Best Beaches in Thailand

Best Beaches in Thailand

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    Thailand is famous for the luxurious royal places earliest, destructions, and embellished temples showing the figures of Buddha. In addition, Thailand is one of the southeast countries known for the best eats, martial arts, beaches, and other temples.

    Also, it has islands that make it the point of attraction for tourists all around the world. One of the best advantages of living in Thailand is that you can exploit the benefits of the sunbath, sunset, water diving, and many other things on the best Thai beaches.  Most people come here for kayaking on the beaches.

    Are Thai beaches safe?

    Thailand is most admirable for having the best rural spots that are gloriously well for locals as well as tourists being in the center nowhere. Whether you are searching for rural areas or quiet places to stay, Thailand offers both at the same time. It is not just enough for the country, also famed for its beautiful beaches.

    The pure warm waters are attractive in Thailand, and they are mostly safe in the year. However, the sea consists of lionfish, jellyfish, stonefish, sea snakes, and other creatures. Still, it is only the jellyfish that could worry about the swimmers. And, these are not the issues of the Thailand and Andaman coast.

    Best Beaches in Thailand

    Which part of Thailand has the best beaches?

    It becomes difficult to say which part has the best beaches in Thailand. Because Thailand offers a wide range of astonishing beaches from Railay, Pattaya, Freedom beach, etc., each of them is beautiful, attractive, pleasurable, and clean for people.

    Furthermore, if you want to reduce the stress, enjoy the vibe, experience the surprising seafood, etc., Bang Saen beach from Bangkok should be your first preference. You can enjoy beach nights with your loved ones on these beaches.

    So, we have the list of the best Thailand beaches to enjoy your evenings, vacation, or holidays below.

    Phra Nang Cave Beach, Krabi

    Phranang Cave Beach is full of Limestone peaks and cliffs. Also, in the end, you will meet the cave that surrounds the white sand and pure, clean water of the sea. Therefore, you can see most Thai people as well as the tourists here. All the people can enjoy the sunbath, cliff climbs, kayaking, sunset, volleyball, and other exciting activities.

    Apart from this, the beach is reachable only through a long trail boat that is around a 20-minute ride away from Ao Nang, Krabi. People can take Kayak rides to explore the sandstone from May to December. Individuals can go deep-sea diving among the petty water’s coral reefs too.

    Can you Swim in Ao Nang beach? Ao Nang is one of the famous resorts in Krabi province (Southern Thailand). It is also favored for the oblong Andaman coast foreshore and entry to dive sites of the nearest islands in its bay.

    Also, the sand of Ao nang is irregular, or rough and the water is clouded. It means the water is not so clean, but people can swim.

    Is Ao Nang worth visiting? People can spend up to $92 per day from their vacation to enjoy Ao Nang. It is the average daily price of the Nang. Still, a couple can spend up to $1,292 on their expenses.

    However, if we leave the Railay Ao Nang is worthy of a spot in Thailand’s journey. It is because Ao Nang offers to visit Railay beach islands and the best incredible views in the particular area.

    Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi

    The interesting thing about Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi beach is that the film “The Beach” starring “Leonardo DiCaprio” was shot here. It is surrounded by whitish sand, enormous limestones, cliffs, and coral sandbars.

    There are different activities you can do in Koh Phi Phi. They are starting from enjoying speedboat and buffet lunch, memorable sunrise or sunset including a day trip, a full day Phi Phi islands tours with lunch, snorkeling day trip, and much more.

    In addition to this, individuals or families can enjoy their mouth lingering meals at the nearby restaurants of Phi Phi beach. These restaurants offer you vegetarian cuisine, healthy breakfast options, amazing banana pancakes, crispy spring rolls, tasty vegan recipes, remarkably satisfying cupcakes, and much more. Therefore, the Phi Phi island has different recognition from the other beaches of Thailand. And, tourists from all over the world can enjoy their full day without getting bored. So, do you want to know where it is situated in Thailand? Read the following.

    Where is Maya Bay in Thailand? Maya Bay is one of the best destinations located in the Ko Phi Phi Le Island, it is part of the Hat Noppharat Thara – Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park in Thailand. Currently, the water boats can travel to the outer ring of the bay, but tourists can take a view from their water boats.

    Apart from the crystal clear blue water, it has the best local foods and euphoric nightlife for the people. Additionally, it has plenty of spots to relax on the islands.

    Railay Beach

    Railay is a short foreland between Ao Nang and Krabi in Thailand. Because of high mountain cliffs cutting the land entree, it is reachable only by boats. You will get the finest white sand in Railay Beach along with climbing limestone cliffs, beautiful viewpoints, exciting caves, and much more.

    Though Railay beach is connected to the mainland, the Phra Nang cape has cut off via the Krabiby sandstone headlands and sharp jungle valleys and is only accessible by sea. Apart from that, the Railaybeach provides chilly evenings, adventure assaults, and lazy days.

    Why is Railay Beach famous? As mentioned above, we can explore it through the boat only because limestone is cutting the ways of reaching. Further, these adventure cliffs are the point of attention-grabbing of rock climbers from all across the world. Also, this spot is most famous for its stress-diminishing atmosphere and the beautiful beaches.

    Is Railay Beach worth visiting? Yes! Of course, it is worth visiting! If you love the natural air and natural aura, natural viewpoints from the beach, then this is one of the best places for you. You can enjoy the streets, shops, and pathways. If you are sitting in the office, frustrated by the workload, and planning to go to a beach in Thailand, this must be your first preference to make yourself relax.

    Can you get to Railay Beach by car? Railay is situated in between the Ao Nang and Krabi forelands. You can go there, walking on your foot, passing the beautiful pathways or streets. The distance is too short from one beach to another and can be easily covered without a car. Also, there are no cars, and no roads are available.

    Sunrise Beach

    Sunrise beach is also famous as the Hat Chao beach in Thailand. Also, it is one of the most beautiful Thailand Beaches admired for its beauty. The pure sand of this beach provides a magnificent contrast to the sea. It has a sparkle of the most stylish blue turquoise colors to grab the attention of the eyes of people.

    One can wonder that it provides the colorful underwater world with tropical fish as well as colorful flamings. Furthermore, you can get fantastic, lush accommodations and enjoy the mesmerizing views of sunrise, along with Koh Usen islands. It is the best sunrise point from all over Thailand for tourists.

    Can you swim at Sunrise Beach? Koh Lipe’s Sunrise Beach has beautiful white sand around the land surface. Along with this, it is one of the fascinating beaches in Thailand. It spreads over 2 kilometers from the eastern side of the islands and takes into consideration swimming as well. One can enjoy the swimming and underwater world of classy fishes.

    Is Sunrise Beach safe? The most compelling attraction in the Sunrise Hat Chao beach is Meng Rock Mountain! It is in the shape of an individual sleeping, spinning face-up. Hat Chao Mai is a flimsy water beach appropriate for the best water activities like kayaking and yoga classes of the resorts, etc. Therefore, it is thoroughly safe for such activities.

    Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

    On the west coast of Koh Lipe, Sunset Beach is spread over 400 meters in Thailand. It is also famous as the Hat Pramong.  As the name suggests, you can see the unforgettable sunset from it.

    Also, it is facing Bhutang’s island that is shed-dotted. However, it is not too crowded because the long beach in the north is less favorite of the travelers.

    Apart from this, the beach has the status of stretches of sand. Also, it is one of the smallest shorelines conserved in a low profile. Therefore, it provides a relaxed vibe that is popular amongst the Thai people and Malaysian visitors. 

    You can make a plan to visit this beach between November to march. Both are perfect months to see the mesmerizing weather and beauty of the seaside. Also, there is less chance of rainfall from mid-December to April. Therefore, you can choose a vacation between them.

    What sunset beach is famous for? As intimated by its name, the beach is known for its stunning sunsets. These sunsets start from 6:00 PM beyond the features of the most flawless islands of the Tarutao National Park. It does not have much crowd, hence you can enjoy your privacy by roaming on the beautiful Thai Beaches.

    Is sunset beach good for swimming? Thailand has a perplexing range of beaches! However, only a few beaches have water activities like scuba diving, underwater experience, swimming, and much more. The beach is outstandingly clean and the best for swimming. One can easily enjoy his swimming activities on the sunset beach.

    Long Beach, Koh Lanta

    Koh Lanta has spread over 4 kilometers and has a massive beach area. It has one of the nicest white sand in Koh Lanta. You will see the combination of quality resorts and midsize in bungalows and backpacker rooms. Besides the beautiful sunset, it provides a natural atmosphere for one to relax on the beaches. It’s reasonable for all the tourists and travelers. It is suitable for all. People need a couple of days to enjoy its paradise. 

    The best part of this place is that it is loved by the individuals as it offers various facilities to them. It includes internet shops, departmental stores, and other accommodation options.

    What is special about Long Beach? It is gently decorated by the colossal pines and not by the palms. You will get the guesthouses, bars, restaurants, resorts, etc., on this exotic beach. Also, you take the ferry trip from Ban Saladan, a small village. Additionally, the beach goes down in the sea where individuals can enjoy swimming on hot days.

    The beach area is wide and open; only a few restaurants tables with sunbeds have grabbed the space automatically on the beach. Therefore, you can avail yourself of the wide-open scope for your family or team effortlessly. The bars on these beaches also help to give you the best viewpoint for sunset.

    Besides that, most people love to drive! Therefore, one can easily take a scooter dive in Long Beach, Koh Lanta for 30 kilometers. It has the best road connections with calm traffic.

    Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

    Lamai beach is situated on Samui’s southeast coastline. People will find the southernmost deepest water on the beach. Along with this, you can see the jellyfish in these waters because it is home to active jellyfishes, mainly from October to early December.

    Lamia is also famous for massage rooms dotted with sand. Also, most of them offer Thai massage and oil massage for their tourist customers. It further includes the aloe vera body massage, tattoos, hair braidings, and much more.

    Is Lamai Beach nice? Lamai has something more to give you. People will see the white sand on the land area, a wide beach, and pure, clean blue water to provide you with a better beach experience. It is secure for swimming purposes, and one can experience surfing at one time.

    Is Lamai beach good for Swimming? After the Chaweng beach, Lamai is the second largest beach on the whole island. It is best for the swimming option, but you have to be careful. There are some local sharks and are not dangerous to the locals. But, these are harmful to the tourists. Sometimes they do, mistakes for food with swimmers. Otherwise, you can swim in the waters.

    Kata Noi Beach, Phuket

    Kata Noi Beach in Phuket, Thailand, is one of the extensive beaches. It does not even have a crowd because of the open space area. Individuals can enjoy the lush hotels on the first side. And on the second side, they will see the traditional long-tail boats to ride.

    Another best thing about Kata is it provides the facilities of the watersports. It has a small island where individuals can enjoy snorkeling! And the kayak rides are substantially used for the traverse. Other than this, you can go scuba divings and surf here in Kata.

    There are a few local restaurants with affordable price ranges for the best meals over here to eat something delicious. If you are looking for a fine dining experience, these are the spots in Kata for your needs. The bars out here serve European cuisines and premium wines to people.

    How do you get to Kata Noi Beach? Kata Noi is located on the south side of the Kata beach. So, after reaching Kata beaches, go straight from the Boathouse. Then the road at the end will swing to the left. Move forward from the road, and you will get the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. You can also grab the other options like local or smart bus, tuk-tuk, taxis, etc.

    Apart from that, you can choose to come here from Patong Beach with a traveling distance of only 13km. It falls 48 KM from the Phuket airport and 17 KM from Phuket village. So, you can choose one of them to come to Kata Noi Beach.


    Thai people are most helpful to tourists, and Thailand is famous for its hospitality services. Surprisingly, it is assumed that the mangoes in Thailand are the best in the world. Besides that, it is known for its Buddhism.

    Apart from all this, Thai massages on the beach areas of Thailand are admired around the world. Therefore, we have the list of the most popular beaches of Thailand in this article. You will get all the relevant information about those beaches and their specialties. We hope that you will plan a trip after reading this blog.

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