Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

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    What is the state of Wisconsin known for? Do you know of any good place in Wisconsin? Wisconsin is best known for beer and cheese. It is known as America’s dairyland, and the state has expansive lush green areas characterized by dense forests, lakes, and hills. The outdoor locations of the state are scenic and worth every dream. Some of the best places in Wisconsin are Whitefish Bay, Elm Group, and Milwaukee. Let us explore these places in detail in the article below.

    Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

    Where is the nicest place to live in Wisconsin?

    Milwaukee is a beautiful neighborhood of Wisconsin that has developed rapidly over these years. Whitefish Bay is a suburb of Milwaukee and is one of the best places in the state. Located adjacent to the lake, Whitefish Bay offers stunning views of the surrounding geographical landscapes. Milwaukee is one of the best affordable places to live in Wisconsin. Madison is also one of the nicest places to live in Wisconsin, but it is very expensive.

    What is the best county in Wisconsin to live in?

    Ozaukee county is the best place to live in Wisconsin, and Mequon is this county’s largest place by area. The population was about 89,199, and the median income was third-best in Wisconsin at about $84,394 (the counting of previous years). The unemployment rate is about 2.7 percent and is the second-best in the state of Wisconsin. The median home price in Ozaukee county is $292,0000 and is the second-best in Wisconsin. The locality is affordable, offers employment, and has the second-lowest poverty of any county.

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    10 Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is one of the affordable places to live in the US with a decent cost of living. The top 10 best places to live in Wisconsin are listed below. Read on to learn more about these places for a brief overview. Moving to Wisconsin guide helps understand the lifestyle and affordability in the area.

    1. Whitefish Bay

    Whitefish Bay is an exclusive place overlooking the lake in Milwaukee County. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the state, with average prices of homes ranging up to $337,400. Whitefish Bay ranks first in all the categories of living in Wisconsin.

    Whitefish Bay

    As per reviews on, it is an ideal place to raise a family in the Badger state and has a population of 14,000. 

    Whitefish Bay is famous for its swanky neighborhood of residential lots. It has an exceptional livability score of 90/100. The cost of living is 23% higher than Wisconsin’s average.

    Crime rates are 34% lower than Wisconsin’s average.

    Whitefish Bay is known for outdoor activities like camping, shooting, watersports, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Indoor activities like painting and theatres are also famous.

    The nightlife is quite active in the Bay area. The best clubs include Unleashed, Crush Lounge, and Whitefish Underground.

    Is Whitefish Bay a suburb of Milwaukee?

    Yes, Whitefish Bay is an exclusive suburb or village of Milwaukee County.

    Is Whitefish Bay a town?

    Whitefish is a village in Milwaukee County.

    2. Shorewood

    Shorewood is one of the scenic places in the state of Wisconsin along the lake. Perfect for serenity and solidarity. It is densely populated with a population of 13,300 people, but the city has close access to the largest city in Wisconsin.


    Median home prices stand at $292,000, with rental costs of $908. Shorewood has a livability score of 85/100, and real estate prices are 85% higher than Wisconsin’s average.

    Shorewood is known for its educational system. Some of the best schools in Wisconsin are found here. Young professionals and students prefer living in Shorewood due to its highly rated school system.

    Crime rates in Shorewood are 15% higher than the national average.

    Shorewood is a lively city with concerts, theatres, arts, and sports activities organized regularly. Fishing and kayaking on the lake are other prime outdoor activities here.

    Shorewood has a very active nightlife. A popular nightclub in the area is Skooters Roadhouse.

    Shorewood is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin for families due to all the facilities offered by the place.

    Is Shorewood a part of the City of Milwaukee?

    Yes, Shorewood is a village in the city of Milwaukee.

    Is Shorewood a suburb?

    Shorewood is a small suburb or village in the city of Milwaukee.

    3. Elm Grove

    Elm Grove is one of the smallest places in Wisconsin, with a population of 6000. Nestled in Waukesha county, it has been named the best suburb to reside in by Businessinsider. The median household income is $114,375. Elm Grove takes environmental conservation seriously for both wildlife and the populace. In contrast, you’ll see birds everywhere in the city, winning the title “Bird City”.

    Elm Grove

    Elm Group ranks high in education and has an affluent population. Famous for its favorable living conditions and high livability score of 89/100.

    Crime rates in Elm Grove are 8% higher than the national average.

    Lake County is a popular getaway spot in Elm Grove known for activities like camping, biking, and boating.

    Nightlife is active in Elm Grove with clubs like O’donoughue’s Irish Pub and Elim’s Lounge.

    Is Elm Group a good suburb?

    Elm Group is the best suburb to live in, with ideal living conditions and affluent neighborhoods.

    Is Cedar Grove WI a good place to live?

    Cedar Grove VI ranks better than 81% of areas in the US and ranks well in parameters like demographics, schools, locations, and communities.

    4. Brookfield

    Brookfield is one of the most affluent towns located in Waukesha County, and it is densely populated with 38,000. The working population in Brookfield earns well, with a median household income of $92,518. The locality has high-rated public systems. 


    Brookfield is known for its affluent surroundings and high cost of living in Wisconsin. Brookfield real estate prices are 72% higher than Wisconsin’s average.

    Crime rates in Brookfield are 4% lower than Wisconsin’s average.

    Brookfield is a fun place to be in for night-outs and dinners. The locality has diverse restaurants with options ranging from vegan to Indiana delicacies. So, you’ll encounter lots of bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, and restaurants here.

    Is Brookfield Wi a good place to live?

    Brookfield, WI, is a good place to live with sparse suburban feels. Most residents feel at home here.

    Which city is Brookfield?

    Brookfield is a city located in Waukesha County in Milwaukee metropolitan.

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    5. Fox Point

    Fox Point is a small and family-friendly village with a population of 6700 residents. It is considered the wealthiest village in Wisconsin. Fox point enjoys the highest quality of life in Wisconsin. The real estate prices are not high here, with houses averaging $293,300. It has a livability score of 85/100.

    Fox Point

    Fox point is known for high-income households and affordable housing. The average income per household is $115,523.

    Crime rates in Fox Point are 25 percent lower than Wisconsin’s average.

    Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping, archery, and motorsports are organized by authorities regularly. Ice skating, skiing, and cross country skiing activities are carried out during winters.

    Fox Point has a vivacious and active nightlife with clubs like Float Life, Drunk Driving Warriors, Smigi, and the Ranshun Corporation.

    Is Fox Point WI a good place to live?

    Fox Point, WI, is in Milwaukee County and is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. It offers a dense suburban feel to the residents, giving the feeling of home to the tourists.

    How did Fox Point get its name?

    Fox point got its name from an original Dutch settlement located here, and it resembled a fox’s snout cutting into Lake Michigan.

    6. Verona

    Verona is a perfect blend of quaint rural life and busy city life. It is a beautiful and affordable town in Dane County. Homes in Verona cost $249,500, having a median household income is $87,286. It has a population of 11,700 residents and is located on the outskirts of Madison. With a livability score of 86/100, it is one of the most affordable cost of living in Wisconsin.


    Located on the outskirts of Madison, Verona is famous for its perfect blend of village and city life.

    Crime rates in Verona are 44 percent lower than the national average.

    Outdoor activities like hiking and biking tours are regularly organized in the city. There are a lot of wineries and churches to explore in Verona.

    There are a lot of wineries and bars in the area. Ole Duffer’s Pub and Toot & Kate’s Winebar are popular nightclubs in Verona.

    With this, you can say that Verona is one of the best affordable places to live in Wisconsin.

    Is Verona Wisconsin in the driftless area?

    Verona, Wisconsin, is not in the driftless area. Driftless areas are unglaciated areas located in Southwest Wisconsin.

    What is the cost of living in Verona Wisconsin?

    The cost of living in Verona, Wisconsin, is $37,291 per year is more than the average in Wisconsin but less than the national average. Wisconsin’s cost of living is $34,139.

    7. Mequon

    Mequon has a population of 23,000 people and is located in Ozaukee County. Many renowned figures own houses in quaint Mequon. The household income in Mequon is high, and some of the highest earners in the midwest US stay here. Mequon has access to the best schools in Wisconsin.


    Mequon is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Wisconsin.

    Crime rates in Mequon are lower than Wisconsin’s average.

    There are a lot of fruit farms and nature preserves to be explored in the region. Hiking activities can also be planned here.

    There are nightclubs in the area where you can enjoy your weekends. Mequon Chancery and Skippy’s Sports Pub are the popular ones.

    Is Mequon a good place to live?

    Mequon is an excellent place to live with rich surroundings coupled with facilities and amenities.

    What does the word Mequon mean?

    Mequon means intense imagination and a trait of sensitivity. 

    8. Wauwatosa

    Wauwatosa is 20 minutes away from the city of Milwaukee and houses more than 47.000 people. It is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin and is preferred by millennials. Wauwatosa has an affordable cost of living and averages around $569,460 per household.


    Wauwatosa is known for its affordable housing options, a popular spot for millennials.

    Crime rates are higher than Wisconsin’s average.

    Wauwatosa provides a mix of adventure sports and laidback scenic outdoor activities.

    Wauwatosa has a vibrant and active nightlife. There are innumerable nightclubs and pubs in the area. Onyx, Eagle’s Auditorium, JoJo’s Martini Lounge, and Wall Street Drink Exchange are some of the popular clubs in the area.

    Wauwatosa is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults.

    Is Wauwatosa a good place to live?

    Wauwatosa is a dense suburban area in Wisconsin and is an ideal place to live in.

    Where should I live in Wauwatosa?

    Downtown Watuwatosa and Lake Tisa are good places to live in.

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    9. Maple Bluff

    Maple Bluff is the smallest town in Wisconsin, having a population of only 1500 people. Housing in Maple is very expensive, with prices at $460,300. Maple Bluff is a tiny and exclusive neighborhood of Wisconsin.

    Maple Bluff

    Maple Bluff is famous for its affluent and renowned locality, with many known figures like Thornton Wilder, Chris Farley, and Bradley Whitford staying here.

    Crime rates are the lowest here than in most other places in Wisconsin.

    Lake Mendota offers spectacular sunset views and is a hub for activities like camping, fishing, swimming, and kayaking. Biking is a popular activity with many paths in and around Maple Bluff. 

    Are you worried about the nightlife? Maple Bluff has a vibrant and active nightlife.

    What makes Maple Bluff this costly?

    The residence of the Governor of Wisconsin is located in Maple Bluff. People residing here earn the highest incomes in the state, holding the average household income is $130,577.

    10. Sturgeon Bay

    Sturgeon Bay is one of the most affordable localities in Door County, with a population of 9000 people. The housing rate here is $132,400, and the median household income is $46,906 per year. The Bay has a livability index of 85 on 100.

    Sturgeon Bay

    Sturgeon Bay is famous for its top-rated schools and affability. It has an affordable cost of living.

    Crime rates in Sturgeon Bay are 56% lower than Wisconsin’s average.

    The Bay is known for kayaking, biking, and adventurous outdoor activities.

    Sturgeon Bay has a vibrant nightlife with numerous clubs surrounding the location. Popular nightclubs are Foxy Pedaler Party Bike, Little Brown Jug Saloon, and Birmingham’s Bar and Restaurant.

    What lake is Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin on?

    Sturgeon Bay is located to the east of Lake Michigan. It is in between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

    Is Sturgeon Bay WI a good place to live?

    Sturgeon Bay is a good place to live in Wisconsin, with affordable facilities and top-rated amenities.

    Best Places to Live in Wisconsin FAQs

    Where should I move to in Wisconsin?

    Wisconsin is a state in the north-central region of the US. The capital city is Madison, and its largest city is Milwaukee County. People who prefer large cities can consider moving out here. Madison is considered one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. Milwaukee is also an attractive city with many upgrades taking place rapidly. So, you can either choose Milwaukee or Madison; it’s upto you.


    Wisconsin is home to attractive landscapes. The western and northern landscapes have many hills suitable for hiking activities. The housing prices in Wisconsin are quite affordable and lower than the national average. The east and south lowlands are ideal for dairy farming. The small city has all the amenities of a large city. Madison is ranked 10th in the US. The state hosts cultural events and is a perfect place for inhabitation.

    Make sure to research well on the city before making a move to Wisconsin. Create your bucket list, including all the facilities you want in a city, and accordingly make your move. 

    Undoubtedly, Wisconsin is a stupendous state but picking a city is your call. 

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