Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania

Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania

If you are not getting any reason to explore or live in this Keystone State (Pennsylvania), please allow us!

With the existence of forests, it has something magical in its places to offer you, from a peaceful environment to the hustle and bustle.

Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania
Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania

The beautiful downtowns, Appalachian mountains, over 100 miles of coastline, and more than 120 state parks! What else do you need to live a comfortable life?

It has everything you need. And the cherry on the top is that the average cost of living in Pennsylvania is lower than the US National Average.

That means you can expect an affordable lifestyle at the best places in the state.

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10 Best Places To Live in Pennsylvania

It has the largest economy, better healthcare, and excellent education to serve. Therefore, it is the perfect choice to live a comfy life. But how will you start living if you don’t have any idea about the best places here? Well, the top #10 places to live in this history-oriented state are stated below. So, let’s explore them!

1. Penn Wynne – Best For Families

In the 17th Century, it was founded by the Welsh Quaker and named Green Hill Zone plantation.

With a current population of only 6,653 people, the place is a paradise for coffee and wine lovers. Similarly, the suburban mix makes it one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for families.

Penn Wynne - Best For Families
Penn Wynne – Best For Families

Due to diverse demographics between individuals’ ages and family styles, the city is unique in ethnicities, religions, etc.

The city offers various housing apartments on rent starting from $2,302 per month for one bedroom.

(Price Reference –

The safe environment makes it perfect for night traveling, and the crimes are rare, which makes it more suitable.

If you are moving here, don’t worry about your child’s schooling. You can find some top-rated district schools with better education facilities.

Recently the job market increased by 0.4%, offering better opportunities for job seekers.

Is Penn Wynne a good place to live?

The composition of commuting, better schooling, and a mixed suburban feeling make it an excellent place to live.

Are houses cheaper in Pennsylvania?

Yes! Although housing prices are increasing by $30,000 per year, you can buy your dream home in this Keystone State at affordable prices.

2. Pittsburgh – Best For Young Professionals

The city’s north side was considered Allegheny City in the olden days. In 1907, this independent city merged with Pittsburgh and became a great tourist destination today.

The thrilling attractions, unlimited sports, and better job opportunities are the reasons to count it among the best places to live in Pennsylvania for young professionals.

Pittsburgh - Best For Young Professionals
Pittsburgh – Best For Young Professionals

The city is uniquely famous for its 446 bridges; the number of bridges is more than any other city worldwide.

HACCP is an authority in Pittsburgh providing safe and comfortable housing for everyone.

You can expect a relatively safe environment in the city, and the locals are cordial.

Ranking on the 39th stand by U.S. News & World Report, the city offers the best education to children.

Young professionals can get a fairer job market to establish a better future.

Are people in Pittsburgh, PA, friendly?

Yes! The whole part of the city is filled with friendly folks to join you for evening walks, fishing, and other activities.

How white is Pittsburgh?

According to the Census, 66.4% of people are white there.

3. Philadelphia, PA – Best For Historian People

Commonly known as Philly, the city is the largest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The city is full of history and mesmerizing downtowns, giving a modern look with an old touch of 300-years old buildings.

Philadelphia is uniquely famous for its delicious cheesesteaks, Goldenberg, and water ice.

Philadelphia, PA - Best For Historian People
Philadelphia, PA – Best For Historian People

You can get a house at an affordable price in a sophisticated area, surrounded by decent people. However, finding a home for a low-income group becomes quite challenging.

According to CrimeGrade, the chances of experiencing danger are low, and crimes happen in 1 in every 76 people.

Although the literacy rate in the city is only 52%, the schooling opportunities are better and children-oriented.

The city can be a poor choice for establishing a better career due to its low employment opportunities.

Why is Philadelphia called PA?

Due to a brotherly love environment, the blend of Phileo and Adelphos (Greek Words), the city got its name PA.

Is Philadelphia, PA, nice?

Yes! The East Coast in the city offers a better job market, affordable housing, and better amenities with a unique charm.

4. Mount Lebanon – Best For Singles

In the 7th Century, this place was occupied by Sufis and Muslim Ascetics like Abbas al-Marjnum and Shiban al-Muallah.

If you are looking for the best places to live in Pennsylvania for singles, just visit Mount Lebanon. But note that the average cost of living of 101.8 is slightly higher than the US national average.

Mount Lebanon - Best For Singles
Mount Lebanon – Best For Singles

It is a unique place to experience unlimited, thrilling, and breathtaking adventures on snow-capped mountains.

In august 2022, housing became more expensive, and the prices rose by 8.1%.

However, the crime rates are zero, making it the safe and best place to live in Pennsylvania.

Top-rated public schools and colleges make it the perfect choice to take education in several fields.

You can get more than 1.9% better job opportunities in Mount Lebanon.

Is Mt. Lebanon a rich neighborhood?

Yes! It has a moneyed neighborhood called Pittsburgh, where people are wealthy.

What is Mt. Lebanon known for?

This enchanting and picture-perfect location is famous for its oak and pine forests.

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5. East Whiteland – Best For Mingles

The secret is – it was named “The Dark Valley” by native Americans due to its forests and undergrowth.

Although the cost of living is higher, you will see great diversity with friendly folks and a better environment. Likewise, it covers many amenities included, under the Living in Pennsylvania.

East Whiteland - Best For Mingles
East Whiteland – Best For Mingles

Situated in Chester County, the town is renowned for its food, historical sites, zoos, and tranquil gardens with fountains.

The average home price in East Whiteland is about $447,500, and the average rent is $1,692. Thus, housing can be an expensive option here.

(Price reference –

It was founded in the 17th century, and the crime rate is still lower than in the surroundings.

We include this city in our best place to live in Pennsylvania because of the better schooling opportunities and education facilities it offers.

The job market is broad, but you have to wait till companies open the vacancies.

6. State College – Best For Students & Party Animals

It is the largest municipal township in Pennsylvania and is considered necessary due to its immense population of 40,195 people.

Center County’s State College was awarded the “Best Towns” in 2015 by Niche. Also, it is known as a home-rule municipality.

State College - Best For Students & Party
State College – Best For Students & Party

The State College is unique for its vibrant nightlife, better shopping centers, excellent delicacies, and much love from tourists.

With an average price of rent of $1,032 per month for one bedroom, the place is affordable to find better housing.

(Price Reference –

According to the NeighborhoodScout, the town has a 12% crime rate out of 100. Otherwise, the city is very safe to live in.

Although the Pennsylvania State University is located here, the city offers better education with top-rated schools.

With unlimited job opportunities in different fields, one can quickly start his career here.

Is State College, PA, worth visiting?

Yes! Undoubtedly, the presence of excellent entertaining activities, shopping, dinner, and outdoor locations, is a great choice to visit.

Is State College the same as Penn State?

No! University Park Campus in Penn State business-wise and socio-economically controls the State College.

7. Jefferson Hills – Best For Wine Lovers

Jefferson Hills is a municipal township controlled and owned by seven-elected council members and a mayor.

You will find many wineries near Jefferson, as it is one of the best places to spend your evenings. However, don’t forget to follow the rules stated in weird alcohol laws in Pennsylvania.

Jefferson Hills - Best For Wine Lovers
Jefferson Hills – Best For Wine Lovers

Jefferson Hills gives goosebumps while experiencing an authentic taste to serve on your plates and enchanting state parks.

According to Realtors, you will get housing at the median price of $343450 in this town.

(Price Reference –

The crime rates are infrequent, and the number of crime victims is 10 per 1,000 residents. Thus, it is safe for tourists and locals.

In terms of schooling, you will find endless options for high-rated public schools and better education faculties.

According to Indeed data, 49097 job opportunities are open in Jefferson Hills. Similarly, the working environment is satisfying and pleasurable.

8. South Park – Best For Skating Enthusiasts

It was once considered a fairway in the early 1930s, and half a million people visited here to experience it.

It is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania as it offers a low cost of living, better healthcare, and a great atmosphere.

The existence of several golf courses, picnic attractions, tennis courts, wave pools, trails, etc., is uniquely known for its ice skating rink.

South Park - Best For Skating Enthusiasts
South Park – Best For Skating Enthusiasts

The house prices in the city are increasing year by year. Therefore, you must pay the listing’s median home price of $256.

(Price Reference –

South Park offers a low crime rate for properties, thefts, robberies, etc., making it a safe choice to live in Pennsylvania.

With a current population of over 13,000 locals, South Park offers better schools with affordable fee structures.

Due to the establishment of several sales companies related to retail, warehouse, merchandising, and more, you will get better job opportunities here.

Is South Park a part of Pittsburgh?

Yes! Both are located in the same county and have many things in common. So, you can say that  South Park is a part of Pittsburgh.

What county is South Park, PA, in?

South Park is situated in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

9. Bethel Park – Best For Job Seekers

Being a part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area and known as the Municipality of Bethel Park, it is another municipal township with a home rule status.

It offers almost everything you want, from mesmerizing attractions to authentic dining, the best eats, and whatnot.

Bethel Park - Best For Job Seekers
Bethel Park – Best For Job Seekers

The town is uniquely known as a significant location of the Whiskey Rebellion.

According to the Realtor, you will need an average of $254950 for a house listing.

(Price Reference –

You will find low crime rates, and there are significantly fewer chances to become a victim of a crime, making it safe to live.

It is an excellent choice for high-rated schools, and the students are proficient in reading, writing, and math solving.

Currently, there are many opportunities for locals and tourists to start earning earlier.

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Is Bethel Park a good neighborhood?

Yes! A dense suburban feel, coffee shops, shopping complexes, bars, state parks, restaurants, etc., are crucial pillars to providing a good neighborhood feel.

Is Bethel Park a rich area?

Yes! According to the World Population Review 2022, a poverty rate of 4.68% exists in the Park, which is lower. Similarly, $97,737 is the income of an average household. It shows that the area is rich.

10. Radnor Township – Best For Genuine People

Being the oldest Municipality in Pennsylvania, it was a part of the Welsh Tract and named after Radnorshire.

Situated in Delaware County, Radnor is another destination for friendly folks and less population of over 30,000 only. Similarly, you will find endless snow activities here due to an average snowfall of 21” per year, according to Pennsylvania snowfall records.

Radnor Township - Best For Genuine People
Radnor Township – Best For Genuine People

A unique fact about this township is that it is the home of Cabrini University and famous for being the first toll road connecting to the major cities.

In terms of housing, you have to pay $2,050 for a one-bedroom apartment. So depending on your budget, you can make the decision.

(Price Reference –

According to Radnor Crime Statistics, it has low crime rates and is ranked #1 for the safest place to live.

With great universities and top-rated schools, Radnor is an excellent choice for education.

On top of that, it offers several full-time and part-time employment opportunities for locals and relocators.

Is Wayne and Radnor the same?

Yes! Wayne follows two Counties (Chester & Montgomery) and passes through Tredyffrin and Upper Merion Township. Therefore, Radnor becomes the center for Wayne.

Is Radnor, PA, a good place to live?

Yes! You can consider it for better living due to the presence of friendly locals, shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, etc.

Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania FAQs

Which is the best city to live in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia is one of the best cities you can explore in Pennsylvania. With more than 1 million of population, the city is rich in history, brotherly love, 200 different environs, colorful streets, parks, and whatnot. Similarly, the cost of living in the city is affordable, excluding rent, around $1,074.
(Price Reference –

What is the most affordable place to live in Pennsylvania?

Pottsville – when it comes to affordable living, one can not find any other alternatives. This cheapest place to live is also famous as the Eastern Region state. It offers city and countryside living at the same time and is filled with many amenities like healthcare, shopping centers, schools, etc.


If you want to find the best place to live in Pennsylvania, you are on the right track.

Undoubtedly the state offers many activities like skiing, surfing, skydiving, etc., to attract people worldwide. However, finding the best place in this entire state was quite challenging before.

But it isn’t anymore!

You can find them in this entire article. It includes all the in-depth details about the best places to live in Pennsylvania, including schools, job markets, housing, and much more. Thus, you can choose your favorite from the cities mentioned above and immediately start living there.

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