Best Places to Live in Rhode Island

Best places to live in Rhode Island

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    Rhode Island is a tiny yet well-built state in the New England region of Northeastern USA. The ocean state is known for its blissful beaches, picturesque villages, bustling providence, and wilderness landscapes.

    Moreover, its thriving employment opportunities, quiet existence, high-rated schools, less housing prices, lower crime rates, lower cost of living, and ample outdoor recreation attracts new residents from all over the US to make this place their new home.


    If you are moving to Rhode Island in 2023, it’s important to know and compare the places that best suit your requirements, circumstances, and lifestyles.

    Check out the featured listings to make one home this year!

    Why are people moving to RI?

    Most people consider moving to RI to remain closer to their families, as a job transfer, or to find new job opportunities.

    While fewer migrants came for retirement, lifestyle, or kids-friendly reasons. 

    What is the safest place to live in Rhode Island?

    Bristol is the safest place to live in Rhode Island, per the FBI Statistical Report of Crimes and 2023 State of Safety in the US rankings.

    It has 3.2 and 0.2 property and violent crime rates respectively per 1000 residents.

    14 Best Places to Live in Rhode Island

    In this article, we have considered factors like good educational institutions, healthcare facilities, housing prices, safety, and Rhode Island Cost of living for curating the list of best places to live in Rhode Island.

    Based on a combination of the above preferences, here mentioned the 14 best places in Rhode Island to live in. Read on!

    1. Barrington –  Best place to live in Rhode Island for families

    Barrington is a residential suburb, located to the SouthEast of  Providence in Bristol County.

    New settlers with families mostly consider this place because of its quaint rural surroundings, safe communities, and A+-rated public and private schools. 


    Barrington, RI weather stats range from humid, continental climates to moderately cold winter months.

    Most of the population falls in the age group of 18-50 years, thus contributing to active outdoor and socializing activities like marathons, music concerts, sports events, and minimal nightlife. 

    Population -17,201 residents

    Crime rate – 1.15 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $646,900

    Average rent price – $

    Median income – $103,937

    Is Barrington Rhode Island wealthy?

    Barrington’s property prices are well above the national average of other cities, owning to its popularity, proximity to the Providence River,

    Good educational facilities, extensive greenery, and affluent residents. So, yes, Barrington, Rhode Island, is quite wealthy.

    Is Barrington RI a good place to live?

    All thanks to its affluent and friendly neighborhood surrounded by clean waters and spaces and the virtue of a wealthy lifestyle, Barrington, RI, is a perfect place to live in.

    Why Is Barrington Rhode Island Famous?

    Barrington, RI is famous for its water recreation options like waterskiing, sailing, and fishing on the rivers and beaches during the summers.

    It also has Barrington Beach, which is one of the famous public beaches of Rhode Island. 

    2. Blackstone – Best town in Rhode Island to raise a family

    Blackstone Valley suburb is located along the Seekonk River in Providence, Rhode Island.

    The city is known for its origin of the American Industrial Revolution, its urban environment, city-like landscapes, lower crime rates, and top-rated public schools.


    This suburb has good connectivity to prime cities like Boston, New York, and Connecticut, creating an increase in employability rates in the region.

    Weather in Blackstone ranges from warm summers to snowy winters. The only con is the lack of an efficient public transport facility and heavy reliance on private modes of transportation.

    Population – 9500 residents

    Crime rate – 2 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $799,000

    Average rent price – $1300

    Median income – $165,300

    Why is Blackstone RI famous?

    Blackstone RI is famous as the origin of the American industrial revolution,  important historic places like the slater mill, the first US cotton-spinning industry, and the National Historical Park. 

    What region is Blackstone Valley in?

    Blackstone Valley is present in the region of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

    3. Narragansett – Best places to live in Rhode Island for retirees

    Narragansett is one of the nicest and fastest-growing towns in Washington County, Rhode Island.

    Three of the main reasons for this are a lot of tourist attractions, job opportunities, predominantly in service or hospitality sectors, and excellent public schools.


    It’s a nature lover’s paradise with 4 popular relaxing beaches, water activities, hiking trails, and sea-facing properties.

    The weather in Narragansett RI mostly remains sunny and humid during the peak summer months. The cons this suburb counts are higher home prices, crime rates, and cost of living.

    Population – 15000 residents

    Crime rate – 26.13 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $950,000

    Average rent price – $3000

    Median income – $85,000

    Is Narragansett worth visiting?

    Yes, Narragansett is worth visiting as it has beautiful and clean beaches.

    The famous ‘Narragansett Beach’, known to be a surfer’s paradise, attracts considerable tourists and is a mandatory hub for all adventurous outdoor activities.

    Does Narragansett RI have a downtown?

    Yes, Narragansett, RI, has a downtown area hosting a plethora of dining restaurants and small shops owned by small business owners.

    The food collection here is delectable and has a wide variety of choices. Make sure to pay a visit to Downtown Narragansett for sure the next time. Do not miss it.

    4. Kingston – Best places to live in Rhode Island for Singles and couples

    Kingston is a sparsely populated Providence suburb in Washington County in Rhode Island.

    The city is home to A+-rated public and private schools, the University of Rhode Island, short commute routes, good healthcare facilities, and rental homes.


    It also has vibrant nightclubs for serious chillers and various water activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

    The weather in Kington RI is quite humid during the peak summer months and cold during winter.

    The high housing prices, wet weather, no high and middle schools, and higher substance abuse rate are some cons of this place. 

    Population – 7000 residents

    Crime rate – 41.83 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $590,000

    Average rent price – $950

    Median income – $134,200

    What are the best places to live in Kingston, Rhode Island?

    The 5 best places or liveable communities in Kingston RI are:

    • Hillendale
    • Kingscourt
    • Rideau Heights
    • Polson Park
    • Gardiner-Meadowbrook

    How far are Kingston RI and Providence RI?

    Kingston RI is 40.25 kilometers away from Providence RI. The road distance between them is 46 kilometers. 

    5. Jamestown – Best places to live in Rhode Island for retirees

    Want to live a perfect Island life of leisure and fun? The Jamestown suburb is the place for you!!!


    It offers access to essential services and amenities, the best nightlife, 5-star rated elementary, middle, and private high schools, safer neighborhoods, pleasant weather,

    appealing landscape, and proximity to outdoor activities such as scuba, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, fishing, and walking tours.

    The things that might disappoint you in this city are lesser job opportunities and more chances of getting affected by water-borne diseases. 

    Population – 5400 residents

    Crime rate – 28.23 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $520,000

    Average rent price – $2000

    Median income – $120,130

    Is Jamestown RI worth visiting?

    Yes. Located between Block Island and Buzzards Bay, this place offers gorgeous views of adjoining mainlands.

    The area is scenic with greenery and vast shores of clean beaches.

    What is there to do in Downtown Jamestown RI?

    Downtown has several small shops, restaurants, and cafes offering scenic shopping and a delectable culinary experience.

    Food trucks and game shops also offer great deals on activities and food items.

    6. East Greenwich – Best town in Rhode Island to raise a family

    East Greenwich is a waterfront suburb in Kent County This suburb is one of the most affordable places to reside in Rhode Island because of its cheaper rental homes, cost of living, and home prices.

    East Greenwich

    It also offers access to top-rated schools, essential amenities, vibrant nightlife, clean beaches, and family-oriented outdoor recreations.

    The weather in East Greenwich RI remains hot and humid in summers, freezy and snowy in winters, and partly cloudy throughout the year.

    High property tax and prices, education fees, and fewer job opportunities are some cons of this city. 

    Population – 13000 residents

    Crime rate – 15.31 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $665,000

    Average rent price – $1500

    Median income – $165,000

    Who founded East Greenwich RI?

    East Greenwich was founded by the General Assembly in October 1677 to fight against land claims of Narragansett and Connecticut inhabitants.

    7. Hope – Best places to live in Rhode Island for Singles

    Hope, RI is a lovely town on the northern border of Providence. It offers cheaper houses, safer neighborhoods, good schools, public amenities, decent employment opportunities, and adrenaline outdoor activities like biking and hiking tours and camping. 


    Currently, the city is going through a major redevelopment and is expected to become a more desirable and demanding place to reside in RI.

    Population – 6000 residents

    Crime rate – 1.51 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $395,000

    Average rent price – $900

    Median income – $74,740

    Does anyone live in Hope Rhode Island?

    Yes. People longing to settle in a calm and quaint environment stay here. This suburb has good access to parks, running trails, and amenities.

    8. South Kingstown – Best places in Rhode Island for families

    South Kingstown is the largest area suburb in Washington County, RI that bears a stark resemblance to the Kingston area.

    South Kingstown

    The city is known for its beautiful and clean beaches, friendly, and welcoming communities, top-rated schools, family-oriented outdoor spaces, and amenities.

    Other appealing indices of South Kingstown include diverse landscapes, leisure recreations, and lower crime rates.

    The only disadvantage is its higher cost of living than other areas in RI.

    Population – 30,000 residents

    Crime rate – 1.42 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $549,000

    Average rent price – $3000

    Median income – $102,250

    What towns are in South Kingstown RI?

    Charlestown, Exeter, Narragansett, North Kingstown, and Richmond are adjacent towns of the South Kingstown suburb.

    Is South Kingstown Town Beach Open?

    The South Kingstone Town beach remains open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

    9. North Kingstown- Best town in Rhode Island to raise a family

    North Kingstown is a versatile suburban area that has shorter commute routes and good connectivity with other cities.

    Besides that, it offers fantastic schools, good health and childcare, and numerous picnic parks, playgrounds, and outdoor activities that attract families who want a secure future for their children.

    North Kingstown

    North Kingstown weather remains pleasant throughout the year except for the peak winter months. Fitness centers, restaurants, bars, and nightlife are quite diverse and abundant in the city too. 

    Population – 26,000 residents

    Crime rate – 9 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $500,000

    Average rent price – $2000

    Median income – $104,250

    Is there a water ban in North Kingstown RI?

    Yes. There are watering restrictions as the suburb faces a waterfall shortage during the peak summer months due to increased demand.

    When was North Kingstown founded?

    Kingstown was founded in 1674 by the colonial authority, which included the regions of North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Exeter, and Narragansett.

    How far is North Kingstown to Newport?

    The distance between North Kingstown RI to Newport RI is 17 kilometers (17 minutes).

    10. Wayland – Best places to live in Rhode Island for singles

    Wayland is a beautiful neighborhood in the providence that gives a rural-type feel under a modern outset. 

    The city offers access to Rhode Island Hospital, a diverse nightlife, well-bonded communities, lower property and rental prices, amenities like restaurants, cafes, and bars, and outdoor activities including playgrounds, parks, and beaches.


    On the flip side, it doesn’t offer good schools, roads, transportation facilities, high property and rental prices, and fewer employment chances.   

    Population – 7,000 residents

    Crime rate – 1.21 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $500,000

    Average rent price – $2000

    Median income – $250,250

    Where is Wayland RI located?

    Wayland is located right at the shorelines of the Seekonk River and just eastside of Brown University. 

    11. College Hill – Best town in Rhode Island to raise a family and singles

    College Hill is a suburb in Providence and one of the six neighborhoods comprising East Providence and College Hill’s historic locality.

    College Hill

    The city is home to various historical and architectural sites, RISD and Brown Universities, good schools, healthcare facilities, and amenities. 

    Picturesque neighborhoods, a diverse nightlife, and hosting popular outdoor activities for students like Hiking, Water sports, Marathons, Food trails, and Concerts are a common sight to behold in these areas. 

    Population – 10,000 residents

    Crime rate – 65.63 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $500,000

    Average rent price – $2000

    Median income – $250,250

    How did College Hill get its name?

    College Hill gets its name from its topography and numerous educational institutions situated in the area.

    12. Fox Point – Best Places In Rhode Island for Young Professionals and Singles.

    Fox Point is a popular social neighborhood in the Providence area bounded by College Hill and Wayland.

    Fox Point

    It offers the young generation a vibrant nightlife, lots of job opportunities, restaurants and bars, good commuting options, and a whole lot of outdoor activities.

    While public schools and public transportation are not that great in the city. 

    Population – 10,000 residents

    Crime rate – 13 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $610,000

    Average rent price – $1800

    Median income – $125,000

    Why is it called Fox Point?

    Fox Point gets its name from the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, a 3000-long barrier protecting low-lying areas from floods and damage due to storms built across the Providence River.

    Is Fox Point a good neighborhood?

    Fox Point is a social and popular neighborhood for student housing and renowned educational institutions offering diverse nightlife and outdoor activities.

    13. Portsmouth – Best place to live in Rhode Island for retirees

    Portsmouth, RI is a popular suburb in Newport County. The city is home to several good schools, supermarkets, large plazas with a lot of small businesses, Portsmouth Business Park, and a lot of job opportunities.


    The community here is warm and welcoming. The Portsmouth RI weather remains quite delightful and sunny almost throughout the year.

    Population – 18,000 residents

    Crime rate – 33 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $650,000

    Average rent price – $3000

    Median income – $105,000

    Is Portsmouth Rhode Island rich?

    Yes. Portsmouth is an expensive suburban area owing to its wealthy population and expensive houses and apartments in RI.

    What are the best places to live in Portsmouth RI? 

    The 5 best neighborhoods in Portsmouth RI are: 

    • Prudence Park
    • Middletown
    • Tiverton
    • Newport East
    • Bristol

    14. Mount Hope – Best Places In Rhode Island for Singles

    Mount Hope is a developing suburban area in Bristol, RI. The city offers cheaper properties and home rents, well-knitted communities, the best healthcare system with personally curated programs, and proximity to outdoor activities like gardening, local trips, and sports activities. 

    Mount Hope

    But on the contrary, it lacks good schools, safety standards, and vibrant nightlife. 

    Population – 5,000 residents

    Crime rate – 43.94 incidents per 1000 residents

    Median Home price – $400,000

    Average rent price – $900

    Median income – $40,000

    Who owns Mount Hope?

    Brown University owns a major chunk of areas in Mount Hope.

    Best Places to Live in Rhode Island FAQs

    What is the nicest part of Rhode Island?

    The nicest part in and around Rhode Island are its beautiful beaches, exotic properties, and historical architecture.

    Little Compton, Newport, Barrington, and Providence are some of the nicest places to inhabit in Rhode Island. 

    Where should I live in Rhode Island?

    Barrington and Blackstone are the best places to live in Rhode Island as it offers diverse options for every lifestyle need, budget, and choice.


    Rhode Island is a place where everything and anything can be found under a roof.

    From extensive beachlines to delectable culinary experiences, safer neighborhoods to strong community bondings, and exclusive properties to adequate recreational activities.

    Each city makes a perfect residential hub for families, singles, and retirees along with a top-rated tourist destination hub.

    This makes Rhode Island one of the best places to reside in the USA. So, what are your thoughts?There are also other important things to know before moving to Rhode Island,

    like Rhode Island DMV, the pros and cons of moving to Rhode Island, and more, which are discussed in the article in detail. So, have a look!