Best Time To Visit Vermont

Best Time To Visit Vermont

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    Vermont doesn’t have bad weather. Whether it be cold, warm, windy, or snowy; the temperature remains moderate throughout the year. Not too extreme, not too mild.

    Vermont experiences its best time of year from May to September. Green landscape, maple syrup, city marathon, lowest cost of living in Vermont, and moderate crowd make the city vibrant and lively. Early fall is breathtaking.

    Best Time To Visit Vermont
    Best Time To Visit Vermont

    The environment becomes colorful with bright reds, yellows, oranges, and greens attracting a lot of attention. However, the crowdest period to visit Vermont is in the months of July and August. It possesses long days, beaming skies, luscious winds, and snuggly weather. Of course, winters are a bit unpredictable between freezing rain and fluffy snow. But if you love skiing and snowboarding, you must visit some of Vermont’s top ski resorts.

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    Visit Vermont By Months

    Are you thinking to relocate to Vermont at the end of the year to settle down or spend vacations? Then you have chosen the right time. December to March is definitely the best time to visit Vermont. But the state is still filled with many season-centric activities all year round that can’t be missed. So, let’s dive into the topic and learn more regarding it.

    December-March – Best time for snow sports

    With an average daily high temperature of less than 35°F, the cold season in Vermont lasts for 3 months – December – March. The entire state is covered with a certain number of feet, rather than inches of snowfall, making it an ideal hub for snow sports.

    December-March - Best time for snow sports
    December-March – Best time for snow sports

    It’s also worth mentioning that the temperature might become too frizzy that the state’s top sights can shorten or close their visiting hours.

    Is December a good time to visit Vermont?

    December is a good time of the year to admire nature’s beauty, warm meals, and blanketed snow all over Vermont. The winter month makes the entire state lively and energetic. People are seen indulging in snowboarding, skiing, making snowmen, enjoying many outdoor activities, and being involved in plenty of indoor activities during cold days.

    Key Events:

    • Wassail weekend
    • Stowe winter carnival
    • Winter lights festival
    • Winter Carnival
    • Vermont brewers festival
    • Great ice festival
    • Lake Champlain pond hockey classic
    • Magic hat Mardi gras Parade and bloc Party

    April – Best Known as the Mud season

    April in Vermont is declared as “off-season” for travelers. It might look beautiful due to early spring but remains wet, cold, muddy, and miserable. The melted snow and heavy precipitation (more than 160mm over 10 days) don’t let the ground absorb the water.

    April - Best Known as the Mud season
    April – Best Known as the Mud season

    Besides that, leaves and grasses have not even fully grown up. As a result, the ground remains muddy and watery, and dead old leaves are found all around the streets.

    However late April can be a good time to explore: fewer crowds, warm weather, budgeted hotel rates, blooming trees, and chirping birds make the towns beautiful and charming. But this time is undesirable for escapade travelers.

    Is April a good time to visit Vermont?

    April is not a good time to visit Vermont. The weather remains warm and the entire state is full of mud. You might not like to walk around on muddy roads.

    Key Events:

    • Pond skimming in various ski resorts
    • Annual Mud season groove
    • Baby animal day celebrations
    • Vermont maple festival
    • Vermont restaurant week

    May-September – Best time to visit Vermont

    As far as good weather is concerned, the best months to visit Vermont are from May to September. The peak season starts in May and ends in the leaf-peeping fall.

    May-September - Best time to visit Vermont
    May-September – Best time to visit Vermont

    During this time, the festivals line up and the entire city turns greenery and festive. On average, the temperature remains warmer during July and August and witnesses precipitation from May to August.

    Is Vermont Nice in July?

    July is the hottest month in Vermont. The temperature rises above 81 degrees Fahrenheit during this time. Ocean coasts during summer start to dry up, so you can’t enjoy beachside recreations and views.

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    Key Events:

    • Vermont City Marathon
    • Burlington Kids Day
    • Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
    • Burlington Wine and Food Festival
    • Burlington Farmers Market
    • Dragon Boat Festival
    • Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival
    • Lake Champlain Maritime Festival

    October-November – Best time to see a change in foliage color

    October – November is the most vibrant time to tour Vermont. During this period, the foliage starts to change its colors, dead old leaves give a musky smell, the sun shines brightly through the remaining leaves, and apples and pumpkins are available in masses.

    October-November - Best time to see a change in foliage color
    October-November – Best time to see a change in foliage color

    The weather remains tolerable and the temperature ranges between 43°F – 56°F.

    Is October a good time to go to Vermont?

    October is a good time to go to Vermont to see fall colors. During this time, leaves start to change their color and fall from the trees. The state gets pretty crowded due to leaf oglers but not as much as you imagine it is.

    Key Events:

    • Garlic And Herb Festival, Southern Vermont
    • Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival
    • Sheep and Wool Festival

    Popular Times to Visit Vermont By Season

    Nowhere does seasons like Vermont. Ok, sometimes summer is too humid and winter is too freezy, but Vermont’s natural scenery, rich art and culture, local cuisines, and active lifestyle always have something to offer.

    Popular Times to Visit Vermont By Season
    Popular Times to Visit Vermont By Season

    Let us dive into our guide to know the best seasons to visit Vermont. As we say, the weather in Vermont keeps on changing, you never know a longtime warm day might suddenly become a mild colder night. 

    Winter in Vermont

    Vermont is an ideal destination for snow sports. During winter, it receives an annual snowfall of more than 85 inches. At this point in time, the state witnesses winter memories for downhill skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and glistering slopes riders. If you are looking for a below-budget trip, try to have a round on weekdays rather than a weekend or holidays. Lodging and fooding rates remain high during those times.

    Winter in Vermont
    Winter in Vermont

    Besides all these, winter is also known as the “admission season” of the year. Educational institutions provide application forms for children seeking new admission to the best high schools in Vermont, colleges, and universities in the month of January. Thenceforth new sessions get to start in March of every year.

    Where should I vacation in Vermont in winter?

    Winter is the best time to visit Vermont for snow as you can enjoy many recreational activities, delicious food, and snow stunts. The top right vacation spots that you must not miss during winters in Vermont are:

    • Woodstock
    • Stowe
    • Burlington
    • The Mad River Valley
    • Manchester
    • The Lake Morey Area
    • Jeffersonville
    • Warren

    What is there to do in Vermont in the winter?

    The outdoor and indoor activities that you must do or visit in Vermont during winters are as follows:

    • Skiing
    • Snowshoeing
    • Tour To National Historical Park and Museums
    • Riding
    • Fat Biking
    • Dog Sledding
    • Ice Climbing
    • Visit Bars And Restaurants To Taste Famous Cuisines and Cocktails In Vermont
    • Ice Skating

    Spring in Vermont

    Spring is the time when nature wakes up in Vermont. Flowers begin to bud, maple sap flows, maple festivals and events begin, calves and lambs are born and the local market thrives with prosperity.

    Spring in Vermont
    Spring in Vermont

    This is the time when Vermont witnesses change in weather times. Chilly mornings turn into humid afternoons followed by a sudden drop to sheer coldness during the evening, continuing the whole night. With long daylight hours, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and scenic pastures.

    What is there to do in Vermont in the spring?

    Spring is the best time of year to visit Vermont. Five things that are a must-to-do in Vermont during spring are:

    • Visit Billings farm museum, Woodstock
    • Watch the Hot air balloon festival in Quechee, Vermont
    • Tour to the Robert Frost interpretive trail, Ripton, Vermont
    • Study the history of hill Hildene, Manchester, Vermont
    • Take a sip of pure maple syrup at the Maple festival Vermont

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    Summer in Vermont

    Summers in Vermont come with a  wide range of outdoor recreations, family vacations, and nightlife fun. Days become longer and warmer while nights are cold and breezy. Sun beats down the city hard – sunscreen, sunglasses, and Vermont craft beers are a must.

    Summer in Vermont
    Summer in Vermont

    All thanks to the 157-mile-long shoreline which has more than 800 ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams to cool off. You can dive into lake Champlain, waterfalls, swimming holes, and potholes.

    Where should I vacation in Vermont in the summer?

    The top 5 summer vacation spots in Vermont that can’t be missed are as follows:

    • Waterfront Park, Burlington, Vermont
    • Hiking shopping and enjoying cultural festivals in Manchester, Vermont
    • Cruising in Newport, Vermont
    • Beachside recreations in Bennington, Vermont
    • Visit farmer’s market in Dorset, Vermont

    What is the sunniest month in Vermont?

    July is the sunniest month in Vermont averaging 300  hours of sunshine.

    Fall in Vermont

    Fall in Vermont is all love. It is all about a quick snap of autumn fragrances morning air, crisp fallen leaves on the streets, distinct yellow leaves on maple trees, and the sweet keenness of apple cider accompanying a wide range of crimson.

    Fall in Vermont
    Fall in Vermont

    Vermont is mostly covered with forests full of maple trees. This means by the end of October the state put on shades of Orange, red and yellow. Visitors must plan a trip during this time to witness fall foliage and take a tour around the town. However, peak foliage might differ due to climate change.

    How do you plan a trip to Vermont in the fall?

    The top 7 activities that you can plan a trip in where Mount during the fall is:

    • Apple-picking competition in large organic farms.
    • Explore the state by train
    • Stay in organic farms
    • Go on a long road drive
    • Go on a long trail hiking
    • Go for a cottage camping
    • Visit a B&B destination in Burlington

    Is Vermont pretty in the fall?

    Vermont looks absolutely stunning in the fall. The beautiful foliage views, outdoor recreations, and cooler temperatures make it quintessential for fall vacations.


    Vermont, the green mountain state is a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who want to live a slow-paced healthy lifestyle. There is no such best time to visit Vermont as it is never out of season. People from all over the world feel free to move or visit the state anytime in the year. Also, there are many best places to live in Vermont for young adults and visitors who move to Vermont in search of jobs or simply settle down.

    If you are one among Vermont movers, read out our blog and explore one of New England’s top states worth visiting.

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