Does china allow dual citizenship?

Does china allow dual citizenship?

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    China is one of the most famous cities on the Earth. The Chinese language is the first language of China, but they also use the English language. As a result, it is one of the best tourist hotspots. Apart from that, China has so many points of attraction for international tourists and travelers around the world. Therefore, individuals gather every year to see The Great Wall of China, and it is the best thing, but what about citizenship?

    Can a foreigner become a Chinese citizen?

    Republic of China (ROC) Law has certain rights for foreigners to acquire citizenship in China. But, their relatives must belong to China and are Chinese citizens or possesses any other lawful reasons. However, only a few uncommon people have Chinese citizenship since the People’s Republic of China existed.

    Does china allow dual citizenship?

    Is it hard to get Chinese citizenship?

    Moving to the truth, if you need Chinese citizenship, there must be a living relative in China. If you do not have a relative in China whose citizenship is Chinese, there is no scope to get Chinese citizenship. But, besides that, Does China allow dual citizenship?

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    Dual Citizenship

    Can you be a citizen of multiple countries?

    Dual citizenship is the lawful status of a person that allows live in more than one country at a time. A citizen of the mainland country can possess other regional citizenship. But, dual citizenship should be allowed in those states. We will discuss this below, but take a look at the advantages first.

    Besides that, you will meet the several benefits of having dual citizenship. Out of them, doing trade from another country is the most common advantage of dual citizenship. In addition to this, you can get tax benefits on certain things like earnings and enterprises. One of the best benefits of having dual citizenship is living the best life in both countries.

    What countries allow dual citizenship?

    A few countries are not authorizing their citizens to acquire dual citizenship. Even so, there are many regions like Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, etc., that permit citizens to take dual citizenship. It is because it has a few advantages like if any social, political, economic stability occurs, you have an option of moving to another country.

    Also, other states like the UK, Bangladesh, Australia, Belgium, Greece, Mexico, Hungry, Nigeria, Norway, South Korea, Pakistan, Italy, Denmark, and other countries provide dual citizenship. But, India, Japan, Singapore, China, and others are not issuing dual citizenship to their people.

    Chinese Citizenship

    How to get Chinese citizenship?

    Taking Chinese citizenship becomes a difficult task to do. You have to go through the few determined criteria, and these are –

    • An individual who is applying for the Chinese must have a prompt relative Chinese citizen.
    • The person should have settled in China.
    • Other admissible reasons.

    Why doesn’t China allow dual citizenship?

    Chinese National Law states that it does not permit dual nationality to a citizen in Article 3. Likewise, Article 9 of the same law says, if a Chinese citizen takes external citizenship, he will drop Chinese citizenship.

    • Chinese Citizenship requirements –
    • Birth certificates, Relation certificates with a Chinese person, Passports, along with other travel, and additional documents, are required for applying for the Chinese Citizenship form.
    • Apart from that, a person born in China and their parents possess the nationality of Chinese as per Article 4 of the Chinese National Law are eligible.

                Who qualifies the Chinese Citizenship?

    Despite article 4, a Chinese citizen is a person born outside of China to one of the Chinese national parents as per Article 5. But, they should not settle outside of China & should not hold international nationality status. 

    Furthermore, a born individual to a man without country parents,  living in China, can take Chinese citizenship according to Article 6.

    Facts & Figures

    • The stateless or international individuals who desire to become Chinese citizens can be adopted on the agreement of their application, as per Chinese nationality Law.
    • The minority citizens and national citizens of China are included in the Chinese citizenships according to Article 2.
    • As per Article 3 of the Nationality Law of China, it does not grant permission for dual citizenship.
    • An individual will have to reject the original nationality if he is applying for dual citizenship in China.
    • China has recognition as the People’s Republic of China and has a land area of around 9,600,000.
    • Adoption of the application depends on the local Public Security Bureaus. It is an establishment appointed by national law.
    • The Ministry of Public Security accepts and rejects the adoptions applications. But, only after they are submitted to the local Public Security Bureaus.
    • The charges of Chinese fees are CNY250. But, it also takes CNY50 and CNY200 for the application and certificate.

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    Pros and cons

    Pros –

    • Free traveling – Chinese citizenship allows their people to travel visa-free to around 40 countries.
    • Social Benefits – Chinese citizenship holders can enjoy social benefits like medical, pensions, housing, unemployment insurance, etc.
    • Jobs – Holders of Chinese citizenships can apply for most government jobs as they are open only for Chinese individuals.
    • Less expensive – Citizenship of China is related to the expenses. It does not bring out all your amount for going out, paying rent, and roaming to the city. Therefore, it is an inexpensive country.
    • Safe – Having citizenship in China keeps you safe from racial tension. In addition to this, the locals don’t refuse to accept foreigners as their neighbors. Therefore, the neighboring issues you will not see in China.
    • Poverty – Citizenship will give you the right to live above the poverty line. However, only 3.3% of people living are under the poverty line.

    Cons –

    • Citizenship – Dual citizenship is not permitted to Chinese citizenship holders.
    • Nationality – An individual who is applying for Chinese citizenship will have to lose their motherland nationality.
    • Passport – People who are not citizens of China have to carry their passports with them all the time.
    • Taxation – Chinese citizens pay high taxes to their government. Therefore, while taking citizenship of China, make sure that you can spend that much amount of Taxes.


    Will China ever allow dual citizenship?

    Presently, China follows the National Law of the People’s Republic of China, and this law has a few articles, namely 3 and 9, which do not allow dual nationality in China. Chinese people living abroad and having a foreign nationality will have to lose their tribe of Chinese forever. It is because China does not allow dual citizenship.

    Why China does not allow dual citizenship?

    The primary reason for China not allowing dual citizenship is it is grounded on the principle of Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood). In addition to this, China does not accept the dueling community. Citizens follow their culture peacefully, and as a result, China does not allow dual citizenship.

    What American has dual Citizenship in China?

    Dual citizenship is the path that allows a person to have the nationality of one country and another at the same time. But, it is not allowed in China. Similarly, an American can’t take dual citizenship in China as the law of China does not allow this.


    China is a vast country of people from the same culture. However, it is famous for the Chinese language, cuisines, food, best cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and much more. As a result, it has become the attraction of many international tourists and travelers. The region is spread between the area of 9.597 million Km2.

    Apart from this, the Great Wall of China and the forbidden city’s architecture are attraction points for people around the globe. Further, Chinese temples have their importance, and on top of that, you will be surprised to know that toilet paper originated in China.

    But, keeping all the things aside, China does not allow dual citizenship. People have to leave their previous citizenship to get Chinese citizenship. In this blog, you will get all the information related to Citizenship and Dual Citizenship in China. Also, you can see a few facts & figures about China that will surprise you for sure.

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