Bisbee Arizona RV Parks

Bisbee Arizona Recreational Vehicle Parks

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    Bisbee, Arizona is a historic mining town in southeastern Arizona, only 8 kilometers from the Mexican border. While Bisbee itself is home to only one RV park, the surrounding desert is filled with many others nearby.

    Our comprehensive list of RV parks near Bisbee Arizona includes everything from campgrounds with a view of desert, mountains, and sky like no other place on Earth.

    Where can you park an RV for free in Arizona?

    You can park an RV for free in Arizona camping sites on the public lands offered by the Bureau of Land Management and the US forest service. 

    What is the best Time of Year to Visit Bisbee, Arizona?

    Spring is the best time of the year to visit Bisbee, Arizona.

    6 Best Bisbee AZ RV Parks and Campgrounds

    Nothing beats camping in Bisbee, Arizona. You can find several RV parks here to spend the night in your motorhome. The followings are the top 6 RV parks in Bisbee, Arizona. Explore the canyons and cliffs near these parks to fill your sense of adventure!

    FeaturesWhite Water DrawThe Shady DellBisbee RV Park at Turquoise ValleyDesert Oasis CampgroundQueen Mine RV ParkDouble Adobe Campground
    Pets FriendlyYesNot allowed YesYesYesYes
    Site SurfaceGravel leveled surface for parking and camping.  Leveled land Leveled site; full of stones and gravel. Very spacious site; surrounded by hills and mountains. Leveled site, full of stones and gravel. Driveway slope, site full of gravel and stones. 
    Site TypeOpen scattered campsiteRV sites, tent sites, and pull-through sites.Back-in and pull-through sites.Cabins, RV rentals, and camping sitesBack-in Full hook-up RV sites, tent-in, and pull-through.
    Water/Wifi/ElectricityAll available Water and electricity are available but no wifi. All availableAll available  All availableAll available. 
    Site Space600 acres of marshy land and 2 riverside areas, accommodating 10-12 RV vehicles. 20 acres of Greenland.Neat and clean spacious site.120-acre site spaceOne of the largest and most spacious campsites, with 25 no. of campsites. Spacious campsites for large group campers.  

    1. Whitewater Draw

    Chihuahuan desert grassland is the habitat type found in the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area. Over 600 acres of the area have intermittently cool and windy weather.

    Whitewater Draw

    This place provides superb waterfowling similar to other water parks in Tucson, especially in years with abundant rainfall. It is also well-known for fantastic birding and free camping.

    More than 30,000 sandhill cranes make a stop at Whitewater Draw between October and March which is a fascinating sight. Campgrounds in this park are perfect for big rigs, have picnic tables, clean bathrooms, and even allow pets.

    Location: Outside of U.S. Highway 191, in the Sulphur Springs Valley, just 20 minutes northeast of Bisbee.

    Cost rate: Free  

    What is Whitewater Draw?

    Whitewater Draw is a tributary rivulet of the Rio The Agua Prieta River situated in Cochise County Arizona. It was also known as Black Water Creek named after Philip St. George Cooke. 

    Are Sandhill cranes still at Whitewater draw?

    Sandhill Cranes can be found every year from October to March at a higher number at white water draw wildlife areas in SE Arizona. 

    What time of day is best to see Sandhill cranes?

    Early Dawn and before an hour to dusk are the best times to see Sandhill Cranes. 

    Can you camp at Whitewater Draw?

    Yes, you can camp at the whitewater draw. It’s completely free and you can camp overnight. But you might feel uncomfortable due to the large gravel present there. 

    2. The Shady Dell

    Shady Dell Vintage Trailer has grown into a popular destination for both trailer fans and those seeking a novel approach to hotel stays. When it comes to RVs and vintage cars, the place is legendary.

    The Shady Dell

    Camping trailers and Chris Craft boats are also available for lodging. So, don’t delay to stay in one of nine beautiful vintage aluminum travel trailers at the Shady Dell for RV camping in Bisbee that have been lovingly restored. 

    Location: Approximately 1.5 km high from the sea level in the Mule Mountains on Old Douglas Road, Bisbee, Arizona.

    Cost rate: Overnight rates range from $87 up to $145.

    Where is the Shady Dell?

    Shady Dell is present on Old Douglas Road in Bisbee town of Arizona. 

    Is parking available at Shady Dell RV Park?

    Yes, free parking and RV parking with hookups are available at Shady Dell RV Park. 

    Are there any historical sites close to Shady Dell RV Park?

    Warren ballpark and Copper Queen plaza at the two historical sites present within 3 km of Shady Dell RV park. 

    3. Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley

    The weather at Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley is sunny and pleasant, with highs around 15 degrees Celsius on average. The park is serene, and there were beautiful vistas of the southern mountains.

    Turquoise Valley

    The campsites here have a large area, a laundromat, showers, an off-leash dog park, and lightning-fast Wi-Fi, so guests are guaranteed to have a pleasant stay.

    Location: The Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley is situated at 1791 West Newell Street in Naco, Arizona.

    Cost rate: $30.00 – $35.00 daily. 

    4. Desert Oasis Campground

    Just outside the historic city of Bisbee, the Desert Oasis camping area boasts a panoramic view of the Mule, Swiss Helm, Perillo, Chiricahua, and Dagroon mountains. The dry air of the desert tends to feel warmer than the actual temperature, even at the end of winter.

    Desert Oasis Campground

    Desert oasis campground has many brand-new RV parks in Bisbee and a big rigs-friendly place with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys from sunrise to sunset. Camping on a desert oasis is perfect for nature lovers.

    You might not want to leave once you’ve experienced the pleasant climate and stunning desert landscape.

    Location: 11 kilometers due east of Bisbee, 15 miles southwest of McNeal.

    Cost rate: $42-$44 daily. 

    What are some of the property amenities at Desert Oasis Campground?

    The amenities that are provided at Desert Oasis Campground are a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking, room service, and housekeeping. 

    Which room amenities are available at Desert Oasis Campground?

    The kitchen area, TV, AC, free WiFi, and bathroom are certain amenities found in each room at Desert Oasis Campground

    5. Queen Mine RV Park

    If you’re looking for the best RV Park or Tent Campground for camping near Bisbee, Arizona, look no further than Queen Mine RV Park. This park is the only RV spot in the heart of Bisbee, and it’s in a prime location for exploring all that Bisbee has to offer.

    Queen Mine RV Park

    Temperatures in the park will reach the mid-80s on sunny days and will drop to the 50s and 60s at night. This campground is famous for its breathtaking panorama of Queen Mine. At sunset, the view is especially breathtaking.

    There are a handful of campsites in this tiny campground.  The amenities of these campsites feature Wi-Fi, cable TV, and electrical, water, and sewage hookups.

    Location: Centrally located within Bisbee, Arizona 85603. 473 N. Dart Road.

    Cost rate: Nightly $45.00/2 person ($4 for each additional person). 

    Where is Queen Mine RV Park?

    Queen Mine RV Park is situated in the downtown city of dart road, Bisbee, Arizona. 

    6. Double Adobe Campground

    Double Adobe Campground and Shotgun Sport have refreshingly cool summers and cool, clear nights. Snowfall is possible during the winter months, adding to the beauty of the landscape. There are many nearby attractions, as well as nature trails perfect for hiking just like hiking in Mesa, AZ, horseback riding, or mountain biking.


    This campground has everything you could want for a relaxing getaway: 108 RV hookups, grassy tent sites, onsite propane, Wi-Fi, a game room, a bird-watching platform, and a clean laundry room.

    Location: 13 kilometers to the east of Bisbee, Arizona.

    Cost rate: $40.00 daily with tax) and $185.00 weekly. 

    Are there any historical sites close to Double Adobe Campground?

    Shotgun sports, Warren Ballpark, and Copper Queen are the famous historical sites present nearer to Double Adobe Campground

    How do you get to the Double Adobe Campground?

    Double Adobe Campground is accessible from Granada Road and Robson Road from Lakeland Hills Boulevard. 

    Bisbee AZ RV Parks FAQs

    How much does it cost to stay at an RV park in Arizona?

    Following is the price list for staying at an RV Park in Arizona.

    One night$41.67
    One week$207.54
    One month$396.06
    One year $2437.47
    Advance deposits$100 credit for renting the space in advance which is refundable after check-in. 

    Where can I take my RV in Arizona?

    You can take your RVs to the following places in Arizona:

    • Grand Canyon National Park 
    • London Bridge and Havasu Lake.
    • Petrified Forest National Park
    • Route 66
    • Saguaro National Park

    How much is the rent in an RV park in Arizona?

    Rental prices in an RV park in Arizona range from $30 to $150 per night.

    Can you live in an RV legally in Arizona?

    No, you can’t live in an RV legally in Arizona unless it’s your personal property. 


    RV camping in Bisbee is the convenient starting point for explorations of the surrounding desert landscape and proximity to popular tourist destinations like Tombstone and Coronado National Forest.

    The cost rates of these campgrounds are exceptionally low which will make you think to stay longer so you can visit the town’s historic mining architecture and creative atmosphere. When planning your next RV vacation, be sure to stop at one of Bisbee’s best RV resorts.