Best Beaches in Massachusetts

Best Beaches in Massachusetts

With a shoreline of 2445 kilometres, Massachusetts nestles some of the most beautiful beaches in the USA.

The picturesque landscapes, sandy dunes, granite boulders on the shores, tidal pools, notable lighthouses, seafood dining, and water recreations make the “gems of bay state” regularly appear on the top-most lists. 

So if you are planning to hit the best beach for your next beach vacation in Massachusetts, read our article below to figure out the best one according to your choice and convenience. 

How many beaches are there in Massachusetts?

There are 267 officially known beaches in Massachusetts from which there are about 266 public beaches and one private beach. 

Does Massachusetts have good beaches?

Yes! Massachusetts has a variety of 15 saltwater ocean beaches. Also, it is known for more than 50 inland, good beaches with fresh water. 

What is the cleanest beach in Massachusetts?

Coast Guard Beach, Eastham is the cleanest beach in Massachusetts. It has been ranked #10 in the country’s cleanest beach for 2023.

10 Best Beaches in Massachusetts

Here we have brought to you the 10 best beaches in Massachusetts in 2023 along with their location, uniquenesses, and offerings. These beaches are the best in Massachusetts for:

  1. Crane Breach – Families
  2. Race Point Beach – Sea Glass
  3. Coast Guard Beach – Swimming
  4. Wingaersheek Beach – Shells
  5. Head of Meadow – Water recreations
  6. Madaket Beach –  Shells
  7. Spectacle Island – Swimming
  8. Macaroni Beach – Shells 
  9. Singing Beach –  Families
  10. Chatham Lighthouse Beach – Families

 So, grab a quick look!

1. Crane Beach –  Best known Piping plovers nests, beautiful turquoise waters & cliffs

Searching for the most breathtaking view experience with wild ruffled grass, check out Crane Beach in Massachusetts.

Crane Beach

It is located near Ipswich, one of the best hotels to live in Massachusetts

It is known for the notorious Crane Beach Greenheads (green-eyed horse flies) that appear at the beach around mid-July to early September.

Crane Beach is famous for its cherrystone’s long and glorious history and is covered with beautiful conservation land.

It offers you to take a walk on the white sand, check out the mesmerizing views of the Atlantic coast, and go swimming, sunbathing, etc.

Location – 310 Argilla Road, Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA.

Nearby places to stay – Castle Manor Inn, The Inn At Castle Hill, Blue – Inn on the Beach, Beauport Hotel Gloucester.

Dining out – Ugly Mug Diner, Choate Bridge Pub, Brown Dog Restaurant, Riverview Restaurant, Michael’s Harbourside, Sorelle Restaurant

Can you swim at Crane Beach, Massachusetts?

You can swim in Crane Beach Massachusetts. Along with that, you can also go for a sunbathe, walk, or water recreations on the white sand along the Atlantic Coasts. 

Are there Greenheads at Crane’s Beach now?

Yes! Crane Beach is situated on the north shore! As a result, from mid-July to early August, you can see Greenhead there. 

2. Race Point Beach – Popular as a fishing destination

Race Point Beach Massachusetts is no less than a gold mine for sea glass! When you need some vast strip of shimmering shoreline, just visit Race Point Beach, one of the Best Beaches in South Shore MA.

Race Point Beach

It will welcome you with prominent lighthouses, open sands, undoubted beauty, and a comprehensive view.

With its tremendous famous attraction points, it is renowned for fishing, lunch on the boat, and wading into the water.

Also, some of the “best restaurants in South Shore, MA,” such as Red Inn, have a live jazz brunch to offer.

Location – Race Point Road, Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA

Nearby hotels to visit – Cape Cod National Seashore, Race Point Lighthouse, Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown Museum.

Eating out – Bimini’s Oyster Bar, Sorelle Restaurant, The Gaslamp Bed, and Breakfast, Jimmy’s Hideaway, Farland on the Beach, The Canteen

Where is Race Point Beach Provincetown?

Race Point Beach Provincetown is situated at the end of the Road Race Point, away from Provincetown Route 6.

3. Coast Guard Beach  – Best known for broad sand & swimming

Coast Guard Beach is one of the top-ranked ( #10 ) beaches in Massachusetts and the USA in the list of the best beaches of the USA.

Coast Guard Beach

The wheelchair accessibility rampway for disabled people and seasonal restrooms make Coast Guard Beach open for everyone.

People visit Coast Guard Beach to complete their dreams of surfing and boogie boarding on this wide-open beach. You can walk, swim, and organize beach games here.

Location –  Nauset and Doane Roads, Eastham, Massachusetts, USA

Nearby places to stay – Holly Tree Cottages, Skaket Beach Motel, An English Garden Bed & Breakfast, and Travelodge

Dining out – The cozy bar and grill, Brickhouse Restaurant, Local Break Restaurant, Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar, The Block and Tackle

What town is Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod?

Coast Guard Beach is situated in Eastham, Cape Cod National Seashore.

Does Coast Guard Beach have food?

Coast Guard Beach doesn’t offer food. It allows people to bring everything including food, drinks, umbrellas, chairs, etc.

4. Wingaersheek Beach – Known for its white sand, Annisquam lighthouse views & clear water

Wingaersheek Beach, also called Coffins Beach, is one of the best beaches in MA that offers an exquisite landscape along with scads of seashells in the rolling dunes.

Wingaersheek Beach

Situated in the northeast of MA, in Gloucester, alongside the Annisquam River,

Wingaersheek Beach is known for its crystal clear water best suited for swimming, shallow pools, climbing rocks, and night lighthouse views. 

Changing rooms, washrooms, showers, food booth facilities, and other amenities make this beach a convenient and favorite spot for families to crush the shores during hot months. 

Location – Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA.

Nearby Hotels to stay – Wingaersheek Inn & Motel, Beauport Hotel Gloucester, Castle Manor Inn, Blue – Inn On the Beach, Ocean House Hotel at Bass Rocks

Dining out – Lobsta Land Restaurant Duckworth Gloucester, Talise, Willow Rest.

How much does it cost to park at Wingaersheek Beach?

They usually charge $35 for holidays and weekends, which changed to $30 for weekdays.

Is Wingaersheek Beach open to the public?

Yes! Wingaersheek is open for everyone from tourists to beach lovers and locals.

5. Head of the Meadow – Popular for water sports & Famed Shipwreck

Looking for beautiful beaches in Massachusetts for a picturesque view and clicking magnificent photo shorts? Undoubtedly visit the Head of The Meadow.

Head of the Meadow

Here you’ll get a quieter and secluded feel from the open area, clean waters, great waves, and flying flags facing the Atlantic. 

With unspoiled dunes, the finest white sands, and sandbars, this beach is famous for sunbathing, swimming, water sports activities, hiking, cycling, and spotting whales, sharks, and spot seals offshore.

Lifeguards, ample parking lots, and clean public bathrooms make Meadow a must-spot to explore in summer. 

Location – Old Pilgrim Library Building 36, Shore Road, Route. 6A, North Truro, Massachusetts, USA. 

Nearby hotels to stay – Horizons Beach Resort, Truro Beach Cottages, Top Mast Resort, John Randall House B&B, and Condos. 

Eating out – Montano’s restaurant, Captain’s Choice,  Terra Luna, The Meadow Brook family restaurant.

Is the Head of the Meadow Beach National Seashore?

Yes! The head of Meadow Beach has two parts: the town operates the first, and the National Seashore operates the second. Hence, it is considered a National Seashore treasure.

6. Madaket Beach – Best known for its magnificent sunset views

Gonna grab some mesmerizing sky views with the finest sand, a crystal clear green water wave, and a dreamy escape? Madaket Beach has them all at a glance. 

Madaket beach

It is one of the most underrated or hidden beaches in Massachusetts situated at the southeast end of Nantucket.

However, it’s a family-friendly beach, that welcomes you to unwind with friends and family for picnicking, water activities, collecting shells, and more.

This long beach is reachable by bike, car, or shuttle bus and you will see some lifeguards during the summer months.

With absolutely no facilities available, Madaket allows people to bring their food drinks, and stuff and let them stay until dusk.

Location – Pennsylvania Avenue, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

Nearby places to stay – Hyannis Host Inn, Cape Codder Resort & Spa, Blue Water Resort, Cape Sands.

Dining out – Millie’s Restaurant, 167 Raw Nantucket, Via Mare, Brant Point Grill, American Seasons.

What hotels are near Madaket Beach?

Nantucket Inn, Beachside Inn at Nantucket, Cliffside Beach Club, and Salt House Nantucket are famous hotels erected near Madaket Beach.

What attractions are near Madaket Beach?

Egan Maritime’s Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum are some famous attractions near Madaket Beach. 

7. Spectacle Island – Renowned for a lot of sea glass

Two man-made earth mounds, newly created herbage, and smooth roads have made Spectacle Island one such primitive beach in Boston Massachusetts.

Spectacle Island

The island is situated 20 minutes away from downtown and can only be reached by ferry. 

With unforgettable panoramic views, shimmering water, and scenic shores of the Atlantic Ocean,

Spectacle Island offers swimming under lifeguards in its shallow pools, a walking route along its nature trails, hillside picnicking, and a marina for private jets.

Location – Boston Harbor, offshore of downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Nearby hotels to stay – Castle By The Sea, DoubleTree by Hilton Boston Bayside, Boston Homestel, The Upton.

Eating out – ocean prime, Yankee Lobster, Chill Chicken, and Bar, Morton’s The Steakhouse

Can you take sea glass from Spectacle Island?

No! Although we can see some sea glasses on Spectacle Island, taking them is prohibited and considered illegal.

Are there bathrooms on Spectacle Island?

No, bathrooms are not available on Spectacle Island. However, you can visit a few restrooms at the ground level.

8. Marconi Beach – Best known for water activities

Marconi Beach is yet another long sandy shoreline stretched at the outer Wellfleet along the National seashore of Cape Cod.

Marconi Beach

Supported by Sandy cliffs and tall bluffs, the beach offers spectacular views of both the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach got its name from the famous Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi who used the shores to send the first transatlantic wireless message.

The former Camp Wellfleet used Marconi Beach for the rocket and artillery examinations. 

The nearby locals and tourists visit the beach to exploit its scenery and enjoy surfing, sunbathing, skimboarding, and boogie-boarding despite the beach being hardly affected by the wild waves and winds every year. 

Location – 10 kilometers north of Salt Pond Visitor Center, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA.

Nearby places to stay – Even’tide Resort & Cottages, Wellfleet Motel, Cooks By The Ocean, Blue Dolphin Inn

Dining out – The Block and Tackle, CShore kitchen, Bob’s Sub and Cone family restaurant, Van Rensselaer’s Restaurant, PB Boulangerie Bistro Fairway Restaurant, and Pizzeria.

Is Marconi Beach Open?

Marconi Beach remains open for everyone from 6 AM to 12 AM only.

Is Marconi Beach Free?

No! You must purchase passes to access Marconi Beach @$25 per day.

9. Singing Beach – Popular for its singing sands

Nestled alongside the Atlantic Ocean, Singing Beach is located at the southern end of the Manchester-by-the-sea.

Singing Beach

Singing Beach is known as the “Neck” or “Old Neck” beach and became popular in the mid 19h century.

With a peaceful environment and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Singing Beach offers beautiful sands, scenic views, picturesque scenery, and at the end of the day a musical appeal from the passing winds over the gleaming sands.

Location – 199 Beach Street Manchester. Massachusetts, USA

Nearby places to stay – The Onset Beach Compound, Horizons Beach Resort, Inn on the Beach, Nantasket Beach Resort

Eating out – Longwood Galleria, Cala’s, antique table restaurant, the Sea Manchester and Gloucester’s Bravo, Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream, Allie’s Beach Street cafe.

What town is Singing Beach in Massachusetts?

Singing Beach in Massachusetts is situated in Manchester town.

Why is it called Singing Beach?

As you walk across the sand during the sunset, the shuffle of your feet makes the sand squeak to create a crazy sound.  That’s why the beach is named “The Singing Beach”.

10. Chatham Lighthouse Beach- Popular for its lighthouse, expansive sea & sand bars.

Capturing the southeastern side of Cape Cod placed the tall and stunning Chatham Lighthouse Beach grabs the last place on our list.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach

In June 1712, the Chatham area was declared an incorporated town with a population of 6,594 only.

However, it rises during the summer months by 25,000 due to visitors visiting Chatham Lighthouse Beach.

Its calm waters, mesmerizing scenic beauty, sandbars, low tides, and straight-standing lighthouse make it a perfect place for families with kids.

Also pay attention to signs and flags while swimming, surfing, or performing any water activities. 

Location – 30 Main Street, Chatham, Massachusetts, USA.

Nearby places to stay – Winnetu Oceanside Resort at South Beach, The Christopher, The Sydney, Hob Knob, Harbor View Hotel

Dining out – Beach House Grill, Imprudent Oyster, Captains Table, Bluefins Sushi, and sake bar, Cuvee at Chatham Inn, Hawthorne Inn Chatham.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Chatham Lighthouse Beach?

Yes! You must book in advance to secure your seating for the beach at Chatham Lighthouse.

Best Beaches in Massachusetts FAQs

What are the warmest beaches in Massachusetts?

Nantasket Beach, Falmouth Heights Beach, Race Point Beach, Plymouth Beach Hampton Beach, and Nauset Beach are the warmest beaches in Massachusetts.

Are there any white-sand beaches in Massachusetts?

Singing Beach, White Beach, White Crest Beach, Marconi Beach, Wingaersheek Beach, and CoastGuard Beach are the white sand beaches in Massachusetts.

Can you buy a beach house in Massachusetts?

You can buy or build a house near beaches in Massachusetts. The cost to build a house on Massachusetts beaches averages around $1.5 million or more. Currently, the beach homes for sale are listed at around $700,000 and $1,000,000.

Can you swim on Massachusetts beaches?

Spectacle Island, Coast Guard Beach, Crane Beach, etc., offer swimming for all in Massachusetts.

What is the most extensive beach in Massachusetts?

Sandy Neck Beach is the longest and most extensive beach in Massachusetts that spreads for over 10 kilometers and provides 4700 acres of dunes, marshes, and marine forests to explore.


So, that’s how it was!Our journey to the best Massachusetts beaches ends here.

However, when you need a break from your busy life, want to spend the holiday with families on the beaches, or enjoy a great swimming and surfing experience, just visit Massachusetts.

All fascinating beaches are waiting for your presence there with lots of surprises. And at last, we hope this blog will help you find your favorite one.