Best Beaches in Texas


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    As they say, Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach. 

    So, why not spend a day on the nicest beaches in Texas?

    Well, with over a 390-kilometer-long coastal line, there are plenty of crystal-clear beaches in Texas. So, be assured that the lone star state got all for everyone.


    We are here to help you with finding the best beaches in Texas. So, you can have fun and all the good vibes only. So, let’s start!

    12 Best Beaches In Texas For Your Next Ocean Adventure

    Whether you want to spend a day with family or looking for a secret spot, we have some of the most stunning and mesmerizing beaches for you.

    Well, we want you to reach the beach as soon as possible. That’s why we have picked only the best spots from all the beach towns in Texas. So, fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a fun ride!

    1. Best Beaches In Galveston – The Most Famous Beach Town Of Texas

    It is impossible to make this list without mentioning the best spots from Galveston Town. There are a total of 7 beaches around the island, and each is distinguished from the others.


    1. Stewart Beach – Best Beach In Galveston For Family 

    Ultimately, it is the perfect beach in Galveston. You’ll find bathrooms, changing areas, and several nearby restaurants here. 

    The cherry on top is that there’s a McDonald’s at the entrance, making it the best beach in Galveston for families.  

    Stewart Beach Hours: It only remains open from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm from Monday to Thursday and 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekend days. So, be assured to plan your trip accordingly. 

    2. Galveston East Beach – Your One Stop Entertainment!

    From parties to festivals, all the fun happens here. You can walk and enjoy the sunset here. For your leisure, you can play volleyball here. Pets are also allowed here.


    The water here is deep blue, unlike the rest of the island. It is the place where locals have all the fun. Undoubtedly, the most famous hidden gem of Galveston. 

    Galveston East Beach Rules: Glass is prohibited here. Also, you can set your tent only in the designated area. Propane and open fires are also not allowed, though you can enjoy BBQ pits and grills. 

    3. Galveston Palm Beach – Fun Place For Children 

    Welcome to Galveston’s only white-sand beach. It’s more like a Disney park rather than a beach. Undoubtedly, your kids will be having the time of their lifetime. 

    From tower slides to splash pad and aquarium adventure playground, it is where all the fun happens. Keep in mind that free amenities are available, but they are first come, first serve basis.

    What To Do In Galveston Palm Beach: The first thing you might want to do is explore the Moody Gardens. Moody Gardens pyramids are visible from a distance and will attract you. Apart from it, enjoy the lazy stream and yummy local food here.

    2. Best Beaches In Corpus Christi – Experience LIfe At Fullest Here

    Corpus Christi has some of the best beaches in Texas. With all the essence of a lone star state, you’ll find many mesmerizing beaches with warm waters and glorious beauty.


    1. Big Shell Beach -Best Beach In Corpus Christi For Seashells 

    North of Padre Island, there is Big Shell beach. It is one of the most famous spots in North Padre, with pearl white sand and warm waters.

    Apart from collecting shells, there are many other fun activities too, i.e., skiing, photoshoot, or even small birthday celebrations. The only drawback is that a big shell beach is not ideal for sunbathing or camping.

    How To Get To Big Shell Beach Padre Island: To reach here, either you have to drive from South Beach or by boating in from the Laguna Madre. 

    2. Isla Blanca Beach – Best Beach On South Padre Island

    If you’re a fan of SpaceX, then it will boost your adrenaline rush as you watch SpaceX launches here.


    An extensive boardwalk, food stalls, and the cleanest bathrooms are just second to none.

    Located just over a 200 KM drive away from the Corpus Christi city center, it has some of the best exotic views, and the cherry on top is that the spot is not overcrowded.

    What Time Does Isla Blanca Park Open: The park remains open to the public 24 hours round the clock for a small entrance fee of $12.

    3. McGee Beach – Enjoy The Day With Your Paw-Friends!

    This is the best thing I like about McGee. You can play with your dog and enjoy the BBQ together. The location of McGee is also very convenient, as it is just a walking distance away from Corpus Christi downtown.

    There is no fee for entrance or parking. So, be assured of finding the best amenities and exotic feel in the heart of the city center. Don’t forget to get your next perfect tan while lying here on the cleanest sand!

    Is McGee Beach Dog Friendly: Yes, it is the most popular dog-friendly beach in Corpus Christi. Even dog owners are not required to pick up their dog waste.

    3. Best Beaches Near Houston – An Escape From City’s Rush!

    There are many nature hideaway spots near Houston. Even though the city is nothing less than a concrete jungle, the nearest Trinity Bay and Galveston Bay have many coolest spots.

    South Padre Island

    1. Rockport Beach – Your Next Vacation Spot Near Houston!

    If you’ve never been to Rockport beach park, you’re missing out on the most of the fun. Experience the calm water of Aransas Bay and deep blue shores straight out of the world.

    You can also swim here, and the most astounding thing is the green palms and well-kept amenities. Don’t forget to check out the boardwalk and picnic areas. Well, the best time to visit Rockport was yesterday; the second best is now!

    How Far Is Rockport Beach From Houston: Rockport is 187 miles away from Houston. Usually, it takes around a 3-hour drive via US 59 S to reach here.

    2. Jamaica Beach – Closest Beach to Houston With Exotic Vibes!

    Jamaica Beach is the most amazing place you’ll ever see. It is straight out of the World. The lush green palm trees and deep blue watercolor make it the best combination of heaven and life.


    The water is clean and suitable for swimming. You might want to rush here early in the morning because the Sunrise and the Sunset view is really spectacular. 

    How Far Is Jamaica Beach From Galveston: Jamaica Beach is only 15 miles (24 min ride) away from Galveston and 61 miles away (an hour’s drive) from Houston.

    3. Port Aransas Beach – Nicest Beach In Texas

    Port Aransas is just another public beach in Texas with wide sea shores and thriving marine life. For a small $12 fee, you can park and enjoy the whole day under the sun.

    If you’re with your lover, it is the perfect spot for a proposal and steamy PDA shoot due to the soft 10-12 mph wind. In October, you can also have some fun with sea turtles and common murre.

    Is Port Aransas Beach Safe: Yes, it is a safe place where everyone is welcome. Lately, there have been some complaints about waste and racist remarks by Trump supporters, but all these issues have been resolved now.

    4. Best Beaches In Austin – Double The Fun, Triple The Love!

    Ayy Austin! It is where you can wear your colors and have tremendous fun at the infamous Hippie Hollow. Austin is where all the fun happens, from nude beaches to carnival spots.


    1. Hippie Hollow Austin – Best Nude Beach In Texas

    Hippie Hollow is the only legal clothing-optional beach in Texas. Whether you’re moving to Texas or just exploring the natural hideouts, it should be on your list.

    Located just 20 min drive from downtown, the park has all the natural beauty, rugged cliffs, and rocky shorelines. Technically, it’s not a beach, as it is located on the shore of Lake Travis. But the fun has no boundaries!

    Who Can Enter Hippie Hollow: All 18+ teens and people can hang out here. Keep in mind that this place has quite a reputation as gay man hangout space. So, there are plenty of gorgeous gays and flesh.

    2. Secret Beach Austin – Because Love Is Just Love!

    Here in Austin, everyone wears their colors. Well, this spot was kept secret due to its gorgeous beauty, but thank god, now it’s accessible to everyone. It’s a perfect place for a campfire and a quick picnic.


    It is worth mentioning that it is a fair-sized stretch of land located along the Colorado River, where people love to come and relax. Keep in mind that swimming here is illegal. But who’s watching you?

    How To Get To Secret Beach Austin: All you need to do is find the Montopolis Youth Sports Complex. In front of its parking lot, there’s a walking trail. Follow the trail and walk until you see a sign pole with doggie bags attached to it. Turn right from there, and you’re at your destination. 

    3. Lake Pflugerville Park – Closest Beach To Austin

    Technically, not a beach, but who cares because it’s all about sea vibes. Here you can relax, tan yourself, play with kids, or fly a kite on a nice sunny day. 

    Keep in mind that the area is quite underdeveloped. So, don’t forget to bring all your amenities with you. The best time to visit Lake Pflugerville Park is after 12:00 am.

    How Far Is Pflugerville From Austin, Texas: Pflugerville is 18 miles away from the city center. It will take around 25 minutes to reach here via I-35 N.

    5. Texas Coastal Cities


    Texas has over 26 coastal cities, while Galveston, Bolivar, and Padre Island are the most famous beach towns. Here’s the list of the top 10 coastal cities of Texas.

    City NameDistinctionBest Beach
    GalvestonBest BeachtownStewart Beach
    Bolivar PeninsulaHistorical PlaceTidelands Subdivision
    FreeportVibrant ViewsSurfside Oasis
    RockportCleanest WaterRockport Beach
    Port AransasNicest Coastal CityPort Aransas
    Padre IslandHeaven For Beach LoversBig Shell Beach
    Corpus ChristiHave Pet-Friendly SpotsMcGee Beach
    KemahA Hippie TownEl Jardin 
    Port ArthurSoothing VibesWalter Umphrey Park
    Port LavacaCinematic ViewsMagnolia Beach Park
    AustinArtificial BeachesLake Pflugerville Park

    Truth to tell, the gulf of Mexico beaches in Texas are most vibrant and cool. They are mostly famous for fun and exotic vibes.

    The prime example is Galveston and South Padre Island, where you’ll find the country’s best beaches.

    Best Beaches In Texas FAQs

    Can you drive on Stewart Beach? 

    No, driving on Stewart Beach is prohibited. All vehicles must be parked in the parking lot. You’ll have to pay $12 on normal days and $15 on weekends as a parking fee. 

    Is Stewart Beach Free?

    No, there is a fee for entrance. For a seasonal beach park pass (from March to October), the fee is $50. While for a year around the pass, the fee is $95. 

    It is worth mentioning that with each pass, you’ll have access to East Beach, Dellanera RV Park, and West End Pocket Parks.

    How far is Galveston from El Paso?

    Beach town Galveston is 802 miles away from El Paso. To reach Galveston, you’ll have to drive for 11 hours via I-10 E.

    How far is East Beach from Houston?

    East Beach is 55 miles away from Downtown Houston. It will take around an hour to reach East Beach from Houston.

    Does Galveston have nice beaches?

    Galveston and Corpus Christi are two cities that have the nicest gulf beaches in Texas. Stewart and Palm Beaches are the best spots from Galveston while Whitecap is at the top of our best beaches in Corpus Christi’s list.


    Nothing is better than a nice sunny day on the beach, and we all are here for that. Well, one of the potential reasons for Californians moving to Texas is also the warm weather and sunny beaches.

    Personally, my favorite spot is Galveston, followed by South Padre Island. Both cities have some of the most amazing Gulf of Mexico beaches and exotic vibes.

    Luckily, there are also a few nude beaches and specific areas in Galveston for the LGBTQ+ community. So, remember everyone is welcomed in the Lone Star State with open hearts, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!