Best Cities For Single Men

Best Cities For Single Men

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    Tired of endless swiping, lackluster coffee dates, and finally looking for the love of your life? It’s time to take a trip for yourself. Meeting new people is easier than ever before but finding the right person is just as much of a challenge as it’s ever been. 

    But, what if I tell you that dating success depends on the city where you reside in? Don’t get surprised as this fact is 100% true. Therefore, we have come up with some of the best cities for single men where your odds may be better. These cities are the hotspots when it comes to tapping the pools of singles. 

    Without further ado, let’s get started!!

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    Best Cities For Single Men in Their 30s

    1. Atlanta

    Atlanta is one of the gripping American towns that come alive when the sun goes down. It is a party hub for bachelors and is loaded with truly great restaurants and sizzling strip clubs. The Census Data reveals that around 69% of the people are unhitched in Atlanta. This lively city is famed for its vibrant music scene, countless dating options, and delectable cuisines.


    It has an abundance of nightlife options due to which it stands at the top among the best cities for singles in the world. The singles-friendly town of Atlanta scores the sixth position in the ‘share of singles’ and eighth position in ‘restaurants per capita’.

    2. Madison

    Home to the main campus of the University of Wisconsin, this college town is nestled between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota. It has bustling restaurants, 38 retirement communities, an orchestra, alluring natural sights, and a contemporary art museum. This beautiful city is ranked second in dating opportunities, 12th in fun and recreation, and 76th in Economics.


    It has an abundance of things to do such as brewery tours, sports events, and exciting nightlife. Madison is an affordable city with a median income of $53,933 and the least unemployment rate. It has a total number of single people of over 62% and, therefore, chances to meet your lady love in this beautiful town is on the rise. 

    3. San Francisco

    The beautiful city of San Francisco beckons those who are looking to get mingled. It is home to a whopping 3 million people and thus features a massive dating pool for single folks. San Francisco hosts some of the best bars in the country to attract bachelors from every nook and corner of the world. The dating game in San Francisco is fun, quirky, and rip-roaring.

    San Francisco
    San Francisco

    The City by the Bay is packed with a variety of delightful restaurant options where you can enjoy a romantic dinner date. What are you waiting for? Just relocate to San Francisco and make the most out of your bachelor’s life. 

    4. Baltimore

    The beautiful seaport city of Baltimore is dotted with iconic landmarks and sweeping mountain views. It is the ultimate destination to propose your lady luck and to ignite the spark in your love life. This city is home to a cluster of laid-back sports bars and microbreweries. 


    The majority of nightclubs don’t feature the shun dress codes and this exactly makes Baltimore one of the best cities for single males. This city is dotted with late-night restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner to bloom your connection. 

    A thriving influx of more than 70% young and professional singles in Baltimore makes this city ideal for enjoying bar hopping and live music events. 

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    Best Cities For Single Men Over 40s

    1. Seattle

    Dating in Seattle is a whole different ball game. This Emerald City scores high for having a huge number of bachelors and thus offers tons of dating opportunities to single folks. It is a great place to go looking for your lucky charm and to get hitched.


    This city is dotted with a massive array of cocktail and craft beer bars where you can enjoy the thrilling nightlife when the sun goes down. However, Seattle is not just a bar city so healthy singles in their 40s are most likely to meet either at farmers’ markets or while doing outdoorsy like hiking.

    Take a leisure stroll at the Iconic Space Needle and get a chance to spot your Miss Right. The cost of living in Seattle doesn’t hurt as the median income of the household here is around $93,500 which is way more than the national average. 

    2. Denver

    Denver is a hub for exciting nightlife, lip-smacking cuisines, and a variety of recreational activities. It ranks high for boasting a huge array of young singles and is loaded with never-ending dating opportunities. The beautiful surrounding of this Mile High City is the natural ice breaker. Daters can enjoy quality time in the sports arenas, nightclubs, and restaurants.


    A romantic Denver sunset might seal the deal for you. Be ready when the last ray of sunshine dips over the Rockies. With around 59% of the single folks, finding true love in Denver is not at all an intimidating task. 

    3. Austin

    Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World and is listed amongst the best places for single men for several good reasons. It is loaded with sparkling nightclubs, recreational activities, and cocktail bars to keep you hooked.


    Here, you can enjoy golfing at the nostalgic Peter Pan Course, shake your booties at The Summit Rooftop Lounge, and check out your high-end restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. This city is home to around 57% of the young and professional singles. According to the US News, Austin has a generous cost of living with a median income of about $55,216. 

    4. New York

    The amazingly diverse big apple has everything to entertain the singles, be it sports venues, cultural centers, nightclubs, street festivals, and rooftop restaurants. It has recently been ranked as the best city for indulging in fun and recreational activities according to WalletHub. 

    New York
    New York

    Dip into a different dating pool just by switching neighborhoods and hit up a happy hour on Wall Street. It really combines the energetic nightlife with a perfect dating scene for men in their 40s. This famous melting pot is filled with millions of different people across the globe and thus offers excellent dating opportunities. 

    Doing things alone in New York won’t garner you any sideways glances. If dating is not your thing, then just go out for brunch, movies, clubs, and sports events solo and make the most out of your solitude. 

    Best Cities For Single Men Over 50s

    1. Philadelphia

    Philadelphia is counted amongst the best cities for single men for many good reasons. It is brimming up with casinos, comedy clubs, performing art centers, pubs, sports bars, and many other entertainment hotspots. Get entertained at the upscale restaurants in Philadelphia and savor your favorite delicacies. 


    Being single in this city is amazing especially if you know where you should go to have fun. It hosts outdoor movie screenings and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the blockbuster or cult classic under the stars. Enjoy your unabashed freedom, join the other city’s singles and make your bachelorhood pretty exciting. 

    2. Miami

    Miami is a great place if you are looking to get mingled in your 50s. This bustling town is filled with countless bars and nightclubs to meet new people every evening. It has no shortage of singles currently in the same mindset. Miami has something for everyone, be it upscale hotspots to low-key dives or sultry dance parties. 


    You can either take a quick shot of tequila at the Mama Tired or dance with the gorgeous stranger in The Dirty Rabbit to enjoy the energetic vibe. This city shows a percentage of singles of around 56% and thus boasts a sizzling dating scene. 

    Its vibrant culture makes it an idyllic place for dating in the 50s and is perfect for single men who are searching for their lady luck without swiping right. 

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    3. Portland

    The dating scene in Portland is slightly different from other cities mentioned on the list. This place is filled with weird kinds of people and, therefore, dating here can be a fun experience. Keep in mind that Portland is not a good option for those who are more into the traditional dating atmosphere. 


    It comprises around 58% of the total population which is why it is listed amongst the best cities for single men. This city is packed with lots of outdoor and adventurous activities to pamper the fun lover inside you. Singles here can visit the dive bars, rooftop restaurants, and clubs to enjoy late-night fun. 

    Portland is one of the most free-spirited and inclusive cities to go clubbing. Don’t underestimate the cost of living in Portland as this city is 34% more expensive than the national average. 

    4. Los Angeles

    LA is an ultimate choice for those singles who love the idea of enjoying eclectic events and vibrant nightlife. Nearly 56% of the total population is unhitched in Los Angeles and, therefore, it acts as a hotspot to hunt for a future spouse. It is a romantic and fun-filled place to date a gorgeous woman.

    Los Angeles

    This party town is a lively mix of people and culture and thus, opens countless dating opportunities for singles. Los Angeles enjoys a relatively affordable cost of living, strong job markets, low unemployment rates, and a lavish median income. The list of places to enjoy after-dark excitement in LA is endless.

    It is dotted with sports bars, dance clubs, comedy venues, cocktail lounges, and live music to entertain the party-goers. 

    Best Cities For Single Men FAQs

    Do Single Guys Feel Lonely?

    Yes, of course. The study reveals that men are less likely to socialize as compared to women, therefore, they feel alone and desperately look for a partner or spouse. However, location has a great impact on loneliness. 

    To overcome this nasty feeling, one should find out the best cities for single men and relocate there to expand their social network or to find their lady love. 

    How Can You Tell If a Guy is Lonely?

    Single and unhitched men can be easily identified. There are several reasons that can tell you if a guy is alone, such as:

    • If he spends lots of time with himself and doesn’t like to get socialized.
    • If he is unproductive and less effective in completing his tasks.
    • If he seems to be sick or frequently ill.
    • If he doesn’t care much about his personality and attire.
    • If he is overly attached to his possessions. 

    To Sum Up

    If you are sick of living as a lone wolf, then relocate to any of these dazzling cities. These are the hotspots for searching for a beautiful partner with whom you can cherish the rest of your life.

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