Best Camping in Kansas

Best Camping in Kansas

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    Is there free camping near Kansas? Well, it is pretty challenging to enjoy camping without cost!

    However, what do you expect from camping? Is it the fresh and natural air, incredible mountain views, a roaring campfire, starry night, crystal clear water, and most importantly, the peace?

    Experience everything in one place – Kansas, a blend of things you want!

    Pack your bags and move to Kansas, which showers you with amazing places, campsites, rivers with clear water, and of course, mental peace.

    Best Camping in Kansas
    Best Camping in Kansas

    Is Kansas good for camping?

    A big YESSSSS! As we have mentioned, it is a blend of rivers, mountains, and many attractions. Therefore, it is an excellent place for camping. If you want to spend your holidays in the Midwestern USA, don’t go anywhere and visit Kansas! Make summer holidays memorable by roaming in state parks, zoos, and adventure camps near Kansas.

    What is the best location for camping in Kansas?

    If you want to meet with the best locations for camping in Kansas, you don’t need to crack the hard nut. There are endless places, including Crawford State Park near the city. On the other hand, you have to put a lot of effort into finding The best seafood restaurants in Kansas. However, this seafood restaurant article will give depth-in insight into this.

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    Discover The Best Campgrounds in Kansas

    The snow season has its importance in Kansas. However, you can explore the spectacular activities during the summer season. Out of them, RV camping near Kansas is something that provides you with joy rides. Similarly, there are multiple camping attractions near Kansas you can explore below.

    1. Cedar Bluff State Park – Bluffton Area

    You can see the mesmerizing views from 150-foot limestone, situated at the extremity of Cedar Bluff. Cedar Bluff is filled with all types of fun and adventure activities, which one can imagine. It’s one of the best destinations that offer from earliest to latest campsites, group camping, rental cabins, and much more.

    Cedar Bluff State Park
    Cedar Bluff State Park – Bluffton Area

    Cedar Bluff is located in Central Kansas and is a famous gateway to Canyon that is famous for primitive significance.

    Water sports, fishing, basketball & volleyball courts, swimming, boating, horseshoe, motocross tracks, bicycling, and many activities are waiting for you there.

    Visit this fantastic place at 32001 KS-47, Ellis, KS 67637, USA.

    How much does it cost to camp at Cedar Hill State Park?

    They charge $7 per day for 13 years old or more for a day visit. Similarly, they charge $5 per day, per person, 13 years old or more, for an overnight stay.

    How many acres is Cedar Bluff Reservoir?

    Cedar Bluff Reservoir is spread up to 6,000 acres.

    2. Kanopolis State Park, Marquette, KS

    Kanopolis was established in 1948 and spread over 20,000 acres. Besides the following activities, it has a vast reservoir and desert plants to see. The best camping in Kansas has a fantastic place called Kanopolis. It is filled with many primitive and utility campsites, where you can have fun with friends, family, and cuisine gangs.

    Kanopolis State Park
    Kanopolis State Park

    It is a famous destination that allows you to bring your horses and do horseback riding. Isn’t that amazing? Not everyone allows you to get your own horse and do horseback riding. 

    In addition, it has over 30 miles and trails where hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy their entire day without any worries. Further, the campers can enjoy hunting, fishing, scenic canyons, etc.

    Visit this camper’s haven at 200 Horsethief Road, Marquette, KS 67484, USA.

    Can you swim in Kanopolis Lake?

    Yes! Campers are allowed to swim on Kanopolis Lake, where designated beaches are established.

    Does Kanopolis Lake have Cabins?

    Yes! They have six deluxe cabins available during the year for campers.

    3. El Dorado State Park

    With handicapped accessibility, El Dorado has more than 1,000 campsites to offer many camp options for everyone. Are you looking for a tent camping in Kansas? Just visit El Dorado State Park offering the most enormous 4,000 camping facilities.

    El Dorado State Park
    El Dorado State Park

    It is famous for scenic flint hills and sprawls, including the water views from El Dorado Reservoir. How great does it feel to imagine yourself in this place? Isn’t it?

    Therefore, you can experience various activities, such as biking, horse riding, hiking, and much more, with your adventure group.

    Visit this place at 618 North-East Bluestem Road, El Dorado, KS 67042, USA.

    Can you swim at El Dorado Lake?

    No! Recently, Zebra Mussels were discovered under the lake, and swimming became prohibited.

    How much does it cost to camp at El Dorado Lake?

    You must pay $25 for a single person and $50 for a couple.

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    4. Cross Timbers State Park

    The river under Cross Timbers State Park has different fish species, such as white crappie, flathead catfish, black bass, white bass, channel catfish, etc. Cross Timbers is the most preferred and is one of the camper’s favorite places. It offers shaded campsites with reservoir lakes and rivers.

    Cross Timbers State Park
    Cross Timbers State Park

    Cross Timbers is famous for RV camping near Kansas. Many RV camp lovers visit here in the summer holidays and enjoy the camps.

    The campers can enjoy the hiking points, trails, jogging tracks, mountain billing, fishing, remarkable wildlife, and much more.

    It is located at 144 KS-105, Toronto, KS 66777, USA.

    What’s the area like around Cross Timbers State Park?

    Cross Timbers is situated in the surroundings of mountain views, rivers, hiking points, trails, and the list is quite long.

    What’s the best place to stay close to Cross Timbers State Park?

    Cottonwood Cabin, Meadowlark Cabin, Buffalo Cabin, and other best places are established to stay close to Cross Timbers. 

    5. Glen Elder State Park

    A free Wi-Fi facility is available at Glen Elder State Park, but you are prohibited from getting the beer kegs at the park. With the primitive & latest campsites and cabins, Glen Elder State Park has become the best camping site in Kansas.

    Glen Elder State Park
    Glen Elder State Park

    It is famous for showing excellent wildlife, unlimited recreational opportunities, and mental peace to relax. Also, you can experience the exceptional Wakonda Indian Festival here.

    Furthermore, you can experience the excellent living museum, historic Hopewell Church, Heritage Village, and much more.

    It is located at 2131 180 road, Glen Elder, KS 67446, USA.

    Does Watkins Glen State Park have electricity?

    Yes! Mohawk and Cayuga Village are the most significant sources of electricity in Watkins Glen State Park.

    What time is check in at Watkins Glen State Park?

    Noon is for checkouts. Therefore, you can make your check-in at 3 PM or after that. 

    6. Wilson State Park

    You will find the network for Verizon 4G, AT&T 4G, and T-Mobile 4G for the cell phone coverage at Wilson State Park. Wilson State Park is the perfect choice for tent camping in Kansas. It contains Hell Creek and Otoe areas for your comfort.

    Wilson State Park
    Wilson State Park

    It is a famous destination for tent camping! Campers can enjoy their holiday by exploring primitive and latest campsites. 

    The activities like swimming, bass fishing, hiking, hunting, bike trails, etc., make it a complete holiday destination.

    It is located at #3 State Park Road, Sylvan Grove, KS 67481, USA.

    How much does it cost to camp at Wilson Lake Kansas?

    It will cost you about $190.75 for the weekend stay at Wilson Lake, Kansas.

    Does Wilson State Park have Showers?

    A big Yesss! Wilson State Park has established the new Switchgrass bathroom or shower services for every camper.


    That’s it! “Does it snow in Kansas in December?” If you ask this question, we will say Yes!

    Also, if you ask about summer camping, we will scream YESSSSSSS!

    Mountains and rivers indeed surround Kansas. Therefore, there is no doubt that it has some exceptional recreational areas for summer camping activities.

    Some best camping in Kansas includes Cedar Bluff, El Dorado, Glen Elder State Parks, and much more. You can experience great hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, RV camping, and many activities in one place. Thus, explore them and complete your dream camping in Kansas.

    Lastly, we hope this article will help you the most. Please leave a comment to get more information.

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