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Best Places to Live in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, also known as ‘RI’, the smallest state situated in the England region of Northeastern USA with an area of 1212 square miles.

Particularly famous as the ‘Ocean State’ for its vast coastline of 400 miles of blissful and breezy beaches, Rhode Island attracts many tourists during the peak summer months.

Best places to live in Rhode Island

A perfect blend of swanky and rustic ambiance, this place is one of the most beautiful and unique localities for people to live in.

What makes Rhode Island so popular and inexpensive to live in? What are the best affordable places to live in Rhode Island and the key facilities and attractions they have got to offer? If you also have these questions in your mind, this article is worth your attention

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Why are people moving to RI?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a place that has the best of both swanky urban and quaint rural vibes?

If yes, RI is the place for you!!!

Known to host big city events and nightlife with exotic beaches offering a range of adventurous water activities, RI is a buzzing tourist center. Be it the serenity of quaint villages, city glamor, cultural diversity, culinary extravagance, top-rated institutions offering the best of education, and other amenities, RI offers it all. A lot more people are moving to Rhode Island to experience the best of both worlds.

Above all, there is a huge list of best places to live in Rhode Island, making it the first choice to live in.

Irrespective of different budgets and lifestyle choices, there is something or the other for every group of people.

What is the safest place to live in Rhode Island?

Safety comes across as a crucial factor for families while searching for places to live.

Bristol is considered to be the safest town in RI, followed by the towns of South Kingstown, Cumberland, Smithfield, and Coventry as per the FBI Statistical Report of Crimes.

Rhode Island is rated as one of the most secure places in the USA. Crime rates have seen a sharp decline in recent times and are well below the national level.

The South part of RI reports lesser crimes than the other areas. Safety is essential, and so is your property. RI attracts many investors and tourists due to its beauty and safety.

Do check this article out on things to know before moving to Rhode Island to help you gain a few insights on what it is like to live and chill in RI.

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Here are the 14 best places to live in Rhode Island

Factors like access to prime facilities like educational institutions and healthcare facilities, per square feet pricing, safety, and infrastructure have been taken into consideration for curating this list of best places to live in.

1) Barrington

This residential suburb is located to the SouthEast of  Providence in Bristol and is considered the top choice for incoming settlers, especially with young children. Best known for quaint rural surroundings and top-rated public and private schools.


Schools in Barrington constantly secure A+ ratings and are the most sought-after educational institutions in RI. Some of the famous schools in the Barrington area include Barrington High School, The Wheeler School, and Lincoln School. It has a crime rate of just 1.15 per 1000 residents, making it the safest place to inhabit.

The crowd in Barrington is liberal, social, and affluent. Most of the population falls in the age group of 18-50 years, thus contributing to active outdoor and socializing activities. The place would be the best for job seekers as job opportunities in diverse fields of interest are available.

Weather stats range from humid, continental climate to moderately cold winter months. Outdoor activities like marathons, music concerts, and sports events are frequently arranged by the suburb residents. There are many gyms and fitness service centers like Curves and Barrington Yogawerks in the suburban area. A place where you are free to enjoy your nightlife with minimal restrictions.

Is Barrington Rhode Island wealthy?

Barrington’s property prices are well above the national average of other cities, owning to its popularity, proximity to the Providence River, good educational facilities, extensive greenery, and affluent residents. So, yes, Barrington, Rhode Island, is quite wealthy.

Is Barrington RI a good place to live?

All thanks to its affluent and friendly neighborhood surrounded by clean waters and spaces and the virtue of a wealthy lifestyle, Barrington, RI, is a perfect place to live in.

2) Blackstone

Out at the second place, we have Blackstone suburb topping our charts. Blackstone is sparsely populated with only about 10,000 people and holds a historic significance from the American Industrial Revolution. The city is located along the Seekonk River in Providence.


This suburb is known for its urban environment and city-like landscapes. Ideal for both young professionals and families. Public schools in this suburb have top ratings and perform well above the average most of the time.

The crime rate in this suburb is just 2 per 1000 residents. Residents feel pretty safe and secure here. Good connectivity to prime cities like Boston, New York, and Connecticut has increased employability rates in the region.

The city is home to various cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and parks due to a modern, affluent, young, and urban population. A series of outdoor activities like cycling and rafting are organized in the Blackstone River Valley. There are a lot of gyms and fitness parks in the city, and some of them are ProFitness and Body Beautiful Fitness Studio.

Weather in Blackstone ranges from warm summers to snowy winters. The only con is the lack of an efficient public transport facility and heavy reliance on private modes of transportation.

3) Narragansett

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in direct sea-facing properties? If yes, Narragansett is the answer for you!!!

This suburb is quite close to the famous Narragansett beach, which daily attracts a heavy inflow of tourists. Property rates in this area are quite high, and houses sell like hotcakes here.


Schools here are good but do not offer the best of choices. In terms of crime safety, it has a crime rate of 26.13 per 1000 residents, and crime rates are higher in other suburbs. Housing in this area mostly includes second or holiday homes. It ranks 2 in the best places to live in Rhode Island for retirees.

This suburb is known for its tourist attractions and holiday homes, and employability or job opportunities are primarily found in the service or hospitality sectors.

The weather is mostly sunny and humid during the peak summer months. This place has a diverse mix of the young and retired population, so you will not feel left out. Best of everything, it has lit nightlife and houses famous clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Best known for surfing, there are many outdoor adventure activities to try. If you are a foodie, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Is Narrangansett worth visiting?

Yes, Narragansett is worth visiting as it has beautiful and clean beaches. The famous ‘Narragansett beach’, known to be a surfer’s paradise, attracts considerable tourists and is a mandatory hub for all adventurous outdoor activities.

Does Narragansett RI have a downtown?

Yes, Narragansett, RI, has a downtown area hosting a plethora of dining restaurants and small shops owned by small business owners. The food collection here is delectable and has a wide variety of choices to choose from. Make sure to pay a visit to Downtown Narragansett for sure the next time. Do not miss it.

4) Kingston

This suburban area has a sparse population of 7000 and is well connected and located in Washington County in Rhode Island. Known for good schools, short commute routes, and good rental homes. Kingston is termed as one of the best places to live in Rhode Island for singles and couples.


Well-known schools are located in the neighborhood of Kingston area for children. Public schools include Kingston Academy, the University of Rhode Island, naming a few of them.

Do not be concerned about the health facilities as the health care facilities and other amenities are also easily accessible. The crime rate in the Kingston area is 41.83 per 1000 residents. However, the southeastern part of the city is considered very safe.

There are many diverse and vibrant nightclubs for serious chillers. In contrast, prime water-facing outdoor activities include boating and fishing for outdoor enthusiasts.

The weather is quite humid during the peak summer months and cold during winters. There are many gyms and fitness centers in and around Kingston, like the Village Green Community Center.

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5) Jamestown

Do you wish to live a perfect Island life of leisure and fun? Jamestown suburb is the place for you!!!

Ranked #1 as the best place in Rhode island for retirees and is rated as one of the most expensive and exotic locations in RI. Check our article out to know more about the average Rhode Island cost of living.


Crime and safety rates are the lowest. This suburb is termed as the safest city to live in. National Blue Ribbon Elementary School in Jamestown has received the highest rating from the United States Department of Education. The average rating of elementary school is 4-star, whereas, for middle school, it is 5-star.

The crime rate is around 28.23 per 1000 residents. Northwest areas of Jamestown are safer.

Most of the population in Jamestown falls in the retirement category. Good access to essential services and amenities. Job opportunities are lesser compared to other suburbs. So if you need a job, this place may disappoint you.

You can experience the best nightlife here. Best places for nightlife include The Stogies at Coppercreek, Gypsy Shack, and Mother Lode Coffee shop, as per reviews on TripAdvisor.

The weather is pleasant and quite conducive for outdoor activities such as scuba, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing, and walking tours. Fitness and wellness centers like The Island Heron Yoga studio are pretty famous here.

Is Jamestown worth visiting?

Yes. Located between Block Island and Buzzards Bay, this place offers gorgeous views of adjoining mainlands and is worth visiting. It is the second-largest island after Aquidneck Island in the area. The area is scenic with greenery and vast shores of clean beaches.

What is there to do in Downtown Jamestown RI?

Downtown has several small shops, restaurants, and cafes offering scenic shopping and a delectable culinary experience. Food trucks and game shops also offer great deals on activities and food items.

6) East Greenwich

This suburb is a waterfront town in Kent County with easy access to nearby cities and one of the wealthiest municipalities.

This suburb is one of the best affordable places to reside in Rhode Island. Known for affordable rental homes. The rental costs here are lower than the usual average.

East Greenwich

This suburb has access to good schools and other essential amenities. Although the schools here perform a lot better compared to other areas. The crime rate in East Greenwich is around 15.31 per 1000 residents; as a result, it is considered safe and secure.

Nearest places within a 10-mile radius with nightlife include:

  • Warwick
  • Exeter
  • Hope

So, you have many options to relax after hectic weekdays. Majority of the population fall above the 40 years age group.

The East Greenwich Cove area has outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and access to clean beaches. On the list of best places to live in Rhode Island, you can surely count on East Greenwich.

Who founded East Greenwich RI?

This town was founded by the General Assembly in October 1677 to fight against land claims of Narragansett and Connecticut inhabitants, and a total area of 5000 acres was assigned for inhabitation.

7) Hope

This suburb is retro and houses village-like aesthetic structures with a sparse population of around 4000 people. Hope ranks on the top spots for the best affordable places to live in Rhode Island as the houses here are cheaper than in other suburbs in RI.


There is an abundance of good schools and public amenities to choose from as it is located quite close to the Providence Center. The town of Hope is 63 percent safer than other cities in Rhode Island.

The median age is about 40 years. Decent employment opportunities are created to cater to the existing population. Best known for adrenaline outdoor activities like biking and hiking tours with camping activities. There is a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars in the area, offering various food items.

Refer to our article on things to do in RI during covid for updated rules and regulations. This article can provide a seamless experience for planning all your fun outdoor activities.

Does anyone live on Hope Island Rhode island?

Yes. People longing to settle in a calm and quaint environment stay here. This suburb has good access to parks, running trails, and amenities.

8) South Kingstown

Nestled in Washington county, this suburb is sparsely populated with 30,000 people. It bears a stark resemblance to the Kingston area, and South Kingstown has the largest area in RI.

Kingstown is especially known for its beautiful and clean beaches, and this suburb is near to the very famous East Matunuck beach.

South Kingstown

Top-rated schools and amenities are located in the vicinity of South Kingstown. The popular ones are The Goddard School and The Windswept Montessori School.

The crime rate here is only around 1.42 per 1000 residents and can be easily counted in as one the safest cities to reside. The community here is quite warm, friendly, and welcoming.

A host of outdoor activities like trekking, camping, fishing, and hunting are organized by the local authorities.

What towns are in South Kingstown RI?

Charlestown, Exeter, Narragansett, North Kingstown, and Richmond are adjacent towns of the South Kingstown suburb.

Is South Kingstown Town Beach Open?

Yes. The Town beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and South Kingstown has about 10 miles of extensive beaches. Beach passes are issued to both residents and non-residents of Kingstown.

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9) North Kingstown

Best known for shorter commute routes and good connectivity, this suburban area houses a population of around 26,000 people.

Fantastic schools and amenities attract innumerable families wanting to secure their children’s future here.

North Kingstown

The crime rate is 9 per 1000 residents, and it is one of the safest cities in Rhode Island.

Picnic parks and playgrounds are found in abundance here, encouraging many outdoor activities. Not only this, North Kingstown has a very diverse nightlife.

The weather here is pleasant throughout the year except for the peak winter months. Numerous health and fitness centers have been set up in the area to encourage an active lifestyle.

Is there a water ban in North Kingstown RI?

Yes. There are watering restrictions as the suburb faces a waterfall shortage during the peak summer months due to increased demand.

When was North Kingstown founded?

Kingstown was founded in 1674 by the colonial authority, which included the regions of North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Exeter, and Narragansett. It was only in 1723 that it was split separately into North Kingstown and other regions.

10) Wayland

This suburb feels much like the town of Hope, offering rural experiences under a modern outset. With just under 5000 people residing here, the community is strongly bonded amidst economic and ethical diversity. Wayland shares shorelines with the Seekonk River.


Schools are not the best here as compared to top suburbs like Barrington and Kingston. The crime rate in Wayland is 1.21 per 1000 residents, offering good security to residents.

This suburban area has access to good hospitals like Rhode Island Hospital and other amenities like restaurants, cafes, and bars. Not forget to mention, it has a diverse nightlife. Wayland has access to many outdoor activities owing to playgrounds, parks, and beaches.

House costs and rental rates are lower than other cities in Rhode Island and fall under the affordable housing category. Roads are not maintained in good order, though, and may disrupt seamless transportation in general.

The weather is pleasant throughout the year, and one can make the most of the facilities here because of conducive weather conditions.

11) College Hill

College Hill is a suburb in Providence and one of the six neighborhoods comprising East Providence and College Hill’s historic locality. It is home to various sites of historical and architectural importance with a population of 10,000 and is a very affluent locality.

College Hill

Renowned universities like RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and Brown University are located in this area. There are fewer schools and colleges. The crime rate is higher in this locality, with a rate of 65.63 per 1000 residents. Safety can be an issue for all incoming settlers.

Structures are very architecturally pleasing to the eyes. College Hill is well equipped with all essential facilities and amenities. Picturesque neighborhoods are a common sight to behold in these areas. It has a very diverse nightlife as students form the majority of the population.

Popular outdoor activities are regularly organized for students :

  • Hiking
  • Water sports and activities
  • Marathons
  • Food trails
  • Concerts and shows

So, all these reasons make this place one of the best places to live in Rhode Island for singles.

How did College Hill get its name?

College Hill gets its name from its topography and numerous educational institutions situated in the area.

12) Fox Point

This suburb is preferred by millennials and is a popular social neighborhood in the Providence area bounded by College Hill and Wayland.

It is listed as one of the best places in Rhode Island for singles.

Fox Point

Families usually do not prefer this neighborhood. The suburb has a perfect mix of students, young professionals, and academicians. The entire surrounding emits a very cool distinct vibe and is well connected to prime cities.

Fox Point has a crime rate of 13 per 1000 residents and falls well below the national average ratings. The suburb is equipped with well-maintained facilities and amenities. The weather conditions are quite pleasant throughout the year.

Access to a whole lot of outdoor activities is available, and the suburb has a very diverse nightlife because of an active student population.

Why is it called Fox Point?

Fox Point gets its name from the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, a 3000 long barrier protecting low-lying areas from floods and damage due to storms built across the Providence River.

Is Fox Point a good neighborhood?

Fox Point is a social and popular neighborhood for student housing and renowned educational institutions offering diverse nightlife and outdoor activities.

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13) Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a popular suburb in Newport County of RI. This suburb is often listed as the best place to live in Rhode Island for retirees, and it has a diverse population of around 18,000 people.

Portsmouth is home to several good schools like Portsmouth High School and Prudence Island School.


The crime rate is 32.01 per 1000 residents. The city has decent safety standards, having a semi-urban and coastal feel attached to it. This area houses an elderly affluent population. The community here is warm and welcoming.

The weather here is delightful and sunny almost throughout the year.

Portsmouth is home to supermarkets, large plazas with a lot of small businesses and hosts the Portsmouth Business Park. Job opportunities are created on a large scale here.

Is Portsmouth rich?

Yes. Portsmouth is an expensive suburban area owing to its wealthy population, and it is one of the expensive places to own a house in RI.

14) Mount Hope

Mount Hope is a developing suburban area in Bristol, RI. It is one of the best affordable places in Rhode Island and houses a population of just around 5000 people; it overlooks Narragansett Bay.

Mount Hope

It is quite apt for families looking to invest in their first homes as the price is lower than in other cities.

Schools here are average-rated; educational institutions need to be developed in terms of infrastructure and quality. The crime rate is 43.94 per 1000 residents. Safety standards can also be improved here.

Mount Hope Care Center provides personally curated programs for each resident encouraging outdoor activities like gardening, local trips, and sports activities. There are fitness and wellness centers too.

There are not many nightlife activities to be carried out. Basic facilities and amenities are available.

Who owns Mount Hope?

Brown University owns a major chunk of areas in Mount Hope.

Best Places to Live in Rhode Ssland FAQs

What is the nicest part of Rhode Island?

There are an overwhelming number of beautiful beaches and historical architecture in and around Rhode Island.

Little Compton, Newport, and Providence are some of the nicest places to inhabit in Rhode Island, offering the best-in-class amenities in terms of education, accommodations, crime rates, community bondings, recreational and outdoor activities.

Despite its small size RI strikes a perfect balance between intimate and modern lifestyle demands and caters to the needs of residents of all age groups.

Where should I live in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has diverse options for every lifestyle need, budget, and choice. So, according to your needs, you can move to any one of these places. Our personal favorites are Barrington and Blackstone.

Do read things to know before moving to Rhode Island. This article will surely help and make the process easy and seamless.


Rhode Island is celebrated for its beautiful beaches, exotic properties, and historic architecture. A place where everything and anything can be found under a roof.

Known for outdoor activities, extensive beachlines, and delectable culinary experiences, RI is a top-rated tourist destination.

Crime rates are low, community bonding is strong, connectivity to different places, pleasant weather, and famous recreational activities make it popular and expensive to own or rent a property here.

Localities in Rhode Island make for a perfect residential hub for families, singles, and retirees alike. The per square feet area pricing is much higher than the usual national average. But investment here in RI would never go in vain, and it would only lead to higher returns in the near future.

Rhode Island is thus one of the best places to reside in the USA. So, what are your thoughts?

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