Camping in Page, Arizona

Page, originally known as the Government Camp, is famous for picturesque base camps for touring outdoor attractions and recreational areas. The park dealers or the national park service maintain and operate these campsites.

All these campsites contain enough of the Bureau of Land Management’s land area for public use, like playing, camping, sitting, and exploring in the vast wide wilderness. It also has other amenities like trash cans, bathrooms, running water, shops, etc. 

So, if you are looking for the best camping sites in Arizona, we have got you covered with the best camping places in Page. Follow the article below to learn more. 

Can you camp anywhere in Arizona?

Camping in Arizona is allowed only in authorized campgrounds, BLM lands, National forests, state parks, and some private lands.

What are the best RV parks in Page, Arizona?

Page Lake Powell Campground, Antelope Point RV Campground, and The Canyons RV Resorts and Cabins are the three best RV parks in Page, Arizona. 

7 Best Places for Camping in Page AZ

Looking for campgrounds near Page, Arizona? Here are the 7 best camping areas in Page AZ where you can camp along with enjoying the stunning waterfront outdoor attractions in this area of the state.

FeaturesWahweap RV & CampgroundLake Powell CampgroundundAntelope point RV parkAbout 0.4 km from Lake Powell shoreline, 36 sites, including parking, and outlying spots. Whitehouse CampgroundLone Rock CampgroundLess space for camping with amenities like washrooms, laundry, host, and showers are available. Lake Powell campground
Open Season8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,  Everyday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., every day 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyday6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Everyday9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyday6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Everyday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Everyday24-hrs, Every day 
Pets PolicyAllowed, but must be kept on a leash.Allowed but only two pets Allowed, should be kept on leash. Leashed pets are allowed only. Leashed pets are allowed only. Leashed pets are allowed only. Leashed-friendly pets are allowed only. 2 pets are allowed at a time but leashed. 
Site SurfaceHuge open sites, clean areas, very well operated.Large open sites, clean restrooms, bathrooms, and showers.The landscape site is covered with grasses and shrubs.Placed on a hillside passing over the colorado river.  NoUnlevelled unpaved campsites. 6 campsites; The sites are unlevelled and are limited. The first come first serve option is mostly opted here. Smaller tents and vehicles are allowed. Solid, well-maintained, clean, newly made road and site surface, 
Site TypeDry campsites, group camping sites, fully hooked sites, free-standing sites, and tent-only sites. RV sites, tent-only sites A sandstone slot canyon having pull-through campsites Tentsite, trailer site, RV site, group sites. 7 car camping areas, 5 tent camping sites, 5 walk-in areas, and 5 tent pads.Tent and RV camping allowed, broad-in, bike-in, car-in, walk-in campground.Small tents. 4 RV sites, and small tents for families.
Water/Wifi/ElectricityAll are available for Free All are available for Free. All are available for free. Not available  Free Water and wifi are available. No electricity. Not available.  Not available.Free electricity is available. No wifi & water.  
Site SpaceThe campground doesn’t have natural shade, even temporary shade structures and is placed above the river. Nearer to Lake Powell, surrounded by the desert landscape.Beautiful green spaces, full of ups and downs. Less space for camping with amenities like washrooms, laundry, host, and showers are available. Wide open areas with spread sites all apart from each other.  Camping sites are located adjacent to the lake giving lakeside views,  Less space for camping, with amenities like washrooms, laundry, host, and showers are available. Spacious sites, indoor recreation and pool, and spa. 

1. Wahweap RV & Campground

Wahweap RV & Campground is a popular spot for RVers. It is located just minutes from the shores of Lake Powell. To get to Wahweap RV & Campground, take Highway 89A South from Page for about 8.04 kilometers. 

Wahweap RV & Campground

The weather in Page is typically warm and sunny; in the summer, average temperatures are 80s to 90s, and in winter, the average temperatures are 40s to 50s. This Page AZ Campgrounds has full hookups, showers, flush toilets, swimming pools, playgrounds, recreation rooms, and dump stations. 

Wahweap RV & Campground is a great place to base yourself for exploring Lake Powell. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails. For the park near Page AZ, rates start at $40 per night, and tent sites start at $25 per night.  

Is Wahweap RV & Campground accessible?

Yes, Wahweap RV & Campground is accessible to everyone. They also offer wheelchair and pet access. 

What are the amenities at Wahweap RV & Campground?

Free Wi-Fi, shuttle service, free parking, Power boat rentals, showers, convenience stores, restrooms, electrical outlets, and cleaning services are some amenities available at Wahweap RV and Campground. 

Is Wahweap RV & Campground safe?

Wahweap RV & campgrounds are safe to stay and enjoy. 

2. Page Lake Powell Campground

Page Lake Powell Campground is a popular camping spot just South of Page, Arizona. Take Highway 89A South from Page for about 3.21 kilometers to get to Page Lake Powell Campground. 

The weather in Page is typically warm and sunny in summer. In summer, the average temperatures are 80s – 90s, and in winter, average temperatures are 40s – 50s. Page Lake Powell Campground has flush toilets, showers, and a dump station. 

You can also have fun with boat launches, swimming areas, and playgrounds. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails; it’s a great place to camp. Its tent sites rate starts at $20 per night, and group campsites start at $100 per night. 

Is Page Lake Powell Campground accessible?

Page Lake Powell campground is accessible during its opening time for all age groups. 

What are the amenities at Page Lake Powell Campground?

Free Wi-Fi, free parking, free electricity, indoor pools, coin-operated cleaning services, shower, Spa, recreation room, pet area, playground, restrooms, gym area, and working trails are some of the amenities available at Page Lake Powell Campground. 

3. Antelope Point RV Park

Antelope Point RV Park is at 800 N Antelope Point Rd, Page, AZ 86040. To get to Antelope Point RV Park, turn left from Page, and head north on Highway 89 for 8.04 kilometers. 

Antelope Point RV Park

The average temperature in Page ranges from 40° Fahrenheit in the winter to 100° Fahrenheit in the summer. The campgrounds near Page, AZ, have a pool, hot tub, laundry facilities, dump station, and a store, very similar to Bisbee AZ RV Parks

The campers have easy access to fishing, boating, and swimming. It also offers biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails. Antelope Point RV Park rates vary; tent sites start at $29 per night, and cabins start at $149 per night.  

Can you camp overnight in Antelope Canyon?

Camping overnight in Antelope Canyon is not allowed, but you can camp nearby. 

How far is Antelope Canyon from Page, AZ?

Antelope Canyon is 10 minutes, 6.9 kilometers east of Page, AZ. 

Is there any best RV park near Antelope Canyon?

Lake Powell Campground is one of the best RV parks near Antelope Canyon. 

4. Lees Ferry Campground

Lees Ferry Campground is the starting point for many rafting trips down the Colorado River. It is at 510 S Marble Canyon Hwy, Marble Canyon, AZ 86034. 

To get to Lees Ferry Campground, turn left from Marble Canyon Highway and follow it for 5 miles. The average temperatures in Marble Canyon range from 30° Fahrenheit in the winter and 90° Fahrenheit in the summer. 

The campground has a dump station, a picnic area, and a hiking trail. It is also a good place to fish for rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. The rates of Lees Ferry Campground start at $15 to $100 per night.  

Are there any historical sites close to Lees Ferry Campground?

Lonely Dell Ranch, Glen Canyon national recreation area and the original Lee’s Ferry sites are located closer to Lee’s Ferry campground. 

Are pets allowed at Lees Ferry Campground?

Leashed pets are allowed at Lee’s Ferry campground. 

White House Campground

White House Campground has 25 RV sites and 5 tent sites. It is at 510 S Marble Canyon Hwy, Marble Canyon, AZ 86034. 

White House Campground ways from Page, head east on Highway 89A for 50 miles. The average temperature in Marble Canyon ranges from 30° Fahrenheit in the winter and 90° Fahrenheit in the summer. 

The campground has a picnic area, a dump station, and a hiking trail. It is a good place to fish for rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. Its rates start at $20 per night.  

5. Lone Rock Campground (Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area)

Lone Rock Campground has 10 primitive campsites. It is located at 1099 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ 86040. To get to Lone Rock Campground, turn left onto Coppermine Road and follow it for 1 mile. 

Lone Rock Campground

The average temperature in Page, AZ, ranges from 35° Fahrenheit in the winter to 105° Fahrenheit in the summer. It offers camping, fishing, and swimming at a rate of $25 per night.  

How much does it cost to camp at Lone Rock?

The cost of camping at Lone Rock Campground is $14 per vehicle per night. 

Is Lone Rock Beach Campground open?

Lone Rock Beach Campground is open throughout the year, but some recreations are closed during winter. 

7. Beehives Campground

Beehives Campground offers secluded camping with stunning red rock views. It is located in Page, AZ, United States. 

The Beehives Campground is near Highway 89 A, about 10 miles north of Page, Arizona. The average temperature in Page ranges from 35°F in January to 100° F in July. There are showers, restrooms, and a picnic area. 

It also has a beautiful desert setting with stunning views of the Vermillion Cliffs. Visitors enjoy hiking, camping, and stargazing. Beehives Campground rates start at $25 per night.  

8. Lake Powell Campground

Lake Powell Campground offers scenic lakeside campsites with stunning views and modern amenities. It is located in Page, Arizona, 100 S Navajo Rd, Page, AZ 86040. 

Lake Powell Campground

Arizona’s scenic desert landscape surrounds the campground. The weather is dry in summer with average temperatures in the high 90°, and the winters are mild with average temperatures of 50° to 60°. 

There are various amenities such as RV and tent sites with full hookups, laundry facilities, a playground, a game room, a gift shop, and swimming pools. Lake Powell Campground is known for its stunning views and the surrounding desert landscape. 

It’s also the best place for hiking, biking, fishing, and boating. The campground rates vary depending on the type of its site, such as $25 for dry camping, $30 for a tent site, $45 for a basic hookup, and $50 for a full hookup per night.

Can you camp anywhere at Lake Powell?

Yes, you can camp anywhere on the coastlines of Powell Lake, excluding the developed marinas. 

Is there a camping fee at Lake Powell?

There is no camping fee in the undeveloped regions of Lake Powell. The developed regions charge an entry fee of $20 per site per night. 

Camping in Page AZ FAQs

Where to camp in Page, AZ?

There are primitive camping areas near Lake Powell, to camp in Page, Arizona, which include Lone Rock Canyon, Lake Powell Campground, antelope, and more. 

Is it safe to camp in Arizona?

Camping in Arizona is absolutely safe. Whether camping in Greer AZ, Page, or anywhere else in AZ, always remember to stay prepared and positive and ready to face the worst situation if it happens. This is because the cell and internet services don’t work here.

Is there any place for RV camping in Page, Arizona?

There are 14 campgrounds and RV Parks near Page AZ.


Camping in Page Arizona offers opportunities to explore the natural beauty and iconic landmarks. There is something for every nature enthusiast, whether well-equipped RV parks to Primitive beachside camping. 

But remember to plan, make reservations when possible, and adhere to any permit requirements if you want a smooth and enjoyable camping adventure.

These campgrounds will undoubtedly leave you with cherished memories of your camping trip in this picturesque part of Arizona, whether you’re into water activities, hiking, or simply enjoying the scenery.