Best Places To Live In Delaware


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    If you ask me why I left California and moved to Delaware, my top 3 reasons are low taxes, super affordable housing, and big-time opportunities. 

    Don’t believe me. Check out the facts yourself. Delaware ranks among the top 10 states for moving to, as per Forbes and Business Index Bureau. 

    So, if you’re looking for the best cities to live in Delaware, we’ve got you covered. This article is going to be your ultimate guide to the best places to live in Delaware, whether you’re moving with a family, looking for a business opportunity, or planning to retire here.

    Article On A Glance – Because We Value Your Time!

    In a hurry, have a quick rundown on the table given below. So, you don’t have to go through our detailed article filled with facts, numbers, and myth-busters.

    Best Place To Live In DelawareCity Name(s)
    For FamiliesLewes, Middletown 
    For Young AdultsNewark, Wilmington
    Most Affordable Pike Creek, Camden
    For RetireesHockessin, Wilmington
    For Black FamiliesMiddletown, Lewes, Newark
    For LGBTQI+ CommunityWilmington, Newark
    Near BeachLewes, North Star

    Clearly, for the best of 3, Lewas, Newark, and Wilmington are in the top spots. But before you pack your bags and plan your moving to Delaware journey, the violent and property crime ratio is quite high here. 

    10 Best Places In Delaware To Call Home In 2023

    Though you might have already picked the city, but we don’t want you to get out of options.

    That’s why here’s the list of best cities to live in Delaware based on safety rank, property, and violent crime ratio.

    Safety RankCityPopulationVC per 1000PC per 1000
    #4North Star7,5463.832.3
    #5Pike Creek8,0093.218.6
    #7Rehoboth 1,1511523
    #10Highland Acres3,913425.39

    These statics and data have been taken from World Population Review and Neighbourhood Review research and publications.

    Now, let’s give a detailed overview of each city for a better understanding.

    1. Lewes – The First Town in the First State

    Lewis is considered to be the best city to live in Delaware due to its location and various other factors.


    Situated in the nook of Delaware Bay, where Atlantic meets Cape Henlopen. 

    • This town has a gushing beauty with small-town vibes. 
    • A historical city with rich architecture, museums, waterfront dining, and boutique-lined streets.

    Main Attractions: As it acts as a hidden treasure in the state as it offers activities such as; seabound adventures at the Cape-May Lewes Fery and long strolls in the Cape Henlopen State Park, among many others.

    Quality Of Life: The median value of a home amounts to $612,700, and the value of median rent is $1,099.

    If talking about the safety and security in the state, then according to, Lewes has been ranked as A- which indicates that on an overall score, the city is a cheerful and safe place to live in.

    2. Newark – Most Suitable For Young Adults

    Newark is the 3rd most populated city in the state of Delaware, with a population of about 33,822 people.

    It is the home to the University of Delaware, so the major population of people here consists of students. 

    • Newark is also known for its lush green space, with Rittenhouse Park as the favorite spot of locals and visitors.
    • The performance of the schools in Newark is above the national average, which motivates people with families & children to settle down here.

    Salient Features: Newark also acts as a prime location for those who want to explore job opportunities.

    The city is also easily accessible to various other cities, such; as Wilmington to Newark is just a 15-minute drive, and reaching Maryland, Philadephia, and Baltimore is approximately a house drive from Newark.

    Living Standards: The average rate of houses in the suburban town is $277,700, and the median rent that you will be supposed to pay here is $1,282; both these figures are more than the national average.

    In terms of safety, this city has been ranked as C+ by

    3. Camden – Best City For Outdoor Activities 

    Camden is a suburb town situated near the capital city of Dover, which is being named in the list of one of the best places to live in Delaware for retirees

    • You’ll experience a homely feel with plenty of picturesque nature, historical places, biking trails, good educational institutions, and delicious restaurants.
    • Having Dover nearby affects Camden as the residents here have got a wide array of family ings to do in Dover that keeps them entertained all year round. 

    Best Part: About 4300 residents living here have a close-knit community feel, and they also spend a happy and cheerful life welcoming the guests and also other tourists with open arms into their suburban land.

    Cost Of Living: The median cost of houses, whether purchased or rented, is higher than the state average in Camden, which amounts to $218,300 when purchased and $1,569 per month when rented.

    4. North Star – Enjoy The Vibrant Nightlife Here


    North Star has been rated as one of the most suitable places to live in Delaware due to the reasons such as; vibrant nightlife, great job opportunities, and high quality of education in schools. 

    • It has a rural feel with a lot of cafes, restaurants, parks, schools, and a lot more.
    • North Star is the most affordable city for renting, but when it comes to buying a property, you might have to pay 3x of actual value.

    Community Life: About 7,546 people live in this beautiful city. Situated at about an hour’s drive from Philadelphia, this county has become a perfect all-rounder destination.

    Average Cost Of Living: About 98% of the residents have their own homes. The median value of houses in North Star amounts to $446,300, which is about 2.4 times more than the national average, whereas if you take a house on rent then per month, you have to pay about $1,479. 

    5. Pike Creek – Best City In Delaware To Raise Family

    Pike Creek is also a suburb of Philadelphia with a population of about 8010 people. The city is located only 15 minutes drive away from Newark, where you can go at weekends. 

    • Explore the beauty of the Middle Run Valley Natural Area & the White Clay Creek State Park will lift your mood. 
    • You should also invest in a pair of good hiking boots as there are marvelous hiking tracks in the town.

    Cost Of Living: Pike Creek has been ranked as the second-best place in the state to buy a house and one of the best places to live in Delaware to raise a family.

    The price of houses here is more affordable than in North Star, which will cost you about $335,700, according to Also, the median rent in the suburb will cost you $1,798.

    Quality Of Life: The suburb of Pike Creek has a low crime rate. The town also has some of the best public schools whose operations rank above the national average.

    Hence, the children living in this suburban area are highly educated.

    6. Hockessin -Life Feels Beautiful Here!

    Hockessin is a populated city with about 13K-14K people. It is a beautiful, happy, and safe place to live with a lot of communities & families.

    • In Hockessin, the quality of housing is excellent. It is extremely higher than the national average, but what you receive is value for money. 
    • The per capita income of people living in Hockessin is $153,879, which is way more than the national median.

    Housing Standards: The infrastructure of houses you get here is significantly better than in the other parts of Delaware.

    The median rent costs about $1,924, and the median value of homes amounts to $456,100.

    The Beauty Of Life Here: This suburb is 2nd best place to live in Delaware as the crime rates here are low, residents have good economic diversity, good job opportunities, great quality of schools & education, promising scenic views, and peaceful residential areas with friendly people.

    7. Rehoboth Beach – The Fun Place For Beach Lovers


    Rehoboth Beach is a small suburban area where residents can sit along the coast to enjoy mesmerizing sunsets all year round. 

    • The town is quite charming and peaceful, with a friendly & strong community of people, cafes, and undoubtedly the best restaurants in Delaware
    • The Pond is an extremely famous place among the locals where you can grab scrumptious dinner meals, enjoy music nights, and make your night in the city splendid.

    Living Standards: This beachy town has merely a population of about 1,200 people but is considered one of the most expensive places to purchase a property in Delaware.

    The median value of a house here is $1,147,600, which is extremely higher than the national average.

    Quality Of Life: According to the statistics of, out of 86 towns & suburbs in the state, Rehoboth Beach is considered the 8th most promising place to live in Delaware.

    If talked about crime and safety, then this town has been ranked as B- with some of the best schools and working environment.

    8. Greenville – The Perks Of Two States

    Although Greenville is located in the state of Delaware, technically, it is considered a suburb of Philadelphia city located in the state of Pennsylvania. 

    • This best suburb state is the best for Millenial residents. 
    • Greenville is also in the stage of growth and development, as the youth there demands so.

    Main Attractions: One of the popular spots to hang out in Greenville is the Wilmington Country Club. It is a worth visiting place where people from all economic backgrounds enjoy. 

    How’s Life Here: Greenville is a safe place with the median value of homes at $629,000.

    This might sound like a costly deal, but it includes 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, an expansive garden full of evergreen trees, and privacy.

    9. Middletown – Wear Your Colors Freely Here!

    A cheerful, beautiful, and happy place to live in Delaware for people of every age group. The major focal point of this town is Saint Anne’s Church. 

    • Apart from this, Middletown also constitutes ample stores, entertainment venues, restaurants/cafes, public schools, and a lot more.
    • Middletown is the home to people belonging to 5 different ethnic groups, which include White Non-Hispanic, Black Non-Hispanic, White Hispanic, Asians, and others about 2.54%.

    Community Life: There is not much to complain about in this undersized town as about 22,350 people live here as a closely knit community.

    According to, it is the 2nd best place to live in Delaware for young adults as the town is the home to some of the best public schools in the entire state. 

    Cost Of Living: As Middletown is a safe town with a good cost of living and easy commuting distance, hence it has become one of the favorite destinations for people to live here and settle down.

    The prices of houses here amount to about $294,800, and the median rent payable is about $1,311.

    10. Highland Acres – Best City In Delaware For Retirees


    Home to about just 4,000 people, this area of Highland Acres is known to be an ideal place to live in Delaware for retirees

    • It is also becoming one of the most promising places to raise a family, as the town of Highland Acres is quite safe with good schools, and job opportunities.
    • Nightlife is also enchanting here, with lots of clubs and bars.

    About Climate: Not only this, but another major factor that defines the happiness of residents here is the climate of the place, which remains mild all year round, and the affordable cost of rental houses. 

    Home Prices: The median cost to purchase a house in Highland Acres is $239,300, and the median rent of the houses here is $1,236.

    You will also be able to find a beach and a sea in the town where you can freely swim for hours.

    Best Part Of Delaware FAQs

    Is Lewes, Delaware, a nice place to live?

    Yes, the city of Lewes in Delaware is a wonderful place to live with friendly people, good schools, decent tax systems, and a great environment. Also, it is a low-crime area with various attractions to enjoy and a massive shopping center.

    What is the racial makeup of Newark, Delaware?

    About 73.36% of people in Newark are white, 9.35% as African American or black people, about 8.35% as Asian, and 6.45% of people belong to other races.

    What city is closest to Newark, Delaware?

    A few cities located near Newark are; Brookside, Pile Creek, Elkton, Wilmington, and more.

    Is Rehoboth Beach worth visiting?

    Located in Southern Delaware along the Atlantic Coast, this Rehoboth Beach proves to be the perfect destination for holidaymakers belonging to every age group. As it has a great food scene, tons of family-friendly activities, and lovely beaches.

    Is Rehoboth Beach better than Ocean City?

    The area of Ocean City is much better than Rehoboth Beach. This is because Ocean City has great accommodation options, including luxurious hotels & resorts, wider beaches, various amusement options, and a wider stretch of the Broadwalk area. 

    Wrapping It Up!

    So, dear readers, mentioned above are the 10 best places to live in Delaware, either with family or as retirees or as young students.

    Also, if you are not tight on a particular budget, then this above-mentioned list of cities and towns will suit the best to your needs. 

    All of them will offer you the best quality of life in a peaceful and calm environment, with every necessity that you might need to lead a happy and contended life. 

    So, don’t look any further. Rather, plan your itinerary today in any of these cities or towns of Delaware.