Chicago Vs Philadelphia


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    Chicago and Philadelphia both are amazing cities in the United States to reside in. If you are unable to decide which city is best for you,

    Philadelphia vs Chicago, we will help you in making the best decision for your next destination. 

    Chicago is one of the best places to live in Illinois. But, moving from Chicago to Philadelphia is not bad at all.

    Philadelphia is an excellent place with a rich history, architecture and entertainment. 

    When comparing Chicago vs Philly, it’s hard to decide the best one.

    But, we will discuss the cost of living, Crime rate, weather, and pros and cons of living in Chicago and Philadelphia in the given article. 

    Chicago is bigger than Philadelphia by area. As it covers 228 square miles more than the 135 square miles of Philadelphia.


    However, both cities have their own pros and cons. Let’s compare Chicago and Philadelphia in detail. 

    1. Chicago vs Philadelphia living

    Living in Chicago or Philadelphia is great. Both cities are excellent for relocating with more similarities than differences. 

    Population is one of the great factors to consider while moving to any state. The population of Chicago is double that of Philadelphia.

    According to the recent data for 2023, the population of Chicago is 8,937,000 and Philadelphia is 5,785,000. 

    However, living in Philadelphia is also the best decision so far. The amazing lifestyle, high-ranked educational system, great American history, culture, business and sports. 

    makes Philadelphia worth a place living in Pennsylvania.

    Moreover, talking about Chicago, Moving to Chicago is also worth it.

    The job opportunities, breathtaking views,  delicious food items, music, and vibrant lifestyle and neighbourhoods make Chicago worth moving to. 

    2. Cost of living in Philadelphia vs Chicago

    Living in Chicago is less expensive than in Philadelphia. The cost of living in Chicago is 2.3% higher than in Philadelphia.


    However, the average cost of living in Illinois is also lower than the national average. 

    However, the cost of living in Philadelphia is lower than in Chicago. According to the Zip recruiters, the average salary in Philadelphia in 2023 is $70,312 per year. 

    The average income in Chicago is $73,800 per year. However, the salary varies according to the work, experience and working hours. 

    Living CostsCost of living in ChicagoCost of living in Philadelphia
    Overall 105.0107.4
    Food & Groceries 102.597.2
    Median Home cost$205,900$284,100

    3. Chicago vs Philadelphia Crime

    Crime rates in Chicago and Philadelphia are relatively higher than the national average.


    Besides the high crime rates in both cities, we cannot ignore the safest places to live in Chicago and Philadelphia. 

    The crime rate in Philadelphia and Chicago is similar to the many neighbouring states.

    But, by taking the necessary precautions you can limit the chances of becoming a victim of violent or property crime.

    So, Philadelphia and Chicago are still safer and worth living in. Crimes do happen all over the world.

    All you can do is be cautious and inform the police whenever you notice anything suspicious. Also, know the other safest cities in Pa

    DescriptionCrime rate in Chicago National Crime Rate in the US. The crime rate in Chicago 
    Violent Crime49.950.822.7
    Property Crime46.346.635.4

    4. Chicago vs Philadelphia Transportation

    Transportation rates in Chicago and Philadelphia are higher than the national average. Chicago is best known for its amazing services of public transportation. 


    However, the public transportation in Philadelphia is also excellent and is best to get around the city in public transport.

    If you can afford a car, you can also move around the city in a car easily. But, it is not necessary to own a car in Philadelphia. 

    5. Chicago vs Philadelphia Weather

    The weather conditions in Chicago and Philadelphia are quite similar. The summers in both cities have almost equal temperatures.

    But, Philadelphia is hotter with a 77-degree Fahrenheit temperature than Chicago having 73 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    However, winters in Chicago are harsh, having a temperature of  22 degrees Fahrenheit while Philadelphia winters have 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. 

    Moreover, Chicago receives more snowfall than Philadelphia annually. 

    Pros and Cons of Chicago

    Chicago is a vibrant city with all life amenities and affordable cost of living. But, still, we will discuss the pros and cons of Chicago to help you in deciding the best places for you. 

    Pros of  Chicago Cons of Chicago 
    Iconic foods and restaurantsExpensive restaurants 
    Amazing architectureHigh cost of living 
    Iconic neighbourhoods Increased crimes
    Enjoyable summers Worst Winters
    A good public transportation SystemTraffic Jams
    Various attraction spotsParking difficulties
    Rich culture and annual festivalsHigh city taxes

    Pros and Cons of Philadelphia

    Like Chicago, Philadelphia also has advantages and disadvantages. But, Philadelphia is worth moving due to its various advantages.

    A few of the things are mentioned below, that you must need to know before moving to Philadelphia.

    Pros of PhiladelphiaCons of Philadelphia
    Outstanding amenities & lifestyle Worst traffic 
    Low cost of living City wages tax
    Favourable summer conditionsHarsh winters 
    Amazing Tourist spotsLess job opportunities 
    Rich history Difficulty in Liquor license
    Quality Education Parking difficulties 
    Excellent Transportation High crimes

    Chicago vs Philadelphia FAQs

    Is Chicago a good place to live for young adults?

    Yes, Chicago is an amazing place for young adults. Chicago provides various job opportunities, fun activities, trendy nightlife and friendly neighbourhoods which are the best for young adults and professionals. 

    When is the best time to visit Philadelphia and Chicago?

    The best time to Visit Philadelphia and Chicago is the summer offering a wide number of outdoor activities and adventures. However, September and early October, November are the best months with favourable weather to visit these cities. 

    What are the similarities Philadelphia has with Chicago?

    Summers, transportation, crime rates, and traffic problems are similar in Chicago and Philadelphia. 

    Is Chicago or Philadelphia safer?

    Yes, Chicago and Philadelphia are safer to live in. As we know, crimes happen all over the world. But all we have to do is to take the necessary cautions while moving around the city. 


    Chicago and Philadelphia, both cities share similarities in good and bad. Chicago is a bigger city than Philadelphia with a high cost of living.

    However, Philadelphia has a low cost of living. 

    The transportation system is excellent in both Chicago and Philadelphia. But, the crime rate is also higher in both cities.

    We hope you got an idea of both the amazing cities of the United States. But, if you are still confused, you must visit both places and decide what’s best for you!