Best Camping In Arizona


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    Are you looking for some good camping options in the US? If so, what are your camping expectations?

    Be it any preference of habitats, views, and campsite offerings, Arizona has got everything covered for everyone. Let us learn more moving to Arizona and its beautiful campgrounds in detail.

    Arizona is a state in the Western US with many options for outdoor activities. Arizona is fondly known as the ‘Grand Canyon State’. It is home to numerous natural landscapes like mountains, deserts, forests, lakes, and rivers. Arizona is a diverse territory and is known for its camping offerings. The best camping in Arizona is near Jacob Lake, Lockett meadows, Havasupai, and Lynx lake.

    Camping in Arizona is indeed an exhilarating experience. Never miss an opportunity to camp outdoors and count the stars. The State Parks in Arizona are excellent camping sites and offer different views, camping options, and natural landscapes.

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    20 Best camping places in Arizona 2022

    Camping in Arizona is an exhilarating experience and is flocked by tourists during the spring and summer months. Campgrounds are small facilities of walk-in sites of diverse backgrounds and landscapes. Aspen Campground is one of the best campgrounds in Arizona, where expansive campsites cover both wooded and non-wooded meadows.

    Place        LocationEntry FeeOverall Google Review (Out of 5)
    Jacob Lake CampgroundFredonia, AZ 86022$204.4 /5
    Lockett Meadow CampgroundFlagstaff, AZ 86001$184.7 /5
    Hawley LakeMcNary, AZ 85930$94.7/5
    Apache LakeMaricopa,  AZ 85003$554.7 /5
    Woods Canyon LakeGila County,  AZ 85541$254.7 /5
    Coconino National ForestFlagstaff, AZ 86001$104.8 /5
    Monument ValleyOljato Monument Valley, AZ 84536$104.7 /5
    Hospital Flat CampgroundWillcox, AZ 85643$104.5 /5
    Rigg’s Flat CampgroundCoronado National Forest, AZ 85643$104.5 /5
    Havasupai CampgroundSupai, AZ 86435$254.7 /5
    Airplane Flat CampgroundPayson, AZ 85541$104.5 /5
    Patagonia Lake State ParkNogales, AZ 85621$204.6 /5
    Lynx Lake CampgroundPrescott, AZ 86301$54.5 /5
    Lake Havasu State ParkLake Havasu City, AZ 86403$204.7 /5
    Meteor Crater RV ParkWinslow, AZ 8047$184.5 /5
    Tombstone RV ParkTombstone, AZ 85638$124.7 /5
    Lake PowellLa Paz County, AZ 84533.$224.7 /5
    Apache Trout CampgroundGreer, AZ 85927$504.5 /5
    Coronado National ForestTucson, AZ85701$04.8 /5
    Butterfield RV ResortBenson, AZ 85602$1004.4 /5

    Some of the best camping sites in Arizona are listed below.

    1. Jacob Lake campground

    Jacob Lake campground is a secluded camping site providing easy access to Grand Canyon. The area is known for its serenity and has fewer crowds. Prime activities in this campground include hiking, biking, and wildlife sightings.

    Jacob Lake campground

    The best time to visit Jacob Lake Campground is during summers since ponderosa pines encompass this area and emit serenity and tranquility. Ideal for families looking for a day trip to Grand Canyon but want to pursue activities outside.

    There are two campsites and can accommodate about 100 people per site.

    The location of Jacob Lake campground is near Jacob Lake, 30 miles to the south of the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. The exact address is Forest Road 579, Fredonia, AZ 86022.

    The entrance fee of Jacob Lake Campground is $20. Parking space is available, and $9 is a standard parking charge.

    As per google reviews, this camping ground is rated well in terms of access, location, cleanliness, and site quality. It has a good overall rating of 4.4 /5  and is one of the best places to camp in Arizona.

    2. Lockett Meadow Campground

    Lockett Meadow Campground offers mesmerizing views of San Francisco peaks and has access to scenic hiking trails. The campsites accept reservations on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Lockett Meadow Campground - Camping in arizona

    This camping site is ideal for people who want to experience the feel of mountains with quick access to amazing views and scenic hiking trails. The meadow is one of the best campgrounds in Arizona.

    This campground is in Coconino National. The exact location of Lockett Meadow Campground is near Meadow Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

    The entry fee is around $18. Charges of $8 are applied per vehicle in this campground.

    As per Google reviews, this campground has a rating of 4.7/5  stars. It is rated well in terms of access, location, cleanliness, and site quality. Lockett Meadow Campground offers the best camping in Arizona.

    3. Hawley Lake

    This campground is right next to Hawley Lake. Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Camping necessities like tables, grills, restrooms, and fire rings are available. An Apache reservation camping permit is required but is available at meager charges of $9.

    Hawley Lake

    This campground is known for fishing activities and attracts flocks of families during peak months. The camping sites are well-maintained, so it is considered one of the best places to camp in Arizona.

    Hawley Lake campground is near Trout Creek in McNary, AZ 85930.

    Charges of $9 are levied as entry fees to Hawley Lake Campground.

    As per Google reviews, this campground is known for dry camping and provides a host of camping essentials. The overall rating is 4.7/5.

    Other best lakes in Arizona offer a range of activities like Hawley. You’d love this article fulfilled with scenic and calming natural destinations.

    4. Apache Lake

    The campground in Apache Lake is known for popular outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and water skiing. Lakeside camping is available along with RVs at Burnt Corral Campground.

    Apache Lake

    Camping essentials like picnic tables, boating docks, restrooms, and hydrants are available and well-maintained. Apache Lake is best known for its RVs.

    This camping site is in Tonto National Forest. The camping ground slides along Apache trail, 16 miles to the east of Tortilla flat in Maricopa County.

    The entry fee is around $55. Extra parking charges also apply.

    As per Google reviews, the camping ground in Apache Lake does have mixed reviews, with an average of 4.7 /5.

    5. Woods Canyon Lake

    Woods Canyon Lake is a great place to camp and is home to four expansive campgrounds ideal for both tent campers and RV campers. This site is pleasingly known for fishing and hiking.

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Wood Canyon Lake is surrounded by dense forests having oak, fir, aspen, and pine.

    The location makes it an excellent place for camping activities for families. Woods Canyon Recreational Lake is just 40 mins off from Payson city, and this proximity makes it quite accessible to nearby towns and cities.

    Woods Canyon Lake is correspondingly known for the best tent camping in Arizona.

    This campground is near north-central Arizona to the east of Payson city. The exact location is near Forest Service Road 105, AZ 85541.

    The entry fee is around $25 for visitors with vehicles and $12 for visitors only.

    According to popular reviews, Woods Canyon Lake has an overall good rating based on accessibility, camping facilities, location, and viewing points. It has an overall rating of 4.7/5.

    6. Coconino National Forest

    Coconino National Forest is one of the best places to camp in Arizona. Many campgrounds are available in the Forest, and there are loads of parking options for dispersed car camping near Route 42.

    Coconino National Forest

    During summers, the temperature drops here, making it a conducive place for camping activities. Innumerable camping options like RV campgrounds are available, making it easy to find a camping site in Coconino National Forest.

    The exact location of Coconino National Forest is near Lake Mary Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

    Annual passes are issued for entry to the forested area for $80.

    As per reviews, Coconino National Forest has an overall rating of 4.8/5 and as a result, it is one of the best camping sites in Arizona.

    7. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley offers mesmerizing views of amazon landscapes and shares boundaries with Utah and Arizona. There are campgrounds, RV parks, and dispersed camping locations. The valley is ideal for desert camping. The area has limited vegetation and has an expanse of desert area.

    Monument Valley

    So, if you are looking for the best camping in Arizona, you must plan your visit to Monument Valley.

    Permits are allotted for hiking and camping by the Navajo Nation. Monument valley is best for families to create memories.

    The location of Monument Valley is near Route 42, Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ 85436.

    The entrance fee to enter Monument Valley is $10 per person or $20 per vehicle.

    As per popular reviews on Google, Monument Valley has an overall rating of 4.7 /5.

    8. Hospital Flat Campground

    Hospital Flat Campground is known for its amazing desert views and beautiful wildflowers. It offers tent camping only, holding about 40 camping sites. Therefore, if you are a person who has never experienced tent camping, pack your bag now and head towards the Hospital Flat Campground, as it has the best tent camping in Arizona.

    Hospital Flat Campground

    The location of Hospital Flat Campground is along the Kern River in the Sequoia National Forest, 6.5 miles upstream from Kernville. The camping ground is 10 miles away from Lake Isabella.

    The entrance fee is only $10 per night in the Hospital Flat Campground.

    As per reviews on Google, this campground has a rating of 4.5 /5.

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    9. Riggs Flat Campground

    Riggs Flat Campground is ideal for fishing and is close to Riggs Lake. The campground is located in Colorado National Forest, encompassing alpine forests and meadows. The campground includes 31 campsites.

    Riggs Flat Campground

    RVs of length 22 or less are allowed in the vicinity of the Riggs Campground.

    Basic facilities like vault toilets, grills, and tables are available, but there is a shortage of drinking water. Carry your water and eatables.

    Prime activities in this campground include fishing, boating, and hiking. However, Riggs Flat Lake is popularly known for fishing.

    Reservations are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    The campground’s location is at the end of Swift Trail along the Pinaleno mountains. The exact location is Forest Road 287, Coronado National Forest, AZ 85643.

    The entrance fee to Riggs Flat Campground is about $10. For a night’s stay, it is $25.

    As per reviews on Google, Riggs Flat Campground has an overall rating of 4.5 /5.

    10. Havasupai Campground

    Havasupai is one of the premium campgrounds in the Arizona region. The area is scenic and can accommodate around 200 people, where one can experience the best tent camping in Arizona.

    Havasupai Campground

    This campground is not ideal for families as 10 miles need to be ascended to reach the campground.

    Known for amazing waterfalls and swimming pools, this is one of the best places to visit in Arizona. Getting a reservation is tough as permits get sold off quickly, having around 129 camping sites.

    The location of Havasupai Campground is near Havasu Creek, Supai, AZ 86435.

    The entrance fee to the campground is $25.

    As per Google reviews, Havasupai Campground has an overall rating of 4.7 /5.

    11. Airplane Flat Campground

    Airplane Flat Campground offers the usual detour from buildings and conventional camping offerings. It is best suited for camping activities on the outskirts of the city.

    Airplane Flat Campground

    The campground follows 4.5 miles of dirt road and is accessible by vehicles of any type. There are around 20-30 campsites in the Airplane Flat Campground.

    Ponderosa trees encompass the area and are very scenic. Canyon Creek is a small stream that is ideal for fishing activities. There are many playgrounds and outdoor spaces for kids to play in.

    Outdoor spaces include places of hot springs too. Are you interested to learn more about hot springs? 10 Best Hot Springs in Arizona are noted here.

    The exact location of the Airplane Flat Campground is near NF33, Payson, AZ 85541.

    The entrance fee to this campground is around $10.

    According to popular reviews on Google, Airplane Flat Campground has a decent overall rating of 4.5 /5.

    12. Patagonia Lake State Park

    Patagonia Lake State Park is ideal for families who want to enjoy scenic views and camp with only a few amenities. The Park has 105 campsites and is best known for activities like camping, fishing, and socializing. This Park is best known for lakeside camping.

    Patagonia Lake State Park

    The location of this Park is near Patagonia Lake Road, Nogales, AZ 85621.

    The entry fee per vehicle on weekdays is $15. For weekends, it is $20.

    As per the reviews on popular sites, this State Park has an overall rating of 4.6 /5.

    13. Lynx Lake Campground

    Ponderosa pines encompass this campground and are known for activities like boating, camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

    Lynx Lake Campground

    It is a pet-friendly campground. Basic camping facilities like tables and steel fire rings are available. However, no RV sites are available on the sites.

    Lynx Lake Campground is in the Lynx Recreational Area within ¼ mile of Lynx lake. The site is 7 miles to the southeast of the city of Prescott, Arizona.

    The entry fee to Lynx Lake Campground is $5 per night and vehicle.

    The campground has an overall rating of 4.5 /5.

    14. Lake Havasu State Park

    Lake Havasu State Park is the best location for RV campers. There are around 50 sites and 50 camps. The Park has access to potable water, and the campground runs along the Havasu River. Fishing, boating, and swimming are popular activities in Lake Havasu State Park. Not only this, Lake Havasu State Park offers the best camping in Arizona.

    Lake Havasu State Park

    Book reservations early to get complete access for 14 days. The sites are well maintained and have access to activities along the lake.

    The exact location of Lake Havasu State Park is near 699 London Bridge Road, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

    The park entrance fee per vehicle is $20 at Lake Havasu State Park.

    The Park has an overall rating of 4.7/5 on Google.

    15. Meteor Crater RV Park

    This park is known for views of the desert and Meteor Crater, a great place for RV campers. The park can accommodate RVs up to 60 feet, providing both short and extended stays.

    Meteor Crater RV Park

    If one is looking to experience the natural wonder of Meteor Crater in Arizona, Meteor Crater RV is the place for you.

    The location of Meteor Crater RV Park is near 140 Meteor Crater Road, Winslow, AZ 8047.

    The entry fee to the Meteor Crater RV Park is $18.

    As per popular reviews, Meteor Crater RV Park has an overall rating of 4.5 /5.

    16. Tombstone RV Park and Campground

    Tombstone RV Park is one of the best RV sites in Arizona. The park is ideal for families and is equipped with modern facilities and amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and natural attractions. There are around 85 campsites inside the campground.

    Tombstone RV Park and Campground

    Tombstone RV Park and Campground is the best blend of old and modern architecture. The park offers a range of services and activities.

    The exact location of Tombstone RV Park is 1475 AZ-80, Tombstone, AZ85638.

    The charges to enter Tombstone RV Park and Campground are about $12.

    As per Google reviews, the Park has an overall rating of 4.7/5.

    17. Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

    Lake Powell is best known for boating as there are many places to camp, along with Lake Powell and playgrounds. The park has unlimited access to activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and water sports.

    Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

    There are fees for both campground camping and primitive camping. Ideal for families as well as activities like hiking and wildlife watching. Best place for families who wish to pursue boating as well as camping.

    The exact location of the National Recreation Area is near 4304 BullFrog, Lake Powell, UT 84533.

    The entry fee is about $20-$25.

    As per Google reviews, Lake Powell has an overall rating of 4.7/5.

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    18. Apache Trout Campground

    Apache Trout Campground is best for RV campers at Big lake. The only camping ground in Arizona has RV hookups, best known for large campsites.

    Apache Trout Campground

    This campground offers all the feels of a developed campground amidst wooded forests. Big Lake offers a range of activities in and around the lake. Ideal for families who want to stay busy while camping. The site is pet-friendly and gives access to all pets.

    The exact location of Apache Trout Campground is near Big Lake Road, Greer, AZ 85927.

    The entrance fee to the campground ranges from $42 to $84.

    As per reviews on Google, Apache Trout Campground has an overall rating of 4.5/5.

    19. Coronado National Forest

    Coronado National Forest is a good place for camping as it offers scenic views of natural landscapes and habitats. A major part of Coronado National Forest comprises desert areas but has national forests. Dispersed camping is allowed without any permits or fees.

    Coronado National Forest

    There are many campgrounds in addition to dispersed camping sites.

    Coronado National Forest offers scenic views, a range of activities, and exposure to the beauty of Southern Arizona.

    The location of Coronado National Forest is near Tuscan, AZ85701.

    There are no entrance fees to Coronado National Forest. The park is open and free to all.

    The park has an overall rating of 4.8/5.

    20. Butterfield RV Resort

    Butterfield RV Resort acts as a perfect base camp to access locations like Tombstone, the Kartchner Caverns, and Tuscan. Amenities like a pool, spa, and observatory are provided.

    Butterfield RV Resort

    The weather is warm and sunny with cool nights and little rainfall.

    The resort has a central location and connects popular places and cities. There are lovely family attractions like caves, caverns, museums, and art galleries.

    Butterfield RV Resort is the only resort with a national observatory.

    The location is near Ocotillo Avenue, Benson, AZ 85602.

    The RV Resort charges an entry fee of $100.

    As per popular reviews, this resort has an overall rating of 4.4/5.

    Camping In Arizona FAQ’S

    Can you just camp anywhere in Arizona?

    Excess public land in Arizona allows camping anywhere in the region. BLM land is available for camping anywhere in Arizona. BLM land is used for dispersed camping in this region with no permit fees. There are designated BLM camping sites in Arizona. With endless miles of backland, the options of open camping are unlimited.

    Is Boondocking legal in Arizona?

    Boondocking is illegal in some parts of Arizona. Camping is done in developed campgrounds where camping fees are issued to the tourists. Arizona Administrative Code Title 12 sets the requirement and also specifies the length of stay. The Government extends the ban on boondocking in parts of Arizona.

    Where can I camp in Arizona?

    Camping is allowed almost anywhere in Arizona. Paid and well-maintained parks are found almost anywhere in the state. You can camp almost anywhere in Arizona for 14 consecutive days within 28 days, with permits or without licenses. Excess public lands in Arizona encourage open camping, tent camping, and designated camping.


    Camping is an addictive tradition that families follow every year. The adventures, memories, and the relaxation of camping trips are unparalleled.

    Camping involves a lot of external activities like fishing, boating, wildlife sighting, ziplining, and water sports. Go camping and be a tourist for one day.

    The adventure is ongoing. Venture out to create memories. Arizona is one of the best places to camp in the US. Plan an itinerary for a day and create memories for a lifetime.

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