Best Business Schools in Michigan

Best business schools in Michigan

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    Michigan, The Wolverine State is known for its prestigious fishing industries, automobile industry, agriculture industry, and diverse educational opportunities.

    Besides these, the state is home to 50 top-rated business schools offering business administration and management decrease to more than 10000 qualified students.

    Earning a master’s or bachelor’s degree from any of these schools of Michigan enables the student to identify career opportunities,

    build connections & networks in the industry, and improve their prospects of succeeding in the business world.


    So, if you are making a move to Michigan to grow to new heights in the business industry,

    Read our article below to know more about them and choose the best business schools in Michigan as per your choice, and preferences. 

    What is the number 1 business university in Michigan?

    According to, the University of Michigan is the #1 top business School in Michigan.

    The school is ranked as the 2nd best public university in America and can accommodate more than 30K students under various business courses. 

    What is the hardest business school to get into in Michigan?

    The University of Michigan is the hardest to get admission into in Michigan with a student acceptance rate of 26%. 

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    18 Best Business Schools in Michigan

    Below is a list of 18 top business schools in Michigan that you should be aware of and that will provide you with the best quality education.

    Business schoolsUSARankings for businessBusiness school Rankings in Michigan EstimatedTuitionFees (per annum)(US & international students)AcceptancerateBusiness School Rankings in Michigan 
    Central Michigan University24410$10560 & $19,20069%980- 1200
    Eastern Michigan University2366$14,10074%1100
    Grand Valley State University2235$13000 & $1800083%1150
    Michigan State University312$23700 & $3729083%1110 -1320
    Michigan Technological University2708$15000 & $4000086%1253
    Wayne State University997$49,50063%980 – 1220
    Western Michigan University14418$15,000 & $20,00082.8%1110 – 1320
    University of Michigan- Ann Arbour 21$66048 & $7104823%1435
    University of Michigan- Dearborn 201-25012$13,816 & $28,04868.8%1080
    Ferris State University66417$13,624 & $1854085%930-1150
    Kettering University67616$44,38085.6%1190/NR
    Lawrence Technological University45811$18,77481.1%1050-11150
    Northern Michigan University6514$27,000 & $32,00071.3%1050
    Northwood University72222$30,52079%1050-1150
    Oakland University2939$14,476 & 23,73092.1%430 – 1180
    Saginaw Valley State University68014$15,476 & $24,53678%960 -1170
    The University of Detroit Mercy48713$30,15477%1060 – 1250
    University of Michigan- Flint 303$22065 + $12,153 scholarship 77%948 1200


    1. Central Michigan University

    Central Michigan University is a prominent research University founded in 1892 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

    Central Michigan University

    It was earlier a private school and a business institute but later became a University in 1959. The institute now enrols more than 15,000 students every year.

    The CMU’s College of Business Administration offers 17 high-quality business programs including an MBA, MS, and MA in economics and entrepreneur Ventures, information systems, hospitality, finance and law, management, and more. 

    The college has more than 20 professors and industry experts who are quite supportive and conscientious by providing advanced education in an interactive atmosphere. 

    The graduates from this college are given good jobs with starting salary packages at $47,900. 


    Is Central Michigan a party school?

    Central Michigan is a party school, but that reputation seems to be fading within years.

    Is Central Michigan University D1? 

    Central Michigan University’s athletics programs are allied with NCAA Division I. The Central Michigan Chippewas are the 16 members of both men’s and women’s athletic teams that represent CMU. 

    What is the Central Michigan University MBA Ranking? 

    Central Michigan University Nationally ranks #142 for offering the best MBA program both online and offline. Central Michigan University MBA fees are around $770 for us residents and $925 for international students.

    2. Eastern Michigan University

    Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is a public research university situated in the Ypsilanti region of Michigan.

    Eastern Michigan University

    It was the 4th normal school established in the year 1849 which later became a university in 1959 comprising 8 schools and institutions within it.   

    The EMU’s College of Business presents 6 degrees and 32 programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in courses including accounting,

    computer information systems, business, marketing, management, tax consulting, and finance.

    With more than 90 professors and industrial experts, the institute provides customized subject coaching and internship programs to everyday students to excel in their careers.

    The average salary of graduates from this university is $46,000.


    Is Eastern Michigan a party school?

    Eastern Michigan University is the 11th-best party school in Michigan.

    Is Eastern Michigan a black school?

    Yes, this is a racially diverse school with 16.4% of black students.

    How is the MBA Eastern Michigan University?

    The MBA at Eastern Michigan University offers creative, global, and applied skills and knowledge to compete with today’s business environment. The program takes about two and a half years to 6 years to finish the degree. The degree program costs around $25,000 per annum.

    3. Grand Valley State University

    The Grand Valley State University in Allendale is an AACSB-accredited public university established in 1960.

    Grand Valley State University

    It enrolls more than 25000 students from all over the state, the US, and other foreign countries. 

    The University has employed more than 1700 academic faculties and 1500 non-academic staff in its all campuses. 

    The GVSU’s Seidman College of Business offers graduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and education.

    The highly educated professors and scholars develop curricula and conduct tutorial and research classes for students for their career excellence.

    Upon graduation, the degree recipients take up jobs making an average salary of $75,500 per year during the initial years of their careers. 


    Is Grand Valley State a liberal school?

    Grand Valley State University follows a liberal approach toward all its educational programs.

    4. Michigan State University

    Michigan State University (MSU) is a leading research university located in the city of East Lansing, Michigan established in 1855. 

    Michigan State University

    It has facilities spread out across the state and among the most prominent university alum networks, with 634,000 members.

    The MSU Broad College of Business offers advanced undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, hospitality business, human resource management, management, marketing, supply chain leadership, and in-depth, complete master’s programs.

    The college has many professors and business professionals who offer specializations in entrepreneurship, hospitality business, real estate, sales communication, and sustainability. 

    Broad University’s career management team offers graduates a variety of ways to get in touch and places to interview, and they can earn an average of $42,700 annually.


    Is Michigan State University prestigious?

    This university is arguably one of the best public universities in the nation that offers various courses and top-notch education to students.

    Is Michigan State a black college?

    This is a racially diverse state with 6.99% of Black or American-Africans.

    How is the MBA Program at Michigan State University?

    Financial Times 2023 puts Michigan State University MBA Ranking at 8th position based on its performance across a set of commonly accepted excellence indicators.

    5. Michigan Technological University

    A premier public research university established in 1885 is Michigan Technological University. 

    Michigan Technological University

    You can be sure to find an academic fit at Michigan Tech that complements your passions and abilities with more than 125-degree options available.

    By fusing cutting-edge business with science, technology, engineering, and math, the Michigan Tech College of Business equips students for the future. 

    One of the top universities for business bachelor’s degrees is Michigan Tech, which offers courses in management, finance, economics, and business analytics.

    The core business curriculum at Michigan Tech College of Business exposes Huskies to various business specialities to better identify and pursue their interests and passions. 

    The academic advisor and professors with outstanding credentials assist students in selecting the major that best suits their interests. 

    Graduates make an average of $66,000 after ten years.


    Is Michigan Tech the same as MIT?

    Yes, MIT is a prestigious college in Michigan that can be named Michigan Tech or MTU.

    Is Michigan Tech hard to get into?

    For being a part of this university you need a GPA of 3.72 along with SAT score of 1170-1370 and an ACT score of 25-30.

    6. Wayne State University

    Wayne State University (WSU) is a leading research university situated in Detroit, Michigan.  It is the third-largest University in Michigan. 

    Wayne State University

    Wayne State, founded in 1868, has 13 schools and colleges and offers 350 programs to nearly 24,000 undergraduate and graduate pupils.

    The College of Business Administration at WSU offers high-quality business programs, including those in accounting, Finance, management, marketing, and supply chain management.

    The committed and knowledgeable faculty provide a learning atmosphere that prioritizes students. 

    Graduates from this institution can begin their careers as independent business owners, consultants, corporate executives, tax accountants, real estate agents, attorneys, and CPAs.


    Is Wayne State hard to get into?

     For being a part of this university you need an average GPA of 3.22 out of 4.0 as it is moderately selective with an acceptance rate of 73%.

    Is Wayne State a black college?

    Yes, Wayne State University is a racially diverse university with around 19% of black students.

    Is Wayne State an HBCU? 

    Wayne State University is not a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) as suggested by the US Department of Education.

    7. Western Michigan University

    Western Michigan University (WMU) is a prominent research institution in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

    Western Michigan University

    WMU conferred 4,788 degrees, including 3,614 bachelor’s, 1,013 master’s degrees, 159 doctoral degrees, and two specialist degrees.

    More than 3,500 undergraduate students majoring in 18 specialized business areas, including accountancy, advertising and promotion, business analytics,

    digital marketing and eCommerce, economics, finance, and more, call Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business home.

    The College of Business at Western Michigan University offers top-notch instruction and committed student support. 

    Management students at WMU who graduate with master’s degrees make an average of $71,500 per year in their first jobs.


    8. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

    The University of Michigan is considered one of the best business schools in Michigan with a large population of students.

    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

    University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business ranks #1 out of 50 business schools statewide and #25 in best colleges in national universities, this gem of a University is an eminent University overall. 

    Ross School of Business, also known as Ross Michigan, prospers alumnus who creates positive acknowledgements to the world through its top-ranked master’s,

    bachelor’s, doctoral, and specialist programs in the departments of accounting, economics, finance, human resources, leadership, international business, manufacturing, technology, and general management.

    The students are guided by highly impactful professors, industrialists, & professionals who give expert analysis and personal attention to each and every pupil for a better future.

    Alumni graduating from this University get placed in notable organizations with an initial salary of more than $80,000 than standard business administration students. 


    Is the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Ivy League?

    The schools with high business rankings, faculty, and academic quality matching the terms of Ivy League are said to be public Ivies. The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is a part of the Ivy League program.

    Is the University of Michigan a prestigious school?

    The University of Michigan is one of the most prestigious universities in the US possessing a high reputation and great culture.

    Is the University of Michigan a good business school?

    The business school of the University of Michigan is a good school that has ranked #1 in the best business schools in Michigan in 2023.

    Is the University of Michigan a party school?

    The University of Michigan is a party school conducting a lot of ragging parties almost every night.

    9. University of Michigan-Dearborn

    The University of Michigan-Dearborn is an above-average public university present in the city of  Dearborn, Michigan. 

    University of Michigan-Dearborn

    It is one of two regional universities operating under the rules of the University of Michigan Board of Regents. 

    More than 17,996 students are now enrolled in the institute each year.

    The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s College of Business provides a bachelor’s in business management with nine possible levels,

    including accounting, digital marketing, finance, human resource management, small business management, marketing, and seven master’s degree programs.

    Students have access to a wide range of chances to pursue their quest to become leaders with the support of qualified and experienced professors. 

    The salary package for University of Michigan graduates is $192,270.


    Is the University of Michigan the same as the University of Michigan – Dearborn?

    The University of Michigan present in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint are three distinctly aligned institutions. Each of the campuses has its priorities & missions and takes decisions according to what the campus needs.

    Is it hard to get into the University of Michigan-Dearborn?

    The acceptance rate of this Michigan state business school is 62%. Students having a GPA of 3.6 and who have scored above average in their high-school class, can take part admission to this university.

    10. Ferris State University

    Ferris State University is a prestigious higher education university established in 1884. it enrols more than 10000 students enrol every year in its 19 off-campus locations.

    Ferris State University

    From health professions to engineering, arts & science, business, human services, and more, the university offers more than 170 education programs.

    Ferris State University’s College Of Business has a wide pool of business programs with an average of $13,000 as a scholarship to the students,

    including Business Data Analytics, Business Administration, Data science & analytics, Economics, Hospitality Management, Finance, and many more.

    The university has an outstanding faculty and highly educated staff, with more than five professors for every program.

    The staff and faculty take extensive care of practical approaches considering the latest market trends.

    The university offers a huge number of internships and placement opportunities with an average maximum package of up to 76K$.


    Is Ferris State University a party school?

    Yes, the Ferris State Univerity is ranked as the 5th party school in Michigan. Apart from quality education, the other things to do on the Michigan FSU campus are to enjoy raging & house parties on weekends, and lots of mid-week Wednesday parties.

    Is Ferris State University a D1 School?

    Ferris State University is a D1 school as its Ferris State Bulldogs team participates in NCAA Division II Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conferences.

    11. Kettering University

    Kettering University is a private business school in Michigan founded in 1919 and is located in the small Flint town.

    Kettering University

    The university is prominently known for its STEM and Business courses.

    Established as a School of Automotive Trades in Flint, the University now offers more than 100 minors and majors in different streams.

    Some courses include engineering, business, liberal studies, mathematics, management, etc.

    The University’s School Of Management(Business) is highly lucrative as it offers education programs under the latest domains like engineering management, operations management, technology leadership, etc.

    The university also provides numerous scholarship opportunities ranging between 8500$ to 17500$.

    Due to a great team of professors and lecturers, the university has a record of more than 94% employment.

    They also offer paid work experience under their handshake career services.


    Is it hard to get into Kettering University?

    The acceptance rate of this university is 70.3%. Also, you need a GPA of 3.66 out of 4.0 in your high school for entering this institution.

    Is Kettering Ivy League?

    Yes, Kettering University is a part of Ivy League Institutions and ranks at 32nd place in the list among various others in the nation.

    12. Lawrence Technological University

    Lawrence Technological University, popularly known as LTU, was established as a private Institute of Technology in Highland Park, Michigan, in 1932.

    Lawrence Technological University

    After a few years, it was moved to Southfield, and finally, in 1989, it was recognized as University.

    The university offers hundreds of educational programs under multiple streams like engineering, business, science & technology, arts, architecture & design, and many more.

    More than 2600 applicants enrol every year for admissions.

    LTU’s College of Business is known for offering education in Business Studies along with exposure to IT.

    From majors in accounting to finance, general business, marketing, information technology, and many more, they have a never-ending catalogue of courses under Business studies.

    LTU’s College of Business has more than 45 highly qualified faculty. The university also provides a co-op program for practical experience and real-time training.

    Students graduating from LTU will get a decent package of around 70K$.


    Is Lawrence Tech D1?

    LTU is a part of Division 3 and is a member of the MCHC or the Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference.

    Is Lawrence Tech worth the money?

    This business school is ranked 15th position among the 42 different universities in the state. But according to the quality of education, the cost of education is high and does not do justice.

    13. Northern Michigan University

    NMU, or Northern Michigan University, is a well-established education hub for all types of courses.

    Northern Michigan University

    Established in Marquette, Michigan, as a State-owned school, it became a University in 1963.

    As of now, the university offers more than 180 programs under various academic divisions like arts & science,

    health sciences, academic information services, business, professional studies and more. It usually receives more than 5000 applications every year.

    University’s Business College is named Walker L. Cisler College of Business, offering vivid programs like business analytics, financial management, entrepreneurship major, risk management, marketing, etc.

    The College of Business has exceptional faculty and staff members with the highest level of education and practical experience.

    University has a record of 96% employment or continuing education. Students can easily get an average package of 44K$ after graduation.


    Is Northern Michigan University a party school?

    No, not at all. Northern Michigan University is not a party school and the students attending it are very serious and conscious towards their studies.

    Is Northern Michigan University a d1 school?

    No, this business school in Michigan is not a part of d1; rather, it belongs to NCAA Division 2 with football.

    14. Northwood University

    Established as Northwood Institute in 1959, the institute was renamed University in 1993. Currently is situated in  Midland, Michigan.

    Northwood University

    It is a well-known university for Business & Management studies. Around 2000 students enroll every year for multiple courses.

    The university offers around 26 undergraduate programs and 17 adult degree programs.

    The Business studies programs offered by the university include but are not limited to Business administration, international business,

    management information systems, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, supply chain management and franchising management.

    The university offers multiple scholarship programs with amounts ranging from 8000$ to 1500$.

    They have highly qualified faculty, with all Department Chairs having Doctorate degrees. The average package a student can get is around 58K$.


    Is Northwood University Expensive?

    The total cost of courses in this business school in Michigan is $44,830. Whereas; the average cost after the funds and scholarship amounts to $37,270.

    Is Northwood University D1?

    Northwood University represents itself through its athletic team The Northwood Timberwolves in the NCAA Division 2.

    15. Oakland University

    Oakland University needs no introduction. It is a well-known Public Research University. It was established in 1957 in Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, Michigan.

    Oakland University

    More than 10000 students apply for this University every year; out of that, around 2000 enroll.

    The university has over 200 educational programs, including undergraduate degrees, master’s programs, certification programs and even doctorates.

    University’s School of Business offers programs in almost all popular courses or majors like economics, finance,

    operations management, marketing, human resources, actuarial science, general management, and information security management.

    They have tons of scholarship programs for every student, and the maximum scholarship one can avail of is 12000$ per year.

    Their well-educated and highly professional professors, lecturers and staff will make you job ready with an average package of 55k$.


    Is Oakland University a big school?

    This university is indeed a big one as it is located in the Rochester Hills and is located over a land of 1,444 acres, where thousands of students take admission & educate themselves every year.

    Is Oakland University an HBCU?

    Yes, this university is a part of the Historically Black Colleges & Universities, and provide quality education to American-African students.

    What Is Oakland University MBA Cost?

    The tuition fee for Oakland University MBA costs $834 per credit, without prerequisites with a time of completion of the course of 48 credits.

    16. Saginaw Valley State University

    Saginaw Valley State University is a prestigious University established in University Center, Michigan.

    Saginaw Valley State University

    Founded in 1963, the university offers more than 100 educational programs in multiple streams.

    The university receives 6000 applicants annually, and they enroll 1200 students yearly.

    The university has five major colleges, including the most popular, Scott L. Carmona College of Business.

    University’s College of Business offers a handful of graduate and undergraduate courses, including BBA and MBA in multiple domains.

    These domains include finance, economics, international business, marketing and many more.

    The university has a long list of highly qualified faculty, and thus, it has a faculty-student ratio of 20:1.

    With its unique financial aid program, students can get 100% of their tuition fee as a scholarship. University holds a 97% placement record and an average package of 48K$. 


    Is Saginaw Valley a dry campus?

    Yes, this university has a good environment free from any drugs, alcohol, or any other uncontrolled substances.

    Is Saginaw Valley State University d1?

    Saginaw University is a part of NCAA Division 2 with football as their main sport. This institution is also a part of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

    17. University of Detroit Mercy

    The University of Detroit Mercy is one of the oldest private universities, established in 1877 in Detroit, Michigan.

    University of Detroit Mercy

    It is one of the largest Roman Catholic universities in Michigan. It is a vast university with three campuses, seven colleges and hundreds of educational programs for students.

    Around 500 students enroll every year in the university. They have highly diversified degree programs from architecture to legal studies, dentistry to social sciences.

    The College Of Business Administration offers a wide range of courses under its undergraduate program.

    These courses include but are not limited to business law, accounting, business administration and even MBA for some domains.

    The university offers more than 20 scholarships and financial aid programs with a maximum scholarship of 15000$ per year.

    They have one of the best faculty members as well as a faculty-student ratio resulting in excellence in education.

    Students can easily get an average package of 60K$ after graduating from the university.


    Is Detroit Mercy a d1 school?

    Yes, this Michigan state business school is a part of the NCAA Division 1, with the main sport like basketball, and is also a part of the Horizon League athletic conference.

    Is the University of Detroit Mercy an HBCU?

    The University of Detroit Mercy is one of the largest private Catholic universities in the state.

    18. University of Michigan-Flint

    UMF, or the University of Michigan – Flint, is a popular and well-established public university founded in 1956.

    University of Michigan-Flint

    The University is located in Flint, Michigan, and it operates under the policies of the University of Michigan Board of Regents.

    Around 500 students enroll yearly in more than 180 educational programs under bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

    The university also offers 12 doctoral degree programs. It has 6 colleges offering education in several streams like arts, science, IT, health science, etc.

    UMF’s School of Management offers highly diversified education programs like bachelor’s, master’s, joint, doctoral, minor, and dual degrees and certifications.

    Now all these programs are available under multiple domains like Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Accounting, International Business, Marketing, Finance, etc.

    The university offers various financial aid programs with up to 100% tuition fees, from grants to loans and scholarships to work and study.

    They have an exceptional faculty helping students get an average annual package of 47K$.


    Is the University of Michigan-Flint the same as Ann Arbor?

    The campus of the University of Michigan in Flint is different from Dearborn & Ann Arbor. Each of these campuses has its aims, ambitions, acceptance rates, GPAs, and admission policies.


    Michigan is an adobe to some of the top business schools in the US offering a wide range of courses in finance, management, accounting, and business administration among others.

    These universities provide expert faculties, hands-on learning options, a wide range of programs, access to leading business organizations,

    and robust employment opportunities for its graduating students to excel in their bright future.

    So, what are you waiting for now? Shortlist the best colleges according to your interest and GPA scores and start preparing for the admission process.

    If you are moving to Michigan to pursue higher studies in any of the above prestigious colleges,

    check out the cost of living in Michigan to keep track of your daily/monthly expenses.Is Michigan a community property state? To know the answers, click here.