Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to Another State


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    Are you ready to make a move? If so, then are you searching for an affordable way to transport your heavy items and belongings across the country?

    Chillax! There are many options to ship your items and belongings to any part of the country. Let us find out the different ways of transporting packages and goods at the cheapest rate within or outside the country by these 5 shipping ways mentioned in this article.

    Moving from one country to another is full of hassle, expensive, and exhausting. You might have given off a lot of stuff but still, you have the remaining 20 or more boxes that need to be moved to a new location. The reason for your relocation can be any life-changing event such as studying, a new job, or living with your family or friends; you want to make this happen in a certain way so that everything remains under control and be hassle-free. Eventually, the best choice will be based on certain factors: how many boxes you are shipping? Are they fragile? Will they need any specific handling? How large are the boxes? and How heavy are they? How to ship boxes to another state? How do you estimate moving costs?

    Before finding out the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state or country, let us have a look at the bigger picture and figure out all the options that are accessible for doing so.

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    Ship Boxes Via Train

    What if I told you that Amtrak allows you to ship products utilizing their rail service? Would you believe it? They are, however, strict about what you may send them – the package can’t be greater than 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet, and you can’t send any fragile products since they are too enormous. Additionally, you are only permitted to send approximately 500 pounds of boxes every day.

    Shipping boxes to another state - Train

    Amtrak Express Shipping is another shipment option that takes advantage of previously established transportation modes to reduce shipping costs. Amtrak operates in a similar manner to Greyhound Package Express, which essentially sells the space in its cargo bays that is not used on their routes. This alternative is actually less expensive.

    Railway service providers such as Amtrak, BNSF Railway, Kansas City Southern Railway, and others would allow you to ship your package using their network of tracks. But the boxes must be of medium to small size, and there is also a weight bar to keep things balanced.


    • Affordable shipping
    • Fast shipping services.
    • Provide insurance coverage
    • Provide bike and bicycle shipping options
    • Affordable storage rates i.e. $3 per box per day.


    • Box size is restricted up to 3’×3’×3′.
    • Box weight is restricted up to 50lbs.
    • The shipping limit is restricted to up to 500 per lb per day only.
    • Pick up and drop off of goods are done at the Amtrak location on your own.
    • Might take multiple trips
    • Cannot ship electronics, antique and fragile items.

    Estimated Transit Time

    Rail transportation is distinguished by having a lower transit time than sea transportation, but a longer transit time than air transportation. Carriage of goods by rail often takes a few to several days depending on the distance traveled. According to the length of the route taken, this time can vary significantly. The Amtrak express is expected to arrive within a shipment period of 2-8 business days depending on distance and train schedules which are sometimes not guaranteed.

    Table: estimated transit time by Amtrak express shipping

    Type of shipmentsEstimated transit time
    Small package express service48 hours
    Heavy freight shipments2-4 days
    City-to-city freight shipments4-7 days

    Estimated Cost According to Weight & Distance

    Amtrak Express Shipping is actually one of the most cost-effective methods of shipping packages throughout the United States. For the first 100 pounds, it costs between $40 and $80. Following that, it costs $0.40 to $0.80 per pound per subsequent year. It is the cheapest way to ship large boxes.

    Following is some information that may be useful to keep in mind if services become accessible in the future: You can ship small parcels and items that are less than a truckload in weight between more than 100 cities using this service.

    Table: Cost for shipping via train

    First 100lb$49-$67
    Per pound$0.46-0.57
    Additional storage fee (if item not claimed within 48 hrs)$3/box/day
    Optional insuranceFor every $1,  $100 of coverage

    How much is it to ship a box on Amtrak?

    The average shipping rates of Amtrak freight range between $49 and $67 for the initial 100 pounds. Then, additional weight can cost $0.46 – $0.57 per pound. These costs depend on the size, weight of boxes, and distance of the shipment.

    How do you send boxes on Amtrak?

    Amtrak provides shipments for appropriately packaged boxes. Plastic containers, large shipping packing boxes, and trash bags are not allowed. So, you have to make sure that your shipments must meet the essential requirements required in Amtrak freight shipping. Here’s a to-do checklist to follow before sending your boxes on Amtrak

    • Arrange boxes of a maximum size of 3’×3’×3′.
    • Wrap each box after filling them with contents.
    • Fix a note and label mentioning the item present in the box, your name, address, and phone number in each box.
    • Cross-check the breakdown of the amount of weight you can ship.
    • Decide whether you want insurance coverage.
    • Contact the Amtrak station to know the nearest place from your house so that you can carry your boxes there.
    • Carry your belongings on your vehicle or truck to shift your boxes to the station.
    • Keep photographs of your boxes with luggage tags provided by Amtrak on them.
    • Coordinate with the person present at the pickup location/destination. You have to pay $3 per box per day if it remains at the station storage for some days. 

    Ship Boxes Via Bus

    There are numerous reputable bus service companies, such as Greyhound, Vamoose, RedCoach, and others, that have a significant amount of space under the body of the bus. You should be able to pack a reasonable amount of stuff in there, but the goods should not be pricey or fragile. You must, however, take in mind the physical proportions.

    Shipping by bus

    In order to make use of the extra space under their buses, Greyhound and other bus operators will make it available to people who may wish to deliver packages via bus. You should avoid sending fragile items or electronics, just like you would with railroads, but you can ship anything as long as it is less than 100 pounds and less than 30” X 47”X 82”.


    • Get compensation for damage to any items.
    • Provide pickup and delivery service from your old and new house respectively.
    • Quick shipping services
    • Affordable Shipping services
    • The size of boxes is larger than in Amtrak.


    • Box sizes are restricted up to 30″ × 47″ × 82″.
    • Sometimes belongings are roughly handled during transfers. Therefore, pack fragile items very carefully to avoid damage during transfers and journeys.
    • Fewer insurance options
    • It doesn’t allow cross-country shipping to Canada and Mexico.

    Estimated Transit Time

    You may be acquainted with Greyhound as a customer bus service that operates throughout the United States of America. In addition to carry-on luggage, passengers’ belongings are housed in luggage lockers beneath the bus’s chassis. These compartments, on the other hand, are frequently left empty. It is home to two linked services that take advantage of the available floor space.

    Greyhound Package Express is the first of these services. It is as implied by its name that this service is provided directly through Greyhound. For students, as well as active military personnel and veterans, they provide discounts. Due to the fact that they have various departure times each day, this is a cost-effective alternative at any time of the year. Greyhound Package Express has three tiers of service: express, standard, and premium.

    Table: Estimated shipping times for standard service are as follows

    Range In MilesEstimated Transit Time
    0-125 miles    2 Day
    126-275 miles             3 Days
    276-500 miles4 Days
    501-800 miles             5 Days
    801-1,175 miles         6 Days
    1,176-1800 miles      7 Days
    1801-2400 miles       10 Days
    2401+miles    14 Days

    Estimated Cost According to Weight & Distance

    The cost of shipping with Greyhound Package Express is determined by the weight of the package, the distance traveled, and the service level selected. The Quick Quote function on their website allows you to request a quote online. We anticipate that you will pay approximately $1 per pound for shipment, which is comparable to other shipping choices.

    Table: Cost of shipping via bus

    GPX standard serviceGPX Priority services
    Package pickup/ delivery (per)$20$40
    Additional items (per)$5 – $24 for zone A – zone EDepending on zone and weight of items, starts from $5
    Package wait time (per minute) $1$1
    P and D attempt charge$35$35
    Oversized item based on the longest dimension
    21″ – 26”$2$7
    27” – 38”$10$13
    39” – 47”$18$26
    48” – 62”$40$40
    63” – 74”$54$42
    75” – 82”$67$50
    Storage charges$10$10

    Can I ship boxes through Greyhound?

    Yes, you can ship boxes through Greyhound package express. Not only boxes but you can also ship packages, furniture, electronics, etc through Greyhound buses as they travel to and fro from cities and towns all over the country. Most of the time, their luggage compartments remain vacant so you can get extra space for shipping with less cost compared to other regular shipping.

    How much does it cost to ship packages through Greyhound?

    The typical cost of shipping packages through Greyhound buses is roughly around $1/lb with additional charges based on package size and door-to-door delivery. Exceptions for additional weight, items, and services provided to the customer when purchased in excess through the site along with add-ons and oversized items are provided below.

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    Ship Boxes Via Ship

    When the distance between the two points is greater, ship services perform better. In addition to packing your cargo in pallets (the size of which will depend on the type of freight you choose) or containers, the shipping firm could deliver your cargo either to the final destination or to a nearby port of arrival.

    Shipping via ship

    Pack the pallet in a convenient position so that it may be loaded and transported to your new residence. It is the cheapest and best way to ship boxes to another state. The cost may be in the neighborhood of $200, but it saves you a lot of time and headache because you can gather practically all of your stuff together in one go. and, of course, you can work extremely hard while still making money on the freight rates.


    • You can easily ship large volumes of goods at a low cost. For that, you have to contact the freight forwarder to reduce costs.
    • Shipping containers can also be transported further by rail, road, or train.
    • The maintenance cost for sea shipping is significantly lower than other mediums.
    • The best option is to ship bulky, oversized, and heavy boxes.
    • Sea shipping of goods and commodities is the most eco-friendly way of transportation as they emit fewer grams of exhaust gas per tonne of cargo unlike other modes of transportation. 
    • Ocean freight shipping is a convenient way to transport hazardous or dangerous materials.


    • Ocean freight shipping is a slower means of transportation for commodities. Unlike other modes of transportation that need 3-9 days, it takes almost a month to deliver things to the destination.
    • The lack of seaports and terminal facilities in some parts of the world make it impossible to lodge huge container carrying ships.
    • Shipping might get delayed due to weather obstacles, cargo damage, etc.

    Estimated Transit Time

    It is dependent on the nature of the message you are sending. Many shipping companies will complete boxes weighing 70 pounds or less in 3 to 5 days or fewer depending on the service.

    Packages sent using Media Mail take a little longer to arrive (they could take up to 2 weeks, depending). If you travel a train or a bus, it could take up to a week to reach your destination.

    Estimated Cost According to Weight & Distance

    There are different ways to get your pallet to and from the boarding gate depending on how big it is (how much space it takes up plus how much it weighs). You can expect to pay somewhere between $75 and $200 for each pallet, depending on how quickly you want it to get there. Most companies charge between $75 and $200 per pallet (ground is typically much cheaper than 2-day, for example). It is the cheapest way to ship a large box.

    How do I send a box by ship?

    Follow these instructions step by step to know how to prepare and send a box by ship to make your next shipment easy.

    • Pick a large standard-sized box that safely fits what you are shipping and make you get rid of paying unnecessary extra fees.
    • Pack your container with 2-inch wide packing tape in such a way that it closes straight on all sides without reinforcing and swelling of flaps.
    • Address your box in the proper address format as the same as envelopes. Print or write address tags properly. Use ink that doesn’t smudge or smear. Also include the return and recipient address with zip codes for your recipient and you.
    • Choose that shipping service variety of mail services, allowing large package sizes, different and short delivery speeds and time, and options like insurance coverage and tracking.
    • Calculate the postage prices and apply postage to deliver the package on time.
    • Transport your items by yourself to the nearby port for shipments. You can also take the help of free package pickups or send your boxes to an approved postal provider.

    Is it cheaper to ship multiple boxes or one big box?

    Yes, it is cheaper to ship your belongings in multiple boxes rather than a big box as larger boxes will qualify for huge pricing. Multiple boxes will spread the weight of your boxes on the cargo.

    Ship Boxes Via Tow Trailer

    In the event that you’re already planning on driving and your vehicle fits the towing standards, a cargo trailer might be an excellent option for transporting little and even major transfers. Only one firm that we are aware of provides trailer rentals for long distance moves: UHaul.

    Tow trailer

    Alternatively, if you’re seeking to save money, you can purchase a cargo trailer from a site such as craigslist and resale it once you’ve arrived at your destination. Keep in mind that tow-behind trailers are responsible for a significant number of accidents and can be quite dangerous. As a result, only a small number of businesses rent them. Our recommendation is not to learn how to hitch and drive with a trailer on a long distance moving trip if you do not already have experience.


    • Boxes of irregular shape and sizes fit easily
    • Managing and handling containers in the trailer are easier.
    • The cost of transporting boxes through trailers is 25 to 30 times less than the cost of transporting the same boxes through other mediums.
    • Trailers can also be converted to living quarters or temporary storage spaces.
    • Heavy-duty boxes remain safe and secure.
    • The trailers are certified containers handled by MHE and standard transport.


    • Trailers need a lot of space to board boxes that come out, stay in the terminals, and go out of it.
    • Leading terminals and ports consume a lot of infrastructural costs
    • Difficult to reposition empty and fully loaded containers.

    Estimated Transit Time

    Orders submitted before 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) will be confirmed and dispatched the following day. Orders placed after 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) will be reviewed and dispatched the following business day. View their Shipping Information page to get an idea of when your product will be delivered to your door. The majority of orders are delivered within 2-4 business days.

    Estimated Cost According to Weight & Distance

    The cost of a tow truck service is determined by a few essential elements, the most important of which are the distance the vehicle must be transported and the size of the vehicle. Prices can vary depending on the region and the company. Although there are regulatory limits on towing rates in some locations, the following are the average towing fees in the United States.

    Table: Cost of shipping via tow trailer

    MilesAverage cost
    5$35 to $125
    10$65 to $125
    20$105 to $185
    50$165 to $300
    100$325 to $450

    Can you transport a shipping container on a trailer?

    The most common and recommended option to transport a shipping container is by using a tow trailer. In fact shipping, a container on a tow trailer with chassis is found to be the best option on some occasions.

    How much does shipping a trailer cost?

    The standard cost to shipping boxes in a trailer costs $3.39/mile when the distance is less than 100 miles. Otherwise, an extra average price of $0.95/ mile is charged under a distance of fewer than 1000 miles. The shipping cost, however, depends on the weight, distance, and size of the trailer, and extra services are added for safe and secured shipping.

    Ship Boxes Via Moving Companies

    Nowadays, there are a large number of moving firms that provide shipping services as part of their overall service offering. These cross-country moving firms may also provide freight services, or they may have trucks that drive across the country on a regular basis, transporting packing boxes, shipping crates, and other items as needed. It is the best way to ship boxes to another state.

    Moving Company

    This may enable them to provide the most cost-effective method of shipping stuff to another state.

    Boxes and other types of cargo are transported across state lines by moving companies that specialize in this type of cargo transportation. They are equipped with tracks of differing sizes, which allow them to transport cargo in varying volumes. These trucks typically travel across the country, delivering the items to their final destination in a timely manner. This alternative ends out to be on the more affordable side of things.


    • Avail multiple and affordable shipment options.
    • They have a dedicated delivery and pickup service for special product types.
    • Quicker and expert packing and unpacking of belongings
    • Protection from loss or damage.
    • Saves money, time, and energy
    • Lesser lifting by you as everything will be done by mover’s employees.


    • You don’t have control over packing duties.
    • Hiring moving companies is quite expensive.

    Estimated Transit Time

    Unfortunately, delays are frequent for most modes of transportation, making the wait for your goods to arrive safely at your new home one of the most stressful aspects of the relocation process. It’s critical that you keep in touch with your movers in order to keep track of where your shipment is at any given point in time. Using this service, you will receive updates on the current schedule, delays, and other circumstances that may affect the anticipated travel time of your package. It is also important to note that determining an anticipated time of delivery for your belongings is not a quantitative science, as there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration while the transit of your belongings from point A to point B.

    Most long-distance migrations might take anywhere from 10 days to more than two weeks on average, depending on the circumstances. However, because of a variety of unpredictably occurring circumstances, this time is likely to vary throughout the process.

    Moving companiesEstimated Transit time for Local moveEstimated Transit time for Long distance
    U-Pack2-3 business days3-9 business days
    PODS1-  business days5-7 business days
    1-800-PACK-RAT2 business days10-14 business days
    ZippyShell2-3 business days10-14 business days
    SMARTBOX1 business day10 business days
    Moving place2-3 business days10-30 business days

    Estimated Cost According to Weight & Distance

    Local moves can range in price from $300 to $3,500, depending on the size of the move and how long it takes to complete the move. According to the size of the move and the distance, long-distance movers might charge anything from $2,400 to $10,600 for each move. Relocating costs are substantially higher when moving across the country than when moving to a nearby state.

    Whether you’re relocating down the street or within the same city, local movers charge by the hour, with fees ranging from $65 to $250 per hour depending on the distance traveled. The hourly moving rate is determined by the number of men that will be required to execute the task.

    When it comes to long distance moving firms, they charge according to the number of household goods you’re relocating and the distance traveled. The average cost of relocating a house across state lines can range from $920 to $15,000 or more, depending on the size and distance of the relocated home. The best moving container companies in the business will provide you with a free quote over the phone, through a virtual walkthrough, or in person.

    Table: Cost of shipping via moving companies

       DescriptionU-PackPODS1-800-PACK-RATZippyShellSMARTBOXMOVING PLACE
    Average Cost (Local)N/A (Long-distance only)$400 – $900$450 – $1,100$500 – $1,200$500 – $1,200$1,250 – $1,740
    Average Cost (Long Distance)$1,200 -$2,200$1,300 – $2,300$1,400 – $2,400$1,600 -$2,700$1,600 -$2,700$1,925 – $3,225
    Move TypesLong Distance OnlyLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLong Distance only


    While searching for the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state you will find a lot of options. Some will be expensive, some costly; some will take more delivery time, some may take less; the more you explore available options, the more you will get the best solutions according to your needs and move.

    Now it is your call to do some research, compare prices, delivery time, and other features provided by the above moving options, and determine the right choice for your move.

    We hope this article helps you in every manner you wish.

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