Best Restaurants In Delaware

Best Restaurants in Delaware

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    The restaurants in The First State of the United States are highly influenced by; ‘ farm-to-table values.’ Dining in the coastal state of Delaware is a combination of Southern and Northeastern food with a major focus on seafood.

    There are various iconic restaurants in this state, that serve you unique culinary experiences and mouthwatering delicacies. The coastal areas of Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach are not only one of the best places to live in Delaware for young adults but also have some of the best places to enjoy delectable meals. Are you also looking for some of the best restaurants in Delaware? Then, you have surely landed at the right place, as here in this descriptive article, we have categorized 10 of the best and the most famous restaurants in this Diamond State.

    Best Restaurants in Delaware

    What is the #1 best restaurant in the US?

    According to Trip, in the state of California, the city of Yountville. There is a restaurant by the name ‘The French Laundry. This place has got the award of being the best and #1 dining restaurant in the entire United states.                                                                                                                                                                   

    Which are the most popular restaurants in the world?

    Some of the most popular restaurants worldwide are:-

    • Borago (Santiago, Chile)
    • Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)
    • Ikoyi (London, England)
    • Le Bernardin (New York City)
    • SingleThread (Healdsburg, California)
    • Leo (Bogotá, Colombia)

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    10 Delaware Fine Dining Restaurants

    Delaware is a heavenly place for foodies. Grabbing a reservation at some of the best restaurants is a must on your trip to Delaware. If you are someone who loves fish then fresh seaside gourmet fish will be served to you at the Big Fish Grill, Bluecoast Seafood Grill, and Striper Bites.

    But if you are looking for some fine dining restaurants in Delaware. Then some of the best options for you are; Capriotti, Charcoal Pitt, La Fa Bistro, Harry’s Savoy Grill, Stitch House Brewery, Godavari Delaware, De La Coeur Cafe, and a lot more.

    Are you searching for some viable and cost-friendly options to eat where you can grab some scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then some of the best choices will be; Claymont Steak Shop, Grotto Pizza, Buckley’s Tavern, Back Porch Cafe, Abbott’s Grill, and others.

    Before actually shifting to this state, you must have already read the relocating to Delaware pros and cons and because of that, you must be aware that all the cafes and restaurants sell fresh, fast, and fabulous food of all kinds. So mentioned below is a list of the top 10 restaurants in the beachy state of Delaware, that are worth trying on your trip.

    1. The House of William & Merry

    The House of William & Merry, located in the Old Lancaster Pike area of Hockessin city of Delaware is one of the best places for foodies. This restaurant will serve you contemporary American cuisine. The food here is prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, that would be procured from farms owned and managed by the locals. These chef-owned ingredients from which exotic dishes are made, make the food available at a reasonable price.

    The House of William & Merry

    The property not only includes the main restaurant but also a vegetable and herb garden, where you can take a stroll to. In the House of William & Merry, the restaurant has been remodeled into a farmhouse where there is a warm & comfortable atmosphere, two dining rooms, a bar, and a porch. The food in this Delawarian restaurant is prepared in the modular kitchen. Also, the bar service here includes a variety of types of wines. microbrews, and some of their other special drinks.

    Is The House of William & Merry currently accepting reservations?

    Yes, you can book your slots in this fine dining restaurant through their website; or through by selecting the date, time, and for how many no. of people you want to book.

    What are forms of payment accepted at The House of William and Merry?

    You can pay in this executive dining place in the forms of- Master Card, Discover, VISA, and AMEX.

    2. Bardea Food & Drink

    Bardea Food & Drink situated on North Market Street in Wilmington city of Delaware is an Italian restaurant. The name of this place can be pronounced as; Bar-Day-Ah, which specifically means ‘The Goddess of food and drink ‘ in Italy.

    It is a stunning restaurant with a capacity of around 120 people at a time. This fine dining restaurant in Delaware obtains the ingredients for cooking from local farms & purveyors of Delaware and uses the same in making traditional as well as modern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Apart from the delectable food, this restaurant also offers you a banquet hall, bar/lounge area, a wide variety of beer, cocktails & wine, outdoor dining options, patio, and takeout options.

    Does Bardea Food & Drink offer delivery through OpenTable or takeout?

    This food junction allows you to either order online button through and you can also call the restaurant at (302) 426-2069 for the takeout option.

    Does Bardea Food & Drink take reservations?

    Yes, you can book a reservation in this restaurant either through or through its official website.

    3. Merchant Bar

    Merchant Bar on Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware is an elevated gastro bar that serves food and other delectable items. This restaurant in Delaware has a chef-driven menu with an infused hand-crafted cocktail menu made of high-quality ingredients that can offer you with outstanding dining & bar experience for large groups, families, and couples. They have a dynamic space that proves to be perfect for any occasion.

    Some signature dishes prepared by the executive chef are; Shrimp Tacos, Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns, and Market Burgers. Apart from the above-listed items, this Merchant Restaurant offers a beer & lounge area, various varieties of wine, late-night party access, gender-neutral restrooms, and also this best restaurant in Delaware have access to specially-abled wheelchair customers.

    Is Merchant Bar currently accepting reservations?

    Yes, this restaurant is accepting reservations and they can be made through the website of by selecting the date, time, and occupancy.

    How is Merchant Bar restaurant rated?

    Out of 5, this restaurant has an overall average of 4.9-star ratings. This rating has been given by the diners of the restaurant who had booked their reservations through

    4. La Fia

    Located on the 5th historic Market Street towards the Riverfront area of Wilmington city, La Fia Restaurant is a farm-to-table type restaurant. This is one of the romantic restaurants in Delaware that offers an intimate dining destination with a fantastic ambiance. The executive chef here prepares an exotic menu that consists of locally sourced ingredients, that majorly reflect the season, the region, and the yieldings of the farms.

    The menu at the La Fia restaurant includes cheese, pasta, creative entrees, charcuteries, and small plates, which attracts the customers very much. The staff at La Fia allows each customer to enjoy food, ambiance, and dining experience as a whole for about 2 hours. This 4.8-star rating restaurant is a perfect fit for foodies and will provide everyone with a great overall experience.

    Is La Fia currently accepting reservations?

    Yes you can book a table for yourself at the La Fia restaurant through either OpenTable or Lafia.

    What are forms of payment accepted at La Fia?

    The La Fia accepts payments in the form of MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and AMEX.

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    5. Vincente’s Restaurant – Delaware

    Vincente’s Restaurant located on the Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington city is an Italian restaurant in Delaware. This restaurant is a gem as it offers you a fine dining experience with an exclusive walking menu. Under this unique walking menu, if you don’t see anything on the menu pleasurable or something that you don’t wanna try; then the executive chef of the restaurant Daniel Mancari, will himself come over and prepare a dish according to your taste and dining pleasure.

    Some of the most popular dishes of Vincente’s Restaurants that are worth trying are; Caesar Salad, House Salad, Banana’s Foster, Cheese Salad, Beer Cheese, and Fiery Five Star Crab Cake. After having a scrumptious dinner, you can also enjoy the fine & delectable homemade desserts prepared by the chef. This 4.6-star rated restaurant is the best for an Italian food fanatic as it serves you with excellent services that will make you go there again and again.

    Does Vincente’s Restaurant – Delaware offer delivery through OpenTable or takeout?

    This restaurant in Wilmington offers you to take out your order by calling (302) 543-6451.

    Does Vincente’s Restaurant take reservations?

    You can book your reservations either through OpenTable and Vincente’s Restaurant.

    6. Vita Nova – University of Delaware

    Newark is a beautiful city in Delaware, that is worth a visit. It is the home to the splendid University of Delaware and thus is considered a hub for students and aspirants. Are you thinking does it snow in Newark? Well, yes. The overall weather in Newark is quite pleasing, thus allowing you to enjoy the various restaurants present in the city. One such restaurant is Vita Nova, which is present in Trabant University Center at 17 West Main Street, Newark.

    Vita Nova - University of Delaware
    Vita Nova – University of Delaware

    This restaurant is operated by the students of the University and is a part of the Hospitality Business Management Program. This restaurant in Delaware has received an award for the best lunch buffet options and elegant fine dining menu.

     Contemporary American cuisines are served in this restaurant, which includes fresh & local dishes, gourmet salads, flatbreads, mini sweets, cheese boards, five-course dinner meals, and appealing appetizers, followed by descendants desserts. Vita Nova is a 4.8-star rated restaurant with delectable food, great ambiance, and friendly service.

    Is Vita Nova – the University of Delaware currently accepting bookings?

    Currently, the restaurant is closed for summer break as it is managed by the students, and will again continue with a new menu in the fall semester.

    Is Vita Nova – the University of Delaware currently accepting reservations?

    Whenever you want to book your reservations and you can do so through OpenTable.

    7. Columbus Inn

    Columbus Inn is a contemporary bar & restaurant in Pennsylvania Ave, Wilmington that serves contemporary American cuisine, and comfort food. This restaurant is a combination of both old and new as its menu offers seasonal modern American cuisines with an exotic & extensive selection of cocktails, wine, and beer, along with some old traditional dishes.

    Columbus Inn

    Some of the famous dishes served in this fine dining restaurant in Delaware by the executive chef are; Crab Cake, Crispy Calamari, and Wedge Salad. Tuna Roll, French Toast, Shellfish, Short & Prime rib, and many more. Columbus Inn is a 4.7-star rating restaurant with a perfectly romantic setting, delectable food dishes, great brunch options, a notable list of wines, and a vibrant bar scene.

    Is Columbus Inn currently accepting reservations?

    Yes, you can book your table at this romantic restaurant in Delaware either through OpenTable or Columbus Inn.

    Does Columbus Inn offer delivery or takeout?

    Yes, you can order food either through their website Columbus Inn or by calling (302) 571-1492 ext. 2.

    8. The Bellefonte Cafe

    The Bellefonte Cafe is located on Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington Delaware has been serving people since 2002 with great food, atmosphere, and music. This restaurant is a gem for the people of the city, which is great for outdoor dining while serving fusion and eclectic dishes. The executive chef, Nate Farrar serves customers with his signature dishes such as; Vegan Burrito, Grilled Cheese Special, Black Bean Soup, Charcuterie Board Chef’s Special, Hummus Stuffed Avocado, Bbq Sandwich, and many more. The Bellefonte Cafe is a 4.7-star rated restaurant that has a great ambiance and food choices that too at reasonable prices.

    Does Bellefonte Cafe offer takeout?

    By calling on (302) 761-9175 you can order your takeout at the Bellefonte Cafe.

    Is The Bellefonte Cafe currently accepting reservations?

    Opentable and the official website of Bellefonte Cafe are the two sources from which you can reserve seats in this fine dining restaurant in Delaware.

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    9. Taverna Rustic Italian – Newark

    Tavera Rustic Italian is a romantic restaurant in Delaware that serves Italian & Mediterranean food. This place has a simple and rustic conception with an extremely high execution. The restaurant has a casual and sophisticated setting with wood & brick on the wall, a polished marble top, and overstretched bar system.

    Taverna Rustic Italian

    The bar counter here has about 18 different types of draft beer and a tapped wine system. This ‘tapped wine system’ is indeed the first in the state. The chief executive chef of this restaurant has prepared a fine hand-crafted menu that includes scrumptious meals such as; Meatball Salad, Chicken Salad, Caesar Salad, Calamari, Rigatoni, Ahi Tuna, Spicy Shrimp, Gnocchi, Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Artichoke, Whipped Ricotta, and a lot more. Overall, it is a 4.6-star rated restaurant with wonderful service, spectacular ambiance, and impressive food.

    Is Taverna – Newark currently accepting reservations?

    There is no need to take prior reservations for dining
    in Tavera Rustic Italian. But if you want to do so to avoid any last-minute hustle then you could book a table through OpenTable.

    What days is Taverna open?

    Mentioned below are the hours of operation of Tavera:-

    • Sun 3:00 pm–9:00 pm
    • Brunch Sun 11:00 am–3:00 pm
    • Lunch Tue–Sat 11:30 am–3:00 pm
    • Dinner Tuesday-Saturday- 3:00 pm–10:00 pm

    10. Harry’s Savoy Grill

    Harry’s Savoy Grill is one of the best places in Delaware that serves American cuisines, Steak, and Seafood in Wilmington. This restaurant has a casual & elegant dining style with a lot of private space. Michael Heaps the executive chef of this splendid dining restaurant has received various awards for its aged prime rib, Iowa beef, fresh creative seafood, and raw bar.


    This restaurant has been awarded as the ‘Best restaurant in Delaware’ and also the collection of wines here has got the award of the ‘Spectator Award Winner’. Apart from this antique bar, gas lamps, cozy booths, fireplaces, and a courtyard together create a fine dining experience. Some of the most popular dishes of this restaurant are; Steak Frites, Prime Rib sandwiches, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts, Soft Shelled Crabs, Raw Oysters, Artichoke Dip, and Filet Mignon.

    Does Harry’s Savoy Grill offer takeout?

    You can call (302)475-3000 for takeout orders at the Harry’s Savoy Grill restaurant.

    Is Harry’s Savoy Grill implementing safety measures as a result of COVID-19?

    Yes, of course, Harry’s Savoy Grill has implemented various safety measures to protect its staff as well as the customers from the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. They regularly clean & sanitize their interiors as well as exteriors, wear protective equipment, maintain physical distancing, and also do a regular screening of staff members as well as the guests.


    By reading the above descriptive article, it is clear that Delaware has a great deal of versatility. Along with the lush foliage, relaxing beaches, and a lot of urban scenery, this state also acts as a cornucopia of unexpected bursting flavors for foodies. Not only this but the free things to do in Dover, Delaware will also amaze you, so we would suggest you have full knowledge about them.

     If are you, someone who loves seafood, then there are some best restaurants on Delaware beaches, that serve amazingly delicious seafood with great taste and local flavors, that are worth trying. So what are you waiting for now? Check out the list of the restaurants mentioned above to enjoy farm-to-plate exclusive dishes, seasonal dishes, as well as various other cuisines. Every year the state of Delaware also hosts an eclectic food festival scene that is worth visiting during your stay in the state.

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