Best Colleges in Kentucky


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    Education is an intentional activity that is directed toward achieving some set goals. By imparting knowledge, characteristic traits, and skills to the students.

    The education system of a place encompasses all institutions that are concerned with imparting schooling to the students An educational system is a setup where the teacher actively attempts and guides to administer learners in their learning.  

    If you are preparing a moving to Kentucky checklist, then you should be well aware that the state ranks at 36th place in the nation, according to the U.S. News.

    The government of the state works on a mission of empowering students and equipping them with talents to pursue successful careers.

    Kentucky offers both Pre K-12 & Higher education to the students.

    There are about 65 universities and colleges in the state that offers top-notch education to learners and students.

    Some of the most popular are; the University of Kentucky, Centre College, Berea College, Bellarmine University, and the University of Lousiville among others.


    Thus, here in this comprehensive article, we will be presenting to you a complete guided list of the best colleges in Kentucky that you should definitely check for taking admissions and then settling up on a good job placement. 

    Are schools good in Kentucky?  

    If compared to the neighboring states, Kentucky lags behind them in terms of public education.

    However, there are five school districts, which are favorably the best in the nation. The best school districts in Kentucky are:-

    • Fort Thomas Independent Schools
    • McCracken County Public Schools
    • Henderson County Schools
    • Meade County Schools
    • Floyd County Schools

    What is the #1 top College?

    Princeton University is the #1 college in the nation, whereas the University of Kentucky is the number one college in the state of Kentucky. 

    Best Colleges in KY, According to World Report

    There are about 256,722 university students in Kentucky, who study in one of the 64 best colleges and universities in the state.


    Kentucky is the home to some of the national-ranking institutions such as; the University of Kentucky, Center College, Bellarmine University, and the University of Louisville. 

    The University of Kentucky is rated as the top public college in the state, whereas the Center College is ranked as the highest college in Kentucky.

    If you are also looking for some good community, private, and public colleges in Kentucky, then this comprehensive guide mentioned below, gives you detailed options about the higher education being imparted in the state. 

    1. Kentucky Wesleyan College  

    Kentucky Wesleyan College is a private college institution founded in the year 1858. It is located in the Evansville Area, Owensboro Kentucky.


    This small college offers 4-year undergraduate programs to students. The institution has a religious affiliation with the United Methodist faith.

    According to the US News, Kentucky Wesleyan College has been ranked as the 24th best college in the south region in the year 2022-2023. 

    The setting of this school is in the city with a campus spread over about 67 acres of land. In the recent statistical year about 1,771 prospective students applied for different courses in this college.

    Out of which 1,066 were granted admission. The acceptance rate of this university is about 67% and the students have to pay $29,660 as tuition fees.

    Apart from this, the student has to disburse various other types of payments, which in total amount to $43,802 per year. 

    The student-faculty ratio in this college is 13:1, which means every student gets individualized attention.

    The popular streams under which this college imparts undergraduate education are; Computer & Information Sciences,

    Educational Management, Foreign Languages, Biology, Mathematics, English & Literature, General Studies, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Homeland Security & Law Enforcement, Human & Social Service, Visual & Performing Arts, Business, and Communication. 

    Is Kentucky Wesleyan a good school?

    Kentucky Wesleyan is one of the best schools in the southern US. And according to US News, it ranks at the 24th position out of 132 in the Regional South of the US.  

    Is Kentucky Wesleyan a d1 school?

    The Kentucky Wesleyan is a part of the NCAA Division II and is also a member of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference.  

    Does Kentucky Wesleyan give athletic scholarships?

    Yes, Kentucky Wesleyan College does give athletic scholarships to students who are a part of the college football team. And on average about 34% of them receive scholarships.  

    2. Lindsey Wilson College  

    Linsey Wilson is a private college in Kentucky, established in the year 1903. This Christian college located in Columbia offers 4 years of undergraduate and graduate courses to students.


    It is a small non-profit institution with a remote town setting and follows a united Methodist faith. 

    This college has an open admission policy and permits enrollment of any GED-holding student or a high school graduate.

    According to the US News, Lindsey Wilson College ranks as the 80th best university in the southern region of the nation.

    It follows a semester-based academic calendar and has enrolled about 2,467 students regularly, under the recent enrollment round.

    Spread over a land area of 200 acres, this institution offers various amenities to the students.

    Students studying here have to pay $25,440 as tuition fees and $41,456 as the combined annual cost including books, rooms, etc. 

    The student-faculty ratio here is 15:1 and the student-graduation percentage is 30%. Whereas, the gender distribution of this college of males to females is; 40% and 60% respectively.

    The major courses offered by Lindsey Wilson University are; Business, Biology, Mathematics, General Studies, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Computer & Information Sciences, Educational Management, Foreign Languages, English & Literature,

    Homeland Security & Law Enforcement, Human & Social Service, Visual & Performing Arts, Theology Vocations, and Communications. 

    Is Lindsey Wilson College a good school?  

    Lindsey Wilson College ranks 80th out of 136th position in the Southern Regional Universities of the US. 

    Is Lindsey Wilson College a d1 school?

    The Lindsey Wilson College is a part of the NAIA division and competes with the other college teams in the Mid-South Conference. 

    What is the tuition fee for Lindsey Wilson College?  

    According to college, the tuition fee of Linsey Wilson College is $25,440. 

    3. Georgetown College  

    Located in the suburban area of Georgetown, Kentucky, this Georgetown College is one of the top-ranked universities in the state that offers job placements after graduation.


    This private 4-year college runs on the Baptist faith and offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Founded in the year 1829, the campus size of this institution is 104 acres. 

    This college has had 2,712 prospective admission applications in its recent statistical year, out of which 1,957 of them were granted admission in the courses of their choice.

    Georgetown College is the most loved college by the students as the campus provides them with an environment in which they can connect with the right mentors and establish everlasting relationships with the professors. 

    For the past 193 years, the mission of this school is to help students in engaging their life with skill and thoughtfulness.

    The tuition fee of this college is about $39, 810, whereas the overall cost that the students have to pay annually which includes various expenses amounts to; $55,002.

    The student-faculty ratio of this college is 13:1, whereas the 4-year graduation rate of the college is 52%.

    The courses offered to the students by this one of the best colleges in Kentucky are; Biology, Psychology, Recreational Studies,

    Social Sciences, Business, Computer & IT Sciences, Philosophy, Educational Management, General & Physical Studies, Health Professions, Communications, and History. 

    Is Georgetown College a Good College?  

    According to the US News, the performance of this college is ranked and widely accepted through the indicators of excellence. 

    Is Georgetown College Ivy League?  

    No, Georgetown College is not a part of the eight Ivy League universities. 

    Is Georgetown College hard to get into?  

    The acceptance rate of students in this university is 74.5%, i.e., it is not hard to get admission to this university. 

    4. Clear Creek Baptist Bible College  

    Clear Creek Baptist Bible Church or CCBBC is a private Christian college, located in Pineville Kentucky.


    This is a small college in the state, with an acceptance rate of 100% and a total of 131 student strengths.

    The major course offered to the students of this college is Biblical Studies. This 4-year non-profit institution offers undergraduate courses to students.

    With its setting in a distant rural area, this college has an open enrollment policy. In the recent academic session, 77 students were enrolled in this college on a full-time basis and 54 on a part-time basis.

    The annual tuition fee that Clear Creek Baptist Bible College charges are $8,850.

    Whereas, if we do include some other expenses of the college, the annual money to be paid by the students sums up to around $19,935. 

    About 17% of the students graduate from here and start earning an average salary of $25,800. The student-faculty ratio of this institution is 8:1. 

    Apart from this, you can also find Cannon Creek Lake, near the Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.

    oThis is a man-made reservoir made in the year 1972, but there are also many beautiful natural lakes in Kentucky. That you can visit and have an extremely great time in. 

    5. Berea College  

    The Berea College located in Berea, Kentucky is the second-best liberal arts college in the state according to


    Also, it is the 3rd most innovative school in the state. This is a private institution, founded in the year 1855. Being set in a rural area, the campus is spread across 140 acres 

    Berea College follows a semester-based academic calendar. The one thing, that makes this college different from the others in the state.

    That the students do not have to pay any tuition fees in college. Instead, the students enrolled in the college are required to work for 10 hours per week in approved campus jobs in a community.

    Whereas, the college relies on the endowment income, financial aid, and gifts to support the students in their educational aspirations. 

    The campus offers about 28 degree-granting programs and more than 70 organizations open for the students to participate in.

    The students enrolled in Berea College are supposed to live on the campus itself. The acceptance rate of this institution is 33%, with an undergraduate enrollment of about 1,468 students per academic semester.

    The student-faculty ratio of the institution is 9:1. The graduation rate for this 4-year program is 45%.

    The major courses offered by this institution are; Business Administration and General Management, Computer & IT Sciences, Psychology, Biological Sciences, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Physical Education. 

    Is Berea College hard to get into?  

    Admission to the Berea College of Kentucky is quite competitive. As the seats in this institution are limited.

    And the management of this renowned college admits students who have great academic potential and strong financial needs. 

    Is Berea College free?

    Yes, the Berea College of Kentucky is free. As the college promises students a no-tuition fee policy. The amount of about $176,000 for four graduating years, comes through aided institutions. 

    Is Berea College a black school?  

    The Berea College and Community are a coeducational and interracial school. That welcomes blacks, whites, men, and women. 

    6. Centre College  

    The Centre College located in Danville Kentucky is the center of excellent educational opportunities in the state.


    According to, this college is the #1 Best Value College in the State.

    This 4-year private college offers undergraduate programs that assist students to pursue their interests and explore beyond their expectations.

    acThe Centre College offers extraordinary education in the niche of science and liberal arts. Along with allowing students to study abroad and participate in hands-on research through community engagement. 

    The Centre College proudly offers significant financial aid to the students to make education affordable and accessible.

    In the recent statistical educational year, about 2,163 prospective students have applied, out of which 1,559 were granted admission.

    The admission standards of this college are extremely high, with 10:1 as the student-faculty ratio.

    And the tuition fees charged by the students here are about $44,300 and the overall yearly cost amounts to $58,710.

    Some of the courses offered to the students by this institution are; Social Science, Foreign Languages, History, Biology, Performing & Visual Arts, Computer & IT Science, Education, Literature, Humanities, Mathematics, Psychology, and Religious Studies.

    Also, according to the ranking of Colleges, Center College has been ranked as the 149th best college in the nation.

    It is also one of the best colleges in Kentucky with Football and is a part of the NCAA Division III.

    Apart from this, the campus has also upgraded to some remarkable facilities and new structures. Regarding sports such as; football, baseball, soccer, softball, field hockey, and lacrosse. 

    Is Centre College a Good College?  

    The Centre College of Kentucky is one of the most impressive colleges in the Midwest and Southern United States. 

    Is Centre College hard to get into?  

    The school is lightly selective with a 72% of acceptance rate. If you meet the criteria of GPA and SAT/ACT scores as asked by the institution, then you are sure to likely get selected. 

    Is Centre College a party school?  

    Yes, this college campus ranks B in terms of the party scene occurring here. 

    7. Alice Lloyd College  

    Alice Lloyd College is a small private college based in the remote rural area of Pippa Passes, Kentucky.


    This four-year college has extremely easy admission standards with a total average strength of 565 undergraduate students.

    This college was founded in the year 1923 and is spread over a land area of 175 acres. The college follows a semester-based academic calendar.

    And is ranked as the 21 best colleges in the southern region of the US. 

    In the current statistical educational year, about 4,024 students who were willing to be a part of this institution applied for various programs.

    But out of them, only 565 of them got selected. The tuition fee for this college is about $12,000, but the total amount the student pays is $28,120.

    The acceptance rate of this college is about 16%, with a 17:1 student-faculty ratio.

    Some of the major courses offered by this 5th-best-value college in the state are; Education, English & Literature, General Studies, Biology, Business, Social Science, Recreational Studies, and History.  

    Is Alice Lloyd College good?

    Yes, in the Regional Colleges of South, Alice Lloyd College ranks at the 21st position. 

    Is Alice Lloyd a d1 college?  

    Alice Lloyd College belongs to the NAIA college division. 

    8. Galen College of Nursing 

    The Galen College of Nursing is situated in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a small institution with state-of-the-art nursing education techniques.


    This profitable institution was founded in the year 1989 and is spread over 11 acres of land area. 

    In the recent enrollment year about 3,992 students were admitted here. And it is to be seen that the alumni of this institution earn a starting salary of about $42,000 per year.

    The student-faculty ratio is 10:1 and the four-year graduation rate is 42%. 

    The campus of the Galen College of Nursing provides students with advanced simulation labs and a clinical learning environment.

    The faculty here is 100% focused on imparting nursing education to students along with providing them with some major career pathways. 

    Is it hard to get into Galen College of Nursing?  

    Getting into this nursing college is easier, as here you are not required to meet the GPA score needs for acceptance. But a GED is acceptable. 

    How much is the RN program at Galen College of Nursing?

    To be a Registered Nurse, students have to take up the LPN/LVN to ADN Bridge program at this university. The tenure of this program is of 15-18 months.

    The cost to attend the program on this campus may range from $8,000 to $30,000. With $21,000 as the median cost. But, the actual amount to be paid depends on the course that you applied for and the financial aid taken in the form of scholarships and federal aid. 

    How long is the RN program at Galen College?  

    The LPN/LVN to ADN Bridge program which makes the students Registered Nurses, can be completed in the time duration of 15 months.  

    Do Galen college credits transfer to nursing?

    Galen College of Nursing does not transfer pre-license, developmental, or nursing courses that are taken before achieving the RN license. 

    9. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary  

    The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is an above-average Christian college in Kentucky.


    This is a small private institution, that enrolls about 593 undergraduate students. The institution is somewhat competitive and has an acceptance rate of 77%.

    The tuition fee of this institution is $11,896 and the cost of room & board charged here is; $7,450.

    This institution majorly imparts education to students in the niche of Ministerial & Theological Studies, Business, Liberal Arts, and Humanities. 

    Each year about 32% of the students graduate from this college. The median starting salary of the alumni of this institution is about $32,200.

    Also, according to the findings of, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ranks 22nd out of 392 as the Best College in the nation for Religious studies. 

    Is Southern Baptist theological seminary a good school?  

    This institution is an above-average private Christian college in Kentucky. 

    Is Southern Seminary the same as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary?  

    Yes, they both are the same. It is one of the best Baptist Theological Institute in Kentucky. 

    Is Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary conservative?  

    L. Paige Patterson, the fifth-elected president of this prestigious institute has reorganized the seminary on conservative lines.

    He has also upgraded various degree programs and introduced various doctoral degrees. 

    Is Southern Baptist Theological Seminary accredited?

    The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is a not-for-profit institution.

    It is also accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

    Best colleges in Kentucky FAQs  

    What city in Kentucky has the best schools?

    The top three districts or the places with the best public schools in Kentucky are; Anchorage, Ford Thomas, and Orchard Grass Hills.

    These places are also considered one of the best places to live in Kentucky for families, because of the presence of public schools. 

    What is the most prestigious College in Kentucky?

    Some of the most prestigious colleges in Kentucky are:-

    • University of Louisville
    • Berea College
    • Transylvania University
    • Bellarmine University
    • Centre College
    • Murray State University
    • Alice Lloyd College

    What is the richest high school in Kentucky?  

    Mentioned below is the list of some of the expensive schools in the state, that charge one of the highest tuition fees:-

    • Covenant Classical Academy, which is a K-12 school in the Pewee Valley charges tuition fees of $7,310 from the students.
    • Covington Latin School, which is a 7-12 school in the town of Covington, charges $10,685 as tuition fees from the students.
    • Presentation Academy, which is a 9-12 school in Louisville, charges tuition fees of $14,100 from the students. 


    Thus, that was all the necessary information that we have to share about the Best Colleges in Kentucky.

    All the above-mentioned institutions offer world-class education to the students and make them ready to compete in the outside world.

    We have also mentioned what is the cost of living in Kentucky, in terms of college fees. So, what’s stopping you now? Check your GPA score with the requirements of the college of your choice, today.

    And book your seat and take admission as soon as possible, as the new academic year is starting soon.