Best Restaurants in Bend Oregon


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    Located in Central Oregon, Bend is widely acclaimed for its bustling local culinary scene that attracts foodies from far and wide.

    This city has a good selection of family-friendly restaurants and pubs that serve mouthwatering American favorites and some of Bend’s signature cuisines. 

    If you’re looking for a delicious meal without breaking the bank, check out one of these best restaurants in Bend.


    From casual eateries to award-winning establishments, they all have something unique to offer.

    What are the best restaurants in Bend that deliver?

    There are various restaurants in Bend, Oregon, that offer delivery services, so you can enjoy your favourite food without leaving your zone.

    A few of them are Abby’s Legendary Pizza, Pizza Mondo, Orchid Thai Restaurant, Bend Pizza Kitchen, Cibelli’s Pizza, Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean, and more.

    You can order food from these restaurants, and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep in the least possible time. 

    What are the best restaurants in Bend that provide takeout?

    The most popular restaurants that provide takeout services are McKay Cottage Restaurant, Bangers & Brews, Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato, Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza, Ariana Restaurant, Sparrow Bakery, Pastini,  Joolz, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails, and more.

    You can simply place an order with them and reach the restaurant to pick up your food whenever it is ready. 

    The 9 Best Restaurants in Bend, Oregon For Every Craving

    If you’re looking for a fantastic meal that will tantalize your senses, check out these best restaurants in Bend, Oregon and visit there to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Here, we have outlined the 9 best options that are worth adding to your itinerary. 

    1. The Sparrow Bakery Bend OR

    Counted among the best restaurants in the US state of Oregon, The Sparrow Bakery strives to offer a wide variety of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


    It is famous for offering seasonal scratch soups, traditional sandwiches, and ocean rolls. 

    The best thing you can find on their menu is the Bacon-Breakfast Sandwich, Steel-cut-oats, French Toast Sticks,

    The Haze Special, Dressed Salad, and much more. It is located in Northwest Bend, and you order your food by calling +1 541-647-2323.

    In addition, it is also located in Portland; hence, you can check the cheapest time to visit Portland, Oregon, and try the heartwarming dishes at The Sparrow Bakery. 

    Who owns Sparrow Bakery Bend OR?

    The Sparrow Bakery is owned by Whitney Keatman with his wife and co-owner, Jessica Keating. 

    How do you make a Sparrow Bakery Ocean roll?

    You can easily make the Sparrow Bakery Ocean Roll by rolling out the dough and adding a layer of cardamom, sugar, and vanilla. Roll it up, add a dash of egg wash, and bake it to golden perfection. 

    2. Ariana Restaurant OR

    Visiting Ariana Restaurant is one of the unique things to do in Oregon. Sits in the heart of Oregon,


    This restaurant is famous for offering inventive American cuisine and house cocktails. This restaurant accepts reservations up to 30 days in advance. 

    It features a seasonal la carte and a daily six-course chef’s tasting menu, reflecting the fresh perspective of the chef on classic dishes.

    In addition, they also offer an extensive wine list from Oregon and Washington. 

    It is located in the craftsman Bungalow on the west side of the Bend, and you can connect with them at +1 541-330-5539. 

    Does Ariana Restaurant have outdoor seating?

    Yes. Ariana Restaurant in Bend, Oregon, has outdoor settings so that you can enjoy your meal while exploring the scenic views. 

    What days are Ariana Restaurant open?

    Ariana Restaurant opens on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

    3. Bangers & Brews – Westside

    A counter-serve spot, Bangers & Brew is one of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon. It is famous for offering a variety of gourmet Argentine-inflected sausages in bollilo bun.


    This restaurant is rated 4.5 in terms of food and value. The restaurant’s menu has a variety of choices, including vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. 

    It is located at 1288 SW Simpson Ave Suite A, Bend, Oregon. You can order your meal or ask your queries at +1 541-389-2050. 

    Does Bangers & Brews – Westside offers delivery or takeout?

    Yes, Banders & Brews offer both takeaway and delivery services, so you can enjoy your favorite food in your comfort zone. 

    What forms of payment are accepted at Bangers & Brews – Westside?

    Bangers & Brews accept payment through credit cards and Apple Pay. 

    4. Bos Taurus

    The next option on the list of the best restaurant Downtown Bend is Bos Taurus. It is a contemporary, boutique, chef-driven steakhouse with a high-end design and calm ambiance.


    This place is famous for thoughtfully sourced cuts, cocktails, and many local wines. 

    The restaurant has a well-designed menu, featuring a vast selection of American cuisines and wine pairing.

    It is located at Minnesota Ave, Bend, and you can contact their customer support service at +1 541-241-2735.  

    Does Bos Taurus take reservations?

    Yes, reservations are accepted in Bos Taurus for any seat. Contact the restaurant staff beforehand to make early reservations. 

    What days are Bos Taurus open?

    Bos Taurus opens seven days a week. 

    5. 900 Wall Bend Oregon

    Established in May 2019, 900 Wall Bend Oregon is yet another famous restaurant in the US State of Oregon.


    It is located in the heart of Downtown bend, and features a modern menu with delicious American cuisines, with a tinge of Italian and French dishes. 

    Their menu is inspired by seasonal, freshly-sourced ingredients. This place is also unique in terms of location and ambiance.

    Its edgy decor gives the space a surreal and vintage charm infused with modern, chic vibes. The restaurant offers indoor and patio dining.

    It is located at 900 NW Wall St, Bend, Oregon. Dial +1 541-323-6295 to make reservations and order meals. 

    Does 900 Wall take reservations?

    Yes, 900 Wall Bend Oregon takes reservations. To make them beforehand, you can either visit their website or call the restaurant staff.

    However, the seating is limited to availability. The maximum reservation size is 12. 

    Does 900 Wall offer delivery or takeout?

    Yes. This modern, chic restaurant offers both delivery and takeout services to facilitate its customers. 

    6. Joolz Bend Oregon

    Looking for the best restaurants Downtown, Bend? Add Joolz Bend to your itinerary and enjoy an eclectic mix of middle eastern fare with a local taste of Chef Ramsey Hamdan.


    This place creates a hookah-inspired ambiance to attract hipsters.

     It is a Mediterranean restaurant famous for offering locally sourced middle eastern and southwestern dishes, along with global drinks in upbeat settings.

    It offers a wide selection of wines from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

    The restaurant’s menu is inspired by mid-eastern flavors, such as Camel Winds, Beef Shawarma Plate, etc., that you won’t find anywhere else in Bend.

    It is precisely located at 916 NW Wall St, Bend. If you have any queries regarding their menu or reservations, then connect with them at +1 541-388-5094. 

    Does Joolz Restaurant take reservations?

    Yes, definitely, Joolz Restaurant accepts reservations, and you can easily do the same by selecting the desired date, time, and reservation size. 

    What forms of payment are accepted at Joolz Restaurant?

    Joolz Restaurant in Bend, Oregon, accepts credit cards. 

    7. Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

    Situated in Downtown Bend, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails is a famous American restaurant and bar with patio dining.


    It is widely known for serving meaty, Cajun-influenced American dishes in exotic settings.

    It is popular for offering the finest Northwestern cuisines with a hint of Southern twist, prepared by a well-known Chef, Steve Helt. 

    The restaurant only uses quality, pesticide-free, and organic ingredients to keep the authentic texture and flavors.

    Its menu offers a diverse selection of northwestern dishes blended with southern taste, such as Barbecue Shrimp, Wild Mushroom Toast, House Smoked Trout Dip, Arcadian Flat Bread, etc.

    Its atmosphere is trendy and classy, thus attracting foodies from across the world. 

    The Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails is located in Downtown Bend, at 919 NW Wall St, Bend. Call them at +1 541-312-2899, and resolve your queries.

    Are you planning to pay a visit? It is advised to check the cost of living in Oregon by City before moving to Bend, and then try out your favorite cuisines at this eatery. 

    Does Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails take reservations?

    Yes, you can make reservations with Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails, especially in peak hours to avoid any hassle. 

    What forms of payment are accepted at Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails?

    This American restaurant accepts credit cards. 

    8. Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats

    It is a family-run restaurant, famous for offering northern Thai cuisines to satiate all your five senses.


    This place offers regional specialities from northern Thailand in a simple, lively, and warm ambience.

    It doesn’t offer delivery services; hence, you must visit there to savor the authentic flavors of Northern Thailand. 

    Unlike other restaurants, their menu is not divided into courses, but rather into separate categories to make a complete traditional Thai meal.

    Dishes are prepared by well-known chefs, using seasonal and organic ingredients. It is believed that every dish at this restaurant comes from a family recipe; hence, offering an authentic taste and flavor. 

    It is precisely situated at 150 NW Oregon Ave, Bend. If you wish to make reservations or have any query regarding the operating hours, then call +1 541-382-0441. 

    Does Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats take reservations?

    Yes, Wild Rose Restaurant in Bend, Oregon accepts reservations; however, it is subject to seat availability. 

    What forms of payment are accepted at Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats?

    It accepts payment through credit cards. 

    9. Barrio Midtown Yacht Club Food Truck

    Let’s wrap up the list of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon with a one-of-a-kind option, Barrio Midtown Yacht Club Food Truck.


    It is a Mexican restaurant, famous for outdoor dining, a massive selection of beers, live music, and more. 

    With plenty of space, and 20 rotating taps and bites, this food truck is a perfect spot to relax and savor mouth watering cuisines in a calm ambiance.

    You can either take a seat in the open-air tap room or in the shade under an umbrella table to grab your favorite bite with a local brew. 

    Its menu is packed with tons of options to choose from, such as Tacos, Wet Burrito, Barrio Bowl, Chips & Salsa, Enchiladas, etc. 

    The restaurant is located in Midtown Bend and you can call them at +1 541-213-5061. 

    Does Midtown Yacht Club have outdoor seating?

    Yes, Midtown Yacht Club offer outdoor seating to customers, so they can enjoy scenic views, along with eating their favorite food. 

    What forms of payment are accepted at Midtown Yacht Club?

    This Mexican restaurant accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

    Best Restaurants in Bend Oregon FAQs

    What kind of food is Bend, Oregon known for?

    Bend, Oregon, is widely famous for its delicious culinary scenes and some signature dishes, such as Salmon, Steelhead, and trout, made in a unique Central Oregon style. In addition, this city is also famous for classic hot dogs, bread & rolls, scones, and pork dishes. 

    What new restaurants are coming to Bend Oregon?

    Some popular new restaurants in Bend, Oregon are The Groove, BOSA Food & Drink, Nomo Italiano, The Cellar Underground Pub, Roam, Walt Reilly’s Eatery & Entertainment, Anita’s Kitchen and Gourmet Indian Food, Thai Hot Pot and Noodle House, and many more. Visit any of these and satiate the foodie inside you. 


    The list of the best restaurants in Bend, Oregon ends here. We hope it will help you narrow down your choices while picking the best option to fulfill your cravings.

    If you are looking for a sumptuous meal while exploring the scenic beauty of this place, then add any of them to your itinerary and satisfy your appetite. 

    From small, hole-in-the-walls eateries to high-end establishments, there’s something for everyone on this list.

    So whether you’re in the mood for Mexican food, seafood, or Italian, these restaurants will have something that hits the spot. 

    Check the important things to know before moving to Oregon, and visit there to enjoy the best-in-class food and drinks.