Best Hikes in Minnesota

Best Hikes in Minnesota

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    Minnesota is home to more than 8,000 things to explore with stunning shorelines, landscapes, river valleys, etc. This is unbelievable! Right? But, that’s true!

    And do you know the best part of Minnesota? The phenomenal hiking trails!

    “10 must-do Minnesota hikes” are famous for hiking to top places in the state, historic lighthouses, climbing high-reaching fire towers, and whatnot. We are going to explore them one by one in this entire blog.

    So, stay tuned and select the best hikes in Minnesota if you want to go on hiking. But, before that, you should know the following.

    Best Hikes in Minnesota

    Does Minnesota have good hiking?

    Starting from Lake Superior to open areas of Minnesota River Prairie, you will meet with many hiking places like trails, WMAs, forests, parks, and SNAs, in Minnesota state. You can do many exciting things with your travel partners in these spots. And these things can insist you “relocating to Minnesota.”

    What is the longest hiking trail in Minnesota?

    The longest hiking trail in Minnesota is the Superior Hiking Trail, renowned by SHT. It is a long hiking trail with a distance of 310 miles (500 km approximately), situated in Northern Minnesota. You can see the beauty of this trail mainly in July, August, and September months, and now is the time to meet with them one by one.

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    10 Minnesota Hikes for Families

    Whether you want a break from the stress of daily life or just need natural fresh air, Minnesota has a hiking trail to enjoy with families. So, are you ready to explore the wildlife, natural environment, trails, and water places? Explore them from the following.

    1. Superior Hiking Trail

    You won’t believe it, but Superior Hiking Trail is Minnesota’s crown jewel. The pathways are full of incredible views of the natural environment, breathtaking points, open-water landscapes, and whatnot.

    Superior Hiking Trail

    The breathtaking moments include jutting cliff sides, pebble beaches, and a forested canyon, making this an enchanting spot to visit.

    The trail is famous for offering the challenging and rugged footpath for day hikes, trail running, thru-hike trips, backpacking, etc. You can enjoy the best waterfalls, stunning wildlife, and a wintry forest atmosphere.

    The Green Door, Cove Point Lodge, Northwood Family Grille, etc., are the best restaurants with delicious food stocks.

    This epic Superior Hiking Trail is located in Minnesota, USA.

    How long does it take to thru-hike the Superior Hiking Trail?

    You should have 2 or 4 weeks to explore the complete thru-hikes. However, you can stay a couple of nights to meet with inner peace.

    Can you have fires on Superior Hiking Trail?

    Superior Hiking Trail has a long pathway, and camping on fires is not permissible on this spot. However, you can enjoy the pleasant nature vibes mainly in July, August, and September.

    2. Eagle Mountain Trail Minnesota

    It is known as the highest natural place in Minnesota and is famous for visiting in the summer season. Route of Eagle Mountain Trail Minnesota is moderately tricky and takes almost two hours and 35 minutes to finish.

    Eagle Mountain Trail Minnesota

    Also, the trail is rocky, steep, rutty, and full of thrilling wilderness experiences a traveler wishes to visit. But remember that it is not correctly maintained, and you have to be careful in this trail area.

    Besides that, the area is famous for camping, birding, and cross-country skiing activities that a traveler wants to do. And they can visit this exciting place between April to October with their dogs, friends, or traveling partners.

    The famous restaurants near the trail are Poplar Haus Restaurants & Bar, Trail Center at Poplar Lake, Cascade Restaurant and Pub, etc.

    The Eagle Mountain Trail is located in Grand Marais, Minnesota, 55604, United States.

    Is Eagle Mountain a real mountain?

    Eagle mountain is the actual mountain, and it attracts many backpackers for thrilling activities with a distance of 2,301 feet (701 m).

    Is Eagle Mountain Lake open?

    A big yes! Eagle Mountain Lake is open for people, and they can experience fishing, skiing, and other activities.

    3. Riverview Trail

    The best hiking trails in Minnesota include the Riverview Trail. It is 2.7 miles long and an easy route that needs at least 1 hour and 7 minutes to finish. This trail welcomes fearless hikers to enjoy fantastic waterfalls on their own.

    Riverview Trail

    The waterfalls and the hikers can make an overnight experience more thrilling alongside the Superior Hiking Trail. Therefore, most travelers and hikers choose this best destination near Two Harbors city as their best adventure point. Also, you can enjoy the “best towns to live in Minnesota” near the trails.

    Furthermore, the Riverview Trail is famous for offering trail running activities with birding and hiking. But, we advise you to be careful because sometimes you can see venomous snakes.

    The famous nearby restaurants are Johnnys Pour House, The Station, Duffys Bar, Choo Choos, and many more with divine food dishes.

    This fascinating trail is located at 3206 US Highway 61 East, Two Harbors, Minnesota, US.

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    4. Glacial Pothole Trail

    If you are looking for a roadside attraction, you should visit the Interstate State Park in Minnesota. You will also get the geological history of Minnesota from this park. And Glacial Potholes can be the most popular attraction points near this place.

    Glacial Pothole Trail

    It is said that the swirling water of the melt glacial created this beautiful Glacial Pothole thousand years ago. And you can easily explore them with families, friends, or travel partners.

    This pothole is famous as the deepest and most giant pothole globally, formed with melted water from glaciers. As a result, many tourists from all over the globe come to enjoy the park and glacier pothole trail from April to October.

    Many restaurants are famous for their different dishes near the Glacial Pothole Trail. Some of them are The Nutcracker Cafe, Franny’s Bar & Grill, Lyn’s Cafe, The Minnewaska House, etc.

    The Glacial Pothole Trail is located at 307 Milltown Road, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, US.

    5. Little Two Harbors/Split Rock

    If you don’t like the exciting Superior Hiking Trail, you can change your mind about the Split Rock Lighthouse on the Little Two Harbors shoreline. You can explore them from the nearby parking areas, and the coastline opens the mesmerizing scenic views.

    Little Two Harbors

    The Split Rock Lighthouse was opened in 1910, which helps ships sail off Lake Superior’s rocky coast. Also, it is famous for the best water views from the top.

    The Little Two Harbors/Split Rock is famous for the picture-taking view of Split Rock Lighthouse, established by the United States Lighthouse Service.

    The famous restaurants are Rustic Inn cafe, Lemon Wolf Cafe, Cove Point Crossings, and many more with delicious food items.

    The Little Two Harbors/Split Rock is located at 3755 Split Rock Lighthouse Road, Two Harbors, Minnesota, US.

    Does Split Rock Lighthouse still work?

    The lighthouse has not been used since 1969. However, today the lantern is still in the proper condition to utilize. Also, the lantern lightens on the occasion of the Edmund Fitzgerald Beacon Lighting Ceremony on the 10th of every November.

    6. North River Gorge Trail

    Another tricky and challenging route in Minnesota’s list of best hikes includes the North River Gorge Trail near Afton. You need almost 1 hour and 40 seconds to finish this trail while roaming.

    North River Gorge Trail

    It comes with prairie valleys, riverbanks, and different landscapes interested in the tail ends. You will also get the extra miles to trek because you can access the other trails like Trout Brook Loops and Prairie.

    Furthermore, this trail is famous for horseback riding, camping, and hiking. So, you and your friends can easily enjoy this place with many adventures and thrilling activities from April to October.

    The most famous restaurants near this trail are Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter, Kramarczuk Sausage Company, Gooseberry Falls State Park, etc. 

    The North River Gorge Trail is located at 6959 Peller Avenue, South Hastings, Minnesota, US.

    How long is the Guest River Gorge trail?

    After passing the Flatwoods Group Picnic Area, you can enter the Guest River Gorge Trail parking area. And the trail length is about 5.9 miles long.

    How hard is it to hike Red River Gorge?

    It is tough to hike in Red River Gorge, and sometimes you may get exhausted because of the long route of 8.6 miles. Also, most travelers try to complete these trails in a few sections as per their choice.

    7. Wolf Creek Falls

    Best hiking in Minnesota also includes Wolf Creek Falls for the actual hiking adventure in Minnesota, US. The route is also fine and covered with the historic sandstone occupying the place from the early 20th century.

    Wolf Creek Falls

    You can enjoy your whole time with its admiring atmosphere near the Kettle River, which allows you to the fleet boating. Also, you will see the serene moving landscape on Wolf Creek Falls, which can make your hiking memorable.

    Wolf Creek Falls are famous as the largest accessible waterfall in the Little River area. Also, it is a renowned destination for hiking, and you can enjoy your remoteness during a day during soundless times.

    The most delicious food is available at Amy’s Country Cafe, Quarry Pizza & Deli, Tobies Restaurant & Bakery, and many other restaurants.

    Wolf Creek Falls is situated at 61101 Banning Park Road Sandstone, Minnesota, US.

    How long is Wolf Creek Falls trail?

    You can click the many pictures on the Wolf Creek Falls trail, with many picture-taking sites 1.2 miles long.

    Can you walk the Fall Creek Falls?

    You don’t need to pay to get an entry to the Fall Creek Falls State Park, which offers a trail of 56 miles. Therefore, you can either take a short or long walk on it from the base of Fall Creek Falls.

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    8. Aiton Heights Fire Tower

    If you want to see the mesmerizing beauty of a 100-foot-tall tower during the sunset, you can visit Aiton Heights Fire Tower at Itasca. You can start exploring this from the half-mile hike from the parking area.

    Aiton Heights Fire Tower

    Also, you can see the beautiful views in the evenings, and the sky turns its color to orange and then to black in the evening tonight. So, you can enjoy the beautiful weather in the forest area near Aiton Heights.

    Most tourists visit Aiton Heights from May to October for birding, hiking, and walking. These activities are famous in Aiton Heights.

    The famous restaurants with delicious food are The Good Life Cafe, West Forty Restaurant, Necces Italiano Restaurants, and more with affordable prices. Read more about the cost of living in Minnesota if you are interested.

    The Aiton Heights Fire Tower is located at 36750 Main Park Drive, Park Rapids, Minnesota, US.

    How tall is the fire tower at Itasca State Park?

    The Aiton Heights Fire tower is about 110-foot-tall, and the Itasca State Park used it to keep an eye on forests from the 1940s to the 1950s.

    Is the fire tower open at Itasca State Park?

    The Aiton Heights Fire Tower is one of the best destinations to visit, and it is open between 8 am to 10 pm every day.

    9. Silver Creek Trail

    If you are looking for the best hikes in Minnesota, don’t miss The Silver Creek Trail, a famous hike amongst 50 miles of hiking trails. It comes with a tricky route, and you will need at least 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish this.

    Silver Creek Trail

    You can take advantage of seeing the exceptional views of the slanted bedrock landscapes shown by the St. Louis River. You can see the trail starting from the CCC Swinging Bridge on the river.

    The Silver Creek Trail is famous for camping, hiking, and backpacking activities between April to October months. So, visit this trail with your best buddies, and you can bring your pet dogs together.

    The famous restaurants near this trail are The Funny Farm Restaurant, The Creek Eatery, Mingle’s Mango, and rest.

    The Silver Creek Trail is situated at 780 Minnesota 210, Carlton, Minnesota, US.

    How long is the Silver Creek Trail at Jay Cooke State Park?

    There is no doubt that the Jay Cooke State Park is a fantastic place to visit. But, you can meet with the most famous Silver Creek Trail just 3.5 miles away from the state park.

    Are dogs allowed on Silver Creek Trail?

    A screaming Yes to this one! You can bring your dogs to Silver Creek and offer a dog park with a stainless steel dog wash station. So, you are no longer alone at this place.

    10. Fort Snelling State Park

    Suppose you want to explore the experience of natural rest amongst sceneries. In that case, you should not forget about Fort Snelling State Park. It comes with a riverine environment and offers a few trails to explore.

    Fort Snelling State Park

    Fort Snelling State Park offers biking, skiing, and hiking activities. But, be careful because this place is located in the river valley.

    Fort Snelling State Park is famous among many tourists and adventure lovers. They come here to enjoy well-known activities like hiking, skiing, and biking every year.

    The famous restaurants near this area are Create Catering and Dining Studio, Stone Arch, Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant, etc.

    The place is located at 101 Snelling Lake Road, St. Paul, Minnesota, US.

    Is there a fee for Fort Snelling State Park?

    It is a great place to visit, but you have to pay to see it. The fees include $7 daily, $12 for handicapped, $26 for a second vehicle, and $35 annual.

    Can you swim at Fort Snelling State Park?

    Fort Snelling State Park offers a wide sandy beach for swimming. People, including the handicapped, can easily swim at this place. The lifeguards are also available to save you from uncertainties. 
    Collect more information on the free things to do in Red Wing, one of Minnesota’s best places to roam.

    Best hikes in Minnesota FAQs

    What is the scariest hike in America?

    America has many scariest hikes, from Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, to Chinitna Bay, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Therefore, taking only a single name of a particular most dangerous hike in America is not justice to others.

    What is the hardest hike in America?

    There are many hikes in America that are the hardest and are not easy to go. However, according to our team, Camp Muir, Mount Rainier National Park, Huckleberry Trail, and Glacier National Park are the hardest hikes in America.


    Minnesota is a blend of many trails, thrilling and enchanting places, with a pinch of the natural environment. These things are enough to insist one fall in love with its picture-taking sites. Therefore, you can enjoy your own space without traffic irritation, office work stress, and daily routine tasks. 

    In this blog, you will meet with the best hikes in Minnesota, including Superior Hiking Trail, Glacial Pothole Trail, Aiton Heights Fire Tower, and Fort Snelling State Park. These places are full of thrilling activities and are famous for hiking, skiing, and biking. 

    In the end, we hope you will find the best hikes for your vacation trip with your families. If you have any doubts, put them in the comment section. 

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