Best Restaurants South Shore Massachusetts

Best Restaurants South Shore Massachusetts

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    Have you ever tried the famous dishes in the best restaurants South Shore, MA?

    Apart from being an incredible beach destination, another reason to move to Massachusetts is hidden in its refreshing restaurants. Massachusetts offers a wide range of restaurants with mouthwatering taste worthy dishes. These restaurants’ experience, ambiance, interiors, and divine flavor are truly incredible and unmatchable.

    Best Restaurants South Shore Massachusetts

    What food is Massachusetts famous for?

    If you forget about Boston, just a few miles away, you will meet with the best restaurant south shore Massachusetts. Therefore, Massachusetts is also famous for its restaurants and delicious food items. Some favorite food items in Massachusetts are Boston Baked Beans, Fried Clams, Clam Chowder, Apple Cider Donuts, Bostand on Cream Pie, and the list is quite long.

    Is outdoor dining allowed in Massachusetts?

    Outdoor dining was restricted earlier. However, the Boston Governor declared that the 50 would be lifted on April 01, 2022. The outdoor dining was extended by the governor’s order for one more year when he signed a bill.

    Now, let’s look at the seven restaurants we have mentioned below.

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    7 Best Restaurants in Massachusetts

    Whether you want something special for your breakfast, brunch, or dinner, plenty of flavorsome dishes are waiting to welcome you on the South Shore. Don’t forget to taste the “must-try” menu at the new restaurants South Shore, MA. 

    1. Salt Society

    Apart from being a tastier restaurant for foodies, it offers a variety of drinks at full bars. On top of that, the staff is friendly.

    If you are looking for the bottle club theme interior, friendly atmosphere, and outdoor dining, visit Salt Society. It’s a complete package of what you desire.

    Salt Society

    From the authentic taste buds of oysters, spicy salmon roll, seafood, and firecracker roll to sushi, craft cocktails, and steak and eggs, you will get diverse food here. As a result, we couldn’t stop ourselves from putting this on our best restaurants’ south shore Massachusetts list.

    You can contact them at (781) 733-9030 for food discounts.

    Salt Society believes in offering their customers a complete service; thus, they offer takeout for their customers.

    Make your visit at Salt Society, 146 Front St, Scituate, Massachusetts 02066, USA.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Salt Society?

    Mostly, they prefer taking cash and credit card payments. You can order online or visit directly to the restaurant.

    2. Lenny’s Hideaway

    You can organize some private events for more than 50 people at Lenny’s Hideaway. Also, the live music, fresh food, and cold drinks make it perfect for your dining.

    Lenny’s Hideaway

    Along with the many best places to live in Massachusetts for singles, countless restaurants are also available for them with tasty foods. Lenny’s Hideaway is perfect for them to enjoy evenings.

    The world-famous scratch-made Mexican food is served here. Make yourself relaxed with food items like margaritas, tacos, guacamole, etc., and a barn-like interior.

    So, contact them at (781) 932-1881 for bookings for your private events.

    Or visit Lenny’s Hideaway, at 8 Stagecoach Way, Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025, USA.

    Does Lenny’s Hideaway have outdoor seating?

    Yes! Lenny’s Hideaway has a heated rooftop patio available for outdoor dining.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Lenny’s Hideaway?

    They have a convenient method of accepting credit cards for payments.

    3. The Oysterman

    Taste the dozen delicious oysters and seafood with a variety of great beers and gluten-free options.

    The Oysterman

    Although The Oysterman was established a few years ago, it is no less than a new restaurant south shore MA. It’s a small restaurant offering extensive raw bars and a beautiful outdoor patio.

    The Oysterman is famous for many food items, from surf and turf dishes to classics and new favorites to craft shrimp cocktails, beers, and buffalo cauliflower.

    So contact them at (781) 934-2900.

    They have some excellent offers of takeout so don’t miss them.

    On top of that, they offer a reservation to make your special moments more special and memorable.

    Visit this restaurant at 30 Railroad Avenue, Duxbury, Massachusetts, 02332, USA.

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    4. Cheever Tavern

    With crispy Brussel sprouts, Cheever Tavern serves magical mushrooms for starters, and Hornstra Farms’ ice cream is an appealing dessert.

    Cheever Tavern

    With a unique outdoor patio with heat lamps and fire pits, Cheever tavern offers a perfect ambiance for everyone, which is best for the winter evenings. Also, it is one of the best waterfront restaurants south shore MA has.

    They offer many famous delicacies, such as Baked Mac & Cheese, Portobello Burger, Grilled Swordfish, Basil Fried Rice, etc.

    So, contact them at (781) 657-2700 and order what you want.

    Or visit this restaurant at 33 West Street, Norwell, Massachusetts 02061, USA.

    Is Cheever Tavern implementing safety measures as a result of Covid-19?

    Yes! After this Covid-19 pandemic, Cheever Tavern is taking complete precautions against Covid-19.

    Does Cheever Tavern offer delivery or takeout?

    Yes! Cheever Tavern offers both deliveries to takeout services considering the customer’s comfort.

    5. Liv Creative Cuisine

    Most tourists and locals call it a hidden gem in Marshfield for serving such fresh, fantabulous, and unique recipes.

    Liv Creative Cuisine
    wooden dining table in restaurant

    Looking for the best beaches in Massachusetts for seashells, collect them at Eel Point beach. However, if you are desperate to eat farm-to-table cuisine in Massachusetts, visit Liv Creative Cuisine.

    With the farm-to-table cuisine, it is also famous for the seafood martini, local lobster, wakame, naked shrimp, and whatnot.

    Connect with them at (781) 837-2900 for reservations.

    On top of that, they offer a takeout service for everyone.

    So, visit them at 1849 Ocean St., Unit 10 Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050, USA.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Liv Creative Cuisine?

    With credit card payment acceptance, they offer everything from a little to a lot. So, you can have a fantastic evening here.

    6. Locales Tacos Y Tequila

    You will experience the nostalgic 60’s surf culture from Oaxaca to Baja, which the Locales inspired.

    Locales Tacos Y Tequila

    Do you want to taste the authentic flavor of tacos and tequila in Massachusetts? Make your visit to Locales Tacos Y Tequila and have your drink.

    Locales Tacos Y Tequila is a famous blend of cocktails, cervezas, vino, tequilas, and mezcal. Thus, one can get an absolute treat regarding drinks, salads, and foods.

    You can contact them at (781) 385-7812 for offers.

    Or visit them at 6 Crow Point Lane, Hingham, Massachusetts, 02043, USA.

    What days are Locales Tacos Y Tequila open?

    They are closed on Sundays and Mondays. However, you can reach them on other days from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12 pm to 9 pm.

    Is Taco Y Tequila implementing safety measures as a result of Covid-19?

    Yes! After the recent updates for Covid-19, Locales Taco Y Tequila is following the safety measures.

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    7. The Corner Stop Eatery

    It is located where three towns: Hingham, Hull, and Cohasset, meet with each other.

    The Corner Stop Eatery

    With the pleasing tastes of foods, wines, and special drinks, The Corner Stop Eatery has created a different customer base in the town.

    The Corner Stop Eatery is famous for mainly Chicken Wings, Bolognese, and Salmon burgers. However, you can taste the other dishes such as classic caesar, roasted beets, pan-roasted salmon, and whatnot.

    So, contact them at (781) 875-3065 for more information.

    Or visit them at 235 Hull Street, Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025, USA.

    Does Corner Stop Eatery offer takeout?

    Yes! The Corner Stop Eatery offers the best easy takeout for customers.

    Does Corner Stop Eatery take reservations?

    Yes! Corner Stop Eatery is one of the best choices for your dining, with reservations for parties, weddings, rehearsals, and tables.

    Best Restaurants South Shore Massachusetts FAQs

    What are some restaurants with a large number of reviews?

    Massachusetts has many restaurants and comes with a large number of reviews. Some of them are Grand Tour, Strega Italiano, Ostra, Menton, Toro, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, O Ya, The Capital Grille, Basile – Fine Italian Kitchen, etc. 

    What are people saying about restaurants in Massachusetts?

    Although Massachusetts has many beaches with panoramic views, one will never disagree that the restaurants in Massachusetts are not exceptional. According to locals, tourists, and foodies, a few dishes from the best restaurants in south shore, Massachusetts, leaves a mouth-watering taste. Also, the friendly atmosphere, better services, and appealing items make it a perfect restaurant choice.

    Is bar seating open in Massachusetts?

    Yes, the bar search is open in Massachusetts. However, the tables are organized within a difference of 6 feet per the Covid guidelines.


    So, that’s it!

    But, do you know how much it cost to build a house in Massachusetts?

    Well, this is a different matter! But we can assure you that the meal in the best restaurants in south shore, Massachusetts, will need only $3.55 to $5.55 on average.

    However, most people doubt whether Massachusetts has better restaurants.

    And the straight answer is yes. Massachusetts has many restaurants to offer, from an authentic taste of the 60s to the latest ingredient-filled recipes. We have mentioned some of them in this article. However, our personal favorites are:

    • Salt Society
    • The Oysterman
    • Cheever Tavern
    • The Corner Tacos Y Tequila

    Experience them in Massachusetts and tell us your favorite.

    Lastly, we hope this blog will give you the exact information you want.

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