Best place to live in Thailand

Best place to live in Thailand


Do you have a dream to spend an evening on the beautiful beach? Or do you want to see the beauty of the sunset on the long beaches with your loved ones? Many of us have these dreams or want to experience these things at least once in their life. So, we have the country that soothes your eyes within seconds for all those things.

You might hear about Thailand! It offers the world’s best beaches that can give you enchanting experiences. You can enjoy the delightful evenings on the beaches, road transportations, breathtaking scuba-diving, magnificent spots, mountain views, and much more. On top of that, the country offers a low cost of living to the locals and tourists.

Because of these things, Thailand makes you fall in love with it along with its tropical climates. So, let’s take a look at Thailand in this overall blog.

Is Thailand a good place to live? Thailand is the best place to live and roam as it offers vast benefits to individuals. Also, it has affordable, high-quality medical facilities for you with modern comforts, including the best conveniences. Apart from that, it has magnificent cities to explore too.

Best place to live in Thailand

Which is the best city to live in Thailand? If you ask this question, then you cannot pick one city. As a result, most cities like Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh-Tao, Etc. in Thailand are the best places for ex-pats to live. Further, we will discuss them in this blog.

Travel Guides for Best Living In Thailand!

Mostly, when you choose a country or city for traveling, you see a lot of options to live. Also, travel guides give you the entire information related to that particular town or region. Similarly, we would like to suggest a few restaurants in Thailand: Prai Raya, Madam Saranair Thai Food Restaurant, and Pad Thai Kratong Thong.

After that, the best resorts are Centara Grand Beach Resort, & Villas Krabi, Four Season Resort, The Float House, etc. Also, individuals can spot the best places to traverse like, Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, and more. You can check out the following the best places to stay in Thailand.

Sathorn, Bangkok

When we talk about Thailand, Bangkok is the first city that comes to mind. It is mainly famous for its street life, cultural landmarks, red light localities, and much more. Besides that, the Buddhist temples and Tha Grand Palace, including Wat Arun, are the best tourist attractions. Despite that, the Sathorn city of Bangkok has something to give you that can create a massive memory for a lifetime.

Is Sathorn a good area to stay in Bangkok? When it all depends on the stay, Sathorn offers a mix of varieties of high standards and Thai tradition. The combinations of high-profile restaurants and street sellers provide accommodations on the expensive side. However, Sathorn is completely as safe as their home for travelers. Probably, you can experience this balance city to stay.

What is there to do in Sathorn? You can prepare the mouth-lingering Royal Thai Cuisine at the Blue Elephant Cooking School if cooking is your hobby. If you love parties, it has the best nightlife along with the moon bar, and the list is not short.


Kanchanaburi is located in the west of Thailand and is almost 140 KM from Bangkok. Most people visit here for hiking, swimming, nature enjoyment, and its shocking history. Let’s know more!

Does Kanchanaburi have an airport? Kanchanaburi has no airports, but the few nearest airports around this historic city are Don Muang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, & Hua Hin Airport, the closest airports from the Kanchanaburi.

Is Kanchanaburi is safe? Kanchanaburi is mainly a safe city. However, sometimes we can see those fewer crimes because of the low lightings.

What is the Kanchanaburi known for? You will find that a common reason for this answer on the internet. Since the mid-20s, it has been famous as the house of the viaduct on the river kwai, and it is in favor of a World War II site on the globe.

Iconic Phuket

Phuket is amongst the best place where we can see the Chinese influence. Most people think that this is a beautiful city. But, it is an incredible island covered by beaches like Rawai, Patong, Kamala, and much more.

What is Phuket best known for? Because it is an island, it is famous for blue waters, large and sandy beaches, Thai cuisines, Etc. Therefore, Phuket owns different importance than any other city in Thailand.

What is the nicest part of Phuket? The best and nice thing about Phuket is its beaches that provide the facilities for many water activities. The most affordable resorts in Kamala beach make it the most excellent part of Phuket.

How expensive is Phuket? As you know, Thailand is a cost-effective country! Likewise, Phuket also doesn’t need much amount to spend per day. The only US $92 per are required to layout per day in Phuket.

Ao Nang Krabi

Ao Nang is one of the best tourist destinations from where you can visit other spots like Maya Bay, Railay Bay, Phi Phi islands, and more. Also, you can get the best scenic view from the Ao Nang as well.

Is Ao Nang Worth Visiting? Ao Nang becomes worth visiting when you overlook the Railay. Incredible views of the area can be seen through hiking on the Islands.

Should I stay in Ao Nang or Krabi town? Krabi Town, Railay Beach, & Ao Nang are the most selected places to stay in Krabi. Apart from this, water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc., are more famous in these places.

Is Ao Nang Safe? Generally, the Ao Nang is safe! But, ensure that you are not staying out for a night and drinking beyond limits. You can stay safe by using these two pieces of advice.

Chiang Mai

If you love mountains, this place is for you! It is situated in northern Thailand, and you can choose this to experience yummy delicacies. People can plan a budget-free trip (solo or with family) in this mountainous city. It is a blend of food, festivals & events, shops, spa & wellness centers, etc.

What is Chiang Mai Known for? If you think Chiang Mai is not worth visiting, you are wrong! Chiang Mai is an old city that offers museums, mountains, the best temples, and other sites.

Is Chiang Mai or Phuket better? Most people love to spend their time on beaches enjoying watersports. Therefore, Phuket is the best destination for such people. The people who love trekking, adventure, hiking, friendly atmosphere, diverse culture, etc., can choose Chiang Mai. Both cities are different and possess their impotence.

Is Chiang Mai is safe for tourists? Chiang Mai is safe for hustle-free traveling and holiday experiences. We can see a peaceful town with fewer crime rates, thefts, and harassment. Therefore, we can say that it is safe compared to other cities.

Pak Nam Pran

Pak Nam Pran offers a great feel of natural wonders together with mesmerizing beauty. Also, it is known for being the Fisherman Village! Therefore, villagers are known as fishermen; as a result, the village has a unique identity. Along with this, tourists can get the best seafood at an affordable price range.

Besides that, you can see popular spots like Panburi Mangrove Forest for adventure, Khao Kalok Beach for beautiful evenings, and much more than you think. Other exciting places are Chao Mae Tibtin Thong Shrine, FullMoon Massage, KBA Club Kite, and the list is too long. You can stay at luxurious hotels at reasonable prices. Therefore, this place can give you more peace while doing any activity.

However, due to covid, the following travel conditions are implemented.

  • Compulsory face masks
  • 1 meter social distancing
  • Follow up the covid rules

It has so much to offer; therefore, one can visit this place to enjoy the vacation.

Koh Tao

Out of the three chief enchanting islands, the smallest one is Koh Tao (turtle island). You can get working experience in hospitality, hotels, restaurants management, etc. Also, divers along with snorkelers can enjoy their water sports at this point with all the amusements.

Is Koh Tao safe? Koh Tao is considered as the less safe place in Thailand. But, still, most trips to Koh Tao are pre-planned, and it involves tourist safety in the first place that can keep you safe.

Is Koh Tao Expensive? Apart from snorkeling and diving, Koh Tao offers beach bumming to tourists. Also, other outdoor locations, including sunset points, are the most famous spots in the Koh Tao (turtle island). All these things are enough to make it an expensive tourist place.

Are there sharks in Koh Tao? In the last few years, the counting of sharks reducing rapidly. Even though we can see the different varieties of Sharks in Koh Tao island in Thailand, you can see the Black Tip Reed Shark species! It is most commonly visible in Koh Tao.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin of Thailand is also one of the best destinations for exploring beaches in Thailand.

What is Hua Hin Known for? It is close to Bangkok! Mainly famous for the beautiful beaches as per the above. Apart from that, the viewpoints, peaks, temples, nightlife markets, water parks, and divine dining make it more popular.

Is Hua Hin Safe for tourists? Hua Hin keeps you away from the crimes that make it safe for tourists and locals. Even in the evening or late nights, a single woman can travel alone. But, she has to take a few ordinary precautions for more security.

Is Hua Hin worth visiting? What do you want when you get a diverse destination to visit? And the best cultures? You can afford the best destination, including beaches and several things to do in Hua Hin. Therefore, it becomes worth visiting!

Can you swim in the sea at Hua Hin? Hua Hin offers memorable sunrises and sunsets from the beach. Along with that, you can float on the sandy beaches.


  1. Where do most foreigners live in Thailand?

The most suitable places in Thailand for foreigners are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai. Therefore, most ex-pats feel safe in these towns and enjoy their holiday without difficulties.

  1. What is the safest place to live in Thailand?

Krabi is the safest and most peaceful city to schedule a holiday in Thailand. People can get the amenities at a low cost which increases the standard of living. Also, the crime rate is fewer as compared to other cities.

  1. How much do you need to live comfortably in Thailand?

Most people can settle in Thailand for just US $1,500 p.m., which is more than enough to live comfortably in Thailand. Therefore, many love to live, explore the culture, travel throughout the cities, and whatnot.


Thailand can give you the best experience for traveling at a low cost. Whether it’s museums, temples, local markets, beaches, or different spots, Thailand can offer much more than your expectations.

You will find everything in this blog to make your tour successful and happy, including the cheapest places to live in Thailand. Thailand is a place where everyone can live peacefully and learn how to live life happily.

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