Best Places To Live In Idaho


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    Idaho is an affordable, wholesome, and very desirable state to live in America.

    According to the US Census 2023, The gem state is ranked as the second fastest growing state in the US, with a population growth rate of 14% followed by Utah. 

    From stunning open spaces, wildlife, and unique attractions, to ample economic and job opportunities, low crime rates to the agreeable cost of living in Idaho, this fastest-growing state has a great package to offer to every residing resident. 

    Are you thinking about making a move? Check out our list of 10 best places to live in Idaho in 2023 along with its details and highlights.

    What should I know before moving to Idaho? 

    Five important things that you should know before moving to Idaho are:

    • Idaho mines a lot of natural resources contributing a major take in the state’s economy. 
    • Idaho is a hotspot of agriculture (mostly potatoes), mayonnaise-based sauce, lively waterfalls in Idaho, hot springs, huckleberries, caviar, rafting, the best hikes in Idaho,  and more.
    • It has frigid weather – extremely hot summers and snowy winters.
    • Idaho’s road network and traffic system are fantastic. 
    • Idaho can make your dream of buying a home successful at a cheaper price than ever. 

    Where is the most beautiful place to live in Idaho? 

    Boise, the state’s capital, is the most beautiful place in Idaho to live, followed by Moscow, Sun Valley, and Sugar City.

    10 Best Places To Live In Idaho

    By now, you get an idea about what Idaho looks like and how many beautiful places there are in Idaho.

    And we are trying to portray them one by one and add more colours to your imagination from the following list.

    Places BestPlaces toLive in Idaho forPopulation CrimeRate(per 1000persons) VC* & PC*MedianHome priceAverageRentPrice COLPer person per monthMedianIncome(Perannum)
    BoiseCouples, weather214,00017 & 34$487,000$1554$1069$33,550
    Moscow Young adults 25,85010 & 37$240,500$620$748$42,000
    MeridianRaise a family117,63512.4 & 23$585,800$1474$2025$36,677
    Pocatello Weather57,09222.3 & 35.4$295,000$1215$951$23,480
    Idaho FallsOutdoors 66,89822.1 & 36.4$553,450$950$1363$27,100
    EagleRaise a family34,10013.2 & 30.5$962,000$1400$20210$43,969
    Twin FallsFamilies  53,21317.4 & 41$349,950$1025$1189$25,741
    NampaYoung adults106,20019 & 40$474,995$1152$2027$25,677
    Coeur D’ AleneNear Lake 56,00025 & 45$675,000$1600$2150$28,000
    Lewistonweather35,00013 & 50$226,500$645$1866$29,000

    (*VC – Violent crime, PC –  property crime)


    1. Boise – Best known for the Boise Greenbelt, stately capital apartment, & the Broncos blue turf football field.

    Boise is the capital, Idaho’s largest city, and is named “The City of Trees.” With an outstanding A++ rating, Boise is the best town in Idaho for various reasons.


    Reasonable cost of living, irrefutably best schools in Idaho, below average median rent and home value, plentiful job opportunities, vibrant nightlife, and vivid art and cultural scenes is what Boise offers. 

    Aside from all these, living in Boise, Idaho comes with many of the best restaurants in Boise Idaho, and divine cuisines.

    The outdoor attractions, numerous parks, museums, exciting history, cultural events, landmarks, and growing attractions are packed here for both residents and tourists, describing the city as an unrevealed gem. 

    North End, Boise Bench, NorthWest & Southeast Boise are the best suburbs of Boise, Idaho.

    Is Boise, Idaho, a good city to live in?

    Boise is a good city to live in Idaho because of its low crime rates and many outdoor activities. Most retired people live near the metro area, which means it is good for them also.

    Why is it so expensive to live in Boise, Idaho?

    It is expensive to live in Boise, Idaho because its cost of living is 14% higher than Idaho’s average and 8% higher than the US average. The home prices of Boise are also 28% higher than the US average. 

    2. Moscow – Called the “Heart of the Arts” & “Home to Idaho University”

    Moscow is a small, cosy,  deferential, yet popular place among millennials to live in Latah County of Idaho.


    This college town acts as an educational, agricultural, and commercial hub for singles and young professionals to diversify themselves and pick up new opportunities coming their way.  

    Besides that, Moscow also includes a buzzing nightlife, youthful spirit, musical & artistic flair, pristine parks, walk-friendly roads, and epic outdoor activities accessed in the nearby locals, communities, valleys, and forests.

    All thanks to its student population, that makes Moscow vibrant and livable year-round.

    Is Moscow, Idaho, a good place to live?

    Moscow is a great place to live in Idaho offering a dense suburban feel, and amiable communities, and is known to be the best college town in the USA. 

    How much snow does Moscow, Idaho get?

    In Moscow, the winters become cold, cloudy, and snowy. Therefore, Moscow gets 42.8 in. snow in winter. 

    3. Meridian – Home to the Headquarters of Scentsy.

    Meridian is the fastest-growing, one of the largest cities in Idaho, located in Ada County in the east of Boise. 


    It comes with its family-enticing appeal, Idaho’s best outdoor experiences places, an abundance of job opportunities, plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, and more.

    One of the best things to do in Idaho Meridian is to witness the annual meridian diary days festival and a day trip to Kleiner Park. 

    Plus, Meridian’s crime rate is rare, offers the highest median income, 47 community-based schools, family-friendly communities, and much more than one can imagine.

    If Boise limits you to raising a family in any appeal, then probably Meridian can provide you with the best options you are seeking for.

    Where is Meridian, Idaho?

    Meridian is situated 5 kilometres west of the city of Boise. 

    Is Meridian, Idaho, a good place to live?

    The employment rate, better-quality education, family and friendly activities, etc., make Meridian a good place to live in Idaho. Also, it is amongst the ninth-best places to live in America. 

    Is Meridian cheaper than Boise?

    Although Boise has a huge cost of living, living in Meridian, ID can be more expensive than Boise. 

    4. Pocatello – Well-known as the Gate City or the Gateway to the Northwest and is home to Idaho State University

    Pocatello is a small city situated opposite Idaho, nicknamed the US smile capital.

    Here you can find the Regional Airport, Portneuf Medical Centre for locals’ and tourists’ comforts, the Museum of Clean, Idaho Museum of Natural History, Zoo Idaho, Historic Downtown, Forthall Replica, and a lot of attractions rich in history and culture.  


    The city experiences the best weather in Idaho with warm, dry, and clear summers and partly cloudy, freezy, and snowy winters.

    Pocatello has very low crime rates, housing prices, cost of living, and higher income rates, less than the US average, which is often praised by the locales to live a peaceful life here.

    Going shopping, water recreation, and natural hot springs are some of the best things to do in Pocatello with your families during vacations.

    What per cent of Pocatello is Mormon?

    About 76% of the population in Pocatello are Mormons. 

    Is Pocatello, Idaho, a safe place to live?

    Pocatello is a wonderful city in Idaho but not as safe as other towns. It is amongst the third most dangerous cities in Idaho, with a crime rate of 371 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 

    5. Idaho Falls –  Home to healthcare, historical, cultural, and commercial centres.

    Idaho Falls is an attractive, top-rated metropolis after Boise that residents crave to live in Idaho.

    Idaho Falls

    It has everything that a city should offer, from lively landscapes to quiet communities, low-priced homes to low crime rates, and more.

    The city claims to offer a $7.23 per hour minimum wage in Idaho which is the highest than in any other Idaho city.

    Idaho Falls has a strong economy,  better quality of life, and an excellent education system, it comes with an extensive recreational greenbelt.

    The city is home to a Regional airport, the College of Eastern Idaho, Tautphaus Park, East Idaho Aquarium, Collectors’ Corner Museum, and many more parks, trails & museums, defining the art and history of Eagle Rock. 

    Nowadays, it has also become a business and nuclear technology hub. 

    What percentage of Idaho Falls, Idaho is Mormon?

    Idaho Falls is located in Bonneville County, and almost 57% of residents are Mormons at this place. 

    Is Idaho Falls a safe place?

    As per the FBI crime data, the chance of becoming a crime victim in Idaho Falls is 1 in 45.

    6. Eagle – Known for its picturesque landscape and thriving highly preferable communities. 

    Eagle is another fastest-growing and most desirable town to settle down in Idaho, located in northwestern Boise.


    It offers fantastic weather, beautiful greenscapes, golf courses, fly fishing, whitewater kayaking, and more for adults and commutes out there in the city centre. 

    Along with restaurants and wine bars, it also has swimming beaches, pristine parks, a thriving Sunday market, and live music as a popular draw.

    Although the home prices and cost of living have increased in recent years, the city is still welcoming tourists and expats to make Eagle their next stop spot.

    Is Eagle, Idaho expensive?

    Even though Eagle offers many pretty places to roam, it stands at number 1,716 for the most expensive place.

    Is Eagle, Idaho, a good place to live?

    Eagle is located in Ada County, and it is one of the best places to live in Idaho for the outdoors. You will get sparse suburbs to feel in that area.

    7. Twin Falls – Home to the stunning Shoshone Falls & the College of Southern Idaho

    Twin Falls is located in Twin Falls County, along the pristine Snake River in south-central Idaho. 

    Twin Falls

    Known to be the gateway of the colossal canyon and fascinating cascades, it’s a nice place to settle down because of its lower living costs, home prices, thriving job market, and abundance of outdoor recreation.

    The city comes with good healthcare, quality parks, hiking chances, camping opportunities, and water activities in Snake river canyon making it the best holiday destination and tourist exploration spot.

    Moreover, you can come to Twin Falls to go to a Shoshone Falls area higher than Niagara Falls. 

    How far is Idaho Falls from Twin Falls?

    Idaho Falls is 257.5 kilometres (2 hr 24 minutes) away from Twin Falls.

    Does it snow in Twin Falls Idaho?

    Weather in Twin Falls Idaho makes up about 210 sunny days, 93 days of rainfall, and 18 inches of snowfall per year. 

    Is Twin Falls, Idaho, worth visiting?

    Twin Falls, Idaho is amongst the best areas to visit and offers many places to see whether you are there for only a week or not. It provides many activities for families, backpackers, tourists, and adventure enthusiasts. 

    What is the racial makeup of Twin Falls, Idaho?

    We don’t know about the racial makeup, but we know about the beauty of Twin Falls. It has the five most significant racial groups, and are White (Hispanic), White (Non-Hispanic), Asian (Hispanic), Other(Hispanic), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic).

    8. Nampa – Known for its leading agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing companies.

    Nampa is amongst the most populated cities in Idah, ranking third in popularity, and is located in Canyon County.


    Nampa is world-famous for its food processing, agribusiness, and manufacturing companies that attract job seekers to the city.

    Further, it offers an extensive blend of retailers and restaurants. 

    Nampa is a great place, and now due to new homes, roads, and shopping centres, it has become a growing city in Idaho.

    It has two colleges, twenty parks, two golf courses, Nampa Municipal Airport, and Warhawk Air Museum that offers tribute to the US militants.

    Is Nampa Idaho a good place to live?

    Nampa Idaho has a vibrant downtown, a thriving economy, beautiful natural surroundings, and safe communities, making it a great place to live for retirees and families.

    How much snow does Nampa, Idaho, get?

    On average, Nampa has only 207 sunny days. However, the Nampa gets snow up to nine inches only, on average. 

    What is the crime rate in Nampa?

    Nampa Idaho’s crime rate comprises 1 in 314 violent crime rates, and 1 in 60 property crime rates which is one of the lowest as compared to other cities. 

    9. Coeur d’Alene – Known for its picturesque lakeside scenery & incredible outdoor recreations

    Nicknamed “Lake City”, Coeur d’Alene is a gorgeous city to live in and vacation in Idaho.

    It is nestled amidst Northern Idaho mountains, lakes, and rivers which makes it one of the best destinations for tourism, holidays, outdoor recreation, and watersports.

    Coeur d’Alene

    The city offers the best schools in Idaho, and countless museums, and hosts the largest holiday light show – the Ironman Triathlon event, excellent amenities, countless city events, and a developing art, cultural and technological scene. 

    Aside from its natural beauty and vibrant downtown, it offers the best outdoor experiences in Idaho including kayaking, skiing, and cycling.

    While Tubbs Hill, Mineral Ridge,  Canfield Mountain, and water parks are listed among the must-see attractions. 

    Is it safe to go to Coeur d’Alene?

    If you are in Coeur d’Alene, don’t worry. You are completely safe here. You will see a low or even no crime rate in Coeur d’Alene.

    Is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a good place to live?

    Coeur d’Alene is amongst the best places to live, and it is safe also. The natives are friendly and helpful.

    10. Lewiston – Acknowledged as the Gateway to Hells Canyon

    Lewison is located at the joining of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers and serves as a beautiful seaport in Idaho.

    It’s also the lowest elevated city in the state remaining 745 feet below mean sea level.


    Interestingly, it is the County seat and largest city in Nez Perce County, Idaho, and among the second largest cities in Idaho. 

    Lewiston is known for being one of the closest settlements to the outstanding Hells Canyon, which is found fifty miles up the Snake River.

    You can go to the Hell’s Canyon Recreational Area from Lewison to experience the Word-Class white water rafting adventure.  

    Why is it so smoky in Lewiston, Idaho?

    As per Amber Rand, air quality manager in the Department of Environmental Quality at Lewiston, the smoke comes out from the 27,000–acre burden compound fires on the Salmon, Challis, and Bitterroot National Forests. 

    Is Lewiston a nice place to live?

    Lewiston offers excellent residential opportunities and waterfront properties for all. Therefore, you will get the environment out there. As a result, it is a nice place to live.

    Best Places to Live in Idaho FAQs

    Where in Idaho should you not live? 

    Hayden, Post Falls, Weiser, and Caldwell are some cities to be avoided to live in Idaho. You can also avoid living in small towns in Idaho because of its less population, opportunities, and amenities. 

    What is the best area to live in in Idaho? 

    Boise, Moscow, Meridian, Pocatello, and Eagle are the best areas to live in Idaho. 


    That’s all about Idaho’s best places to live. Nearly all Idaho cities offer an abundance of adventure activities, natural attractions, and great schools, and are rich in history and cultural scenes.

    Plus, there’s no escaping the fact that these cities have lower costs of living, housing prices, average rents, and higher average incomes to offer which makes them rise up the list.

    We fell in love with these things, and that compelled us to write about them.

    So, expats searching for where to live in Idaho should read the article once and decide which place should satisfy their needs and livability. 

    Also, go through our funny facts about Idaho article to know some weird and fun facts about the gem state.