Best Places To Visit In Finland


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    Finland, the Northern European nation, offers a plethora of experiences to its visitors. This place boasts phenomenal naturalistic traits such as; incredible scenery, Northern Lights or Auroras, untouched nature, snow-covered mountains, serene land, lakes, rivers, wild areas, and the list is endless. Whether you are young or old, traveling solo or going with a bunch of people, every corner of this beautiful land will leave you stunned to the core.

    If you are a hodophile, then you should surely discover this gem of nature. There are infinite places to visit in Finland, so it’s difficult to pick a few and name them. But to make your Finland travel a fantastic one, we are listing the best places to visit in Finland along with some other details that you should know to make your trip an unforgettable one.

    So get ready to explore this attractive and fascinating country with us.

    What is the best time to visit Finland?

    The best time to visit Finland depends on what you want to experience, as Finland has something or the other to offer all year round. If you want to witness snow-peaked mountains and want to enjoy winter activities, then visiting Finland between December and March will be the best time. If you want to experience a warm climate and enjoy blossoming landscapes, roam around several tourists attractions, and beautiful places in Finland then the months of June, July, and August will be the best time.

    What should you not miss in Finland?

    Apart from visiting the below-stated list of 7 places to see in Finland, you should also mention these activities while planning your itinerary, that includes:-

    • Pay a visit to the seven World Heritage UNESCO sites situated in Finland.
    • Visit Lapland to ride a reindeer sleigh.
    • Shop at the famous market stalls called ‘kauppahalli’ in Finland.
    • Witness the magnificent Northern Lights
    • Spend your vacations in a rented summer cottage

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    Best 7 places to visit in Finland

    •  Rovaniemi and the Arctic– Rovaniemi is also known as Santa Claus’s village, with lots of reindeer, and the Arctic Circle passing through this place, making it an avid tourist spot. The winters here are harsh, as the temperature falls below -30 degrees, making it unbearable. The summers here are also known as ‘White Nights’ as the sun never sets from the months of late May to late August. So you can hop around and enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, etc., making it one of the best places to visit in Finland for an unforgettable experience.
    • Helsinki Churches-  If you are an aesthete and loves to adore modern & ancient art and architectural beauty, then you must pay a visit to the churches in Helsinki, on your trip to Finland. Some of the beautiful churches whose magnificent interiors and sturdy exteriors will leave you awestruck are; Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, St.John’s Church, Kallio Church, Temppeliauko Church, Lutheran Cathedral, and Kamppi Chapel of Silence.
    • Aland Archipelago– The collection of islands in the heart of the Baltic Sea is known as the Aland Archipelago. Apart from the best places to visit in Finland, this out-of-the-way tourist attraction can be seen by shuttling from ferries. Visitors can enjoy this rich place full of life, craft, and culture, by hiking & cycling on stunning trails, visiting Kastelholm 14th-century castle, Pommern maritime museum constructed by renovating an old ship, and enjoying delicacies at local restaurants made of fresh fish, dairy products, and berries.
    • Turku– This is one of the oldest cities of the nation situated in southern Finland. It is the major tourist attraction in Finland, and it boasts some magnificent cultural landmarks and tourists attractions. Some of the places to see in Finland in the Turku region are; twin museums, Turku Castles, Forum Marinum Maritime Center, Qwensel House, Pharmacy Museum, Turku Art Museum, the magnificent library, and market hall.
    • Porvoo– Porvoo is the second-oldest town in Finland and is famous for its picturesque and unique wooden homes. This city is 50kms away from Helsinki, and you can take a steamboat from Helsinki to reach Porvoo. This beautiful place in Finland is also known as the trade center and is famous for its red shore houses. If you are a Photophile, your visit to Porvoo is a must as this is a picturesque town that consists of modern, romantic, and antique state-of-the-art.
    • Savonlinna– This charming and historic destination in the heart of Finnish Lakeland is worth exploring. Savonlinna, located in the core of Lake Saimma, has two major 15-century constructed tourists attractions, namely, St. Olaf’s Castle and Olavinlinna. It is one of the best places to visit in Finland as it also hosts one of the world’s best opera festivals, along with exhibitions, art galleries, varied cultures, tourists attractions, Kerimaki wooden church, and the famous muikku local dish worth tasting.
    • Finnish Lakeland– Finland is home to about 55,000 beautiful clear, clean, and freshwater lakes. Most of the Finnish lakes are situated in the Lakeland district and are interspersed by ridges and forests. The best way to enjoy iconic Finnish lakes is to take a rented cottage by the lake, take a session in the sauna, swim in the lakes, or hop onto a steamboat, or you can also just sit back and relax and intake the freshness of the air and enjoy the scenic view.

    Pros & Cons of visiting Finland

    Finland is known to be the land of happiness. People residing in Finland are quite happy with their way of living and life. If you are also planning to settle in this beautiful picturesque country, then you should be aware of some pros & cons listed below.

    Best Places to Visit in Finland


    • Good income
    • Beautiful and best places to visit in Finland
    • Good healthcare systems
    • Corruption free country
    • Top-notch education system
    • High Literacy Rate
    • Minimum criminal activities and violence


    • Unpleasant winter season
    • An expensive country with a high cost of living
    • High rate of alcohol consumption
    • High depression rate among people
    • Finnis, the language of Finland, is difficult to learn
    • High tax rates

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Finland is one of the most beautiful nations in the Nordic region. It has an abundance of natural panoramas, lakes, deep woods, a clean breeze of air, a thick cover of trees and forests, various historical destinations, and dancing Auroras waiting to be explored.

    • Is Finland good for tourists?

    Finland is a hidden gem as it is far away from the mainstream tourist routes. But if you want to spend your vacation in the lap of nature, take in a fresh breath of air, and capture the picturesque nature in your eyes and camera, then you should go and spend your precious vacations in Finland.

    • When is the best place and time to witness the Northern Lights?

    If you are an aurora catcher, then visit Lapland the northernmost region of Finland, from September to March to witness and capture breathtaking northern lights forever in your minds and cameras.


    Nature plays a huge role in the significance and the identity of tourism of Finland. Be it winter or summer, Finland offers something or the other to cater to the needs of people of all age groups and interests. In the above article, we have tried to bring some aspects of visiting Finland to light. Be it the best places to visit in Finland, some commonly asked FAQs, or the pros and cons. We have tried our best to provide you with the best piece of insightful knowledge.

    So what are you waiting for now? Plan your itinerary today to spend your vacation in the lap of nature in this gorgeous country.

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