Best Schools in Idaho


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    Being a parent, the education of your children must not be compromised. If you are newly resided in Idaho or relocating to Idaho, you must be worried about selecting the best schools in Idaho with quality education.

    As we all know, Idaho is a popular state due to its stunning landscapes, low cost of living, and abundant natural resources. Idaho also has the best high schools and middle schools. 

    Idaho is also exceptional in the educational system and has some of the best schools in the state.

    The top 11 schools of Idaho with excellent academic commitment,  innovative teaching methods, and nurturing environments are listed below: 

    1. Longfellow Elementary School Idaho
    2. Collister Elementary School 
    3. Future Public School 
    4. Sage International Charter School 
    5. Highlands Elementary School 
    6. Hidden Springs Elementary School 
    7. East Junior High School 
    8. North Junior High School 
    9. Boise High School 
    10. Timberline High School 
    11. Anser Charter 

    From Elementary to high schools, public and private schools. Idaho has an outstanding educational system.

    The schools in Idaho provide the students not only the best academics but they develop the extracurricular skills, critical thinking and promote social and emotional well-being of the students.   

    We have selected the best schools in Idaho providing a safe and healthy educational environment to the students. Let’s dig into the details.

    11 Best Schools in Idaho for Students


    Idaho has a wide number of excellent schools with excellent education systems. We have discussed the best schools in Idaho  one by one given below: 

    1. Longfellow Elementary School Idaho

    Location: 1511 North 9th Street Boise ID 83702

    Ranking: 12th in Idaho Elementary Schools

    Student Strength: 216

    Grade: K- 6

    Longfellow Elementary is a public school in Boise Idaho. Longfellow School is one of the best schools in Idaho with a ranking above than the 90th percentile. The overall score of the school is 96.83 /100. 

    Longfellow Elementary School

    Longfellow school is an international level school focusing on the political, geographical, and historical aspects of the new country.

    Moreover, Students also take the standard Spanish curriculum every week. 

    The result percentage of schools is also exceptional 79% students are proficient at english, 73% Students proficient in maths and 85% students proficient at science levels. 

    So, if you are looking for an elementary school for your child consider Longfellow school  due to its quality education. 

    2. Collister Elementary School 

    Location: 4426 Catalpa Drive Boise, ID 83703  

    Ranking: 3rd in Idaho Elementary Schools 

    Student Strength:, 176 

    Grades:  PK – 6 

    Collister Elementary School is one of the best and ideal schools for students.

    Collister Elementary School

    Parents looking for a friendly environment with excellent quality education with great results must consider Collister Elementary School. 

    The result percentage of Collister Elementary school is 87% students proficient in English, 85% are proficient in maths. 12% are the minority students in a diverse learning environment. 

    3. Future Public School

    Location: 511 East 43rd Street Garden City, Idaho 83714

    Ranking: 261 in 348

    Student Strength: 326 

    Grades:  PK – 4

    Future Public school is a charter school in Garden city Idaho. Future Public school  is a two-year old school and is doing great for students in STEM learning. 

    Future Public School

    Moreover, 35% of the students are proficient in reading and english, 14 % students have reported learning disability.

    The school successfully supports the students by providing the excellent staff including the speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and a special education education Director. 

    4. Sage International Charter School

    Location: 457 East Parkcenter Boulevard Idaho

    Ranking: 4th in Idaho High Schools

    Student Strength: 233

    Grades: KG-12

    Sage International school is ranked 4th best school in Idaho. Sage International is a public charter school providing students the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate coursework and exams. 

    Sage International Charter School

    The school also offers the students career-related programs to improve their personal and professional skills. 

    Sage school provides students a wide variety of programs and competitions to enhance their learning and communication skills. 

    The result percentage of the students at Sage International school is 65% students are english proficient, 51% in maths and 76% are proficient in Science. 

    5. Highlands Elementary School 

    Location: 3434 Bogus Basin Road Boise, Idaho 83702 

    Ranking: 8th in Idaho  Elementary Schools 

    Student Strength: 275

    Grades:  PK- 6

    Highlands Elementary is a  public school newly renovated and ranked 8th in quality education in Idaho.

    Highlands Elementary School Cropped (1)

    The school is also well-known due to the active participation in the district’s Gifted and Talented Education Programs. 

    The school results show that 83% of students are proficient in English and 75% are proficient in maths. Minority students rate is 7%. 

    Highland Elementary School is a great school with highly talented students and excellent staff. You must consider this school for the amazing future of your children. 

    6. Hidden Springs Elementary School 

    Location: 5480 West Hidden Springs, ID 83714

    Ranking: 140 in Idaho Elementary Schools

    Student Strength: 249

    Grades:  PK – 6

    Hidden Springs is a public school in Hidden Springs which is one of the best small towns in Idaho. Hidden Springs school is ranked 140 out of the 348 schools in Idaho. 

    Hidden Springs Elementary School 

    Teachers in the school are highly talented and exceptionally handle the students with all learning levels. 10% students are the minority in the schools. 

    The results percentage shows tha 68% students are proficient in English and 56% students are proficient in maths.

    The school also has modern technology equipment in their classrooms which help students in easy understanding and learning. 

    7. East Junior High 

    Location: 5600 East warm springs avenue Boise, Idaho 83716

    Ranking: 43 in Idaho Middle schools 

    Student Strength:577

    Grades: PK – 7 to 9

    East Junior High school in Boise with a student strength of 577. East Junior High is a promising school with qualified staff helping students in potential growth and extra-curricular activities. 21% students are the minority in school. 

    East Junior High 

    The results percentage shows that 63% students sho0ws proficiency in English, 57% are proficient in maths and 56%  students are proficient in science subjects which is higher than the state average. 

    8. North Junior High

    Location: 1105 North 13th Street Boise, Idaho 83702

    Ranking: 46 in Idaho Middle Schools

    Student Strength: 760 

    Grades: 7 – 9

    North Junior High school is one of the best schools for creative students interested in Strong visual, dramatic arts and music programs.

     North Junior High

    The school provides the students with an amazing environment to grow and  promote their skills. 

    The result percentage of students shows 64% students proficient in English, 55% students are proficient in maths and 51% in science subjects. 17% of students are enrolled as minorities in North Junior High school. 

    9. Boise High School 

    Location: 1010 West Washington Street Boise, Idaho 

    Ranking: 7th in Idaho 

    Student Strength: 1,421

    Grades: 9 – 12

    Boise Senior High school is one of the best schools in Idaho. 68% of  the students in Idaho have the opportunity to take the AP ( Advanced Placement) courses and exams. 

    Boise High School 

    Boise High is one of the oldest schools in Idaho and provides the best educational environment with highly qualified staff.

    The school is also popular due to the strong arts programs and robust drama department. 

    The result percentage of students having 78% proficiency in English, 61% in maths and 77% in science. The total minority students are 17% and 14% are economically weak. 

    10. Timberline High School

    Location: 701 East Boise Avenue Boise,Idaho 

    Ranking: 8th in Idaho 

    Student Strength: 2,102

    Grades: 10 – 12

    Timberline is the best school for students having interest in sports. The strong athletic environment and helping couch helps you to become state champions. 

    Timberline High School

    Moreover, Timberline High School is highly competitive and students also take at least AP tests. The graduation rate after four years is 92%. 

    The minority enrolled students are 23% and 12% are economically weak. The results percentage shows that 70% students are proficient in English, 53% in maths and 77% in science. 

    11. Anser Charter

    Location: 202 East 42ND Street Garden City Idaho. 

    Ranking: 49th in Idaho Middle Schools 

    Student Strength: PK – 8 , 373

    The first Charter school in Idaho opened in 1999 with experienced and qualified staff. The school provides excellent learning facilities to the students. 

    Anser Charter

    Anser Charter school is popular among students and parents due to the dedicated staff which transforms the students and polish their skills to become successful in the real world. 

    The results showed that the percentage of students shows 66% proficiency in English, 53% in maths and 73% students have proficiency in science. 


    Idaho has everything which one could desire for a comfortable lifestyle.Besides the Fun activities, attractions and scenic beauty, there are still countless best things to do in Idaho

    When it comes to education, which plays a pivotal role in building a community and character of a human being.

    Idaho has some of the best schools in the state providing quality education with modern technology equipment, highly qualified staff and a competitive environment which helps in developing excellent skills.