Best Places To Live In Japan


Traveling to new countries is one of the most thrilling things you can do. When looking for a new location to live, look for areas that have a variety of everyday activities and are completely safe or most inexpensive for you. You should think about Japan as a possibility.

Most expatriates in Japan declare localities their home while going to work, learning, or residing permanently in the country. With so many communities to select from, it may be difficult to locate one that is ideal for you.

Is life in Japan better than in America? Although America’s economic situation is technologically superior, Japan’s jobless rate is lesser, discrimination is extremely low, and community support structures are superior.


If you’re considering moving to Japan, you might be wondering, “Is it expensive to live in Japan?” Of course, yes, Japan is known for its exorbitant living expenses,

particularly in Tokyo, which is consistently ranked among the leading 10 vastly expensive countries in the globe. Let’s take a step further and see the best places to live in Japan.

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10 Best Places To Live In Japan | Ultimate Guide

1. Sapporo

Sapporo is a reasonably priced city in Japan that you wish to investigate. Sapporo’s avenues are organized in a grid pattern, enabling it much easier for visitors to navigate the city and visit its monuments. Most of them can be reached on foot.


For added pedestrian safety the main roads have explicit pedestrian crossings. Sapporo is among Japan’s nicest cities and the best places to live in Japan as a foreigner with an extremely low criminal ratio.

The average monthly standard of living is $1,645 or  ¥180,060. Technological advancement, general merchandise, and tourist attractions are the most major sectors in the economic system.

House rent is inexpensiveExcessively ample snow
Sapporo is the best neighborhood to reside in summerThe expensive heating fee during cold weather 
Inexpensive discounts for Sapporo Grand HotelIt’s impossible to move with the snow on the street
Low crime rateAwful area for digital travelers to live.

2. Osaka

Osaka is a great place to live for travelers who want to live in a big city with a lot of things to do. Osaka is among Japan’s top pedestrian-friendly regions. Most inhabitants find it simple to run their everyday tasks, such as traveling to the food store, banks, or shopping mall.


Many subway lines run across the town making it easier to get to your destination quickly. Even though Osaka does have a reduced criminal record and secure places around the town, crimes may arise more than in other low-risk towns.

The median monthly standard of living in Osaka for a lone individual is ¥116,610, or $1,065. Osaka is well-known for its large canals.

Osaka is a powerful Japanese town with a long history and strong business ties.Osaka is not an inexpensive place to dwell.
The city gives more employment opportunitiesOsaka’s architecture is uninspiring.
The city is more explicit and cheering to foreigners
Osaka is residence to the dealers and gangsters

Where is the safest place to live in Japan?

Osaka does have a reduced criminal record and secure places around the town that make it the safest place in Japan. Dwelling in Osaka carries a reduced threat.

The criminal record is very minimal, as it is in many Japanese communities, with 63,213 documented crimes in 2013 and a total of 2,683,487, resulting in crime levels for every 100 of 2.36.

3. Kyoto

While considering where is the safest place to live in Japan, most visitors regard Kyoto, Japan’s capital city preceding Tokyo, to be one of their best options. The city’s level, tiled roads make it perfect for pedestrians and biking, according to most Kyoto locals.


Traveling by train, ferry, or cab is also simple because of the city’s architecture. Kyoto is one of Japan’s safest cities, with extremely low crime percentages. The standard expense of living in Kyoto is ¥150,000, or roughly $1,369 per month

Kyoto has quite a gorgeous perspective that attracts visitors Climate can be harsh in summer and winter
Good road for easy transportation Non-Japanese delicacies can be costly and rare to locate.
Residents are very accommodating 

Which is the cheapest city to live in in Japan?

Kyoto is the cheapest city to live in Japan. The average cost of living is ¥150,000, or roughly $1,369 per month in the city. Kyoto has a relatively small population.

4. Fukuoka

Fukuoka is located on the peninsula of Kyushu’s north coast. There are many retail malls and eateries in Fukuoka that are conveniently accessible. Navigating the neighborhoods and using the city railways is less congested, rendering it suitable for people who want to live there permanently.


The normal monthly standard of living in Fukuoka is ¥13,733, or about $1,236. Summer weather is warm and muggy and winters are moderate. 

Conveyance to the outside of Fukuoka is tremendousThere are no too many fascinating tourist enticements
Fukuoka has a vibrant populationDistant from the other big towns
Considerable spot for people who like to drinkFukuoka is a small community

5. Tokyo

Once you prefer to try different activities regularly, Japan’s capital city can be a good fit for you. Tokyo is among Japan’s top costly cities and the best place to live in Japan as an American, yet it is one of the most popular expat choices.


To several guests and locals traveling in Tokyo is a happy moment. Several twisting lanes run through the city, which hosts a variety of capabilities. You won’t have to squander effort getting to your intended places because various facilities are close by.

Tokyo, considering its vastness, is one of Japan’s safest cities and the best places in Japan to live, with low crime rates. The median standard of living cost in Tokyo every month is approximately ¥120,760.86 or $1,101.

Tokyo’s trains make it convenient to go anywhere you want to go.Lease in Tokyo is among the vastly costly city
Tokyo is a calmTokyo is over-crowded with small spaces
Everyplace you reach is flawlessly neat in Tokyo 

What is the best place for foreigners to live in Japan?

Living in Tokyo is the ideal spot for foreigners to reside in Japan. The vast percentage of expats working for multinational corporations, and also foreign officials, reside in Tokyo, Japan.

6. Yokohama

After Japan’s seclusion was lifted in the mid-nineteenth century, Yokohama became another of the nation’s main harbors. So many streets in Yokohama provide pedestrians with an entrance point to navigate the neighborhood.


The neighborhood’s shape is smaller and more condensed than Tokyo’s, enabling visitors to tour without being intimidated by the city’s vastness. The crime rate in Yokohama is low. Yokohama is home to over 90,010 foreigners, and while it is one of the top costly places for expats to reside in,

it is relatively more expensive than Tokyo. Their average standard of living is ¥122,975.56, or roughly $1,123.32 per month.

It has a relatively small number of people Low pay rate
The crime rate is extremely low 

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7. Hiroshima

Although few individuals connect Hiroshima with destruction, many others regard it as a desirable place to visit or live. Hiroshima features a number of linking walkways and bridges, including the Aioi Bridge, which spans the Ota River and connects Nakajima-cho to the rest of the city.


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is also accessible through this bridge. Its modern buildings are complemented by wide streets in the downtown sections. Even though Hiroshima is fairly secure, safety measures should be taken when taking a walk around the community at any time of day or dusk. 

The city’s standard of occupancy is about ¥161,000 or about $1,460 every month.

It’s easy to access Tokyo from HiroshimaTraffic congestion 

8. Fujisawa

Fujisawa is a small town about 50 km from Tokyo. Fujisawa, which is located near the Pacific Ocean, has a warm and temperate temperature, making it a great place to visit even in the winter.


Fujisawa S main draw is its diverse and abundant natural environment, which can be enjoyed all year long, from the turquoise seas around Enoshima to the wisteria flowers that beautify the city. The average expense rate is minimal.

Fujisawa has historic attractionsAbsence of industries

9. Okinawa

Okinawa, the best place to live in Japan’s countryside. Okinawa’s appeal as a fantastic beach escape and a treasure mine of history and culture knowledge is still undervalued. To summarize everything Okinawa has to offer in what appears to be an excellent position, one can anticipate enjoyment.


Nature is stunning, and the beaches are ideal. Okinawa deserves a visit even if you’re searching for a jungle adventure, a spot to relax on the beach prior, during, or following the remainder of your Japan vacation, or a chance to appreciate distinctive plants and geological structures.

Cool-weather for relaxation Climate can be harsh during summer
A place for many tourists 

10. Nishinomiya

Nishinomiya, in the Hyogo Prefecture, is among the top destinations to reside in Japan that’s not as crowded as other regions. There are various shopping malls in Nishinomiya that you may visit without having to drive.


Although the roads are limited, other types of mass transit can be used to get around them. Because of its location between two big cities, Nishinomiya has a low crime rate, yet it’s a good idea to be cautious when roaming the neighborhoods.

Nishinomiya crime rates are minimal Roads are limited in the city 
There’s no overcrowding in the city
Close to other big cities 

Where do most expats live in Japan?

Approximately 70percent of Japan’s ex-pats reside in the nation’s three major cities (Tokyo, Osaka-Kobe, and Nagoya), which represents roughly half of the country’s overall total.


You should have a good idea of which cities are the best places to live in Japan for you based on the cities listed above. Before moving to Japan, read this guide thoroughly to avoid any unneeded complaints upon your arrival.

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