Best time to visit Argentina


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    Amongst all the best and famous places in the world, Argentina is a better place to experience a low cost of living. Argentina has something interesting from Buenos Aires to desert destinations like Salta and Jujuy from the North.

    And, it has plenty of mouth-watering food items and delights which are not present anywhere.


    Besides that, Argentina is known for its first-class wines, music, and dance. Also, it is known for football and tango, which makes it more interesting for visitors.

    Furthermore, the most beautiful and largest waterfalls of Iguazu and glaciers & mountains of Patagonia are resplendent in the globe. Also, here are some exciting places for hiking, trips, and outings.

    So, now let’s talk about the best time to visit Argentina Patagonia in the year.

    Generally, from October to November is springtime in Argentina. You can enjoy the spring season during these months. Further, the summertime begins from December to February, and the weather becomes a Lil warm.

    But aren’t you afraid of the expenses of Argentina?

    Is Argentina expensive for tourists?

    As of March 2021, Argentina is Lil suitable for the higher value currency people. If you are in Argentina, your daily cost is US $22 – 30 a day. It involves the local transportation services, food, and accommodation.

    Is Argentina expensive for tourists?

    Mar Del, Plata & Pinamar, and emblematic Iguazu waterfalls are expensive places to visit, advised by travelers.

    Also, Argentina always fights with the inflations, as a result, change in the exchange rate and regulations is obvious. If you are eating outside, they expect up to 10% to 15% as a tip, but it’s not compulsory. Now, let’s see the best time to visit Patagonia Argentina in the year.

    What is the best month to visit?  

    In the southern hemisphere, springtime starts from October to November. And the summertime begins from December to February.

    During these months, you will see the natural beauty of natural attractions with their full richness. For the powerful and best hiking experience, the people accumulate in summer and springtime.

    What is the best month to visit?

    If you are going to Southern Patagonia, January & February are the crowd-holding months for you to visit. Further, you can do sightseeing, enjoy the sunshine, and the warm temperature in October, March, April.

    Best time to Travel in Argentina in a Year.

    Above are the best time of the year to visit Argentina. Apart from that, we are giving a piece of information about other days where you can enjoy your holidays with your loved ones in Argentina.

    • September to December (Spring Early Summer)

    Salta is the most stylish and elegant city of Argentina to visit at this time of the year. Also, it is assumed that it is the best climatic destination to visit at this time.

    After this, in the months of October & November, you will see the attractive violet jacaranda trees explode. Along with this, thousands of colorful roses at Paseo dal Rosedale a rose garden.

    Also, there is an elevated movement in the temperature, and it ranges from 60 degrees C to 80 degrees C in these times.

    Wine Fair, Creamfields, and Grand Prix are the most common events from these months.

    • April to June (Fall/Early Winter)

    From April to June, Buenos Aries’s vivid leaves curtain the city streets. And further, it provides a decent summer daytime in 60 degrees C & 70 degrees C temperature.

    It’s entirely cold during the night, so you can take a few sheets to cover yourself from the cold evenings. Apart from these, it brings out the main events from these months.

    They are the International Horse Riding Exhibition, Buenos Aires Book Fairs, and International Decorative Art Fair in the month of May.

    • Between March & May (Falls)

    In March, the Grape Harvest Festival is celebrated in Mendoza and is located in Cuyo in the middle of Argentina. It is also famous for its wines, and thus, it is also named as the wine country in Argentina.

    The temperature of this city is around 25 degrees C in March. Besides, May is a mild temperature month in Argentina.

    • October to November (Spring)

    The temperature in Buenos Aires city changes from 13 degrees C to 22 degrees C in October. Also, it is considered the best springtime to visit Argentina for the best spring experience.

    And if we talk about November, it’s the endmost month of Spring. During this month, the temperature ranges from 14.9 degrees C to 25.3 degrees C.

    • Summer between December to March (Summer/Early Fall)

    During these months, tons of people and locals move towards town for enjoying their vacations. You will see the diversity of individual’s crowd in the variety of the festivals in these months.

    The temperatures are warm in the daylight, but you will experience the cold, comfortable, and pleasantly cool. Additionally, the foremost events from these months are Buenos Aires Fashion Week, the South American Music Conference, and the National Festival of the Calf.

    • December to February (Summer)

    You can choose a Buenos Aires destination during December to enjoy your Christmas eve. Here, you will also see fireworks in the sky on the same day, which will fascinate you.

    In January, the beaches become a draw, and people want to enjoy their holidays during these days. Moreover, a February month is all about the festivals and starts with the Mother Earth and Pachamama festivals.

    The craft festival is observed in the middle of February month, and after that, nationwide carnivals take place for singing, dancing, and combining the premier parades of the country.

    Best time to visit Argentina FAQs

    1. When is the best time to visit Brazil & Argentina?

    According to the travelers, cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paraty are not so problematic in the summer seasons.

    Even there is not an issue of visiting in the rainy season, the atmosphere becomes more beautiful. And the cities are decent for visiting in March. So, you can consider the above months to visit Brazil & Argentina.

    1. How many days do you need in Argentina?

    People can take time according to their vacations or holidays. But to be precise, you can exploit the advantage of 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, and even 3 weeks to explore Argentina.

    The environment of Buenos Aires, the glacier of Patagonia, and small towns Bariloche for outings are the best places to visit.

    1. Where is the best weather in Argentina?  

    The summer season of Patagonia holds an average temperature of 41 degrees C to 72 degrees C. Also, Northern Argentina’s Iguazu falls surroundings are come up with affectionate weather.

    Further, if you travel to the west, Salta possesses a temperature of 17 degrees C., and snow covers the mountains during the times of June to August.


    We suggested the best time to visit Argentina in this informative blog. Moreover, please take a look at the best time to travel and the expenses which are mentioned in the blog.

    Apart from that, you shall visit Argentina for experiencing the best spring season, wine country, and festivals that make your trip memorable.

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