Best Hawaii Island for Kids

best island for kids in hawaii

Are you planning for a holiday with family to Hawaii? If yes, you will be in pursuit of a perfect island to vacation with kids. Where can you vacation in Hawaii with kids, and what are these places famous for are explained in detail in the article.

Hawaii is known as a tropical paradise with an abundance of beaches, striking scenery, warm weather, and delectable food. The best Hawaii island for kids is Oahu. Read on to learn more about the other numerous islands to vacation in Hawaii.

best island for kids in hawaii

Is Hawaii a good destination with kids?

Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists like retirees, adventurers, and vacationers. Most places in Hawaii are party places, and some are remote. Hawaii has a plethora of remote options to choose from.

Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island are some of the best destinations for kids. When is the best time to go to Hawaii and vacation there? The best months to travel to Hawaii are May or September and October.

Which Hawaii island has the best beaches?

Both Oahu and Maui islands are known to have the best beaches in Hawaii. Oahu ranks better and takes the first place due to easy access to beaches, bustling city, and an active nightlife. Maui is home to serene, breathtaking, and peaceful beaches with a soothing atmosphere. Oahu is more cosmopolitan and city-like as compared to Maui. Should I move to Hawaii is a popular question encountered by visitors.

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4 Best Hawaiian Islands for kids

There are a few remote and peaceful places in Hawai that are ideal for families vacationing with their kids. Best Hawaiian Islands for kids are chosen basis factors like safety, atmosphere, attractions, and crowd. Some of the Hawaiian islands apt for travel with kids are listed below in detail.

1. Oahu

Oahu is a family-friendly and cosmopolitan place in the Honolulu region, having the highest number of attractions to choose from. It is a perfect place for families seeking sun and fun on the beach, offering a plethora of fun activities. Above all, there are many resorts and hotels in the Oahu area to accommodate guests and an international airport for easy travel.

Oahu Hawaii

The world-class beaches and tourist attractions tend to become crowded during the peak season. The best Hawaii island with 2 years old for visiting is Oahu.

Oahu is famous for its beautiful beaches, adventurous activities, and access to metropolitan cities.

The Polynesian Cultural Centre, with its villages or luaus, and Pearl Harbour are the prime attractions in Oahu. Diamond Head State Monument is a National Park for breathtaking views, scenic trails, and learning experiences.

Hanauma Bay State Park and Dolphin Quest are one of the several spots in Hawaii for excursion and snorkeling with dolphins. Parasailing adventures, helicopter rides, sailing, and shark cage diving are some of the popular activities here.

Waikiki is the best place to stay on Oahu island. Accommodations like budget-friendly hotels, resorts, and modern boutique hotels are situated in the Waikiki area in Hawaii. Other popular places include North Shore (Haleiwa to Turtle Bay), Leeward Waianae( Makaha & Olina), and South Oahu (Waikiki and Kahala).

Oahu occupies 597 square miles and lies between Kauai and Maui. Oahu is the best Hawaii island for kids.

What should I avoid in Oahu?

One should avoid spending the entire time in Oahu, trying only usual foods and not trying delicacies, skipping cultural lessons, not carrying sunscreens, harassing animals, and taking back souvenirs or corals from the beaches.

Is Oahu the same as Honolulu?

Honolulu county covers the city of Honolulu as well as Oahu city. Thus, Oahu is the subfraction of Honolulu city.

What is the nicest part of Oahu?

Honolulu, North Shore, Leeward Coast, and Windward Coast are the nicest parts of Oahu city to live in. Tourist attractions like Lanai Lookout, Laniakea Beach, Tantalus, and Ka’awa Valley are worth visiting in Oahu.

To know more about other lifestyle parameters in Hawaii, read the article on how much does it cost to live in Hawaii.

2. Maui

Maui in Hawaii is home to around 150,000 people and is a family-friendly place. The history and culture of Maui attract a lot of tourists. Maui is the best Hawaiian island to visit with kids.

Maui Hawaii

Maui is known for pristine beaches, sightings of humpback whales, the sacred valley of Lao, and magnificent views of sunsets or sunrise from Haleakala.

Kaanapali Beach is one of the best beaches on Maui island, with pristine and clear waters. Swimming is an extremely popular activity along the stretch of 3 miles of shoreline. 

Molokini snorkeling tour is an excellent activity for beginners and people of all ages to pursue adventurous activities. Maui island is known to give the best training lessons for surfing.

Is Maui the party island?

No, Maui has a more laid-back and inactive nightlife compared to other islands of Hawaii. Liquor licenses are not available after 2 am, and there are limitations on drinking.

3. Kauai

Kauai is another island in Hawaii known for its lush, green foliage and rainforests. Because of its scenic beauty and lush green surroundings, many videos have been shot here. The lush green surroundings of Kauai are a perfect answer to the question of whether should I move to Hawaii.

Kauai Hawaii

The island of Kauai is famous for its lush green and breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

Garden Islands and Wailua Falls are popular tourist attractions on Kauai island. The falls is a 173-long waterfall, and many activities like swimming or hiking are organized here. The temperatures are quite low for swimming enthusiasts to swim near the falls.

The tour of Waimea Canyon State Park is a great place to visit with scenic trails and adventurous hikes. There is a museum inside the State Park that gives brief insights into the history and culture of Hawaii.

When in Kauai, do not forget to try Captain Andy’s Tour. The tour provides detailed insights into the culture and history of Kauai.

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Is Kauai cheaper than Maui?

Yes, Kauai is cheaper than Maui. For an average 7-day trip from LA, it costs about $2999 in Kauai compared to $3600 in Maui.

Is Honolulu or Kauai better?

Honolulu is better than Kauai in terms of accessibility, nightlife, and other amenities or services.

What is the best month to visit Kauai?

Kauai has a range of activities to choose from, and every activity has a specific ideal season for a visit. Summer months are suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. In contrast, January and February are perfect for whale watching.

4. Big Island

Big Island is suitable for children of older age groups as it provides a blend of cultural and educational offerings. There are a lot of things to be explored in the region, and the island is a perfect mix of country and city life. Read the article on the cost to move to Hawaii to know more about living costs and lifestyle factors.

Big Island Hawaii

Big Island is known for sea turtles and has the largest population of sea turtles on Hawaiian islands.

Big Island has active volcanic excursions and zipline tours. The active volcanoes can disrupt the holidaying mood of people. The island is spread out, and commuting is a problem in the island.

Is Big Island the same as Oahu?

No, Big Island and Oahu are different islands. The Big Island is also known as the island of Hawaii and is one of the most populated areas. People mistake Big Island to be the same as Oahu due to its large population.

Is Kona called the Big Island?

Kona is a district situated in Big Island known for its Kona coffee. It has been the location of the World Championship Triathlon.

Best Hawaii Island For Kids FAQs

Which Hawaiian is most kid-friendly?

Oahu island in Hawaii is the most kid-friendly beach due to its accessibility and affordability. It provides a plethora of modern amenities and facilities. There are innumerable food options to choose from, a large number of hotels, easy access to world-class beaches, and an international airport. Oahu is the cheapest island to visit in Hawaii.

Where should I take my kids to Hawaii for the first time?

Oahu and Maui are the best islands to take kids to Hawaii for the first time. These islands have kid-friendly options, dining options, and amenities. Oahu and Maui are known to provide experiences of a classic Hawaiian vacation and offer a perfect blend of country and city life.

Most importantly, they are affordable and accessible.


Every Hawaiian island captures the essence of Aloha. Be it Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or Big Island, every island in Hawaii offers unique propositions of travel and exploration. Most of the kid-friendly islands are located in remote Hawaii. While most of Hawaii is known for parties, scintillating nightlife, and extravagant cultures, there are a few remote, secluded and serene places that offer outdoor activities conducive for families and kids. 

While we have listed most of the kid-friendly places in Hawaii, let us know in the comments if there are more such spots. Do read about the places and their timings in advance to experience and cherish the best of these places in Hawaii.

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