Boston vs. New York

Moving to the East Coast? New York and Boston are two of the biggest cities on the east coast, connected by the Boston-Washington axis. Both Boston and New York have a great deal to offer, including good public transportation, a diverse economy, and limitless cultural activities.

Are you now confused about sorting New York vs. Boston? Choosing between Boston and New York the greatest cities to live in is highly subjective. To help you decide between Boston vs. New York, here’s we’ll evaluate everything from crime statistics to population to assist you to choose your new home.

Is Boston better than New York?

Both New York City and Boston made the list of America’s most expensive cities, however, New York City is more expensive. While you will think about expenses to live in Boston vs. NYC, you will realize that Boston’s real estate is already pricey, but New York’s is soaring. Besides, in Boston, you’ll feel more secure than in New York City. The violent crime rate in New York City is 3.5%, on the other end, Boston is one of the safest cities with a very few crime rate. Also, New York City has a bad reputation for being filthy whereas Boston is a clean city. So yeah! Boston is a more pleasant place to live than New York City.

Is Boston similar to NYC?

Both cities are unique in their way. When compared to Boston, New York is a massive metropolis, both in terms of area and people. Similarly, New York City’s urban planning differs from Boston’s in many ways. Because of its grid-like layout, New York City appears more orderly and ordered.

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Boston vs. New York: What are the main differences?

The two cities of Boston and New York are distinct from one another. New York is a massive metropolis, both in terms of area and people. Compare them and you’ll see what each city has to offer. It’s imperative to consider the following when contrasting Boston with New York.

Population Comparison

According to population, New York City is America’s most populous city and Boston isn’t even close. The population of New York Metropolis is roughly 16 times more than that of Boston, but the city has only twice the land area. A metro population of approximately 20 million people makes New York the most populous city in the United States. Boston has a population of 694,000, but the greater Boston area has a population of 4.8 million.

Is Boston bigger than New York City?

Boston’s area is 2.2 times bigger than New York City.

Why did New York grow bigger than Boston?

New York is growing bigger than Boston because it is located in the center of the country contributing more to the financial sectors of the country. It is the most preferred location for business headquarters and manufacturing industries to further increase their demand for the shipping of goods and services. 

Boston Vs New York: Income

The number of businesses in New York City exceeds one million, and the number of new firms opening up is constantly increasing. On the other hand, Boston is the best place in the world to look for a job and is suitable for people pursuing a career in health, tech, and finance, among others. 6.8% of New York City’s employers pay their workers more than their counterparts in Boston. It was ranked 147th in terms of average yearly income and starting wage. In New York City, “the average starting salary is higher than the national average,” Brick Underground reports.

What is a good salary to live in Boston?

If you are relocating to Boston, you must earn a livable salary of $120,000 which includes a monthly rent of a 2 bedroom flat i.e. $2900 per month. However, a household income of $53,000 can also be a good salary to live in Boston as it is the median income in Boston.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in NY?

While budgeting you need to learn the standard rule of three to live comfortably in New York City i.e. you must earn at least 3 times the monthly rent excluding taxes. Overall, a household income of $149,868 per year is a recommended salary to earn to live comfortably in New York City.

Boston vs. New York: Housing

If you finalize to move to New York City you to be concerned about whether New York expensive to live in or not? New York City is widely regarded as the most costly city in America. Numbeo’s cost of living index utilizes New York City as a baseline, scoring it 100 out of 100 and expressing other cities’ expenses as a percentage relative to NYC. While Boston’s average rent in January 2020 was $3,462, nearly double the national average of $1,463.

Is Boston expensive to live in?

Boston is said to be the most expensive city in the US. As per the cost of living index by numbeo, the cost of goods and belongings prices including transportation, utilities, restaurants, housing, health, rents, groceries, and miscellaneous scores 162.4 out of the national average of 100.

Cost of livingBostonUS

Is Boston real estate more expensive than New York?

Boston’s housing and real estate cost is 49.9% cheaper than New York. But for most residents, the real estate market of Boston, especially greater Boston, is the most expensive place to buy or rent a house which might come to an end in the upcoming years.

Is Boston rent more expensive than New York?

Rents in Boston are quite very expensive. You might need $6800 to maintain a standard lifestyle in Boston that you can have with $8500 in New York. Both Boston and New York’s housing rents i.e. 260.6 and 176.7 respectively are more than the national average i.e. 100.

Boston vs. New York: Climate & Weather

The weather in Boston and New York, most of the time remains similar, except for the cold winter months. People who are considering moving to the city because of the weather will reconsider. However, the winters in New York City may be cold, too. It’s still a lot less brutal than Boston, though.

Is NY colder than Boston?

As far as the weather in Boston is concerned, it has a moderate climate, colder in winter and warmer in summer. With a lesser temperature difference than NY, Boston experiences more snow, and winters continue for 2-3 weeks more. While you still feel cold in Boston, spring has already arrived in NY.

Is Boston more humid than New York?

While Boston has both a humid continental and subtropical climate, New York lies within the humid subtropical climate zone. Boston experiences 1.7% more monsoon days than NY and 10.7% fewer summer days than NY.

Does it snow a lot in Boston?

Boston gets 48.1 inches of snow every year during October, November, and April. Otherwise, the city is free of snow from May to September every year. Boston also receives precipitation for almost 130 days per year, which is much more than the national average of 106.2 days in the United States.

How does the nightlife in Boston compare to New York City?

You might have a question why do people move to New York, rather than Boston? Well, the nightlife in New York outperforms Boston in comparison.

  • Boston closes early. There’s a hard halt at 2 AM, although places often close by 1:30 or even 1. The T stops running around 12:45, so staying out means taking a cab home.
  • Boston has no happy hour/hourly drink specials whereas New Yorkers are hungrier. This is because they are cramming a night’s worth of drinking into a 2-3 hours span compared to New Yorkers.
  • Good clubs in Boston are rare. Both pop culture has traditionally emphasized New York City nightlife.

In a sense, New York is more meandering. More likely to meet up with one group of pals for a casual dinner with drinks, then move on to another, and so on all night.

Does Boston have good nightlife?

Boston has a colorful and vibrant nightlife. The city becomes alive at night due to various trendy bars, movie screenings, breweries selling crafted beer, night scenes at a museum, and much more that can keep every single crowd engaged in their way.

What part of Boston has the best nightlife?

Boston’s areas you must consider for your nightlife ventures are as follows:

  • Restaurants and bars in North End, SouthEnd, and Faneuil Hall.
  • Nightclubs and dancing at The Theatre District, downtown.
  • Casual bar hopping at Back Bay.
  • Chinatown to enjoy bijou nightclub.
  • Harvard square for fantastic nighttime.

Does New York have nightlife?

Travelers and residents in New York enjoy their nightlife at the world’s most famous nightclubs, music clubs, and bars. The best nightlife venues are situated in Chelsea, midtown areas of the meatpacking district, and Greenwich villages.

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Safety comparisons: Boston Vs NY?

Boston is safer than New York. Although New York City has resolved its crime and safety concerns. The city’s zero-tolerance approach to crime is reducing crime. In ten years, the city’s crime rate has dropped by half. It’s a big step up. While comparing New York versus San Francisco, living in New York City is safer.

Boston is one of the safest cities in America. Boston is more tranquil than NYC. Boston has fewer crimes than New York. Also, Boston has more safe neighbourhoods than New York.

Does Boston have a high crime rate?

Be it a small or a large crime, Boston’s overall crime rate is extremely higher than the national average. The city witnesses more than 26 crimes per 1000 residents across all communities.

How does Boston compare to New York in Crime?

Crime rates in Boston and New York are pretty much the same and are on the higher side than the national average. Although, you will feel much safer living in Boston than in New York. The crime rate in the Big Apple, New York is 3.8% which is on the higher side than the national average of 3.7%.

Boston Vs NY : Job Market

Although Boston ranks 3rd in the nation for hiring opportunities and fourth in work satisfaction, with a Glassdoor rating of 3.6 out of 5, getting a job in Boston will be difficult due to the high level of competition. New York metropolis has over a million enterprises, with new ones continually appearing. There’s no shortage of areas for firms to expand and hire additional workers, from remote work facilities to skyscrapers. So, there are many options to consider. New York City scored 122 out of 150 cities for job opportunities. It rated 147th for both median starting wage and annual income.

Is it difficult to find a job in Boston?

Finding a job position in Boston can be quite difficult to acquire since it is a highly skilled competitive area. On every top job-seeking website you can find nearly 90 job positions posted for every 1000 job seekers. From this, you can figure out what difficulty you might face while searching for a job despite having good qualifications and experience.

Does NYC have a lot of job opportunities?

New York City provides a lot of job opportunities to job seekers as there are over 1 million businesses and industrial sectors available in the city with new ones coming up now and then. This means that there are a lot of job opportunities to explore and consider.

NY vs. Boston: Education

Only 2% of high school students in Massachusetts drop out, making it the top school system in the nation. New York City also came in 13th place overall with a score of 57.37. In terms of educational attainment and quality, the state came in at number 19 and number 14, respectively.

Is NYC or Boston better for college?

Boston is a better option to attend college than New York City since it is one of the largest regions having well-reputed colleges and universities providing top-quality education and courses for students. Great Boston is known as a college town as it has more than 50 best colleges and universities present in the US.

Where does Boston rank in education?

According to a recent study from WalletHub, Boston ranks 7th among all the US-educated states from which Boston University has been ranked #45 among the best education schools in the nation. All educational institutes in Boston are ranked according to their education and performance over a set of a widely accepted index of excellence.

Is BU a better school than NYU?

BU is a better school than NYU as BU is ranked 82 on a scale of 50-99. Also, the acceptance rate at BU is quite better than at NYU.

Observer neighborhoods

Boston is home to 23 distinct neighborhoods, each of which offers something new and exciting to discover. While New York City provides a densely populated atmosphere, one of the advantages of living in Boston is that you are still surrounded by nature, thanks to the changing leaves, the scenic Charles River, and cobblestone walkways that line the streets. With more playgrounds and public parks per capita than any other city, Boston was constructed with an “Emerald Necklace” of green space around the city, making it the greenest metropolis in America. As a result, there are outdoor activities available in every area.

What is the coolest neighborhood in Boston?

The coolest neighborhoods in Boston with unique community, architecture, history, and culture that likely continues to make the city rich in the upcoming years are as follows:

  • Beacon hill
  • South Boston
  • Northend
  • Charles town
  • Fenway-Kenmore
  • Backbay
  • Allston and Brighton

What is the most beautiful neighborhood in New York?

The most stunning and picturesque neighborhoods that make the city more beautiful and special in their way are:

  • Fieldston
  • West village
  • Brooklyn heights
  • Park slope
  • SoHo
  • Mott Haven
  • Forest hills
  • Silver lake
  • Carnegie hill

Boston vs. New York FAQs

How is Boston compared to NYC?

Boston is compared with New York in terms of:
1.51.87% less population density than newyork
2.$635.27 cheaper housing rents
3.$0.25 less cost of transportation ticket for a  single individual
4.$39 less monthly public transport ticket
5.#8 ahead in the standard of living
6. Has more lakes

Is it more expensive to live in NYC or Boston?

NYC is an expensive state to live in as the cost of living in NYC (100) is more than in Boston (85.81). NYC has many restaurants, bars, transportation, businesses, and top-quality education which leads to higher competition and higher costs values.


The cities of Boston and New York couldn’t be more dissimilar. It’s impossible to compare the two cities. Any doubts like if the tap water in NYC is safe to drink? Drinking water in NYC is chlorinated and fluoridated, and treated with orthophosphate, sodium hydroxide, and UV radiation, so it is completely safer to drink. You may want to take advantage of everything the two communities have to offer.

The city of Boston is more organized, which gives you a stronger sense of security. When you move to Boston or New York, you have to accept a new way of life. If you’re from a small town or a more rural state, you could find New York a bit much. Boston might be a better choice than New York for you. If you’ve lived in cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, move to New York.

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