Best Places to Live in Hawaii

Best Places to live in hawaii

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    Have you heard of the island state of Hawaii in the US? Can you list down some places in Hawaii perfect for vacation or inhabitation?

    Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the western United States located along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The state has a tropical climate with scenic natural beauty and scintillating nightlife. It is known as a tropical paradise with an abundance of beaches, striking scenery, warm weather, and delectable food. The best place to live in Hawaii is Waikele or Kailua. Detailed insights into these places are listed below in the article.

    Places to Live in Hawaii

    Where is the safest place to live in Hawaii?

    Before moving to Hawaii or vacationing in the island state, one needs to look at the safety or crime parameters. Hawaii has the lowest crime rates as compared to the national average. Makaweli is the safest place to live in Hawaii, as per recent reports. Makaweli lies in the southern region of Kauai and houses a population of approximately 600 people. Makaweli has been renamed Kaumakani in recent times. Kalaupapa in Molokai county comes a close second in terms of safety in Hawaii. 

    Which Hawaiian island is the most affordable to live on?

    Waianae in Oahu is the most affordable Hawaiian island to live on, with an affordable cost of living and housing costs. The median price of a house is around $322,000, and the median rent is less than $1000/month. The costs are 11 percent lower than the state’s average. It is just half an hour away from downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. It is cheaper to live here compared to other islands in the state. Where to live in Hawaii is based on affordability and accessibility.

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    Top 10 Places To Live in Hawaii

    Hawaii is a popular holiday destination and is the most desirable place to live in. The best place to live in Hawaii is determined by factors like safety, accessibility, and affordability. Listed below are 10 places to live in Hawaii. Read on to learn more about these places in detail.

    1. Waikele

    Waikele is a popular destination for millennials in Hawaii, and the neighborhoods are ideal for raising a family in the state. Housing in Waikele is more affordable than in Maunawili. The average price of a housing apartment in Waikele is about $414,400. It has access to green spaces and lush surroundings. Waikele Golf Club and Pasty T Mink Park are popular hangouts here.


    Waikele is famous for its Shopping center and has premium high-end and local stores. The area is known for its green spaces, lush green plantations, and swaying palm trees.

    Waikele is known for activities like shopping, hiking, adventurous sports, and walking tours. 

    The crime rate in Waikele is 3 percent below the national average and 14 percent below the Hawaiian average. It provides better facilities, amenities, and security for tourists.

    What island is Waikele?

    Waikele lies in Honolulu County, Hawaii, US. The population of Waikele is around 7500 people, and the postal city of Waikele is Waipahu.

    Is Waikele a good place to live?

    Waikele has a liveability score of 73/100 as per a popular website and is affordable to live in. It ranks great in the security of tourists and residents. Waikele is a good place to live in.

    2. Kailua

    Kailua is one of the safest neighborhoods and has access to the best schools on the Hawaiian islands. Accessibility is excellent in Kailua due to good transportation, attracting a flock of tourists during the travel season. The median household income in Kailua is about $105,316, which is twice the national average.


    Kailua is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches and has a historical connection to World War II. It lies on the quieter side of Oahu. Kailua is especially famous for its golden and sandy beaches.

    The crime rate in Kailua is 17.28 per 1000 residents. The central region of Kailua is the safest, and the southern regions are generally unsafe.

    Things to do in Kailua include:

    • Helicopter rides
    • A kayaking tour of Kailua Bay
    • A full-day adventure of Mahina Hawaii
    • Beach exploration tours

    The best Hawaii island with 2 year old is Molokai island. Read on to learn more about this island in detail.

    Is Kailua Hawaii a good place to live?

    Kailua, situated in Honolulu County, is one of the best places in Hawaii and offers a dense suburban feel to its residents. Most residents feel at home here, and there are numerous restaurants or parks in the town.

    Is Kailua nice?

    Many young professionals and retirees live in Kailua. The place has the safest neighborhoods in Hawaii and is considered a nice place to live in.

    3. Honolulu

    Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and has a population of 349,945 occupants. Strong ex-pat communities are found here, and this city has the best liveability index in Hawaii. It is one of the most developed cities where one can experience different cultures and lifestyles.


    It has the best range of accommodations and stays. The cost of living in this city is very high, but it provides an excellent quality of life. The island is highly populated and is quite crowded during the peak season.

    Honolulu is famous for its trade, tourism commerce industry. It has breathtakingly beautiful scenery of serene nature. As a result, the tourism industry contributes $10 billion to the economy annually.

    The crime rate in Honolulu is 2.59 per 1000 residents, and it is one of the safest places to live in Hawaii.

    Different outdoor and adventurous activities, hiking and biking, are things one can do in the city of Honolulu. The Waikiki beach is famous for its scintillating nightlife.

    Why is Honolulu so popular?

    Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and is a major tourist destination. It is a bustling city and has access to modern facilities, services, and connectivity. This city is popular because it has the most considerable urban qualities of all the cities in Hawaii. It is the best place to live in Hawaii.

    4. Mililani

    Mililani in Oahu Island is the second-best place to live in Hawaii and is the largest suburban neighborhood bordering the Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge. It is connected to Honolulu by Highway 2/201.


    Mililani Mauka is an ideal place to live for locals, and the neighborhood is a peaceful place with a strong sense of community. The landscape of Milani is breathtakingly beautiful.

    Around 42 public schools have above-average performance in Mililani, catering to 21,000 people.

    Mililani is the third wealthiest city in Hawaii and is known for its breezy environment and scenic landscapes. It is a great place for a family escape.

    The crime rate in Mililani is about 1.89 per 1000 residents and is safer than 81 percent of the cities in Hawaii.

    Mililani Framer’s Market, Mari’s Gardens, Coconut Island, and the Town Centre of Mililani are top tourist attractions in the city. One can access fresh local produce from the farmer’s market.

    Is Mililani a nice place to live?

    Mililani is a very family-friendly place as there are lots of playgrounds, recreational centers, and parks around the city. The city has a laid-back nightlife with few restaurants and bars in the vicinity of Mililani.

    How far is Mililani Hawaii from the beach?

    Olina Beach is 16 miles away from the beach and approximately takes 23 mins to reach. North Shore Oahu is 16.3 miles from Mililani, and both these beaches are near Mililani, Hawaii.

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    5. Pearl City

    Pearl City lies to the north of Honolulu International Airport and is home to 47,000 people. The harbor has a very active social life and is one of the affordable places to live in Hawaii. The median price of a property in Pearl City is about $592,000. 

    Pearl City

    Pearl City is known for its popular shopping destinations and its historical attractions. Try to move to Hawaii to experience its cultural or historical attractions.

    The crime rate in Pearl City is 16.61 per 1000 residents in a year. It is 12 percent higher than the national average crime rate.

    Top tourist attractions in Pearl City include the USS Memorial at Pearl Harbour. The tour organized at pearl Harbour commemorates the death of US soldiers during the attack on Pearl Harbour via videos, onshore exhibits, and a ride to the battleship. Parkside Ridge Consolidated Theatres contains retail shops, book stores, and clothing houses.

    Is Pearl City Hawaii a good place to live?

    The liveability index of Pearl City, Hawaii, is high. The accessibility to stores and nearby amenities adds to the convenience of the lifestyle here.

    6. Maunawili

    Maunawili is the best place to live in Hawaii and is home to around 2149 people. It is located to the north of Honolulu and is well-connected to different cities. The city borders Kawainui Marsh or Kailua Beach and has access to outdoor amenities.


    Property prices are quite high here as it is the best place to live in Hawaii. The median value of a property is $914,400, and most houses are light, spacious, and modern with swimming pools. 

    Maunawili is known for its strong coastal vibes and suburban areas. The real estate and property prices in Maunawili are high.

    Crime rates are 84 percent higher than the national average crime rate. It is one of the most dangerous cities in Hawaii.

    Hiking on Maunawilli Falls Trail, golf activities, and proximity to Waikiki beach or its water activities are popular things to do in Maunawili, Hawaii.

    How long is the Muanawili hike?

    Maunawili hike is about 2.8 miles in length. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the hike and enjoy the falls.

    Why is Maunawili closed?

    Maunawilli falls Trail is closed for long-term management and project improvement for the next two years. The Trail leads to a swimming hole in Windward O’ahu. Plans are in place to improve the trails that have been inundated by hikers.

    Can you swim in Maunawili falls?

    Maunawili Falls is a secluded and popular swimming hole in Oahu where one can go for a basic swim or cliff dive. One can swim in Maunawilli falls as it is easily accessible.

    7. Ocean Pointe

    The city of Ocean Pointe lies to the south of Mililani and is occupied by 11,000 people. Ocean Pointe lies midway between Waikele and Kailua in terms of property prices. The median property prices in this city are about $539,000. Affluent and economically stable families live here.

    Ocean Pointe

    Ocean Pointe has a major chunk of the millennial population due to its proximity to beaches, access to good schools, and other facilities and properties worthy of investment. Thus, the city is famous for its real estate, good schools, and clean beaches.

    The crime rate in Ocean Pointe is meager and is about 1 in 1000 residents in a year.

    Marriott’s Ocean Pointe is famous for parasailing, reef fishing, snorkeling, adventurous sporting, and kayaking. 

    Is Hawaii a good place to live in? The answer is yes.

    8. Wailea

    Wailea is situated on Maui island and is the second largest of all the eight Hawaiian islands. The city has a population of 5600 people and hosts a large number of small or local businesses. It is one of the best tourist places in Wailea, with stunning beaches.


    Wailea is known for its luxurious and crescent-shaped beaches. The views from the city are breathtakingly beautiful and striking.

    The crime rate in Wailea is 36.10 per 1000 residents in a year. The crime rates are 27 percent higher than the national average.

    Keawakapau Beach is perfect for romantic sunsets or outings. Wailea Tennis Club is best for tennis activities and horseback riding. Makena Beach is one of the largest beaches in Wailea. Shopping and golf activities are popular here.

    The cost to live in Hawaii and especially Wailea is quite high.

    Is Wailea in Maui nice?

    Wailea has a livability index of 77/100 and attracts a lot of tourists to its luxurious or clean beaches. With 1500 acres of land hosting golf courses and other amenities, Wailea in Maui is a luxurious resort community.

    Can you walk around Wailea?

    Yes, one can walk around Wailea along the path of the ocean side of the hotel. The path is 1.5 miles to the south and 1 mile to the north of the Mariott hotel.

    Is Wailea nicer than Kaanapali?

    Yes, Wailea is nicer than Kaanapali as it has better weather conditions, more luxurious resorts, and lush greenery. Kannapali is a low key Waikiki.

    9. Kapolei

    Kapolei is regarded as Hawaii’s second city next to Honolulu. Accessibility is an issue, and it has fewer job opportunities than other cities in Hawaii. The cost of living in Kapolei is higher than the national average but lower than in other Hawaiian cities. It houses a population of about 18.000 people and has a close-knit Hawaiian community.


    Kapolei is known for its volcanic cone Pu’u O Kapolei and is named after it.

    The crime rate in Kapolei is 29 percent higher than the national average.

    Olina Golf Club is a popular attraction in Kapolei and is ranked among the 75 best golf resorts in the US. Pacific Warblers, NAS Barbers Point Museum, and Wet’ n Wild waterpark are other tourist attractions here offering a range of activities. So, the best time to go to Hawaii is during the summers. 

    Is Kapolei a good place to live?

    Kapolei is a good place to live in Hawaii, with loads of modern development, surrounding communities, and cosmopolitan structures.

    How far is Kapolei from the beach?

    Paradise Cove Beach, Ko’Olina Beach Park, and Barber’s Point Beach Park are popular beaches in Kapolei. All the beaches are within proximity to Kapolei.

    How far is Kapolei from the airport?

    The distance between Honolulu International Airport and Kapolei is about 20 miles.

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    10. Waimalu

    Wailmalu lies near Pearly City, shares boundaries with Adieu, and has deep historical roots. Wailmalu has a more transient population with rented properties and estates in large numbers. The best part is that there is an air of freshness and vibrancy in the city. However, properties in Waimalu are highly-priced. 


    For a beach enthusiast – it has close access and proximity to the beaches.

    Waimalu is known for its transient population and renting properties.

    The crime levels in Waimalu are 16 percent higher than the national average and 2 percent higher than the Hawaiian average.

    Things to do in Waimalu include museum explorations, Waikiki beach, water activities in Olina beach, and Pearl National Harbour Memorial. Diamond Head, Honolulu zoo, and beach explorations are other attractions in Waimalu.

    What island is Waimalu on?

    Waimalu lies on Honolulu island in Hawai and is home to about 14,000 people.

    Best Places To Live in Hawaii FAQs

    Where should you not live in Hawaii?

    Wahiawa in Oahu is ranked 10th in the US in terms of crime and usage of drugs. The crimes in Wahiawa are 20 percent higher than in most cities in Hawaii. It is one of the top places to avoid after dark. Kapaa in Kuaui, Kahului in Maui, and Makaha in Oahu are dangerous places to live in Hawaii.

    Which island in Hawaii is best to live on?

    Molokai is the best island to live in Hawaii among the eight Hawaiian islands. The island has more residents than tourists making it a family-friendly area. It is the most secluded Hawaiian island, and Molokai is the fifth most populated island in the Hawaii region.


    Hawaii is a tropical paradise with its pros and cons. The pros of living in Hawaii are the blissful weather, scintillating nightlife, diversity, high cost of living, and access to nature or outdoor activities. 

    The major cons are related to the crowding of tourists during the peak season and the availability of job opportunities apart from that in the tourism industry. Every city has a unique vibe, quality of living, and lifestyle style attached to it. The uniqueness of every island in Hawaii is what makes it the most diverse, desirable, and liveable place on earth.

    The best places in Hawaii have been explained in detail in the article. Weigh the pros and cons before moving into any of these mentioned places.

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