Brooklyn Neighborhood


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    In case you’re contemplating changing your environment to the Lone Star State, Brooklyn neighborhoods to be precise. There are a plethora of fantastic things in the neighborhood to pick from. The state residents are well aware that there are Brooklyn communities to find almost any preference.

    From quiet districts to popular areas, this diverse borough has it all. Once you’ve decided on your new area, you’ll find thousands of exciting things to do in Brooklyn.

    Would you like to know where the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY are for you? Take a look at this list of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods and what makes them unique.


    You can then start looking for a place to live in Brooklyn and investigate. And once you understand it, you’ll be well-versed in the local lore and able to choose your new neighborhood.

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    Brooklyn Safest neighborhood

    Where are the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY? 

    Park Slope neighborhood

    Park Slope retains quite a distinction as a hipster enclave since it has been an attraction for ambitious, elite entrepreneurs for the past 33 years. Professional briskness, on the other hand, will not be your only acquaintance in this neighborhood.


    Composers, actors, and singers live in this neighborhood, as do other innovative youth entrepreneurs.

    Furthermore, because of the neighborhood’s safe status and span of outstanding educational institutions, married families with kids too call Park Slope home. It’s a fantastic home neighborhood near many of Brooklyn’s greatest innovative destinations.

    Park Slope neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods near Manhattan, it is located in North Brooklyn, making it easy to Manhattan. Prospect Park and Fourth Avenue edge it on the east and west, respectively, while Flatbush Avenue and the Prospect Expressway edge it on the north and south.

    This region is bordered by the Brooklyn towns of Windsor Terrace and Gowanus. The primary thoroughfare for this Brooklyn neighborhood is 7th Avenue, which has a plethora of shopping opportunities. In terms of dining, new establishments are constantly springing up along the 5th and 6th Avenues.

    Bushwick Neighborhood

    Even though the historically working-class neighborhood is barely two sq mi in size, these have developed as the perfect area for unmarried metropolitan entrepreneurs seeking an innovative and growing area that is yet affordable.

    Many musicians, actors, and authors appreciate the fact that this genuine neighborhood is still in its infancy, rendering it a unique find for anyone looking for ideas, safe and affordable accommodation.


    The Bushwick neighborhood is recognized for being an industrious and close-knit neighborhood. Because of a major increase in population in the late twentieth century, most of those people in the neighborhood are Hispanics.

    As previously indicated, the neighborhood has seen an influx of innovation and youth, resulting in additional street graffiti and factory museum spaces.

    The neighborhood is near Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, and East New York, allowing it convenient to visit other popular areas. Bushwick, on the other hand, has plenty to offer.

    While drinking beer at the legendary Roberta’s, drive off to Nowadays for cocktails and recreation, and to Mood Ring for a constellations dessert.

    Carroll Gardens Neighborhood

    Carroll Gardens is an excellent spot to reside when you desire to reside in the center of ancient Brooklyn (but also be bordered by the municipality’s magnificent brownstones).

    The Neighborhood borough has long become renowned for its high Italian restaurants and pastries, although fresh businesses such as fitness centers and smoothie stores already were filling the sidewalks.


    Despite the developments, the neighborhood has maintained its uniqueness, keeping them part of the safest neighborhood. 

    Tourists as well as people living in the community like the community’s modest atmosphere. This is a laid-back neighborhood in which anyone from the neighborhood links to your postal delivery, is known by personality.

    Here the details of the neighborhood come from the vast entrance to the yards that several houses have, which contributes to the town’s beauty.

    The community, formerly called South Brooklyn, is bordered by hills. Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Gowanus, and Red Hook are all nearby parts of town worth checking out.

    While visitors stroll via the area, you’ll see individuals of different antiquities appreciating the neighborhood, especially youngsters, families carrying babies, and elders away shopping.

    Bay Ridge Neighborhood

    Bay Ridge can become the place that you visit when you’re searching for a home in a Brooklyn neighborhood that’s never altered far in the past five decades. Bay Ridge is the eldest and possibly the best of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.


    This town, apart from amassing trending communities such as Cobble Hill as well as Boerum Hill, is a captivating blend of fresh and aged.

    Even though appended and standalone residences are near to the beach and approximately a distance from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, it has a quaint, small-town vibe. There are garages, basements, and back gardens on several of the standalone houses. 

    While residences and studios were not inexpensive there, many are now less expensive compared to Park Slope, enabling them to reside in a lovely property in a secure neighborhood. Then, on the contrary, wedded connoisseurs in their age 45 to 55 with offspring seem to gravitate toward Bay Ridge.

    Remember, that getting into Manhattan will take probably 45 minutes presuming that traffic is coordinated while going.

    Bay Ridge is the best when it comes to having fun, leisure, and dinner. Going down most of the highways, the street is home to attracting restaurants, with excellent supermarkets on the main highway on 86th Road.

    Williamsburg Neighborhood

    Without including Williamsburg among the safest neighborhoods, a compilation of Brooklyn’s safest neighborhoods would be incomplete. The neighborhood has matured into a higher mature and wealthy form of “trendy” culture during the last ten.


    There are stylish stores as well as famous eateries and drink lounges with Social media offerings. Refurbished industries and commercial houses have been converted into offices and workshops around the neighborhood. Homeowners can get a taste of Manhattan at a reduced fee.

    The Williamsburg neighborhood is also known as “the new Soho” since it’s the destination to be whether you are just an entertainer, a model, or a journalist wanting to stay in a popular neighborhood with a rich background and culture in Brooklyn.

    The Williamsburg neighborhood is also open to entrepreneurs and couples of various ethnicities. When it comes to variety, the neighborhood is a dwelling to a sizable Orthodox Jewish community, whose forefathers escaped Europe during World War II.

    Puerto Rican and Dominican people flocked to the neighborhood, and many of them continue to live there till now. 

    Greenpoint to the north, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) to the south, Bushwick to the east, and the East River to the west define the Williamsburg neighborhood. The neighborhood is in a central position making it simple to travel to Manhattan every weekday via train, taxi, or motorcycle.


    Gowanus is a fast developing neighborhood that is undergoing urbanization. It does, therefore, have a large populace of musicians and innovators from many origins. Throughout Gowanus, there has been a slew of additional industrial buildings recently.


    Numerous eateries, museums, networks, and lounges have opened as a result of this. It is something to always keep you happy.

    You can stop by Claro to eat the tastiest Mexican food while staying relaxed in front of their huge oven. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a wonderful barbecue cafeteria with origins in Central New York, is also open for business. It’s an ideal location for working people.

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    What Neighborhoods in Brooklyn are Closest to Manhattan?

    Brooklyn Neighborhoods Distance to Manhattan 
    Park Slope 12.4 miles with 27 minutes  drive
    Bushwick10.1 miles with 28 minutes drive 
    Carroll Garden 11.2 miles with 23 minutes drive 
    Bay Ridge15.1miles with 30 minutes drive 
    Williamsburg8.1 miles with 20 minutes drive 

    How many Different Ethnic Neighborhoods are there in Brooklyn?

    Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are increasingly more diverse, as many newcomers merge into different communities.

    The following are Brooklyn neighborhoods and their main ethnicities

    1. The famous African-American neighborhood in the borough is Bedford-Stuyvesant.
    2. Ukrainian and Russian inhabitants and enterprises abound in Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Wharf. Small Odessa and Small Russia are nicknames for the area. The Russian population in Brighton Beach is the highest in the county. Traditionally, the community was a Jewish one.
    3. There are largely Italian American communities in Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Bay Ridge. Some southern Brooklyn neighborhoods with Italian Americans include Gravesend, Marine Park, Bergen Beach, and Mill Basin. The Italian American culture in Carroll Gardens is quite ancient.
    4. Countless Hasidic and Secular Jews, along with temples, madrasas, Jewish shops, and institutions, can be found in the City Picnic area, Flatbush, and Williamsburg. Crown Heights, Sea Gate, Canarsie, Midwood, and Kensington are several additional areas with significant Orthodox and Orthodox Jewish populations. Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, and Ditmas Park are densely populated by non-religious Jews.
    5. Chinese Immigrants are widespread in southern Brooklyn, mainly in Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Sunset Park, Gravesend, and Homecrest, with Sunset Park, dubbed “Brooklyn’s Chinatown,” hosting the largest group.
    6. Even though several Irish immigrants arrived in Long Island mostly in the 1920s, they are clustered in Bay Ridge, Marine Park, Vinegar Hill, and Gerritsen Beach.
    7. In the southwest part of Brooklyn, especially in Bay Ridge, Arab Americans and Muslim groups are centered.

    Brooklyn Dangerous Neighborhoods

    Let’s consider the dangerous areas in the Brooklyn neighborhoods;

    Brownsville Neighborhood 

    Brownsville built a large number of community rental apartments to accommodate the city’s rising minimal population Civil unrest, vandalism, and luting caused sectarian violence and environmental deterioration in the area.


    Throughout the late 1970s, criminality was briefly reduced by subsidizing multi-unit condominium buildings. Brownsville, a 1.63-sq-mi Brooklyn borough, now has a total of more than 58,000 people. The area contains more than 28,000 dwelling units.

    Workers have an annual income ranging from $15,000 to $30,000. Many abandoned properties and stores have resulted from destitution and addiction problems in recent years.

    East New York Neighborhood

    Following WWII, most of East New York’s industrial employment was lost resulting in societal challenges Joblessness and drug abuse increased in tandem with criminal activity. East New York was severely impacted by the property abuses of the early 1980s.

    Cypress Hill is one of the several subdivisions of East New York. Starrett City is a big public housing complex. East New York’s “Hole” is a blighted neighborhood. In 2008, the SHIP rehabilitation initiatives assisted in the construction of new residences for poor – intermediate households in the community.

    The neighborhood has seen little rehabilitation, making it subject to destitution, addiction, and violence.

    Seventy thousand people worked at the Navy Yard around WWII, constructing submarines. Having three ports and ten terminals, the community now houses both personal and corporate enterprises.


    Navy Hill has a total of more than 11,500 people who live in a.64-square-mile area. The gap in the standard of rent is caused by the highly urbanized and various social-political-environmental populations.

    The average family earnings in this area are 45,500 dollars. The rental rate in New York City is $1000 per month, which is modest. Civil disobedience violence happens in the context of 40 / 1000 people. 

    The above-mentioned neighborhoods are also parts of Brooklyn, NY, USA.

    Brooklyn Neighborhood Housing Cost

    A glance at the table below to get a better idea of how diverse pricing might be in various communities of Brooklyn. We’ll go through the median housing pricing of a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, one-bedroom home, and two bedrooms home in DUMBO, Park Slope, and Green Point.

    Three of the trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods;

    Neighborhood 1-bedroom apartment 2-bedroom apartment 1-bedroom home2-bedroom home
    Park Slope$2,850$4,200$645,000$799,000
    Green Point $2,600$3,000$490,000$749,000

    The above write-up serves as a Brooklyn neighborhood guide, you must first consider this important Brooklyn relocation advice we can offer is to pick your area carefully. The rate of housing in Brooklyn is directly proportional to the borough you choose.

    As you’ve seen, the housing costs may be quite expensive in this city. If you can’t pay to reside in one of the more affluent areas, it’s best to reside within your limitations.

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