goods, beer, wine, food festivals, permits to attend cultural ceremonies & events, theatres, art galleries, museums, and historical sites.

    They also offer various outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, horse-riding, snow-mobile riding, and various other outdoor activities. The city gives a sparse suburban feel to its residents, and 60% of the people in Sheridan own houses whose median value is $228,200, and the rest 40% of the population live in rented apartments, whose median rent is $821. This is the third best place in Wyoming for professionals to settle down and earn money.

    Sheridan Statistics

    If you have planned to move to the beautiful city of Sheridan you should be aware of the below-mentioned facts as it will help you in knowing the city in a better way.

    Population with Density546.11km2
    Per Capita Income$ 32,358
    Zip Code82801

     What is special about Sheridan Wyoming? Sheridan is a popular city in Wyoming, and the few things that make this city unique are as follows:-

    • The Mint Bar
    • Bighorn National Forest
    • Don King Museum
    • First Peoples Pow Wow
    • The Brinton Museum
    • Historic Sheridan Inn
    • Historic WYO Theatre
    • Lots of local and Annual Festivals

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    7. Green River

    Green River is a beautiful city in Wyoming with rugged outdoors, picturesque scenery, and a plethora of recreational activities. If you are a nature-lover & thrill-seeker and waiting for some adventure, then Green River is waiting to serve you the best of the same. This stunning city offers residents and visitors access to watch exotic wildlife, world-class fishing opportunities, kayaking, river rafting, and various outdoor recreational activities.

    Green River

    This town is also nearby to the Flaming Gorge National Recreational Park and has a very downtown vibe with small shops, eateries, and tons of unexplored adventures. The community here has a sparse suburban feel and the people here mostly love to reside in their own houses, rather than living in a rented apartment. The median price of houses in this popular city of Wyoming is $213,800, and the median rent of houses is $895.

    So you can decide what suits you best according to your income and the size of the family. It is ranked as the 6th best place in Wyoming to buy a house and the 11th best place to raise a family. The schools here are average with good job opportunities.

    Green River Statistics

    Before settling down in Green river, you should be aware of the below-mentioned facts & figures, which will help you gain a better insight into the city.

    Population with Density328.8km2
    Per Capita Income$ 34,247
    Zip Code82935

    What is Green River Wyoming known for? Apart from plentiful wildlife, adventurous & recreational activities, this major city of Wyoming is also famous for its watermelons. Also every year in September, melon days a kind of social festival is celebrated in this city.


    Dear readers, in the above-detailed article we have mentioned the best & the most popular cities of Wyoming where you can go and settle down happily on moving to the state. In the article above we have given a precise description to you of every city and have also mentioned intricate details such as; their area, population, population with density, per capita income, and zip code which will help you in deciding which city you want to go in.

    All the cities of Wyoming mentioned above offer great houses to reside in, excellent job opportunities, superb adventures & recreation activities, picturesque nature, affordable cost of living, and many other perks & advantages. So, now the final decision of moving into which particular city of Wyoming lies on you. Thus, we wish you luck and hope you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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