Best Time to Visit Rhode Island

Best time to visit rhode island

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    Are you planning to visit Rhode Island? Or do you want to exploit the advantage of being in Rhode Island with its long beaches and peaceful environment?

    But, not have any idea about the best time to visit here. Right? If yes, this is what you need! First, you have to decide which season you want to go to in Rhode Island because it offers four seasons to enjoy. Till the end of this blog, you will be able to pick the best season as per your intentions of visiting Rhode Island.

    Best time to visit rhode island

    The blog will guide you on the best time to visit Rhode Island, plus a few essential things. And before we jump into this pool, let’s see a few key questions providing major information on your traveling.

    Is it safe to travel to Rhode Island?

    Nowadays, it is safe to travel to Rhode Island after COVID-19. It follows the United State’s and Inter-State traveling rules and guidelines for safety measures. Also, they need a negative PCR or Antigen test not older than a day before traveling. Therefore, there is nothing to harm you for traveling to Rhode Island.

    Besides that, we have provided a small guide on reasons to move to Rhode Island. You can imagine how awesome it is to stay in a safe atmosphere like Rhode Island. 

    What is the coldest month in Rhode Island?

    As you see, Rhode Island has a cold winter season. But, when it comes to the coldest month, January is the common answer you will get. The temperature ranges between a minimum of 22°F and a maximum of 37°F this month. Therefore, take necessary precautions before going to Rhode Island in the Coldest month.

    With that, start your journey on the best time to visit Rhode Island from the following.

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    Rhode Island Travel Guide

    This Rhode Island Travel Guide is all about hotels, food, and, most importantly, time and season. However, you will also meet with a few stunning events or Rhodes Island in this blog.

    However, if you ask us, we would suggest taking stay in Newport and Providence and attending all the events. Also, the food from these cities is delicious that everyone wants to visit this place again and again. Likewise, roaming and food are what a traveler needs when he is on a traveling trip. Hence, Rhode Island fulfills all your demands for the same in one place.

    Along with that, you can visit the attraction points like aquariums, casinos, breweries, and more for your comfort. It is not enough yet!

    You can make a plan on “vacation in Rhode Island” and enjoy the unique things to do in Rhode Island that it offers for all age groups. Isn’t that exciting?

    Yes, that is exciting! In addition to that, you should check the weather in Rhode Island to make your vacation trip memorable.

    Weather in Rhode Island

    In this state, the summers become hot, and the winter becomes cold and snowy. Also, you can see that sometimes it becomes partly cloudy year-round. See the average temperature in Rhode Island.


    Average Temperature (°F)

    The average temperature in Rhode Island varies according to every month of the year. Check out the following bullet points to know about the average temperature before visiting Rhode Island.

    • January – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 20.3°F and a maximum of 37.1°F.
    • February – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 22.5°F and a maximum of 39.3°F.
    • March – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 30.0°F and a maximum of 47.7°F.
    • April – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 39.1°F and a maximum of 58.1°F.
    • May – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 48.8°F and a maximum of 68.5°F.
    • June – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 57.9°F and a maximum of 77.3°F.
    • July – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 64.1°F and a maximum of 82.6°F.
    • August – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 62.8°F and a maximum of 80.9°F.
    • September – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 54.5°F and a maximum of 73.4°F.
    • October – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 43.1°F and a maximum of 62.9°F.
    • November – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 35.1°F and a maximum of 52.4°F.
    • December – The month shows a minimum average temperature of 25.6°F and a maximum of 42.1°F.

    So, you can visit Rhode Island after knowing these monthly temperatures, and it will help you plan your family trip with fewer worries.

    Average Precipitation (in)

    The precipitation is assumed to be water delivered from rain, snow, and freezing rain. The following bullet points will help you know about the average precipitation before visiting Rhode Island.

    • January – 3.9 inches
    • February – 3.4 inches
    • March – 5 inches
    • April – 4.4 inches
    • May – 3.5 inches
    • June – 3.6 inches
    • July – 3.31 inches
    • August – 3.6 inches
    • September – 3.9 inches
    • October – 3.9 inches
    • November – 4.5 inches
    • December – 4.21 inches.

    Also, you can roam into the best beaches in Rhode Island for shells if you want to visit there on monsoon days. So, what have you decided?

    Most Popular Months to Visit Rhode Island

    People can’t imagine that the best months to visit Rhode Island are between June to August and from September to November.

    December, January, & FebruaryWinterHoliday activities, outdoor activities, and food-related activities,
    March, April, and MaySpringOutdoor activities, Wildlife, and food-related activities.
    June, July, and AugustSummerExploring historic activities, beaches & other water activities, and more outdoor activities.
    September, October, and NovemberFallWater fire activities, outdoor activities, lighthouses, wildlife activities, food-related activities

    The above table will show you the months, seasons, and activities you can do in that time after visiting Rhode Island.

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    Travel Rhode Island by Season

    As you know, there are four seasons in Rhode Island, and you have seen the above. Most people travel during these seasons and enjoy the key events. What are the different key events? Do you want to know about the key events with their seasons in Rhode Island? Here’s all the information.

    1.    Spring (March through May)

    Spring may not be fast to warm up in Rhode Island, with a low temperature starting from 30.0°F. But, a March vacation in Rhode Island can help you experience the start of WaterFire, the city’s most adorable event. The night lodging rates of March and April are like winter pricing.


    However, you can notice a change for the better in May month. Mainly from the beginning of the weekends for the colleges and universities. It would be better if you book a stay in the state’s hotel week in April.

    • Key Events
    • March to November – WaterFire Event
    • April – Rhode Island Hotel Week event

    2.    Summer (June through August)

    Summer becomes an expensive season to visit Rhode Island, and it will cost you $215 for a night in a hotel room. But, if you avoid the charges, you will get the benefit of full calendar events with beautiful weather. You can also do a few activities at this time, like exploring the historic buildings, taking the experience of beaches or water-related activities, and more.

    • Key Events
    • March to November – WaterFire Event
    • June – Rhode island PrideFest and Parade Event, Federal Hill Stroll, Festival of Gardens Event, Eat Drink RI Event.
    • July – Providence Restaurant Week Event
    • August – Rhode Island International Film Festival Event

    3. Fall (September through November)

    You can see the stunning fall foliage at this time. It does not offer many event programs, but you can enjoy the “Jack-O-lantern Spectacular” at Roger Williams Park Zoo last WaterFire lighting in November. So, when you are in Rhode Island during this time, don’t miss seeing the magic in it. Also, the prices become steady in September and October before November.

    • Key Events
    • March to November – WaterFire Event
    • November – Rhode Island Comic Con Event
    • October to November – Jack-O-lantern Spectacular Event

    4. Winter (December through February)

    The Winter season in Rhode Island offers you a bit cheaper rates and low crowds, but don’t forget to take your warm clothes, gloves, coat, and a hat to wear on this chilly temperature. You can save money on meals at the city’s twice-yearly restaurant week event. Also, you may have to bear transportation delays.

    • Key Events
    • January – Providence Restaurant Week Event
    • February – Providence Children’s Film Festival Event.

    Despite that, you can also check out our blog on the best places to live in Rhode Island for singles and enjoy their events.

    Best Time to Visit Rhode Island FAQs

    What is the best time to visit Newport RI?

    You should visit Newport, RI, between March to May and September to November. You can explore the city’s most famous mansions at the end of the spring season and the beginning of the autumn season.

    What is the rainiest month in Rhode Island?

    Although March is the best month to visit Rhode Island, it is also the wettest month. You can see the rainfall of about 4.43 inches and even more. So, consider that this is the rainiest month while making a plan to roam Rhode Island.


    Rhode Island is full of long beaches, boatings, art, history, hiking, biking, bouldering, and whatnot. Also, you can enjoy the delicious and divine taste of seafood here. The most beneficial part of this state is that nothing is more than an hour away from where you stay.

    So, plan a vacation in Rhode Island as soon as possible as it has a lot to offer. But, wait for a second! Which is the best time to visit Rhode Island?

    You will get all the information with the following bullets in this article.

    • Rhode Island guide
    • Weather in Rhode Island
    • Average temperature and average precipitation
    • A table on most popular months to visit
    • Travel Rhode Island by season

    We hope this article will help you know the best time to visit Rhode Island. So, make your vacation a memorable treat for your family and friends.

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