Best Places to Live in Kentucky


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    Kentucky is a versatile and varied state of America that is most famous for its fried chicken. The state gets its complete nourishment from the adjacently flowing Ohio River.

    And for making a geographically picturesque combination Kentucky is also surrounded by the Appalachian mountains in the east.

    Thus, this is a fun and fascinating place to travel and grasp the rich music, culture, literature, and folklore heritage. 

    Not only this but also the landscapes and settlements are also extremely diverse.

    Places such as; Anchorage Hills, Cherokee Gardens, Indian Hills, Fort Thomas, Highlands Douglass, Cherokee Seneca, and Hurstborne Acres are some of the awesome locations to live in his south-eastern US state.

    The place also offers great hospitality to its guests and also to people who are planning about moving to Kentucky.  

    Thus, if you are also planning to make Kentcuky your new home, then the state fulfills all the basic factors that are necessary for living.


    So, for you, we have mentioned below the 8 best places to live in Kentucky, where you can happily reside and spend a cheerily considerable life in your new abode. 

    Is Kentucky a good state to live in?

    Kentucky will prove to be a good place to live if you love a slower pace of life and a self-sufficient attitude.

    This state is quite affordable to live in, because of its scenic views and the friendly people living there. Apart from this, you may also find certain challenges in living within the state.

    As the large cities that have better living opportunities aren’t lively as the ones present in their eastern and western counterparts. 

    What is the safest place to live in Kentucky?  

    Kentucky is a great state for families to live in and retire. Recently a research group from Safewise.

    com released a list stating the ranking of the safe cities in the state. The list of cities is as follows:-

    • Taylor Mill
    • Wilmore
    • Prospect
    • Edgewood
    • Fort Thomas
    • Villa Hills
    • Flat Woods
    •  Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills
    • Independence
    • Lawrenceburg

    8 Best Cities in Kentucky to Live and Visit

    In United Nations, the state of Kentucky has been ranked as the 7th most livable state in the nation to live in due to the affordable cost of living in Kentucky.


    The state has some of the best places to live that offer scenic views and a great quality of life.

    Mentioned below are the 8 charming cities of the Bluegrass State, of which you can be a part. The communities in this state, not only offer you the best way of living life.

    But also delivers excellent geographies, natural sites to calm your eyes, splendid food cuisines, and huge landmasses that you can enjoy as residents.

    Thus, without delaying any further, we should move to the list of the eight best places to live in Kentucky for families

    1. Fort Thomas Kentucky  

    This mid-sized town of Forth Thomas is one of the best places to reside in Kentucky which is situated close to the Ohio River.


    Not only because of its homely feel, but also due to its extremely low rate of unemployment and highly adjusted median income.

    This town is home to about 17,241 extremely hardworking people. Of which about 26% of them live in a rented house and 74% of them own beautiful houses in the town.

    The median house value and the median rent of houses in Kentucky are $236,900 and $939 respectively.

    Located close to Cincinnati, Fort Thomas is extremely elegant, with plenty of sidewalks & jogging trails, a tangible community atmosphere, an excellent school system, and an affordable cost of living.

    Not only this but also the crime rate of the place is about 10% lower than the rest of the cities of the state.

    The summers in Fort Thomas are warm and humid, whereas the winters are cold & snowy, with partial clouds throughout the year.

    Thus, making it one of the best places to live for families, retirees, and young professionals.  

    Is Fort Thomas Kentucky a good place to live?

    The town of Fort Thomas will give you a sparse suburban feel and lots of amenities like parks, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and various trails to visit and enjoy. 

    What county is Fort Thomas in?

    Fort Thomas is a part of Campbell County in Kentucky.  

    2. Indian Hills Kentucky  

    Indian Hills a suburb of Jefferson County, located in Louisville is one of the best places in the state that offers a rural feel to its residents.


    This small affluent neighborhood town of Louisville is the home to about 2878 people who live in their possessed houses, whose median value would be $609,100. 

    It is one of the best places in the state as the crime here is nearly non-existent with around 40 excellent schools located within the district.

    Also, the people here are fairly well qualified with master’s degrees and have $163,750 as a median household income. 

    Why is Kentucky called Indian Hills?  

    In the back of 1805, there was a man in the town by the name of John Veech.

    He owned Indian Hill Stock Farm, which was back then, one of the largest horse farms in Kentucky.

    Thus, the town where he owned the farm was kept after its name, i.e., Indian Hill.  

    What’s the nicest place to live in Kentucky?

    The town of Indian Hills is considered one of the best places to live in Kentucky

    What county is Indian Hills KY in?

    The town of Indian Hills, Kentucky is part of Jefferson County. 

    3. Cherokee Gardens Kentucky  

    Cherokee Gardens is a small neighborhood town that is located in the suburb of Louisville.


    With a population of just 754 people, this tiny town which is part of Jefferson County is one of the best places to live in Kentucky for families.

    The residents living here will be offered a sparse suburban feel. And about 97% of them live in self-owned houses, whose median value is about $615,900.

    Mostly the houses here that you will find will be three-bedroom charming cottage-like family homes with great garden space. 

    There is nothing to complain about this place, as it is one of the most suitable locations to raise a family in the state.

    Cherokee Gardens has a lot of parks, gardens, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and above-average public schools that altogether make the town a great place to live in. 

    4. Hurstbourne Acres  

    Hurstbourne Acres is a small town in Jefferson County located in a suburb of Louisville.


    This suburb town has a population of about 1,799 people, out of which about 82% of them live in self-owned houses.

    The median value of houses in this town is about $248,000, whereas the median rent is $1,072. It is one of the most affordable places in the state to live in.

    As, although the size of the town is small it has some amazing properties that you will love to snap at quickly.

    This town is indeed one of the best hotspots for millennials and one of the best places to live in Kentucky for young adults

    5. Cherokee Seneca  

    The town of Cherokee Seneca, which has a population of about 869 people is a suburb of Louisville.


    Being part of Jefferson County, this place is one of the most diverse and economic places to live in the state.

    This town is diverse in the sense that the population living here has a diverse ethnicity and socioeconomic background. 

    Cherokee Seneca is a fairly respectable neighbourhood area of Lousiville where the median house value is $536,051 and median household income is about $146,907.

    The crime rate in the town is low and has a great public schooling system, which makes it one of the best places in the state to raise a family.

    Apart from that, this suburb town has a lot of green space in and around the town that includes Cherokee Park and Seneca Golf Course. 

    6. Wilmore Kentucky  

    Wilmore is a small town in Kentucky, located 30 minutes away from the southwest of Lexington.


    The town of Wilmore is located in Jessamine County with small families, which constitute about 6,025 people.

    Out of these, 52% of them live in rented houses whose median rent amounts to about $839, and 48% of them live in a self-owned house whose median cost amounts to $175,600.

    The area of this town is greatly accessible and a great place to live and buy a house. 

    This small town is the best place to live in Kentucky for retirees where the crime rate is extremely less and people know each other quite well.

    People in Wilmore think that the town is great to live in for families as it has a mesmerizing rural feel due to the farmlands and fields situated next to the town.

    Also, according to Weather, the summers in the town are warm and humid, and winters are short, cold, and wet.

    Also, there are partial clouds all over the state, all year round. The temperature of the state varies from 27 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Is Wilmore Kentucky a good place to live?  

    The town of Wilmore is a good place to live in, as the residents here are provided with well-maintained rented houses with a sparse suburban feel.

    They are also provided with lots of parks, young schools, and workplaces. Which thus makes it a great place to live for families and young working professionals. 

    What county is Wilmore Kentucky in?  

    The town of Wilmore is a part of Jessamine County. 

    What is the zip code for Wilmore Kentucky?

    40390 is the zip code of the town of Wilmore.  

    7. Edgewood KY  

    The town of Edgewood lies about 15 minutes away from the center of Cincinnati. The residents of this town enjoy a relaxed pace of life.


    As they enjoy and spend their nights dining, shopping, and splendid nightlife.

    The town of Edgewood also comes in the way of the Interstate 275 highway, which connects to major cities such as; Indianapolis, Lexington, and Louisville.

    This suburb town of Kentucky has great links to the outside world also because of the international airport situated to the neighboring right of the town. 

    Edgewood is considered one of the best places to live in Kentucky for families, because of its lovely laid-back community of about 8,427 people.

    About 12% of people in this suburban town live in rented apartments costing about $1,138, and 88% of them live in possessed houses, whose median value is about $23,700.

    Apart from this, the town has well-maintained parks, leafy streets, various small businesses, and vibey cafes.

    Although the town of Edgewood is one of the tiny places in the state but is extremely safe with good employment rates and a considerable cost of living. 

    Is Edgewood KY a good place to live?

    This tiny town of Kentucky is one of the great places to live in the state because of its sparse suburban feel.

    Edgewood has a lot of parks and the residents living here have a conservative way of living life, which mostly attracts new people who are planning to move in here. 

    What county is Edgewood Kentucky?  

    Kentucky is a part of the Kenton County of Kentucky. 

    What is the zip code for Edgewood Kentucky?  

    The zip codes for Edgewood Kentucky are; 41017 and 41018. 

    8. Bellevue KY  

    Bellevue is an interestingly attractive suburb town of Cincinnati, Kentucky. This is one of the most brilliant suburban towns of the state that lies across the Ohio river flowing from Cincinnati.


    This is a bustling metropolis town that is located just about 10 minutes drive from the main city.

    Thus, the 5,578 residents living here fully enjoy all the entertainment and amenities of the big city, along with the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

    In the past, some years, the town of Bellevue has increased its jobs and recreation options.

    By opening up new businesses, boutiques, and bars. Although the crime rate in this suburb is extremely low, with a cheap housing value of $148,900.

    This is the favorite family spot due to its tight-knit communities and innumerable festivals celebrated here. 

    Is Bellevue Kentucky a good place to live?  

    Yes of course, Bellevue Kentucky is a great place to live in the state because of its serene surroundings, great neighborhood, and good living conditions. 

    What County is Bellevue Kentucky in?  

    Bellevue, Kentucky is a part of Campbell county and a suburb of Cincinnati city. 

    What is the zip code for Bellevue Kentucky?

    41073 is the zip code of Bellevue Kentucky.  

    Best Places to Live in Kentucky FAQs  

    Why Kentucky is the best place to live?

    The state of Kentucky is indeed one of the best places to live in the nation.

    because of its affordable living costs, thriving forests, rich farmlands, flowing rivers, lush rolling mountains, and many other physical features.

    Also, there are some of the great public schools and some of the best colleges in Kentucky, which makes it a great place to raise a family. 

    What part of Kentucky is the prettiest?

    The place where the Appalachian mountain ranges are present or can be seen is one of the prettiest places in the nation.

    It is one of the most stunning places to explore in Kentucky if you love mountains.

    These mountains have beautiful scenery that you can enjoy by either hiking or looking at the beautifully mesmerizing view. 

    Does Kentucky have good weather?

    Due to the beautiful location of the state, the place experiences a mild and moderate type of climate.

    It also does snow in Kentucky for about 11 inches a year. Are you thinking, when does it snow in Kentucky? Well, the months from December to March are considered the snow months of the year. 


    That was it about the best places to live in Kentucky. Now, we hope that we have informed you why are the best places to live in the state considered the best.

    If you are in no plan to settle down here, we would still recommend you visit this beautifully tranquil state of Kentucky once in your lifetime.

    So, what’s stopping you now? Plan your itinerary to this wonderful state today and visit the famous attractions and enjoy the benefits and the services that the state has to offer you.