Best Places to Live In Massachusetts

Best Places to Live In Massachusetts

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    Massachusetts is one of America’s most interesting cities. It is said to be the birthplace of the country, in Plymouth, MA. Massachusetts is the place where the first European settlement happened in 1620. The state that had initially started as a fishing and farming center has grown and developed into America’s largest industrial activity center.

    Massachusetts, the Bay State has been listed as one of the best states to stay and raise a family in the US. So, let us explore the 10 best places to live in Massachusetts based on safety, employment, housing costs, public school ratings, amenities, and reasonable cost of living. 

    Best Places to Live In Massachusetts

    Is Massachusetts a good place to live?

    Other than Massachusetts and New Jersey, there is no other better state to live in the US as per WalletHubs’s 2022 rankings. Massachusetts stays in second place i.e. right after the “Garden State” in terms of the “best states to live in” list. This is because Massachusetts holds high ratings when it comes to quality, safety, education, healthcare, and cost of living. Besides that, the state does well in providing ample job opportunities, promoting income growth, and has the highest percentage of the insured population, making it the best state to live in Massachusetts for young professionals who stays or move to Massachusetts to earn, live n lead a good life afterward.

    Where is the most affordable place to live in Massachusetts?

    Spencer, Adams, Westfield, New Bedford, and Easthampton are the 5 most affordable places to live in Massachusetts. Here the crime rates, cost of living, home prices, and median monthly rents are also quite less than in other major Massachusetts cities. These cities are situated at a flexible distance from the major cities from where students can easily travel to their colleges or universities with their own vehicles or public transport. Therefore, these five cities are the best cities to live in Massachusetts for singles and students. 

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    The 10 Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

    Bay Staters would tell you there’s more to their greatest cities than numbers. We examined household income, property prices, education, and safety to rank the finest Massachusetts cities to determine the pros and cons of moving to Massachusetts. The competition was strong. Massachusetts is the sixth-oldest state, Fortune 500 companies and all. That’s why they should have the best cities. They’re well-rehearsed. And that’s what our top 10 Massachusetts cities have done. Grab some baked beans and a Cape Cod and keep reading!

    1. Cambridge, Massachusetts – Best for singles

    Cambridge is so amazing it’s hard to begin. The capital city, Boston lies 3 miles southeast of Cambridge, across the Charles River. The city’s top two universities – Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology are both situated in Cambridge which makes it the best place to live in Massachusetts for singles and students

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

    In Cambridge, violent or property crime is 1 in 40 and is not counted among one of America’s safest cities, according to FBI data. A two-bedroom, one-bath apartment in Cambridge costs $581,700 on average. Cambridge, it’s not like life consists solely of work. The region offers one of the brightest nights, with tons of fantastic bars and restaurants, and fantastic arts facilities to boot.

    Is Cambridge Massachusetts a good place to live?

    As per niche’s new ranking report, Cambridge, Massachusetts grabs the #2 spot as the best city to stay in the US. Cambridge had received an A + grade from this review site in the categories of healthcare, education, lifestyle, outdoor activities, community friendliness, diversity, inhabitant’s fitness, and nightlife. On the other hand, it has achieved a C+ grade in the categories of crime rates, median housing cost, rental prices, and cost of living.

    Are Boston and Cambridge the same?

    Boston is the capital of Massachusetts where Cambridge is a metropolitan city situated in Middlesex County as a major residential area of Boston.

    2. Newton, Massachusetts- Best for Young Professionals

    Newton is an expensive place to live. The city is home to Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School and Lasell University. The overall crime rate in Newton is 1 in 164. Newton is one of the 100 safest U.S. cities for these reasons. Newton boasts the state’s priciest homes at $952,100. One can discover Newton’s nightlife with our selection of bars, dance clubs, and other nighttime activities.

    Newton Massachusetts

    Is Newton Massachusetts rich?

    Newton, Massachusetts gains the top position as one of the costliest cities in Massachusetts. The suburb has a $127,402 median income, 4.7% poverty rate, and 4.4% under-employment rate in a healthy population of 98,317.

    Is Newton MA a good place to live?

    Money magazine ranks Newton MA on #12 spots as the best place to live in the US. The publication’s rankings are based on economic health, education, amenities, the highest number of healthy residents, the highest percentage of graduation rates, and more. Newton is home to 88,322 people and offers a dense suburban feel, easy lifestyle, accessible public transportation system, well-reputed public schools, a safe community, and much more to the residents residing in the place. 

    All though, Newton is the costliest but it’s worth the cost. People living in Newton benefit from Boston’s job market as one can easily get a highlighted position through keldair’s hiring process. This is the reason why Newton is known to be one of the best places to live in Massachusetts for young professionals, job seekers, and new joiners.

    3. Waltham, Massachusetts – Best for Young Professionals

    The city “Waltham” got its name from the 19th-century watch factory of Massachusetts, named the Waltham watch Co. It is conveniently located around 25 minutes west of Boston. The famous Boston Manufacturing Company, the first integrated textile mill in the United States, was established in Waltham. NeighborhoodScout analyzed FBI data and found that Waltham had a lower crime rate. The average listing prices for homes were $418 per square foot. Brewer’s Tap & Table, The Gaff, Shoppers Cafe, city streets, Bison County, Joe Sent Me, Common Cafe, etc. are among the most popular places to hang out at night in Waltham.

    Waltham Massachusetts

    Is it safe to live in Waltham MA?

    With a population of more than 68,932 people, Waltham MA is known to be one of the safest places for singles and families to stay in the US because it has recorded 150 out of 100,000 violent crime rates which are less than half than the national average.

    Is Waltham MA a nice place to live?

    Waltham MA is a nice place to live as it is home to top companies and the nation’s best universities. It grabs #15 spots on money magazine’s best places to live in 2021 list based on affordable homes, diversity, high living standards, median household income, job growth, and a healthy economy.

    4. Lexington, Massachusetts – Best place to raise a family

    Lexington has considerable foot circulation and is clean. Lexington is safer than 81% of Massachusetts’ cities and towns and is one of the safest cities in the U.S. for these reasons. Recreation, amusement, restaurants, coffee shops, a library, and nightlife are available. This city has pricey rent and numerous outdated rental apartments, yet this Boston suburb nevertheless has an A+ attractiveness rating.

    Lexington, Massachusetts

    Is Lexington MA a good place to live?

    Lexington MA bags #1 position as the best place to live in Massachusetts according to the list released by and #10 place among the richest city in Massachusetts according to Boston’s business journal. These rankings are done considering the following aspects such as cost of living, public schools, commute, education rate, crime rate, diversity, public reviews, and nightlife. Lexington offers its residents a compact suburban feel and most of them have their own homes. The city is filled with top restaurants, parks, outdoor recreations, good public schools and much more making it the best town in Massachusetts to raise a family

    How many black people live in Lexington MA?

    Out of 30.62% of Asians, Nearly around 1.32% of African Americans and 3.97% of black people live in Lexington MA.

    5. Concord, Massachusetts- Best place to raise a family

    Concord, Massachusetts, is located in Middlesex County. It is the site of the first Revolutionary War combat, which was founded in 1635. Concord has a lower crime rate than similar-sized communities. According to FBI crime data, Concord is safer than other similarly sized American communities. There are cheaper possibilities, such as a three-bedroom, two-bath single-family home for $400,000, but the region is expensive. Restaurants, stores, and attractive venues in Concord have made the nightlife awesome here.

    Concord, Massachusetts

    Is Concord MA rich?

    Concord is a rich white residential city. People staying in Concord are very friendly, houses are expensive, schools are good, cost of living and median household income always remain on the higher side. All in all the society’s tradition, culture, and history are almost unmatched by the rest of the cities in the state.

    Is Concord MA a good place to live?

    Concord, MA is a gorgeous, ethnic, charming, and progressive town to stay in and raise a family. It is located close to Boston thereby providing access to take advantage of all its facilities and far enough away to give a calm and relaxed space. Top schools, historic sites, agricultural farms, and ample recreational opportunities grab people’s attention and make the city the “talk of the town”.

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    6. Worcester, Massachusetts – Best education system

    Worcester, Massachusetts, is the county seat of Worcester County. It is New England’s second-largest city after Boston. Worcester is near the geographic centre of Massachusetts, hence a heart is its symbol. According to FBI crime figures, Worcester is not a safe city. Worcester’s crime rate is higher than 97% of Massachusetts’ cities and municipalities. Worcester houses average $378,467. Worcester is the party capital of Worcestershire, with trendy bars, classic pubs, and contemporary wine and cocktail bars in the city centre.

    Worcester, Massachusetts

    Is Worcester poor?

    Worcester might look poor if the overall poverty rate i.e. 11.4% gets compared with the corresponding national average i.e. 14.2% but it’s not as poor as compared to other US cities. US nation has many such states whose poverty rate lies below the national average.

    Is Worcester cheap to live in?

    As per Halifax’s data released in 2021, Worcester has been placed at the #20 spot as the cheapest city to live in the nation.

    7. Leverett, Massachusetts – Best for outdoor recreation

    The town of Leverett is located in Franklin County in the state of Massachusetts. However, the Rattlesnake Gutter, a boulder-filled chasm at the city’s geographic centre, is the most well-known geological feature. In general, the town’s citizens and visitors are pleasant. It’s safe and calm here, with a low crime rate. The average property price in Leverett is $438,164. Beautiful people from all over come to the city to enjoy the nightlife and cocktails.

    Middlesex County, Massachusetts

    Is Leverett MA a good place to live?

    If you are a nature lover, Leverett MA is the right place for you to live as you might love to go exploring nature, kayaking, hiking, cycling, or biking. People get so inspired by nature and society that they indulge themselves in woodworking, gardening, animal keeping, husbandry, and other DIY trails and make it their profession, and business then after. One can access top universities and schools in Boston with the help of public transportation facilities. The main downside of the state is its poor network, GPS, cell services, and unpaved roads which might create issues when needed urgently.

    What county is Leverett MA?

    Leverett MA town belongs to Franklin county, Massachusetts, US.

    8. Winchester, Massachusetts – Best education system

    Winchester lies 8.2 miles North of the Boston city. The Winchester Cathedral stands as the city’s most recognizable structure. FBI crime statistics indicate that Winchester has a lower crime rate than 83% of all US cities and towns. Houses in Winchester typically sell for $1,453,810. Pool parties, discos, DJ nights, pub crawls, trance festivals, and more can all be found in Winchester’s vibrant nightlife scene.

    Winchester, Massachusetts

    Is Winchester MA a rich town?

    Winchester MA is one of the richest towns in Massachusetts as its household income is more than $250,000 and the median home cost is more than $1,250,700. 

    Is Winchester MA a good place to live?

    Winchester is a family-friendly town with a lot of good people living around the community. The city has the safest roads, communities, a lot of outdoor recreation spaces, money, Karens, restaurants, parks, great schools, and much more. Winchester claims to be the most safest and educated city in the US.

    9. Sharon, Massachusetts- Best education system

    Sharon is a small town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. As of the year 2020 census, 18,575 people were living there. Henry P. Kendall opened a whaling museum in Sharon, for which the city is famous. With a crime rate of only 2.26 per 1,000 residents, Sharon is among the safest places in all of Massachusetts. Sharon has an average home value of $771,812. Sharon, Massachusetts is home to some of the best nightlife in the state, including venues like Fusion Bar & Night Club, Public House, and C.F. McCarthy’s.

    Sharon Massachusetts

    Is Sharon MA, a wealthy Town?

    Sharon, MA is undoubtedly the richest city having a per capita income of more than $75,706 that is wealthy enough as compared to other Massachusetts cities. But the city is termed to be a not-so-rich town. This is due to its inhabitants’ mindset to look down on middle-class people because of their wealth. The city has some places that are not accessible or unaffordable to poor people.

    What are the demographics of Sharon MA?

    Sharon MA is an ethically diverse city. The city comprises 5 major ethnic groups: 85% white people, 9.38% Asian people, 4.2% people African Americans, 0.4% other races, and 1.02% Native Americans.

    10. Provincetown, Massachusetts – Best beaches for families 

    Provincetown is in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, at the tip of Cape Cod. “P-town” is recognized for its beaches, port, artists, tourist industry, and LGBT+ tourism. Provincetown is the 14th safest city, meaning 86% are safer and 14% are more hazardous. The median per-square-foot listing price was $915 and the median property price is $880K. Provincetown features city-level nightlife and nighttime commercial streets. This little beach town has a lot of best beaches in Massachusetts for families and LGBT+ communities. 

    Provincetown Massachusetts

    Why is Provincetown called Helltown?

    Provincetown got its other name “Helltown” due to the higher crime rates that happened every now n then in the city during the 1600s. The town had witnessed most crime cases such as drinking, smuggling, carousing, and gambling near hatches harbor.

    Is Provincetown Massachusetts a nice place to live?

    Provincetown MA is a neighborly place to live in. The city gives a dense residential feel with 84% tourists all around, 75% owner-occupied houses, and an average household size of around 5-8 people. Most people staying in this state have their own homes as the cost to build a house in Provincetown MA is fairly less than in any other city due to affordable real estate and housing prices.

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    Best places to live in Massachusetts FAQs

    What is the nicest town to live in Massachusetts?

    Waltham, a city near Boston, Middlesex County is the nicest town to live in Massachusetts.

    Where is the safest place in Massachusetts?

    According to safewise, Boston has been ranked as the safest place to live in Massachusetts due to its low violent crime and property crime rates.

    What is the best city in Massachusetts to raise a family?

    According to new ranking’s report, Wayland is ranked the #1 town in Massachusetts to raise a family and get retired. 


    The Old Colony State had undergone a dramatic makeover as a high-tech and creative powerhouse known as “The Massachusetts Miracle”. As you travel out from “The Hub,” life slows down, but it’s not uninteresting. So, go on exploring more best places to live in Massachusetts beyond the list and let us know which place you prefer considering the following attributes: career possibilities, millennial residents, cost of living, crime rates, healthcare, access to pubs, restaurants, and inexpensive housing. 

    Also, don’t forget to check out new restaurants in south shore MA to find out what new restaurants have lined up in the city post-pandemic you can explore and have fun.  

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